10 Best Reviewed Games of 2016

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It's January 2017 and that means it's that time of year when we all get nostalgic for the year that was. We like to take a look back and remember what we played, list our favourite games of the year, and even have a chuckle at the very worst the year had to offer.

So that brings us to the very best 2016 had to offer. It's fair to say a lot of people left 2016 feeling a little disappointed -- at least on the AAA front -- especially when you glance back at the star-studded 2015. However, once you dig a little deeper and look past the Mirror's Edge's, Mafia 3's, and No Man's Sky's, you'll find a lot of great titles that surpassed expectations, or came out of nowhere to blow us away!

Before we dive in to this list of greatness, the games are listed by their Metacritic score. Several games scored the same average, and are therefore ordered by their user score. There is no bias on this list, it's all based on the compiled reviews of critics, but don't be afraid to jump into the comments and let us know what your favourite games of 2016 were!

Published Jan. 23rd 2017

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