10 Best Reviewed Games of 2016

4. Out of the Park Baseball '17

Metacritic Score: 92 (User Score: 3.2)

Just like last year, Out of the Park Baseball '17, ahem, knocks it out of the park and scores high on the year's best list.

Simply put, OOTP Baseball series is the go-to game if you want a baseball simulator. I mean, just look at the amount of information on screen (as seen above). The game puts you in the shoes of a baseball GM and tasks you with rising through the ranks, managing finances, trading/scouting, negotiating contracts, and all the standard GM mode affairs. However it's the insane amount of depth that OOTP '17 really shows-off.

For example, you can play as any team, from the major league to the minor league... or any team from the past 150 years. Yep, any baseball team in the frickin' history of the sport. The game doesn't feature any new modes worth mentioning, so unless you were a huge fan, you could stick with '16 and be fine. But for the hardcore fans out there, OOTP Baseball '17 is yet another entry in the finest sports sim around.

Published Jan. 23rd 2017

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