MUD2MMO: Halloween - Costuming and MMOs

But... do you know how hard it is to GET that hoodie?!?

With All Hallows Eve around the corner, this week's show asks why anyone would spend as much time as we do putting non-existent clothing on imaginary people.

Yes, I'm aware some of my links and images are older. Deal with it. I do.

Happy Halloween folks.

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Published Oct. 23rd 2013
  • Ste Grainer
    Featured Correspondent
    Loved this. Especially loved the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack during the Noir sequence. :)
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    This is the most easter egg filled one I've seen you do yet. Errrrr, Halloween egg? Anyway. DDR arrows, Trogdor, wearing a military uniform hat inside.

    It seems like you had a ton of fun with this one and it shows haha.
  • Amy White
    Former Editor in Chief
    Happy Halloween! I snortlaughed Cheerios up my nose when you cut back to you the 3rd time, and it only got better from there.

    Always good to see Strong Bad first thing in the morning.

    Great to see you back, hope you're feeling better.

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