EQNext Landmark Guide: Amaranthine Forge

In this guide I'll cover all the recipes unique to the Amaranthine Forge. Unfortunately I don't own this forge myself, I stumbled upon one on another claim. I can still use it, I just don't own it. A big thanks to the player Xiv for leaving his Forge placed and available to everyone.


Two more picks available from the tier three Forge.

Cobalt Pick:

  • 5 Burled Wood Planks
  • 90 Sapphire
  • 30 Elemental Cobalt
  • 60 Plain Wood Planks
  • 30 Cobalt Ingots

Indigo Pick:

  • 40 Plain Wood Planks
  • 120 Ruby
  • 40 Elemental Rubicite
  • 14 Burled Wood Planks
  • 20 Rubicite Ingots
  • 1 Cobalt Pick

Building Tools:

Only one new Building Tool this time around.

Line Tool:

  • 30 elemental Cobalt
  • 10 Sapphire
  • 30 Cobalt Ingots


This is a new addition with the tier three Forge. Now you'll get to destroy the wworld faster with Dynamite!

Stick of Dynamite:

  • 200 Coal
  • 2 Cobalt Ingots

Crafting Stations:

It seems there are tier four Crafting Stations, so I haven't seen the best Forge yet.

Alabaster Forge:

  • 120 Elemental Mithril
  • 120 Mithril Ingots
  • 140 Cobalt Ingots
  • 100 Worked Alabaster

Cobalt Reinforced Saw Table:

  • 80 Elemental Cobalt
  • 30 Rubicite Ingots
  • 80 Cobalt Ingots
  • 50 Burled Wood Planks


New ingots available with the tier three Forge.

Mithril Ingot:

  • 100 Mithril Ore

Rubicite Ingot:

  • 100 Rubicite Ore

That wraps up my Amaranthine Forge recipe list. For more guides, check out my EQNext Landmark directory.

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Published Feb. 18th 2014

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