Five Games to Look Forward to in December

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November is almost over. As December slowly makes its way towards us, gamers have set their eyes on new releases. And let us not forget that December is also the holiday season! Perhaps you're looking to get a gift for yourself, or someone that you know?

The following is a slideshow that displays the five most anticipated for December.

5. Maize

Platform: PC

Release Date: December 1

Publisher and Developer: Finish Line Games

I'm going to try and keep this simple... it's a P.O.V. adventure game about a corn that comes to life and explores an abandoned farm, the area around it, and a secret research facility that just so happens to be underground. There is also a Russian toy robot bear, so you have that to look forward to!

I'm also certain that besides the adventure aspect, gamers will have to solve puzzles of various kinds. And since this game will require exploration, you'll make some unique discoveries, especially in the underground research facility!

4. Eagle Flight

Platform: Vive

Release Date: December 20

Publisher and Developer: Ubisoft and Ubisoft Montreal

An exclusive VR title, Eagle Flight literally provides players with a bird's eye view. The whole game takes place in Paris after humans have vanished, and nature took over as a result of that. You can fly around the city and explore every street, building, and famous landmark like the Eiffel Tower.

Apart from having single player, there will also be multiplayer. You will have the option to battle other players in mid air for whatever objective. Or you if prefer to avoid combat altogether, you can just have pleasant and relaxing flight.

If you ever wanted to get a bird's perspective of the world, regardless of midair combat or just flying around and exploring, than this game might be for you. 


3. Super Mario Run

Platform: iOS

Release Date: December 15

Publisher and Developer: Nintendo

Super Mario Run will be available for the iPhone and iPad soon. The game quite honestly is pretty simple. Mario keeps running forward the whole time. By tapping the screen, he will jump and collect coins, or stomp an enemy. If you time your jumps correctly, he will be able to pull off interesting and unique moves, and gather even more coins!

The game will have three modes: World Tour, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder.

  • World Tour: Just like any other Super Mario game, Mario must rush to Princess Peach's rescue and save her from Bowser.
  • Toad Rally: This is sort of like a multiplayer mode. The goal is try and collect as many coins in order to set a high score between your friends or other players from around the world.
  • Kingdom Builder: You can build your own little world from the coins that you have collected in Toad Rally.

This is basically the classic Super Mario games that you played, but incorporate a new aspect (just tapping the screen). And as stated above, it'll have a multiplayer area which might prove to be incredibly interesting for a platforming game.

2. Super Mario Maker for 3DS

Platform: 3DS

Release Date: December 2

Publisher and Developer: Nintendo

Are you a creative individual? Do you like to build stuff and design unique levels? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this game is for you!

The original Super Mario Maker came out for the Wii U last year. This time around, the game will be coming to the handheld device!

This special Super Mario game allows you to build, design, and construct your very own levels! You can also share those levels with the world and allow other players to try and beat them. You can either make a standard level which is very basic to the original levels from other games, or you can add obstacles, puzzles, or whatever it is that you wish in order to spice up your creativity!

The game literally allows you to create whichever level you want, play it, share it, and much more!


1. The Last Guardian

Platform: PS4

Release Date: December 6 

Publisher and Developer: Sony Interactive Entertainment and genDESIGN and SIE Japan Studio.

Finally. After many delays, the PS4 exclusive title will be released on December 6th! 

Since 2007, The Last Guardian had been in development for the PS3 by Fumito Ueda, the creative mind behind other titles like Shadow of the Colossus and Ico. But due to Ueda, along with other project members leaving Sony, and other complications like hardware issues, the title was swapped to a PS4 release instead.

The game is sort of like a flashback from a boy's perspective. When he was young, he got kidnapped and was put in a castle. There he encountered the creature pictured above. With the creature's help, the boy tries to escape the castle. All this time, the two develop a friendship.

This is one of the most anticipated PS4 titles yet, and gamers have been looking forward to it since its announcement at E3 2015. The title has been in development for a long time, so let's hope that it'll be a mind-blower.


These are just some of the games that players are looking forward to in the month of December! What games are you yourself most excited for? Feel free to let us know down in the comment section!

Published Nov. 28th 2016


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