Are the Bricks Stacked for New LEGO Games?

Holy LEGO game, Batman! Rumors are starting to circulate about two new LEGO games.

In a report from's Liam Robertson, he states that two new LEGO games are in development. LEGO DC Villains and LEGO Incredibles 2 could be coming your way soon.

Rumoured to be titled ‘LEGO Incredibles 2’, the game is said to tie directly into the upcoming, long awaited sequel movie.

Giving credence to the LEGO Incredibles 2 rumor was a LEGO toy set leak back in August 2017 showing three sets -- but as LEGO Juniors sets for smaller children. These were swiftly removed due to a DMCA claim. Disney/Pixar's Incredibles 2 movie is set for a June 15th release.

Robertson goes on to add the following:

On the other hand, Warner Bros. is also said to be prepping a new LEGO game based around DC Comics characters. Whereas past games of this nature have focused on LEGO Batman and his fellow Justice League heroes, this rumoured title is said to be all about the villains of the DC universe. Again, few details about this apparent game are available thus far, but our sources are referring to the project as ‘LEGO DC Villains’ or ‘LEGO DC Supervillains.

As for the LEGO DC Villains game, details are sparse and relate to the villains of the DC Universe.

Both games are said to be created by TT Games. They are the primary creative guardians of the main LEGO games since LEGO Star Wars in 2004.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more information as it develops.

Published Jan. 17th 2018

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