Red Flags: The worst date of your life

The game of terrible dates. The Red Flags card game changes the meaning of date night.

Red Flags is a game of horrible dates. Or the most extreme game of would-you-rather ever. It isn't for the faint of heart, or the hopeless romantic. I picked up this card game recently and was very impressed after a few rounds of playing at PAX South.

Simple yet extreme

Red Flags is a three-player card game. There are perk cards, which have qualities that anybody would be happy to find in a date. These perk cards make your date seem too good to be true. Then the red flag cards wake you up from that dream. They're designed to be deal-breakers.

red flags card game

Matches start with deciding who will be the single. Each round, the single acts as the judge for their two dates. They must decide if a mega-rich goddess who's also in fourth grade is a better option than a rapper who loves video games but who plots their death daily.

The Verdict: Better than the dates you'll be having

This is my new kickback game. I love the concept -- it reminds me of the old days, playing who would-you-rather with friends. The pull between the two perks and the one flag is great. Both options usually felt worth it against the tyranny of those red flags. 

The game isn't too taboo for a younger audience -- the choices are usually tame enough to be suitable for a younger crowd. For older audiences, there is the dark red expansion that makes the game a little naughtier. There are also a few blank cards included, so you can make your own perks and and red flags. With over 300 cards in the game, I am sure you'll be having original and terrible dates for quite a few rounds.

You can pick up Red Flags directly from the developer's website.

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Published Feb. 1st 2016

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