I've always share my PS4 with all my friends, but no one wants to play it. But the Switch is a massive hit with my friends, all thanks to this one game.

The Nintendo Switch Brings the Gamer Out of Everyone

I've always share my PS4 with all my friends, but no one wants to play it. But the Switch is a massive hit with my friends, all thanks to this one game.

When I picked up my Switch on March 3rd I thought that I would use it mostly in handheld mode — because I’m out all the time. I realized quickly that it wouldn’t be the case, after two and a half weeks I found myself and most of my friends using all the modes the Switch offers. Nintendo delivered on the core concept of the Switch — a home gaming console that you can bring anywhere to play with friends.

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One of the many questions I had before launch was how complicated it would be to change from mode to mode. I have friends that want the Switch and are not the biggest gamers, seeing how many parts this system comes with worried me that non/casual gamers might have a difficult time wrapping their head around the modular factor of the console. Of course, everything about the Switch is quick and simple. After a couple of hours playing Nintendo’s new console me and my friends had a breeze switching from mode to mode, on top of all that simplicity it’s just fun and satisfying removing/attaching the Joy-Cons.

With every new console purchase, I try to show my friends what the thing can do. I did it when I bought my PS4 and showed some Destiny. Some of them were floored with how pretty games in 2014 could be. With the Switch, it was a completely different experience. I don’t know if it’s Nintendo magic or the fact that the Switch can be played in both handheld or TV, but everyone wanted to have a go. With a new toy, it makes sense that everyone wants to have a turn, but the Switch has been out for two weeks and they’re obsessed with it — more specifically with the Puyo Puyo Tetris Demo.

Puyo Puyo Tetris, Tetris

Puyo Puyo Tetris was released in 2014 (only in Japan) for all consoles. Puyo Puyo Tetris will come to the west in April and I can’t wait. I’m not the biggest fan of Tetris, but I love watching players going head to head — the game gets heated quickly. My friends love this game — well half the game. Because Puyo Puyo Tetris is only available on the Japanese eShop I downloaded the demo there, so I had to fiddle with the menus to understand which prompt is which. After playing the base version of Puyo Puyo Tetris — which switches from Puyo Puyo to Tetris on the fly — they hated Puyo Puyo and loved Tetris (like most gamers do). Eventually, we figured out how to play a match without Puyo Puyo. After that discovery, my time with the Switch has decreased, but I don’t mind. Watching my friends play the Switch is fun and interesting, because of my knowledge of the game industry, playing games is different. To me games are an expression of art and creativity, to my friends, it is another source of entertainment.

Puyo Puyo Tetris isn’t the only star, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild also hit a chord with some of my casual gamer friends, one of which has played all 3D Zelda games. He is just absolutely dumbfounded by the number of things to do and the new direction Nintendo took with an open world approach. Watching him felt like watching a whole new game, every direction he took seemed like there was something new I discovered. I can’t say this enough; this game is magical. This game raise the bar for new open world games.

Nintendo has done it once again, giving a gaming experience with friends that no other consoles can offer. Yes, you can play with friends on any platform, but Nintendo caters and excels at multiplayer experiences — on top that the Nintendo magic is always apparent. I love what Nintendo is doing, by giving a gaming experience not just to the kids anymore, but catering to the teens and adult gamers too. At this moment, Nintendo is doing really well, and I’m glad that they have buzz around them again. Everything is looking good!

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