This featurette’s getting me excited for the Warcraft film

A video showcasing the villains of the upcoming film has been released.

A video showcasing the villains of the upcoming film has been released.

On June 2nd, 2016, released a featurette for Warcraft showcasing the movie’s version of the Horde. In it we get a sight of the politics going down in Orcish society, focusing primarily on Gul’Dan, Blackhand, and Garona.

Most the advertisements had been showing off Durotan as the sole representative of the orcs. It was getting a bit boring to see the big good Orc come up to say he wants to free his people again and again, with occasional snippets of Garona showing up. I was getting worried it was just going to be a film of Durotan waxing on about the struggles of the Frostwolves while Lothar goes about being an action hero.

I’m a big fan of the Warcraft lore. Getting to see that Gul’Dan and Blackhand would be playing major roles in the film got me excited again. If these two are going to be our villains, that’s fine by me.

We also get to see some of the Draenei in the film. I was afraid they’d be glossed over. Looks like this trailer was a letter to the fans who know their Warcraft history, saying ‘don’t worry, we’re not tossing it all out for the sake of a movie’.

Admittedly I’m still not convinced this movie is going to be good. But at least I’m on board with watching it again. I’ll reserve full judgement until I get to see it. Warcraft released in America on June 10th.

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