This piece is about those creepy, dreadful games that will haunt you forever. Good luck if you play these

Top 5 Jaw Dropping Horror Games for the PS4

This piece is about those creepy, dreadful games that will haunt you forever. Good luck if you play these

The PS4 has already seen it's fair share of scares, in only 3 years it has become home to some of the best horror games around.

And who doesn't like having a bit of a scare now and then? Well these are the games that are more than just a bit of a scare. These games will have you sweating and panting hoping you don't die.

This article will show you some of the worst places and worst positions to be in as a human being. Luckily for you you're on the other side of the screen. Lets hope it stays that way.

So, what are the 5 Jaw Dropping Horror Games on the PS4? Read this article and you will understand why I chose these gruesome, gory, and horrifying games.

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The Resident Evil franchise has always had a scary feeling to it. But this one is by far the scariest, with its jump scares and crazy looking creatures that will give the devil himself nightmares.

I have always been a Resident Evil fan (my favorite being 4) but Resident Evil 7 is different than the rest. This one has changed the way the fans will play Resident Evil forever.

They did add stuff that makes it seem like the older ones which I thought was great. For example they put a similar system to the older games with how you combine things in the inventory. But they also added a new psycho kind of feeling to the game. It's a lot more gory and twisted than the rest.

Resident Evil 7 has you staying focused on something, then little do you know it was all a distraction for something a lot scarier.

Even though I love the oldies, I like the direction they went with this new installment of the franchise, and I'm sure you will too. So, you have to ask yourself what is next for the Resident Evil franchise?

The Evil Within

Not only is The Evil Within one of my favorite games, it has the most epic prologues you will ever play -- with it's fast paced running and suspenseful hiding.

The Evil Within has you trying to escape some of the most psychotic things you will only see in your nightmares. There are a lot of jump scares in this game but these are not the scariest things. That would be home compared to the constant fear that comes from thinking the killer is right next to you. The worst part is most of the time you have nothing to defend yourself against them.

If you have never played this game, and you want something scary and challenging, then I recommend this to you. It may cause you to have nightmares but you will enjoy The Evil Within.

One of the things that I noticed in this game was the scenery, because the details inside every little thing is amazing. While this revolves around a lot of organs and blood, whoever is playing The Evil Within will see that this amazing detail makes everything look alive.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn has you making crazy choices that can affect the entire game. It has you making decisions like cutting your arm off, or trying to get out the bear trap while a psycho is trying to kill you -- better act fast if you want to survive.

The best part of this game is as you are doing everything so quickly, it adds a certain fear that none of these other games on this list have. Plus this game has a pretty cool story to it, and the killer in this game is pretty disturbing looking. Watching him coming after you makes you wanna bite your nails and start shivering.

The only thing is Until Dawn is kind of short. But if you're looking for a fun and scary game to pass some time, then this is the game for you.

The most enjoyable thing about until dawn is 'the' plot twist and the different kind of clues that you end up finding throughout the game. Until Dawn received many good reviews, and I am very happy I got the chance to play it.

The Last of Us

Even though The Last of Us is not the scariest game that you can find, it is jaw dropping. This game has an amazing story to it and has some jump scares in it that will cause you to throw your controller across the room.

The scariest part of The Last of Us is those damn clickers, they love popping out of nowhere and are pretty tough for something that can't even see. I enjoyed this game a lot, and the best part is that even at the scariest points it's still so fun.

It keeps you on the edge of your seat while you're going through the dark trying to figure out what to do and where to go. This game has amazing lighting and the environment alone make The Last of Us worth playing.

If you play this game then you will have a great time, and the story has a decent length to it too.

The Last of Us was also really popular from the fans. It even got so popular that Naughty Dog remastered it for the PS4. So just think to yourself is this a game I see myself playing? Yes!

Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation is a game which will have you peeing yourself with fear. It is all about hiding, sneaking, and very little about attacking. When this alien is on the hunt for you it would be wise to stay in cover before you suffer a horrible death.

Out of all of the  games on this list, this is the one that give me chills while hiding. You have to be quiet and smart if you want to play this game right. The scariest part of this game is the suspense. You never know if you're going to make one quick mistake and then suffer the consequences when the Alien finds you.

If you are thinking of adding Alien: Isolation to your collection then I would advise you to have an ambulance for when you have a heart attack.

Alien: Isolation made it into the top horror games ever made and got great reviews around the board too. If so many people love this game then it obviously deserves to be on this list.

Well those are the games on the ps4 that I found to be the most scary to me. And If you decide to play these hopefully you would agree with me.

Many games deserve to be on this list, but the reason I chose these is because me and many people I know have played and enjoyed these horrifying games.

Now it's time to ask yourself, "what games have I played that gave me the creeps?"

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