Animal Crossing New Horizons Anime Outfits: Cosplay It Up!

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Cowboy Bebop Spike Spiegel Jacket

I'm not going to say that I saved the best for last, but I am going to say this show is better than all these other shows mentioned. Probably by like five miles and a river. Which is really saying something, because most of the anime these outfits came from are really good.

Cowboy Bebop is on a different level, however; and while this top and the alternative below may be less flashy than some of the others on this list, I do feel obligated as a fan to download and wear these. You should, too.

That's it for our long list of anime-inspired custom designs for Animal Crossing: New Horizons! More outfits are sure to come, but these should tide you over as the community picks up steam and pumps out more fantastic tops to share with fellow New Horizons players.

I'd be much-obliged if you took a look at our Final Fantasy outfit list, and feel free to check out one or a few of our many New Horizons guides!

Published Apr. 21st 2020

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