Donald Trump would make Dungeons & Dragons great again.

Donald Trump makes a better dungeon master than presidential candidate.

America's new president will take office in January 2017. Simply put, our current campaign has been an absolute mess. Both frontrunners in the race have pretty high disapproval ratings, which is sad considering they have an almost 100% name recognition rating. Donald Trump's approval is only a peg above the record low of Richard Nixon JUST AFTER his Watergate scandal. No one else even comes close to those numbers in recorded history.

Considering he is absolutely awful as a presidential candidate, perhaps there's another campaign Donald Trump could run? Twitter user @dungeonsdonald has come up with the genius idea of putting a man who is normally thought of AS a monster in control of monsters. And look at how happy he looks behind that DM screen.

Now when he makes racist, homophobic, theophobic, and misogynistic statements it will all be in the sake of roleplay, and not what he's actually thinking. Thank goodness. 

Here's some of the best ways @dungeonsdonald has evolved our "Republican" showboater from a rambling racketeer to a daring dungeon master.


Here he is making his character with fellow running mate Mike Pence


Here's Trump showing off his knowledge of the Alignment System.


Some of his posts are topical to current events.


He even gives out great advice, instead of praising political despots' tactics.

Truly we could learn a lot from this Trump -- a man whose not afraid to wipe the party. A man who knows that sometimes you gotta touch the mimic in order to get to the sweet +3 adamantine sword it's guarding.

A tough and unfair DM can really add a lot to a campaign, and it will help you appreciate your victories even more. Having the fear of death looming overhead  really makes you appreciate life and all that it offers.

If only that were true for a presidency.


Joshua Potter (AmeNemA) is an avid video game player, having been hunting ducks and collecting coins since he was a toddler. Now he applies his years of knowledge to writing about the games he's come to love.

Published Aug. 2nd 2016

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