My Arcade Reveals New Retro Consoles and Peripherals

My Arcade unveils a series of new handhelds, featuring classic games from Taito and Bandai Namco, along with a console that makes NES cartridges mobile.

With the recent success of the NES and SNES Classics, Nintendo has proven just how extensive the market for retro gaming truly is. That said, Nintendo is not the only company offering platforms for fans of classic games to enjoy, and My Arcade has just announced several of its own retro offerings.

The first of these releases is spawned by My Arcade's new partnership with Taito Corporation, a company known for its release of the arcade classic Space Invaders in 1978. Specifically, My Arcade is releasing mini-arcade cabinets, seven-inch tall collectible arcade consoles, featuring Bubble Bobble and Elevator Action

Furthermore, My Arcade is expanding their collaboration with Taito by releasing two traditional handhelds. One of these Pocket Players will give players access to Bubble Bobble while the other will let them play Don Doko Don on the go.

Similarly, the company is deepening their partnership with Bandai Namco with another mini-arcade cabinet and three more handhelds. The cabinet will feature Ms. Pac-Man, and there will be individual Pocket Players for Ms. Pac-ManGalaga, and Dig Dug.

With the release of a number of games solidly established, My Arcade has also turned its attention to releasing a console and a peripheral. The console is called the Retro Champ, and it "breathes new life into retro gamers’ NES and Famicom cartridges without the need for a legacy console."

This console will allow players to enjoy their NES cartridges with mobility, featuring a built-in seven-inch screen and a three- to five-hour battery life. Additionally, the Retro Champ can be connected to a TV via an HDMI cable, and it includes a cleaning kit.

The peripheral is a wireless controller that can be connected to the recently released PlayStation Classic. The controllers that were included with the PlayStation Classic had cables measuring approximately five feet in length, and this wireless option may be a boon for those looking to get further away from their TVs.

Currently, these new products are scheduled for release on My Arcade's website and Amazon before summer. In the meantime, retro gaming fans that are attending CES in Las Vegas can demo them at My Arcade's booth until January 11.

Further details on these items will be available on My Arcade's website.


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Published Jan. 10th 2019

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