6 Minecraft Maps to Play this Halloween

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If your a fan of Minecraft and love to play seasonal games; especially during Halloween, make sure you check out my latest post, 6 Minecraft Halloween Mods -- after you read this, of course.

As mentioned before, Minecraft has everything, maps included and while there aren't tons of up to date Halloween themed mods out there, there is a good helping of maps both new and old. But remember, just because this game is made of a bunch blocks, don't forget that blocks have corners and corners can be sharp especially if you take a sharp turn into the wrong territory. Or on the wrong map.

From haunted houses, Halloween towns and even asylums you'll find it all in the world of Minecraft and on my list of 6 Minecraft Halloween Maps you should check out this month.

The Asylum

Supports 1.8
Download it here

While many aforementioned mods are a bit dated, this map is just shy of a year old. It also has a pretty awesome storyline that you wouldn't usually expect to find in the world of Minecraft. In this map you find yourself having one too many beers and behind the wheel on a stormy night which leads you to crashing into a downed tree. Crawling from the wreckage you find a tunnel only for it to turn into a dead end due to an abrupt cave in. Your only way out -- Chartham Asylum. 

Sounds just right out of a movie and your first map to try out this month.

The Monastery

Supports 1.7.10
Download it here

Oldie but goodie. The Monastery is a map from 2013, but don't let the three year old date keep you from trying out this download. While monastery's are typically places of sanctity and act as safe havens, you won't find any of that here. Rituals, blood and massacres are a few of the things that dwell behind these walls and you have to download this map to find out the secrets behind it all.


Amnesia the Dark Descent

Supports 1.6.4
Download it here

If you're a fan of PC games then surely you have heard, or even played, Amnesia. The game itself has tons of fan creations so it is no surprise to see that there is a Minecraft take on the somewhat cult classic game. While it is simply a remake and not a departure from the original, it still might be fun to experience Amnesia in a brand new light.

Halloween Hide and Seek

Patch for PS3 and PS4
Download it here

We usually associate the phrase 'trick or treat' with Halloween but this map chooses to settle for 'hide and seek,' which is more than fitting for such a spooky holiday. If you love to be scared then you'll want to try out his jumpscare filled map and who knows, it might be the treat you're actually looking for.


The Staircase

Supports 1.7.10, 1.8.9 and 1.9
Download it here

Staircases are the epitome of a scary place. You never know what might be on the step below or even above but if you're brave, you can find out. This Minecraft map is an endless nightmare as you have no choice but to keep going no matter what you hear or see. It's only up from here, -- or in this case down as your goal is to reach the bottom.

Halloween Town

Supports 1.6.2, 1.6.4 and 1.7.2
Download it here

If you don't think of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas during the month of October than you're doing it all wrong. I would be doing it all wrong myself if I hadn't included this Nightmare Before Christmas themed map on this list as well. If you ever wanted to stroll through the world of Halloween, this gorgeous map allows you to do just that. Epic recreations of the Graveyard and Oogie's Shack are just waiting to be explored.


What Minecraft map are you willing to follow this Halloween? Are you going for more of the tricks or looking for a treat?

Whichever direction you choose to go, I wish you a spooktacular time. Don't forget your flashlight!

Published Oct. 10th 2016


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