Daymare 1998: Aegis Chamber Temperature Cooling Puzzle Guide

Can't figure out how to add and remove the coolant to get the proper temperatures? We show you the fastest, easiest way to complete the Daymare 1998 temperature puzzle!

Daymare 1998 is chock full of key cards, computer unlock codes, and puzzles. One of those puzzles is a little more difficult than the rest, requiring agent Liev to adjust coolant levels to proper temperatures in order to access the Pollux virus, fight the first mini-boss, and leave the Aegis level.

Thankfully, cooling things down is easy with the guide below. 

Aegis Temperature Puzzle Solution

When you enter the room with the PL-X 731 temperature control computer, don't be distracted by the zombie on the left by the desk; another zombie will immediately assault you from the right.

After taking care of the two Zeds, run up the stairs and go past the locked door to access the coolant computer.

 Temperature Start Point

Your goal is to go from the start point in the image above to the end point in the image below so that Chamber 1 is full, Chamber 4 is at two bars, and Chambers 2 and 3 completely empty.

To get there, you need this temperature combination:

  • Chamber 1: -15 degrees
  • Chamber 2: 20 degrees
  • Chamber 3: -5 degrees
  • Chamber 4: 0 degrees

Here's where things get difficult: you can only empty or fill one bar at a time, and the reserve tank only has enough space to hold one bar's worth of coolant, so you have to remove and add coolant strategically to make this work.

To skip all the frustrating guesswork, here is the fastest, easiest method to get to the correct temperatures:

  • Empty Chamber 3
  • Fill Chamber 1
  • Empty Chamber 2
  • Fill Chamber 1
  • Empty Chamber 2
  • Fill Chamber 1
  • Empty Chamber 2
  • Fill Chamber 1
  • Empty Chamber 2
  • Fill Chamber 4
  • Empty Chamber 3

After completing that pattern, you should end up with this solution:

 Temperature End Point Puzzle Solution

Unlike with the Aegis power puzzle, you don't have to flip any switches or do anything extra at the end. The mini-game automatically ends and you are popped back out into the main gameplay loop.

Afterwards, it's time to fight the game's first mini-boss, so make sure you've got your ammo combined into clips and ready to go before leaving the room.

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Published Sep. 6th 2019

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