7 Totally Insane Minecraft PE Parkour Maps for 1.2.8

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Do you love the mining and crafting aspect of Minecraft but wish it came with more ... parkour? These mods and maps have got you covered. Run, jump, and vault your way across custom-created obstacles for your amusement as you give Steve a workout in the best parkour mods and maps for Minecraft PE version 1.2.8!

Keep in mind that parkour maps are a type of mod: To play a parkour map in Minecraft PE, you'll need to move it into the correct folder. For more information on how to install Minecraft PE maps (parkour or otherwise), check out the guides for iOS or Android.

Now you're all set to start your crazy jumping adventure! Here are seven of the craziest, best parkour maps for Minecraft PE!


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Published Jan. 9th 2018

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