7 Totally Insane Minecraft PE Parkour Maps for 1.2.8

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Do you love the mining and crafting aspect of Minecraft but wish it came with more ... parkour? These mods and maps have got you covered. Run, jump, and vault your way across custom-created obstacles for your amusement as you give Steve a workout in the best parkour mods and maps for Minecraft PE version 1.2.8!

Keep in mind that parkour maps are a type of mod: To play a parkour map in Minecraft PE, you'll need to move it into the correct folder. For more information on how to install Minecraft PE maps (parkour or otherwise), check out the guides for iOS or Android.

Now you're all set to start your crazy jumping adventure! Here are seven of the craziest, best parkour maps for Minecraft PE!


All images from mcpedl.com unless otherwise stated.

Map: Castellia

By TelepathicGrunt

Although all you really need for a good Minecraft PE parkour map is some well-placed blocks, Castellia goes all out to create one incredible experience. Castellia is a visually stunning parkour map and feels like an entire platforming game of its own. In addition to well-designed parkour elements, this medieval castle-themed map also challenges you to battle monsters, solve fiendish puzzles, and locate hidden secrets.

Two versions of this Minecraft PE map are available -- one for single player, the other for 2-4 players -- and you can find guides for both from the map's creator here (multiplayer) and here (single player). It's certainly one of the best parkour maps for Minecraft PE -- and the most beautiful.

Map: Parkour Spiral

By Hielke

Parkour addicts can get their fix from Parkour Spiral, an extremely large Minecraft PE map that extends in a spiral high into the sky. As you make your way up the spiral, you'll encounter various biomes and terrains, challenges like insta-kill water, and, of course, plenty of jumps and platforming aspects.

All in all, this parkour map is a lengthy (some players report it took them over an hour to complete!) and challenging one -- but don't worry, a healthy dose of checkpoints along the way will help you progress.


Map: Defeat the Concrete

By SpankyMC

Play through 16 maddening levels in Defeat the Concrete. Although each level of this Minecraft PE parkour map is fairly small, this "rage-inducing" map will keep you trying -- and failing -- for a while. Each level consists of a different theme and presents a different challenge to overcome.

Rest assured, though, every jump on this map is possible … some might just drive you a bit crazy trying. And remember: if you come across a jump of a four-block distance -- look down.

Map: SG The Grid

By SkyGames

Just how much Minecraft parkour do you need in your life? How about 100 levels worth of it? "The Grid" is a map composed of, well, a grid of 100 squares. Each square houses a unique parkour level with its own theme and style, with varying levels of challenge. As a bonus, enable the Chicky's Eggs challenge in the map lobby and locate each of the 100 eggs for a special prize.


Map: Flood Escape

by McMCPE1234

In Flood Escape, you're trapped inside the "Factory" with only one option to escape the rising water levels: go up. As you climb higher in this Minecraft PE parkour map, so will the water, and taking too long on any challenge sends you to your watery tomb. Three floors of parkour and several puzzles are made more exciting by the time pressure. You'd better be quick to complete this best Minecraft parkour map challenge!

Map: Slime Bloxs

by DerpMaster11

Bounce your way across in this slimy take on Minecraft parkour in Slime Bloxs. The map contains 10 levels which rely on slime blocks launching you through to safety. If you fail, a (very long) ladder is provided for you to climb back up and try again. The map was recently updated for v1.2 support and now also contains a tutorial and an additional level.


Map: Super Lava Run

By RylandPlayzYT

Running and jumping across obstacles is fun, but Super Lava Run turns up the heat -- literally -- with flowing lava. Complete the jumps and you'll be safe. But fail or take too long, and lava will begin pouring from the ceiling, dooming you to a warm lava bath of death. This Minecraft PE map consists of a single level, but multiple sub-levels and some creative command block usage provide for plenty of gameplay and fun.


Can you feel your adrenaline rushing in anticipation? Hop into any of these awesome Minecraft PE parkour maps for a fun platforming challenge and a different spin on the classic crafting game!

Published Jan. 9th 2018


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