10 biggest video game sins: Day one DLC, unskippable cutscenes, Doritos, and more

Crusty Controllers

We have all been there. You're at a friend's house, taking turns playing against each other. The snacks are out. It's the usual assortment of cookies and chips. 

Then the controller comes your way. You're looking forward to shooting your friend's face off in COD when you place your hands on the controller. It's sweaty, fair enough. But as you place your finger on the trigger, you feel a crusty feeling.

You look down to see a neon orange film all over your favorite gaming pad. "What the f**k, man?" you shout to your bro whose mowing through the rest of the bag of Doritos Roulette. You admire his ability to live dangerously, but this is disgusting!

Biggest offender: Cheetos (the worst!) and Doritos

Image source: Imgur

Published Sep. 29th 2015

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