The Angry Joe Show: A Review

Check out this super excited, incredibly energetic Youtube personality that has a library of entertaining and informative videos about all sorts of video games and video game culture.

What is the Angry Joe Show?Well, simply put, the Angry Joe Show is a video review series. But lets not be hasty, Angry Joe is not just another IGN or Gamespot wannabe on YouTube. Instead, his videos are impassioned, and not always just video game reviews. In fact, Angry Joe goes as far as to review movies, and explain gaming conventions (as well as attend them). Angry Joe is an overall YouTube personality with a strong video game focus. Unfortunately I was unable to actually interview Joe as he is a fairly popular personality. However, just because he's popular doesn't mean every single video game lover out there has heard of him. So, I thought it would be good to shine a little light on the wonderfully zealous personality that is Angry Joe.Why Would I Watch His Videos? I Already Get My Reviews From Gameskinny!Well, if you are at all responsible about buying video games, you don't just go by one review. Not all reviewers explore all elements of a game; sometimes the reviewer just focuses on specific facets of a game. Now, if you're like me, you will look at 3, maybe even 4 reviews before deciding if a game is worth your money. My style may be a little overkill, but I like to try and find those shining gems in a game that make me want to buy.I also like to to look at a mix of written and video reviews. Typically, as you can see by most of the reviews on Gameskinny, a lot more information can fit into a written article; these articles are awesome for getting an in depth appreciation of a game. Sometimes, however, you want to watch someone give a passionate review on a game you are thinking of buying. When it comes to impassioned reviews, Angry Joe does an amazing job.While browsing around on Youtube you have come across a review that looks something like this, "[Game Title]: Angry Review." Many people are turned off to the video based on its name; no one wants to get screamed at while watching a video game review. Don't let the title mislead you! Angry Joe is just a seriously impassioned person, like the rest of us, trying to get his point across, which he does very successfully.His Reviews Are Usually How Long?By now some of you may have looked up Angry Joe on Youtube and noticed that his game reviews typically range between 20 and 30 minutes. I know, when I first saw the length I was thinking, "I can't spend 20-30 minutes watching a video game review. I have far too many hours that need to be spent playing video games!"  Well, calm down, the time goes by really fast. Primarily this is because Angry Joe does such an awesome job covering as many of the aspects of a game he can. Additionally, because he is such an active and exciting personality, it is a pleasure to watch his antics and rants (although he can go overboard at times).You know that feeling you get when one of your friends asks you about one of your favorite games and you can't help but go on and on about the dozens of reasons it's amazing? Well that is exactly how Angry Joe does his reviews. His style is a refreshing change from the more standard, and often boring, review alternatives that cover the same games.If I had to pick a perfect video review source (not forgetting Gameskinny for written), I would choose the Angry Joe Show. I seriously recommend going over to YouTube after reading an article or two here, and finding the Angry Joe counterpart video review. I can promise you won't be disappointed.


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Published Jun. 7th 2013
  • Germ_the_Nobody
    I've watched a couple of his videos and thought they were ok. He's pretty funny sometimes but that 20-30 minutes still just makes me not go out of my way to watch.

    That's a pretty good review of a reviewer. lol

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