Why is my post in the Lobby?

Wondering why your post is chillin' in the Lobby? Here's why, and how you can work on getting promoted.

Wondering why your post is chillin' in the Lobby? Here's why, and how you can work on getting promoted.

The Lobby is where all new posts first enter the site. Much like the lobby of a large building, it serves as the initial gathering place for anyone and everyone. Our editorial staff serves much like a concierge desk: they direct posts to the proper places and dish out helpful advice.

What happens next?

All posts in the Lobby get the attention of our editors. Quality posts go through our editorial process, then get promoted out of the Lobby once an editor says it’s ready to go. Those promoted posts will appear on the home page and in their selected categories under games, platforms, and tags. If a post isn’t quite ready for promotion, our editors work directly with contributors to get that post where it needs to be.

Is my post in the Lobby public?

The Lobby is not public; articles there are not indexed by search engines, and can only be viewed by people who are logged into the site. You can share a Lobbied post, but unless your friends create accounts, they won’t be able to view it. However, it does show up on your profile page. 

What can I do to get my post promoted?

Our editors have the final say in what gets promoted, but the more you do upfront, the quicker they will be able to promote your content.

  • Focus on the quality of your post. Great writing and content demands to be seen, and we want to showcase it.
  • Provide relevant details. If you got information from elsewhere, provide your source. Add relevant games, platforms, and tags to spice up your post (and make it easier to find once it is promoted).
  • Don’t steal. If we find out your post was originally from somewhere else, it will get deleted. Sharing other people’s awesome stuff is awesome, but give credit where credit is due.
  • Participate. The more you participate in the community, the more trust you’ll earn with our editors.

We also have a lot of stylistic rules for posting on GameSkinny that need to be followed for a post to be promoted. You can check out our Guide to Posting on GameSkinny for all the basic information you’ll need. 

What’s the difference between promoted and featured posts?

A promoted post has been moved from the Lobby to the home page, and is shared via social media. Featured posts are extra special — they are showcased at the top of GameSkinny’s homepage for everyone to see, and get a little extra love on our social outlets. 

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