Sea of Thieves Resurfaces at E3 2016

Hoist the sails and splice the main brace! Rare's new pirate adventure takes to the big stage at E3 2016!

First unveiled at E3 2015, Rare's pirate adventure Sea of Thieves resurfaced for this year's expo. After last year's exhibition, the game was taken back "below decks" for further development. This year, they were given a segment during the XBox briefing as well as being on the show floor which gave everyone a chance to give the game a go.

Sea of Thieves is an open-world multiplayer adventure which sees players forming the crew of a pirate ship. You will need to learn such things as how to raise the anchor, lower the sails, man the cannons and ship to ship combat. But it isn't an MMO. It is more of a "cooperative adventure". More than just combat, Sea of Thieves will take you on seafaring voyages, treasure hunts, make you build a reputation among other pirates and allow you to upgrade your ships.

Confirmed this week, the game will not be free to play, which was rumoured to be the case, and it has been given a probable release window of February 2017. It will be available on Windows and XBox One.


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Published Jun. 16th 2016

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