Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Gets New Trailer, Brings Wizarding World to Life

The Harry Potter augmented reality mobile game will let series fans bring the wizarding world with them wherever they go.

If any IP could take advantage of the unique gameplay capabilities augmented reality provides, it's the wizarding world of Harry Potter

Today, fans of the series got a taste of what that might look like in a brand-new trailer for the augmented mobile game, Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite. Co-developed and co-published by WB Games and Niantic, which best known for the wildly popular Pokemon Go, the game will see players exploring "real-world surroundings to unravel a global mystery, cast spells, and encounter fantastic beasts and iconic characters along the way."

Announced earlier this month, the game was originally slated to release this year. However, the game has now been pushed back to sometime in 2019. A firm release date was not provided. 

You can pre-register for the game on the official website

While the official teaser trailer provides few details on actual gameplay aside from the immobilization spell shown, we can expect that players' mobile devices will act as wands for spellcasting. Players' "wands" which will be used in various quests, such as keeping magic away from Muggles. Players will also be able to leave signs for other witches and wizards using them.

There is no word on if Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite will have a PvP element like last year's Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. However, with "unite" in the name, one would guess that PvP might not be an option. 

It will be interesting to see how Wizards Unite uses augmented to reality to bring the wizarding world into the real one. And it will also be interesting to see what systems, if any outside of the obvious, migrate from Pokemon Go and Ingress Prime to the new HP IP. 

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Published Nov. 14th 2018

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