Gw2 Fashion: The Evolution of Link

This is my Link (The Legend of Zelda) cosplay for the Super Adventure Box event, in Guild Wars 2

This outfit is my "Link cosplay" (from The Legend of Zelda ^^), and I created it during the Super Adventure Box event, in Guild Wars 2.


Head armor: Anonymyty Hood.
Chest armor: Seraph-Issue Jacket.
Hand armor: Scout's Gloves.
Leg armor: Noble Pants.
Foot armor: Noble Boots.


Super Greatsword.
Super Longbow.
A stick!

King Toad vs Link:

"I can't wait to bomb some dodongos!"


Super Greatsword / Super Longbow:


I hope you like it!


(Character: Derzahla)


Published Jul. 19th 2013

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