The Most Anticipated Upcoming RPGs of 2020

Persona 5: Royal

Publisher: Atlus
Platform: PS4
Release Date: March 31, 2020

Persona 5 brought the persona series into the mainstream, but it's had a long history before that. Persona 3 dealt with the topic of death and exams, and Persona 4 put players in the middle of a murder investigation where the culprit had a habit of dropping victims into another world and leaving them to die.

When Persona 4 Golden was released on the PS Vita, it beefed up the story and threw in a ton more sidequests, content, and a brand new character to bring players back to its colorful world. Persona 5: Royal will do the same and feature even more content than The Golden, which is impressive given Persona 5's 100-hour main story.

Look forward to rejoining the Phantom Thieves with all DLC from the original game and more goodies included when this title launches in March of 2020.

Published Nov. 25th 2019

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