5 Tips To Become a Pro Hunter in Monster Hunter: World

When you've felt playing like a nub is enough in Monster Hunter World, you need these 5 Tips to turn yourself a pro hunter!

There are all kinds of Hunters join the Monster Hunter: World, but not all of them have experience playing older MH games. In the beginning, MHW can be too hard for people who have never played this type of game.

Monster Hunter-type games were not my thing until I started playing the World. After 600+ hrs played and too many successful hunts, I have gathered a lot of tips and tricks a fellow hunter could use.

1. Play Online With SOS

If you like to play alone, fine, but you won't learn how to be a good hunter any faster. I was able to learn a lot as soon as I started using SOS on my own quests as well as went on to help others with their SOS requests.

All kinds of hunters come to your aid when you use SOS and many of these hunters can show you weapon moves, combos and other helpful strategies you never thought of yourself.

You can also finish each hunt pretty quickly. Quest that takes half an hour for a beginner hunter gets done in 5 minutes in SOS.

It's worth noting that players can hop into your SOS even if they're not in the same lobby. SOS flares can be seen from any lobby.

2. Craft Your Armor

When I started MHW, I wasn't aware what the Armor actually does. So I choose one Armor that looked great at first and tried to do every hunt with that armor, but I failed.

Then I started getting the maximum Defense and Elemental Powered up Armors, but I still failed. Because Armor in MHW plays a bigger role than that.

  • Armor can increase your maximum defense
  • It can improve the elemental immunities
  • More importantly it can add various skills to you

These armor skills can increase your attack, defense, boost element build up in your weapon and a lot more. So far my favorite skills are Weakness Exploit, Maximum Might and Critical Boost.

Instead of wasting time by going to gather resources through Expeditions, just carve every dead monster in each hunt. Monster parts are not the only resource you're going to require.

Gather resources from plants, mushrooms, crystals and everything else that can be gathered while you're on the way to your target monster. I always go gathering after the monster is defeated in that last minute as well.

When you progress through the story, you can get more supplies and resources via Elder Melder, Argosy, and Harvest. So make sure you grab them when the time comes.

Just like you gather these useful resources & supplies, don't forget to bring them everywhere you go. I mean Mega Potions, two traps, Hardshell Powders, Flash Bugs and a few others are totally useful in every hunt.

4. Spend a Long Time With Your Chosen Weapon

When you first start playing MHW, you feel like the weapon you chose sucks because you were defeated by an experienced monster. But the problem is not in the weapon you choose.

It's just a tool you're using, YOU are the weapon!

Since this YOU weapon is not sharp, you change your tools hoping it would win the fight, but what you really need is the experience using your tools.

Don't switch your weapon for a long a time until you get used to it. If you chose Greatsword, then don't give it up until you learn what's Tackle, what's blocking and what's True Charge.

For example, with Greatsword Tackle you can still stand without falling for all monster attacks except for the big smashes that puts you straight to the ground!

Monster Hunter: World has many monsters, but all of them have patterns you can quickly learn if you looked at the hunt consciously. For example, when you hit the big bad Rathalos on the head until it staggers, it pulls back and comes back at you.

That's a moment you can do another True Charge with Greatsword if you've mastered the weapon.

Just like that each monster has patterns when it staggers, knocked out, screaming, attacking and tired. If you figure out all these things, you know where you hit harder, and when to hit and run.

As a bonus tip, you can learn a lot by watching how other players hunt on YouTube. Greatsword Tackle is something I learned by watching videos. And that's the moment I started doing MHW guide videos on my channel.

If Rathalos is troubling you, watch this video to learn a bunch of useful tips to defeat him.

I also write MHW tips like this on my blog, feel free to check out them when you need help. Please comment your own tips you use regularly below.


Hey I'm Shyam Chathuranga, a hardcore PC video gamer with handles ScorpionGod and LuikangSL.

Published Jul. 8th 2019

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