Mobile Platform RSS Feed | Mobile RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Sega Forever Brings Phantasy Star Classic Bundle To Mobile Thu, 21 Feb 2019 18:21:58 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

Sega's mobile lineup just got a galaxy-sized boost today with the addition of Phantasy Star 3: Generations of Doom and Phantasy Star 4: The End of the Millennium. These additions are part of the Sega Forever mobile campaign, which is set to bring the company's classic games to mobile platforms free of charge.

Phantasy Star 3 and 4 join the already present Phantasy Star II on iOS and Android. They are bundled together as Phantasy Star Classics, and you can get all three of them with just one download.

The games are technically free to play, but the free versions come with advertisements. Those wishing for the ad-free experience will need to pay $1.99 for each game individually or $4.99 for all three.

This is about one dollar more than buying the three games separately on Steam, but the Sega Forever versions offer some bonus features, including support for Bluetooth controls, graphics filters, and cloud saves. If you don't have a Bluetooth controller, the games utilize on-screen gamepads instead.

While Phantasy Star has turned mostly into an online only series, when the console wars were raging, it used to be Sega's answer to games like Final Fantasy. In some ways, such as the first person perspective used during dungeon exploration and combat, the series even imitated what had already been established by the likes of Dragon Quest and Shin Megami Tensei.

That said, what sets these titles apart from more traditional JRPGs is their setting. Rather than adopting the medieval style so common in the late '80s and early '90s, Phantasy Star uses a space-themed setting. Moreover, parts of the stories are interconnected, offering a more cohesive experience than players could find in Final Fantasy.

For these reasons, and the overall dearth of RPGs on SEGA's early consoles, Phantasy Star forms part of many gamers' beloved childhood memories. For these players, the opportunity to revisit them on mobile is like to be exciting.

Another Eden Tome Farming Guide Thu, 21 Feb 2019 16:54:50 -0500 Ty Arthur

With a huge cast of characters to choose from in the gacha/JRPG crossover Another Eden, it becomes absolutely crucial to level up the right party combinations if you want to beat the most difficult horrors. Additionally, in order to get the most out of each character, you have to find special tomes in order to access their highest powered abilities.

For players that are curious about these tomes, this guide covers exactly what they do. It also gives information on where to farm for them quickly.

What Tomes Do In Another Eden

Many of the heroes you gain through dream encounters have locked final skill boards. In order to unlock their full potential, and make them worth leveling, you need to find specific tomes. 

If you don't find these tomes, and unlock the final skill boards, characters like Aldo quickly becomes outpaced by other encountered heroes. Mariel is also a character where it is really worth grinding for tomes, as she is easily the best healer.

Tomes have very low drop rates and come from very specific locations. Furthermore, you aren't likely to find the tomes you need to upgrade a character's class until long after initially meeting the NPC who utilizes them.

If you can't remember how to use tomes in Another Eden, just switch the world map and travel to the Spacetime Rift. From there, simply talk to Lady Midd in the tavern. It is important to note that the specific character to be upgraded has to be placed in the main or reserve section of your party in order to appear as an option when talking to Lady Midd.

Where to Farm Tomes in Another Eden

Tomes are found by completing the Another Dungeon sections available through tapping the blue elevator in the Spaceimte Rift. These extra dungeons take you to more difficult versions of areas that you've previously finished in the main story.

Obtaining the required number of tomes is a major grind, and you want to make sure you are hitting the right locations based on which character you want to upgrade. The table below shows all the locations where we've found tomes so far, broken down by which character can use the tome, and what specific difficulty level you need to select.

To note, you should make sure to take food to any of these Another Dungeon maps, as there won't be opportunities to restore HP and MP in these areas. You can refill your food at any inn found on any normal world map area (besides the Spacetime Rift).

Tome Name Characters Dungeons Difficulty Levels
 Adept Fencer  Otoha  Moonlight Forest
 Tower Of Time
Very Hard
 Amazon  Cyucua
 Moonlight Forest
 Man Eating Marsh
Very Hard 
Aqua Ruler   Mighty  Industrial Ruins  Very Hard 
 Assassin's Fist  Amy
 Industrial Ruins
 Miglance Castle
 The Riftbreaker
Very Hard
 Bard  Ciel
 Industrial Ruins
 Man Eating Marsh
 Xeno Domain
Very Hard
Berserker   Denny  Industrial Ruins
 Miglance Castle
 Corridor Of Time 
Very Hard
 Bishop  Prai  Nadara Volcano
 Miglance Castle
 Corridor Of Time
Very Hard
 Dark Knight  Breeno  Nadara Volcano
 Miglance Castle
 The Riftbreaker
Very Hard
 Diviner  Sevyn  Industrial Ruins
 Man Eating Marsh
 Corridor Of Time
Very Hard
 Dragoon  Suzette  Xeno Domain Very Hard 
 Druid  Krervo
 Industrial Ruins
 Tower Of Time
 Corridor Of Time
Very Hard 
 Era Blaster  Helena  Industrial Ruins
 Tower Of Time
 The Riftbreaekr 
Very Hard
Escudo  Bertrand  Miglance Castle Very Hard
 Forerunner  Foran  Moonlight Forest
 Industrial Ruins
 Man Eating Marsh
 The Riftbreaker
Very Hard
 Geomancer  Toova  Man Eating Marsh Very Hard 
 Griffin Lance  Komachi  Nadara Volcano
 Man Eating Marsh
 The Riftbreaker
Very Hard
 Hierophant  Mariel  The Riftbreaker  Very Hard 
Holy Knight  Anabelle  Miglance Castle  Very Hard 
  Kagutsuchi   Shion  Miglance Castle Very Hard 
 Marksman  Darunis  Nadara Volcano
 Tower Of Time
 The Riftbreaker
Very Hard 
 Master Fencer  Nikeh  Industrial Ruins
 Miglance Castle 
Very Hard
 Mercenary  May  Moonlight Forest
 Man Eating Marsh
 The Riftbreaker 
Very Hard
 Mighty Maiden  Fienne  Nadara Volcano Very Hard 
 Mystic  Lele  Moonlight Forest
 Man Eating Marsh
 Xeno Domain
Very Hard 
 Patriarch  Riica  Industrial Ruins
 Tower Of Time
 Xeno Domain
Very Hard
 Phalanx  Nomar
 Moonlight Forest
 Tower Of Time
 Corridor Of Time
Very Hard
 Rakshasha  Akane
 Nadara Volcano
 Man Eating Marsh
 Corridor Of Time
Very Hard
 Rune Knight  Miyu  Nadara Volcano
 Tower Of Time
Very Hard 
 Sniper  Rovella  Moonlight Forest
 Man Eating Marsh
 Miglance Castle
 Xeno Domain
Very Hard
 Swordmaster  Aldo
 Moonlight Forest
 Miglance Castle
 Corridor Of Time
Very Hard 
 Titan  Lokido  Moonlight Forest  Very Hard 
 Vanguard  Miranda  Moonlight Forest
 Tower Of Time
 Xeno Domain 
Very Hard
 Warlock  Raven  Industrial Ruins
 Tower Of Time
 The Riftbreaker
Very Hard
 Warrior  Benedict  Man Eating Marsh 
 Nadara Volcano
 Xeno Domain
Very Hard
 Wizard  Bivette  Miglance Castle 
 Nadara Volcano
 Xeno Domain
Very Hard 
 Wu-Shu  Lingli  Miglance Castle
 Moonlight Forest
 The Riftbreaker
Very Hard


Note that there are still a variety of characters from the Japanese version of the game who haven't made it into the international release yet, but they are expected to be added in the coming months. Since we aren't sure if their tome locations will remain the same between release versions, we haven't listed those characters yet.

Have you found any other locations where tomes can be found that we didn't list here? Let us know and we'll get them added to the chart, and you can find more Another Eden guides here:

Your Favorite Stree Fighter V Characters Are Invading Puzzle & Dragons Tue, 19 Feb 2019 15:04:35 -0500 QuintLyn

Today, GungHo Online Entertainment's match-3 RPG Puzzle & Dragons is adding combatants from one of the most popular fighting game franchises in the world. As part of a collaboration with Capcom, GungHo is introducing 17 characters from Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition to the mobile game for a limited time.

During the event, Puzzle & Dragons players will be able to explore three new Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition-themed dungeons: Street Fighter V: AE Quest Dungeon, Multiplayer! Street Fighter V: AE!, and Skill Leveling Dungeon SFV: AE. They'll also have the opportunity to add any of the 17 Street Fighter characters to their collection via the Street Fighter V: AE Memorial Egg Machine.

Every player will get one free pull on the Egg machine when they log in between February 18 and March 3. With each pull, players have a chance to gain a 5-star or 6-star character from the following list.

Six-Star Characters
  • Ryu
  • Chun-Li
  • M.Bioson
  • Guile
  • Akuma
  • Sakura Kasugano
  • Sagat
  • Karin Kanzuki
Five-Star Characters
  • Cammy
  • Ken
  • Vega
  • R. Mika
  • Zangief
  • Dhalsim
  • Balrog
  • Blanka
  • Alex

Players can also purchase bundles to get additional pulls, some guaranteeing a six-star character. The bundles range in price from $19.99 to $0.99 USD and include the following items:

$19.99 Bundles
  • Six-Star Street Fighter V: AE Egg machine guaranteeing a six-star character
  • 20 Magic Stones
$9.99 Bundle
  • Street Fighter V: AE Ken Egg Machine guaranteeing Ken
  • Street Fighter Orbs Skin
  • 10 Magic Stones
$0.99 Bundle
  • Street Fighter V: AE Egg machine
  • 1 Magic Stone

The event also includes eight items that Puzzle & Dragon players can use for Assist Evolutions. All of them signature accessories worn by Street Fighter characters, such as Chun-Li's Wristband, Guile's Sunglasses, and M. Bison's Military Cap.

Players can also obtain Evil Ryu's headband, although Evil Ryu is not a character in Street Fighter V

Fire Emblem Heroes Introduces New Characters and New Event Mon, 18 Feb 2019 21:09:51 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo's mobile entry in the long-running Fire Emblem franchise, regularly receives content updates with new characters and events.

One such update is taking place on February 20 at 11:00 pm PDT (or February 21 at 2:00 am EDT), and it introduces four new characters plus a new story event featuring those characters.

During this summoning event, players get the chance to summon certain characters. This go around, the event focuses on the Wolfskin and Kitsune characters from Fire Emblem Fates — Keaton and Velouria from Conquest and Kaden and Selkie from Birthright.

Like all heroes in FEH, these have different artwork from their original games and additional voice acting.

They each also have a new moveset with different skills.


  • Wolfskin Fang — Attacks twice and reduces speed by 5. If Keaton isn't around human allies, he transforms, get +2 Attack, and deals +10 damage when Specials trigger
  • Draconic Aura — Boosts damage by 30% of Keaton's attack
  • Special Spiral 3 — If special triggers before or during combat, grants Special cooldown count -2 after combat
  • Beast Valor 3 — All beat units get 2x SP while Keaton remains alive (doesn't stack)


  • Wolfpup Fang — Grants unit +3 Speed. On turn 1, also grants Special cooldown -2 for the unit and any support partners. If Velouria isn't around human allies, she transforms, get +2 Attack, and deals +10 damage when Specials trigger
  • Luna — Treats foes' Defense and Resistance as though they were reduced by 50%
  • Close Def 3 — If a foe attacks the unit and inflicts weapon or stone damage, the unit gets +6 for Defense and Resistance
  • Ward Beasts — Grants +4 Defense and Resistance to beast allies within 2 spaces of the unit


  • Kitsune Fang — Grants +3 to unit's Defense. Also grants Attack, Speed, and Defense bonuses to units within 2 spaces equal to existing stat bonuses. If Kaden isn't around human allies, he transforms, gains +2 Attack, and when initiating combat, inflicts -4 Attack and Defense on foes, preventing them from moving as well.
  • Pivot — lets unit move to the other side of the targeted ally, range of 1 space
  • Speed/Resistance Link 3 — If a movement assist skill, such as Pivot, is used by the unit or targets the unit, it grants +6 to Speed and Resistance to the unit and target ally, or the unit and the unit targeting the ally for 1 turn
  • Goad Beasts — Grants +4 to Attack and Speed for beast allies within 2 spaces.


  • Foxkit Fang — Grants +3 to Resistance. If the unit's Resistance is greater than an attacking foe's Resistance, and if that foe uses weapons or a stone, it grants the unit a boost to all stats  equal to 50% of the difference between the Resistance stats. If Selkie isn't around human allies, she transforms, gains +2 Attack, and when initiating combat, inflicts -4 Attack and Defense on foes, preventing them from moving as well.
  • Iceberg — Boosts damage by 50% of the unit's Resistance stat
  • Attack/Speed Bond 3 — If unit is adjacent to an ally, grants +5 to Attack and Speed during combat
  • Sabotage Atk 3 — At the start of a turn, if any foe's Resistance is less than or equal to the unit's minus 3, and if that foe is adjacent to another foe, the skill inflicts -7 to that foe's attack for its next turn.
  • Even Res Wave 3 — At the start of even-numbered turns, the skill grants +6 Resistance to the unit and adjacent allies for 1 turn. The unit gets the bonus, even if no allies are around.

The new story chapter is titled "A King's Worth," though nothing else was revealed about it in the event announcement trailer.

Will you be taking part in the upcoming Fire Emblem Heroes summoning event? Let us know in the comments, and check back with GameSkinny for more FEH news and discussions!

Get Ready To Boogie During Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery's Celestial Ball Fri, 08 Feb 2019 12:06:35 -0500 QuintLyn

Players of Jam City's mobile game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery have a new special adventure to take part in, and it's the social event of the season. The Celestial Ball is an adventure directed at players who have reached fourth-year or above. These players will be able to participate in after-class preparations for the formal dance.

In order to participate, players will need to help other Hogwarts students prepare for the ball. Some students want to help put the ball together, others want to sabotage the whole thing. Still others would just like a little help putting together the perfect makeup and outfit.

Once everything's prepared, players will need to find a date. To do this, they'll need to go to the Great Hall and mingle with classmates. When that's taken care of, there's only one thing left to do -- chose your own special outfit from a collection designed by Ravenclaw's Andre.

This will be the first time players of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will be able to take part in the Celestial Ball -- just in time for Valentine's Day. The devs believe it offers players an opportunity to explore more of the social aspects of the game, providing all the excitement that should be expected from a Hogwarts school dance.

The dance adds to a long list of things players are able to do in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. The game allows players to create their own characters and experience life as a Hogwarts student. Just as with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, players will attend classes, learn magic, and make both friends and enemies. There are even duels to deal with and quizzes to take.

The game offers a decision based encounter system that determines their character's story arc. With this system, players create their own experience within the game, rather than sharing the exact same storyline with all the other players.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Another Eden: Hide And Seek King Location Guide Tue, 05 Feb 2019 21:44:28 -0500 Ty Arthur

Between summoning an endless stream of new party members, going fishing, and embarking on side quests, you can easily sink hundreds of hours into Wright Flyer Studios' mobile RPG, Another Eden. However, if all of this isn't enough, there are also several hidden awards and badges to find in each area, if you look hard enough.

These secret achievements start immediately in Another Eden's opening village, Baruoki, with a search to find the Hide'n'Seek King. This guide will provide all the details that are needed in order to complete the search.

How to Get the Hide'n'Seek King Badge

To initiate the hide and seek challenge, go down each of the wells in Baruoki until you find the Hide'n'Seek King, Aldo, in the corner of one of the caverns. Even though he doesn't really want to play hide and seek, the game begins anyway, and you are given three clues on where to search for the sneaky kid.

Hide And Seek Location 1

This first location is super easy, and it is almost impossible to miss. Just run to the bottom layer of the map (below the blacksmith's shop) and find the king hiding in the bushes between the two main buildings.

Hide And Seek Location 2

After the king flees the flower garden, head back up to the top layer of the map and look next to the well on the far right side. He's hiding between two trees next to the house.

Hide And Seek Location 3

The third hiding spot is the trickiest, because there's no clear indication of where the Hide'n'Seek King decided to hide this time.

Based on his final clue about clothes, many players have been hunting for clotheslines outdoors,  but there actually aren't any found in Baruoki. Instead, you've got to head inside a building.

The house is on the top layer of the map, and it is found directly above the blacksmith's shop. You'll know you have the right building if it has two blue potted plants and a flag outside.

Inside the building, just search the drawer full of clothes to finish the quest and nab the Hide'n'Seek King Badge.

Enjoy your badge, and be sure to leave a comment if you're having trouble with any other Another Eden quests so we can write up a quick guide.

Pokemon Go Players Can Now Catch Shiny Meltan For A Limited Time Tue, 05 Feb 2019 17:58:30 -0500 QuintLyn

Pokemon GO players may already have caught Meltan — and even transferred it to their copies of Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! or Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! on the Nintendo Switch — but they still don't have a Shiny Meltan.

There's a good reason for that: The shiny version of the mythical metal pokemon hadn't appeared in the game until today.

Now, players everywhere have a chance to obtain a Shiny Meltan whenever they open a Mystery Box in Pokemon GO

In order to obtain a Mystery Box, players will need to link their Pokemon GO accounts to their copy of Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! or Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! Once a box is acquired, players just need to open it for a chance to catch the Mythical Shiny Meltan.

Keep in mind, though, this is a limited-time event. Players will need to open Mystery Boxes between today and March 4. The best news is that Niantic has shortened the wait time between box openings, giving players more chances to catch Meltan before the event ends.

Meltan is a special pokemon that was originally introduced in October as part of a campaign to encourage players to connect their Pokemon GO accounts with Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! or Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! when the games launched on the Nintendo Switch.

The pokemon's introduction consisted of a series of videos featuring Pokemon GO's Professor Willow and Let's Go!'s Professor Oak trying to solve the mystery around a previously undiscovered pokemon. As the video's continued, the duo discovered that it's not only an ancient pokemon but that it has some very unique abilities.

Both Let's Go! games allow Pokemon GO players to transfer pokemon captured in the mobile game into them, giving them a chance to build their Let's Go! collections even while they're away from the game. The system also encourages Pokemon GO players to stick with the mobile game.

Another Eden Character Tier List Tue, 05 Feb 2019 15:15:09 -0500 Ty Arthur

Somewhere between Chrono Trigger style JRPG and a mobile gacha game, Another Eden has no shortage of characters to upgrade.

While some characters listed below are gained automatically through story progression, most are obtained through encounters unlocked with Chronos Stones. Those Stones are earned by completing quests, daily logins, or grinding creatures to unlock awards. 

Pulling a second instance of a character you already have automatically provides a bonus to that character's stats. Unlike other games with gacha elements, you don't need to actually sacrifice or feed the creature anywhere to get the bonus.

Of course, not all characters are created equal, which is why we put together this English tier list for Another Eden. Its purpose is so you can quickly determine who to focus on and who to ditch with each summon.

Important Note: There are some spoilers below, as it reveals info about the nature of certain characters; the tier list also reveals characters that will join your party later in the story. 

Another Eden S Tier Characters

These are your top tier characters, those who will almost always outperform anyone else. If you nab any of these, be sure to put them in the party and start working on their skill board immediately.

There's one special note on Ciel, however, who will eventually be outclassed by other characters. He's one of the best early picks beause of his debuff ability. It's very helpful on monsters who hit hard since you can actively pick Ciel in the beginning from a list of character encounter possibilities.

He should be a rock solid S class character for a large portion of the game, but he's really more of an A class character if you pull him randomly later on or don't pick him first.

Character Element
Aldo  Fire
Ciel Earth
 Lokido Earth
 Mariel N/A
 Mighty Water
 Shion Fire
 Suzette Wind
 Toova Earth


Another Eden A Tier Characters

These are all of your quality stock characters, those that are good for most situations but don't quite match the raw power of characters in the S Tier.

Note that in certain situations, these characters may actually perform better than their S Tier counterparts; for example, if you need a specific type of attack for a boss that's vulnerable to a certain type of element, you may choose to use an A Tier character.

Character Element
 Akane Fire
 Bivette Fire
 Breeno Earth
 Cyrus Water
  Denny  Water
 Feinne N/A
 Galliard N/A
 Komachi Earth
 Krervo N/A
Lingli  Fire
 Miranda Fire
 Miyu Fire
 Myron Earth
 Nikeh Water
 Nomar Water 
 Otoha Earth
 Pom N/A
 Raven Earth
 Rovella Water
 Sevyn Wind
 Yio Earth


Another Eden B
Tier Characters

These are the lowest tier characters that will get the job done; they are far outclassed by any other character.

There's one big caveat here, though: Prai is hands down the weakest healer, but due to the dearth of healing in many areas, he may become central to your survival strategy if you pull him early.

If Prai is your only healer, he's absolutely vital and an S Tier character — until you pull any other healer at all.

Character Element
 Amy Wind
 Asia N/A
 Benedict Wind
Bria N/A
Ctos  N/A
Cyuca Wind 
 Darunis Wind
Een N/A
Emms N/A
Esta N/A
 Foran Water
Koot N/A
Menesia  N/A
 Natore N/A
 Naylia N/A  
 Nixa  N/A  
 Noome N/A  
 Oor N/A  
 Pasia N/A  
 Prai N/A  
 Rodeia N/A  
 Riica N/A  
 Robera N/A  
 Rufus N/A  
 Saithe N/A  
 Sauria N/A  
 Soira Wind
 Tayme  N/A 
 Tohme N/A 
 Toohle N/A 
 Urania N/A 
 Uuo N/A 
 Yssis N/A 


We're still trying out different character combos across the game, so some of these rankings may change over time.

Have you found any particularly useful character summons we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

Wondering which specific character to summon in the Another Eden first encounter dream segment? Check out our full guide on the best and worst picks here.

Track Your Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon Series Cards With The Card Dex Mobile App Mon, 04 Feb 2019 16:34:34 -0500 QuintLyn

Soon, fans of the Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon Series will be able to easily track all their cards with the help of an official app from The Pokemon Company. The Pokemon TCG Card Dex is a free app that tracks not only the main series of cards but all expansions and even promo cards some lucky players may have acquired.

Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon players in Sweden already have access to the app thanks to a soft launch in their country. Unfortunately, the rest of us will have to wait until it rolls out in our countries in order to give it a whirl.

The Pokemon TCG Card Dex isn't just a spreadsheet-like program that requires players to manually enter their card information. Instead, players will use the built-in cameras on their phone to scan cards and add them to the Dex.

The excellent news is that even damaged or obscured cards can be recognized by the app. As for cards in different languages, they are translated into the user's language of choice.

Once scanned in, cards in the Dex can be sorted by expansion, card type, rarity, Pokemon type, energy type, HP, and a variety of other options.  Players can also search the Dex for cards they haven't yet entered in order to discover new ones they'd like to add to their collection.

The Pokemon TCG Card Dex is free to download in Sweden, via both the Apple App Store and Google Play. It supports several languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Brazilian Portuguese. So several countries are already localized for when it rolls out in their areas.

At present, no other languages are included, but seeing as this is Pokemon we're talking about, it probably won't take long for the app to include more. Although, it is a bit surprising that Japanese isn't listed as one of the available languages.

Microsoft Live Coming Nintendo Switch and Mobile Devices Mon, 04 Feb 2019 14:24:55 -0500 QuintLyn

It looks like Microsoft is planning to spread the Xbox Live love around — and to some rather unexpected places.

The company is currently preparing Xbox Live support for not only mobile devices both iOS and Android but also the Nintendo Switch.

Set to be officially revealed at GDC in March, the cross-device Xbox Live integration will allow users to view friends lists, game history, and those all-important achievements on any supported device. This is fantastic news for anyone who wants to show off their scores on the go.

Of course, Microsoft's goals are a bit loftier than that. The intent is to offer players support for cross-platform play on more titles. Now, third-party games will join Minecraft and other Microsoft-specific titles in the company's cross-platform library as Microsoft will provide everything developers need in order to do so.

This move seems to also be directed at getting mobile game developers to join the Xbox Live network and bring their players along with them. According to Windows Central, Microsoft estimates the expansion will expand their base from 400 million devices across Xbox consoles and Windows machines to over 2 billion devices, a fairly impressive growth margin.

In order to make the process of building games for Xbox Live easier, Microsoft will also make use of the PlayFab suite of tools, which offers developers a complete backend for developing games. It includes support of player management, leaderboards, real-time analytics and reporting, messaging, content update, in-game events, and more.

Bringing Xbox Live to more devices is an interesting move for Microsoft, which is known specifically for Windows and console play. Even more interesting will be the reaction of the most vocal part of its player base who largely see themselves as "hardcore" gamers and consider mobile gaming to be the opposite of everything they stand for. 

That said, as mobile devices continue to become more powerful, it's not surprising that Microsoft wants to get in on the action and bring in that sweet mobile gaming cash.

PUBG Mobile Guide: How to Find Chicken Dinner Table Thu, 31 Jan 2019 10:37:23 -0500 Sergey_3847

There are several official servers in PUBG Mobile, which players from all over the world can use on their devices. However, those who want to have all the latest updates most likely play on a Global server, as this is where all the best things happen.

Since PUBG Mobile has been developed by a Chinese company Tencent, players who use Chinese or Global servers can witness a new secret item on the map: a fully functional chicken dinner table.

If you want to see it too, then follow our quick guide below.

Chicken Dinner Table Location in PUBG Mobile

The chicken dinner table can be found inside one of the buildings in the small village of Gatka, which is located in the western part of the map. Land there and search for a building with two red lanterns above the doors. You should have no problem finding it, as it is the largest building in the village.

The table offers a huge variety of dishes, including a roasted chicken, the symbol of victory in PUBG Mobile. You can freely interact with the dishes just like with any other items.

If you don't know how to play on the Chinese server, then here is a short instruction:

  • For Android users:
    1. Go to the Chinese server website
    2. Press the top yellow button
    3. Install and play
  • For iOS users:
    1. Go to App Store
    2. Install the game
    3. Play as guest

It is possible that you will have some connectivity problems in the process, as the Global version is known to have issues with network lagging. But it is still worth to see the new chicken dinner table in all its glory.


Make sure to leave your feedback in the comments section below, and check out the rest of PUBG Mobile guides here at GameSkinny:

Steelseries Stratus Duo Dual Wireless Controller Unveiled For PC Wed, 30 Jan 2019 16:53:24 -0500 QuintLyn

SteelSeries recently introduced a new dual wireless controller for use with PC, potentially giving the Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers often used for PC gaming a run for their collective money.

Called the Stratus Duo, the controller includes support for Bluetooth 4.1 as well as 2.4GHz wireless, meaning it can be used with both PCs and Android phones with 3.1 software and above.

Owners of mobile-based VR headsets such as the Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR can also add the device to their list of supported peripherals. 

The Stratus Duo is able to reportedly switch between Bluetooth and wireless modes with the simple flick of a button, although wireless will require the included USB adapter.

Users can also charge the device over USB while playing. According to the Steelseries website, the controller's battery lasts about 20 hours or so, so the inclusion of wireless charging appears to be a big quality of life inclusion. 

Those looking to use the Stratus Duo with Android devices will have to purchase a separate item that clips the phone to the top of the controller if they would like to avoid sitting at what might be an odd angle to play. The adapter will cost $10 on top of the $60 price tag for the Stratus Duo itself.

For Steam players, SteelSeries promises the device will work with over 5,000 Steam games, allowing players to better enjoy Big Picture Mode as well as the now-defunct Steam Link.

Those playing on Android should be able to easily use the Duo for all controller-enabled games as there is no additional software or downloads needed. 

The SteelSeries Stratus Duo is available for purchase now via the company's website. The mobile adapter will be available for purchase around mid-February.

Another Eden First Encounter Summon Guide Wed, 30 Jan 2019 13:38:36 -0500 Ty Arthur

If there's one game that just may change your mind about freemium mobile RPGs, it's Another EdenThis is a full JRPG first and foremost, and it is made by a team that features developers from Chrono Trigger.

However, while it has the scale and quality of the game that is its clear inspiration, it does have gacha elements. One of those gacha elements has been tripping up new players, as there's a major choice to be made in the New Beginnings mission on your first trip to the Gallery Of Dreams.

This first encounter (the Another Eden equivalent of opening a summoning stone), features 25 characters to choose from, and none of their stats are listed before you pick them. This makes selecting a character a blind stab in the dark for new players.

Who Not To Pick In The Another Eden First Meeting

While any of the 25 available summoned allies can see you through to the end of the game, there is one ally you specifically want to avoid in your first encounter: Do not pick Miyu under any circumstances. 

Why? She was made available as a free character because the game hit the 150,000 pre-registrations milestone through the Google Play store. You get her for free immediately after the first encounter process.

This freebie character will eventually be removed down the line, but for now, everyone gets Miyu, even those players that didn't pre-register their accounts.

After the first encounter, just pull up the Dreams tab and you'll have the option to automatically summon Miyu without spending any Chronos Stones.

Not sure if you can still get Miyu? Just check your inbox. If you see a message that says "Pre-Registration Campaign," then you should get Miyu for free after opening the message.

Our Top Another Eden First Encounter Choice

Since you get Miyu for free (and you do want her in your group), your top pick for the first encounter should be Ciel (a bard who is apparently a boy somehow?).

The big draw to Ciel as your first summon is that he can reach five star rank, and he has a strong debuff to reduce incoming enemy damage. This makes him an excellent support character for the duration of the game.

If you want a straight magic attacker instead of a support character, we recommend one of these three top character picks as alternatives:

  • Lele 
  • Raven
  • Sevyn

They aren't quite as useful overall as Ciel, but they are still excellent picks if you prefer damage-focused magic users.

Who did you end up picking, and do you have any other recommendations besides our main picks? Let us know in the comments below.

7 Healthy Snacks for Gamers — And an Entire Category to Avoid Thu, 24 Jan 2019 17:49:08 -0500 Chris Gronkowski

Video games and unhealthy snacks, like chips and cookies, are easily associated with each other. That is particularly because of the evidence that watching TV or playing video games can lead to binge eating and consuming too much of these types of foods, which, in turn, can negatively impact your physical health.

Most commonly, gamers who find themselves eating an abundance of unhealthy snacks while gaming will notice an increase in weight, especially if they’re not engaging in exercise.

Weight gain can open the door to a plethora of more dangerous health conditions, including increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, and serious cardiovascular issues. In order to stay in top physical condition while still enjoying long gaming sessions, it is wise to practice a regular workout routine and swap out your unhealthy snacks for some of these nutritious foods instead.

Why Should You Avoid Unhealthy Snacks While Gaming?

Aside from the obvious health risks associated with unhealthy foods, these snacks are often full of empty calories, which means you’ll quickly become hungry again, causing you to overconsume. Plus, snacks like chips have little to no nutritional value, meaning that you’re intaking a high number of calories that aren’t actually providing your body with useful minerals, vitamins, or other nutrients.

While it’s okay to indulge in your favorite unhealthy snack from time to time, you should make a conscious effort to replace these nutrient-free munchies with more beneficial, and filling, snacks.

Types of Foods to Avoid

When determining which types of snacks to eliminate or reduce from your diet, you should try to avoid any overly processed items. Most processed foods contain a dangerous level of unhealthy fats, especially when consumed in large amounts. These fats, particularly trans-fat, are closely linked to increased chance of heart disease and can cause inflammation.

Added sugars are another feature of processed foods that are also known to cause heart disease, and many times these sugars can be found in products you may not expect to be sweetened, such as bread.

Whenever you’re trying to select healthy snacks to munch on during your gaming sessions, be sure to review the product’s ingredients and look for natural components.

Healthy Snacks for Gamers


Almost every type of nut can offer some nutritional benefit to your body. Some nuts are known to be high in protein, which will help fuel your body and satiate hunger. Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashews, and hazelnuts are among the nuts with the highest protein content.

Many gamers also enjoy snacking on seeds while playing — sunflower and pumpkin seeds being two of the more popular choices. Not only are nuts a great source of protein, but they are also high in fiber, which many processed snacks lack, and they are also associated with lower cholesterol levels.

Protein Shakes

Another excellent source of nutrition, protein shakes can be a filling and healthy snack for any gamer. With a protein shaker bottle, you can mix up shakes in seconds and easily sip on one without needing to pause your game.

Because protein shakes pack in tons of nutrients and minerals without many added calories, they can help manage your weight and encourage healthy eating habits.

In order to keep your body in top physical condition, you should be taking even a small amount of time each day to exercise, and protein shakes contain everything you need to power through a workout before returning to your console.


Pita Bread and Hummus

If you find yourself drawn to potato chips when seeking out your favorite gaming snack, then indulging in pita bread and hummus may just satisfy your craving.

Warm pita bread dipped in hummus, which is available with an assortment of toppings including red pepper, jalapeno, and caramelized onion, is an enjoyable snack. Derived from chickpeas, hummus is packed with protein and fiber as well as a list of vitamins your body needs to function.

Veggies with Different Dips

Though pita and hummus is a delicious combination for a quick, easy snack, some potato chip lovers may not be satisfied as pita bread tends to lack the gratifying crunch of a chip. Instead, replace the pita (or your chips) with veggies that can have that same crunchiness without the unhealthy ingredients.

Carrots and hummus are a popular combination or fill a plate with carrots and celery to dip into tangy ranch. Vitamin A, biotin, and potassium are among the many nutritious vitamins found in carrots, and the veggie’s antioxidant properties are said to help prevent cancer and other serious health conditions.

Frozen Grapes

For those with a sweet tooth, frozen grapes are the perfect alternative to sour candies, eliminating unnecessary sugar and artificial ingredients. If you’re prone to binge eating while gaming, you should try adding frozen grapes to your nightly snack regimen.

Low in calories, frozen grapes can be consumed by the handful and still provide your body with important nutrients. Grapes are said to help prevent a number of health conditions, including cancer, eye diseases, and cardiovascular problems.


Fresh or Dried Fruits

Though fruits are high in sugar, they contain natural sugars that can be good for your body and that provide healthy nutrients.

Fresh and dried fruits are another great replacement for sugary snacks like candy. Some dried fruits are made with added sugar — you want to avoid these types if you’re looking to lead a healthier lifestyle — but many dried fruits become naturally sweeter in the process.

Bananas are easy to eat while gaming and contain high levels of potassium, which promotes bone strength. Citrus fruits can provide you with vitamin C and apples are a crunchy snack high in antioxidants and fiber.


Gamers who crave a sweet snack while they play should consider digging into a bowl of oatmeal when it’s game time. Though there is some added sugar to certain oatmeal packets, you can find brands offering less sugar that still provide a plethora of health benefits. Plus, you can easily eat your oatmeal while still maintaining your place in the game.

Oats are high in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins, which help to lower your blood pressure and lose weight. Select a tasty flavor like apples and cinnamon for a sweet snack that satisfies your hunger and benefits your health.


Editor's Note: Chris Gronkowski is contributing to GameSkinny through our guest writer series, where we provide a platform for thought leaders to share great ideas with you, the reader. 

About the author: A former 3-year starter in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, and Denver Broncos, Chris Gronkowski is now the CEO of Ice Shaker. Ice Shaker has been featured on ABC's Shark Tank, Good Morning America, HLN morning express, Forbes, and others. Chris is the middle of the five Gronkowski brothers and has started writing about his athletic and entrepreneurial experiences.

Healthy Gaming: 6 Tips for Getting Fit Without Compromising a Gamer Lifestyle Thu, 24 Jan 2019 16:34:43 -0500 Chris Gronkowski

Gaming is truly a way of life for many people, but leading a too sedentary lifestyle can be detrimental to your physical wellbeing. Integrating healthy habits into your daily life doesn’t mean you need to compromise your gaming routine.

Here, we'll talk about how to plan breaks from gaming to stretch, exercise, and practice healthy eating. We'll also look at certain stretches that can target issues that arise from repetitive gaming, such as carpal tunnel. 

Negative Impacts of a Sedentary Lifestyle

The human body was designed to be active. While video games are an entertaining hobby, they require sitting for extended periods of time. If you’re a serious gamer, you probably spend a significant chunk of time each day playing on your console or PC.

You don’t need to sacrifice your gaming habits, but you need to be aware of the side effects of a sedentary lifestyle to understand the importance of incorporating active tasks in between gaming sessions. 

One of the most common side effects of being inactive is weight gain. Without physical activity, your body has no way to burn off excess fat and keep you slim and lean. Gaining weight can itself lead to more health complications, including high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease.

The lack of exercise is the main cause of weight gain, but extended periods of immobility can also lower your metabolism, which makes it more difficult for you to lose weight. A slower metabolism makes it more difficult for your body to burn calories and may even cause your body to be unable to break down fat. 

The longer you sit in one position, the less flexible you become. Your muscles in your back, glutes, and abs will become tightened and inflamed — an uncomfortable and unhealthy situation.

This tightness also leads to a loss of flexibility, one of the reasons that stretching breaks are so vital during long gaming sessions. Inactivity not only leads to a decrease in flexibility, but it can also diminish muscle strength and endurance.

Including healthy exercise and eating habits throughout your day can aid in maintaining your strength and flexibility, keeping your body healthy and in shape.

Swap Unhealthy Snacks for Nutritious Ones

Gaming is sometimes associated with binge eating and unhealthy snacks like potato chips, cookies, candy, and soda. Some research suggests that playing video games, or even watching TV, can have an effect on how people eat. It’s easier to eat more than you need to while focused on gaming or watching a show.

If you’re consuming unhealthy snacks and not integrating physical activity into your everyday life, you’re more likely to suffer from some of the health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle. To avoid this, try replacing these unhealthy snacks with nutritious ones like

  • Edamame
  • Frozen grapes
  • Pita bread and hummus
  • Fruits and veggies
  • Various types of nuts
    • almonds, pistachios, and walnuts

Shakes made with protein powder are another way to keep your energy up without adding unhealthy, processed ingredients or ingesting a high number of calories.

Stretch While Gaming

To avoid inflammation, joint pain, and muscle stiffness, stretching breaks during video gaming sessions are essential. Spend at least three to five minutes every hour stretching your legs, back, arms, and chest.

Your wrists are another area that experiences a lot of stress from video gaming, but you may want to develop a specific hand and wrist routine to avoid further health issues. Toe touches are a creative way to release tension in your back and can also help stretch your hamstrings.

Any variety of arm exercises will get your blood flowing again and encourage muscle stimulation. 

Exercise Your Hands and Wrists

If you consider yourself a serious and frequent gamer, your wrists and hands may be particularly susceptible to developing issues in the future. Carpal tunnel is one of the most common effects of repetitive motions like using a controller. Try some of these wrist stretches for gamers to prevent problems in the future.

Try Exercising While Playing

Exercise is vital to optimal health because it keeps your metabolism in check, builds muscle, and burns off fat. Believe it or not, there are actually dozens of exercises you can perform while you’re gaming.

Many of these workouts are performed in a seated position to allow you to still focus on your game, but even if you do these exercises while playing, you still need to integrate other stretches and exercises that involve standing to make sure that your legs are engaged.

Practice workouts like ab squeezes and stationary biking along with these other gaming exercises to improve your physical health.

Drink Protein Shakes to Ensure You’re Consuming Enough Protein

As mentioned, dietary habits are important to a healthy lifestyle. Exercise plus a nutritious diet are mandatory to reach your highest level of fitness.

One concern gamers may have is in regard to their protein intake. Though snacking is typically associated with gaming, these unhealthy, processed foods often lead people to feel full when in fact they are not receiving enough protein.

Invest in some quality protein powder and a protein shaker and then try to integrate shakes into your daily diet. This will ensure that you’re receiving the proper amount of protein and provide you with the energy to complete your workouts. 

Invest in Interactive Exercise Video Games

Another great way to get your body engaged while playing video games is by purchasing one of the many interactive gaming systems or VR devices, which allow you to move around while playing.

The Nintendo Wii was the first gaming system that really let you move around while playing video games, but now other major console producers have created similar products to get gamers moving. Xbox offers a wide variety of active video games, including Xbox Fitness, Kinect Sport, and a number of dance games, among others. If you’re a PlayStation user, you can also take advantage of similar interactive games and help maintain your body’s fitness without sacrificing your gamer lifestyle.

If you can afford a VR headset, such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, games like Beat Saber are also great ways to get in shape. 


Editor's Note: Chris Gronkowski is contributing to GameSkinny through our guest writer series, where we provide a platform for thought leaders to share great ideas with you, the reader. 

About the author: A former 3-year starter in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, and Denver Broncos, Chris Gronkowski is now the CEO of Ice Shaker. Ice Shaker has been featured on ABC's Shark Tank, Good Morning America, HLN morning express, Forbes, and others. Chris is the middle of the five Gronkowski brothers and has started writing about his athletic and entrepreneurial experiences.

World at War WW2 Guide: 10 Tips to Help You Survive Thu, 24 Jan 2019 15:16:44 -0500 CGMK

World at War: WW2 is a mobile MMORTS currently available for Android and iOS devices. It puts you in the boots of a commander stemming back the tide of the enemy, and like other online RTS games, there's a lot to take when you first get to the war table. 

When you begin, you'll see that the game has recommended “missions” that will instruct you to build, and then upgrade, buildings and units. However, it does not give you much insight on how to customize your base or develop a strategy.

That's where the social interaction kicks in. Ask a question in the community and an experienced player in the game will give you an answer. The problem is finding someone that can explain the reasons why instead of directing you on how to do things. 

That's why we've put together this list of 10 essential tips for World at War: WW2

1. Figure Out Your Play Style

The best advice I can give you is this: figure out your playstyle before you do anything else. Why? Because doing so will inform future strategies and set realistic expectations for your goals.

For example, if your goal is to take over the atomic facility and become supreme commander, expect to spend a lot of time and money to build a strong enough base to fight the entire front.

If you just want to play in your spare time and join the occasional rally on the weekend, you will need a different build.

The longer you play, the stronger you become. It takes time to build your base, and every building serves a purpose. You must figure out which buildings give you the most advantages for your play style. If you upgrade your buildings and then find you don’t need them, you will be wasting time and money to destroy and replace them. 

2. Location, Location, Location

When you start out, you are placed on a random front. You are given three beginner teleports that allow you to change fronts, but after you use them, or if you upgrade to Level 6, you will not be able to leave that front.

So take some time and make sure you like the front before joining a good alliance. A good rule of thumb is to find the newest front; this will give you better chances since you won't have to rush to catch up with other players that have been playing for longer.   

3. Ten Building Rewards 

You will get rewards for completing missions.

There are missions to build four and 10 buildings of each type. This is easy to do at the beginning because Level 1 buildings are cheap to make and there are no wait times.

Once you have completed building 10 of a certain type, destroy them and do the same with the other types until you complete them all. After completing all of them, you can claim the rewards on the mission screen. These rewards will give you about 50,000 power total and a good amount of resources to get you started. 

4. Friend Referral

If you go to more/refer a friend, you will find your referral code. You can give this code out to 10 friends before it becomes invalid. When you input someone’s referral code, or someone uses yours, you will be linked to that player for the rest of the game and will not be able to change it.

You will have a button where you can message them directly. You will also both receive gold and rewards for reaching certain headquarter levels as you upgrade. If you plan on making multiple accounts exchange the codes between your accounts before giving them out or using anyone else's code. 

5. One of Every Building Type

There is no perfect base build. What works for the spender that logs in multiple times a day will not work for the free-to-play player that logs in on the weekends.

The one commonality to all base builds, though, is that you will need to build one of each type of building. You will not be able to progress through all the levels unless you do.

The best example to show this is the research building. If you want to unlock those Tier 4 troops, you need to upgrade your research building to Level 21, but as you can see in the screenshot, you are required to upgrade other buildings before you can start this upgrade.

In the same way, the game will not let you upgrade your headquarters until you upgrade other buildings so even if you aren’t planning to build up to 21 you will still need to build one of each type of building and upgrade them until you get to your desired level. 

6. Save Your Gold

If you won’t be spending and are planning to one day unlock Tier 4 troops, you must save your gold for building upgrades. To upgrade one of each building to 21, you will need 15 war bonds(15,000 gold); war room level 21 will also require 10,000 war bonds (15,000 gold), so a total of 30,000 gold to get everything needed to level 21 to unlock T4 troops.

This is assuming you already upgraded your war room to Level 20 since every war room level requires war bonds to upgrade. To get the remaining buildings to 21, you will need another 37,000 gold. In total, upgrading all buildings to level 21 is 67,000 gold. 

7. Gold Mine

The gold mine is an optional building, and its only function is to earn you gold.

The gold you collect is limited by the building level and the number of friends you have. At Level 22, you can collect gold from 33 friends for a total of 330 gold per day. 

You are not giving your gold away, however. Just like with the help button, all you do is click on the send gold button and your friends receive 10 gold each. The catch is that you must link the game to a Facebook account, then you have to add people that play the game as friends in Facebook, and they must be active for you to receive gold from them. 

8. Multiple Accounts

Creating a second account can help you collect the resources you need for upgrades with little effort. You can build a second account and set it up as a farm to produce resources, then simply log in to transfer the resources to your primary base.

This eliminates the need to send troops to gather resources. It can also be used to scout other players without putting your primary account at risk of being attacked.

The accounts are very easy to set up, just make sure you like each account to a separate email address so you won’t lose them when you switch between accounts. 

9. Commander Skills and Equipment

Commander skills and equipment will reduce the time required for building upgrades and performing research. This must be set before you start any upgrades for their bonuses to apply. It might not look like much difference at first, but it adds up.

Doing this will get you to a fighting level faster. The research in the picture is commander preset 7. By setting skills and gear to research the timer is reduced by 50 days. The skills can be changed at any time by using a skill reset item or a commander preset. 

10. Shields

The best way to protect your resources is using shields. You can buy shields using gold or from the alliance store using loyalty points. When buying with gold, the best value is the three-day shield.

Once the shield expires, your base will be vulnerable to attacks until you use another one. If you aren't shielded, expect to burn.

Depending on your goals it might not be necessary to maintain a shield. If you keep your vault leveled up, it will protect the resources you need to upgrade any building up to Level 19. The vault doesn't protect cash until Level 21, but building upgrades do not require cash. So even if you get attacked constantly, you can still progress in the game; a good reason this game is good for new players. 


These World at War tips should give you a good foundation on which to build a good base. The game is fairly balanced and it should be simple to progress through the levels.

If you are having a hard time then you are probably doing something wrong. Don't forget that there are plenty of experienced players in the game to help you out. 

Tech Giants Want in on Cloud Gaming Sun, 13 Jan 2019 13:07:27 -0500 notat_hall

The future of gaming is streaming, as two more companies are set to create cloud gaming services.

With Google, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, having already teased their streaming plans, two more companies have staked a claim in the streaming sphere.

Amazon, who own Twitch, are reportedly set to start their own cloud-based streaming service. Following up from an initial report on The Information, The Verge found job listings from Amazon, calling for engineers to work on cloud-based games. There is also a listing for a “Lead Cross Platform Game Engineer.”

Amazon Games does already exist (although it has done very little) so they already have the infrastructure in place for game development. Their infrastructure is perhaps what makes Amazon one of the more viable success stories in cloud gaming. The more servers you have around the world, the wider the audience your service will function for, as proximity does make a difference to quality.  

They join telecommunication giant Verizon, whose streaming service is already functioning on the Nvidia Shield TV box and is set to come to Android phones. According to The Verge, the service is being shipped out to testers for a trail period running up until the end of January. It seems to be controlled by an Xbox One controller, and screenshots show an unbelievable array of games, including PS4 exclusive God of War, and the console only Red Dead Redemption 2. As exciting as that sounds, this is very early days for the service, and these are likely placeholders.

Look out for more details on these services, and perhaps for more names to step forward with streaming services as the race for dominance in this burgeoning market continues.

Alien: Blackout Will Bring Xenomorph Menace to Mobile Mon, 07 Jan 2019 12:22:45 -0500 Jonathan Moore

A new Alien survival horror game will soon hatch on iOS and Android mobile devices. Set between Alien and Aliens, Alien: Blackout will be a new entry in franchise lore and follow Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley's daughter and the protagonist of 2014's well-received stealth horror titleAlien: Isolation

Currently, there is no release date for the survival horror game. As of this writing, developer D3 Go's website simply states that the title is "coming soon". 

Despite the lack of release information, we do know that the game contains seven levels and will focus on player choice. According to D3 Go, "Players must rely on the damaged controls of the space station or risk sacrificing crew members to avoid deadly contact, permanently altering the outcome of the game."

With what we know, it looks like Blackout will be a relatively on-rails experience; players won't freely move about the game world but instead remotely control progression from what might be a central hub. Players will "operate a holographic map, surveillance cameras, and [a] motion tracker to remain hidden and protect your crew."

While there have been a handful of VR experiences, a mobile game, and an arcade game set in the Alien universe since the release of Isolation, the upcoming Blackout will be the first game available on both iOS and Android devices. 

Since it's 2014 release, Alien: Isolation has been perennially included in both "Best Horror Game" lists and "Best Games to Play on Halloween" lists. In fact, we thought it was a better horror game than Resident Evil 7

While time will only tell if Blackout can match even an ounce of the acidic terror Isolation was able to conjure, it's heartening to see that the Alien franchise isn't simply relying on movie tie-ins to further its narrative in video games. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information on Alien: Blackout as we learn more. 

The Top 10 Worst Dumpster Fire Games of 2018 Sat, 29 Dec 2018 11:00:03 -0500 ElConquistadork


So that's it. And as clear-cut as many of the games on this list are to me, I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who would disagree with me on every single one of them (well, maybe not The Quiet Man).


And I'm good with that. Because my dislike of a game shouldn't take away your enjoyment of one. I have fun with lists like these, and then I move on. You should, too. Because the dirty little not-so-secret is this: none of us play games we hate for very long. I had so much damn fun with games this year, that I decided to have a little fun in the negatives, too. And I'd love to see what's on your list of refunds! Drop us a comment below, and have a great time with the new year! May 2019 bring us joy and pixels!


Fight me.


Here is the only advice you need when it comes to the art of seduction:

  1. Don't learn to seduce from video games.
  2. \n
  3. Don't learn to seduce from guys who go by nicknames that they clearly came up with in the 5th grade (aka, "Gambler")
  4. \n
  5. Don't learn to seduce at all.
  6. \n

Women don't want to be seduced: they want respect and clothes with pockets built in. Offer both and you should get by just fine.


I've heard many people suggest that this game is meant to be silly or understood as a joke. And if that's the case, then the creator of this game's long career as a pickup artist must be such deep satire that it's virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.


Otherwise, I'd have to assume he follows the path of plausible deniability espoused by 20th century philosopher Nelly:


"I'm just kiddin'... Unless you're gonna do it."


And even if that were the case, the gameplay is awful, and the humor is as cringy as the time your father drunkenly wet his pants during the "drunken pants wetting" scene in A Star Is Born.


Don't learn to seduce from video games: I'm pretty sure there was a GI Joe "knowing is half the battle" scene written about that.


The hype surrounding Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery was so great that even jaded old grognards like myself allowed ourselves a moment for excitement. Create your own Hogwarts student, join your favorite House, and have magical adventures of your own? Where do I sign up??


No, not for the microtransactions. For the game itself.


...Oh, they're one and the same, huh? 




Let me be clear: I don't mind microtransactions in a free-to-play game. I think most of us recognized that that's the entire point of free-to-play. But there's a difference between "pay for a heightened experience" or "pay to play some extra turns" and "pay up every fifteen minutes or so if you want this to last longer than your average YouTube commercial."


And even if the transactions were justified, the game is just dull, dull, dull. I swear to god, I had to wake the Sorting Hat up from a boredom-induced nap before he would assign me to my House. 


"Hey guys: remember that terrible video game from the nineties that's basically become a meme? Wouldn't it be funny and ironic if we made a new version of it that's also bad?"


No. It would be neither of those things. 


It might, however, be an incredibly shitty game.


Oh, who am I kidding? It would most definitely be an incredibly shitty game. Enter Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn.


Remember your high school friend who always took the joke a little too far? The one who thought South Park was the height of satire and had no ability to read between the lines? The one who thought the only funny jokes were dead baby jokes? 


Agony is what would happen if that kid played 2016's DOOM and decided he needed to make his own version of it. Even if the repetitive gameplay, terrible save system, and clunky stealth mechanics were fun, you're still left with a game that seems to believe that the only way to be frightening is to disgust and sicken. It's horror without mystery, fear without the fun, and disgust without the meaning. It's a 100,000 word novel, but it's just the same word written over and over again. 


That word is probably "agony", by the way.


(Editor's Note: this final joke has been put here by the recent law stating that a game review about Agony must contain some variation of said joke.)


Do you remember the scene in Addams Family Values where murderous psychopath Debbie explains why she's killed every one of her husbands (and parents)?


"Don't I deserve love," she asks, "And jewelry?"


The Culling 2 feels like the digital embodiment of that cynical, ugly attitude. The original Culling, while flawed, at least had a level of uniqueness that drew some attention. Unfortunately, it just couldn't compete with the vicious, skyscraper-sized monster that was PUBG


So when The Culling 2 was released this year, the ire of most gamers didn't come from a single source. It came from everything about this game. It really is simple math: 


Buggy mess + cynical attempt to cash in on what's how right now = nobody wantsta play.


And it felt like it came from a place of childish foot stomping, where the decision makers were convinced that they'd somehow been cheated out of a piece of the pie. So instead of making something that gamers could get excited about, it went with that age old question: "What's hot right now?"


It's a real shame that the developers felt the need to recreate the game from the ground up instead of just improving and sharpening the original to make it more competitive. But this is the games industry: where no one seems interested in learning from the mistakes of the past.


Zombies have become the Portlandia-style answer to anything gaming related. 


"Need help making that game more interesting and fun? PUT A ZOMBIE ON IT!"


I've grown sort of used to the over-saturation of the walking dead that's taken an active role in everything pop culture related over the past decade or so. But if there's one franchise that I never expected to be tainted by boring, endless hordes of zombie-style antagonists, it would have to be Metal Gear (a few years ago I would have said the work of Jane Austen, but we fucked that up good and proper.)


Like many AAA games, Metal Gear Survive takes that gloriously unfortunate tradition of stitching together pieces of everything that was popular a few years back without truly understanding what made those things popular in the first place.


So instead of a tight, exciting, soap-opera blended smoothie of stealth action like we're used to, we got a survival-horror-base-builder-hide-and-seek mish mash that was, at its best, underwhelming and dull. At its worst, however, it's a physical symbol of what happens when a soulless games corporation attempts to emulate the work of an artist who they truly don't understand.


Don't let the recent oh-so-meta-uber-hip trailers that just came out fool you into thinking that Square Enix was in on the joke from the beginning. The Quiet Man was an unironically buggy, janky, pretentious piece of drek that takes a truly interesting detail (a deaf protagonist) and proceeds to do almost nothing with it. 


No pats on the back should be allowed when a developer realizes their art is bad and decides to milk that angle. It's what I told you guys about Tommy-fucking-Wiseau, and would any of you listen?? NOOOOO and now I gotta listen to everyone's take on that trash dance fandango as if ineptitude is celebration-worthy and (Editor's Note: it was at this point that the author of this piece was found throwing his keyboard into a crowd of concerned onlookers while rambling about Michael Bay. He has been sedated and fed. We apologize for the inconvenience.)


I'm not mad, We Happy Few: I'm disappointed.


You took what was a genuinely intriguing and exciting level of stylization and satire, and somehow came up with the idea of adding in tired, never-were-really-all-that-good-in-the-first-place survival mechanics. The decision was sort of flabbergasting: so odd, in fact, that if it weren't based on the notion of emulating the popular Twitch games of days gone by, then I would truly have to believe in mystical coincidences from beyond the mortal coil.


But what it feels like, unfortunately, is a great-looking game made sterile and ineffective in the face of too much attention too early and possibly the intervention of an overwhelming games publisher that got caught in the creation process needlessly and abusively. 


Is Bethesda okay, you guys? Does it need to talk to someone? 


Because this shallow Petri dish of an online experiment isn't merely unworthy of the Fallout franchise, it almost feels like a cry for help. As if the Fallout 76 designers were being held against their will in a Saw-style murder basement, and the only way they could inform the outside world of their plight was to develop a game so unfinished, so buggy, so cynically jaded, and so contrary to everything that we had been hyped up for, that we would have no choice but to assume that someone over at Bethesda is in trouble.


But based on the insane number of microtransactions and the belittling lack of any real meat on this post-apocalyptic bone, I'd say that the only people in any real amount of trouble are the players themselves.


Y'know, we run into bad games all the time. We've been coping with them since one caveman suggested an early form of charades to another caveman. But now that 2018 is drawing to a close, I have to say: there's something special about the way games are getting bad lately. 


It isn't enough that a game is broken on release or buggy as hell (although we all know there's plenty of that). The massive army of indie games released on Steam every day alone is enough to inform you that, like the games we really admire, the games we truly hate have to stab us in just the right part of our loathing gland to truly receive the appropriate level of ire.


And 2018 had plenty of that. Shall we?

Top Fortnite Memes of 2018 Fri, 28 Dec 2018 12:49:11 -0500 Victoria B.

Whether you love or hate it, Fortnite has stuck around as one of the most played games in 2018. Some live for the next victory royale and others condemn it as one of the worst games. Sounds like the perfect content for the internet to eat up and spit back out for our entertainment.

With the fame and notoriety, comes with it an infinite amount of memes. Here are our top picks for this year’s best Fortnite memes.

Fortnite Memes of 2018

Did you find these relatable? Were there any favorites we missed? Let us know or share your memes with us. We'll look forward to the new one's to come in 2019.