Mobile Platform RSS Feed | Mobile RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Fortnite Alpha Tournament Guide: How to Get More Points Fast Wed, 17 Oct 2018 17:21:08 -0400 Ty Arthur

As if getting Victory Royale hasn't been enough, Fortnite finally has a real-deal Tournament mode for earning points and getting crowned as the top player.  Running through October 21, tournament sessions will be available for a limited number of hours each day.

To play in the Alpha Tournament, click the icon above the Play button and then click the Alpha Tournament button.

Players are matched against opponents with similar scores during the session, and if you score 20 points in a session, you earn a coveted golden pin

How to Get Points in Fortnite's Alpha Tournament

The main Fortnite screen showing the tournament selection tab

You begin earning points at 3 eliminations; you then earn 1 extra point at 5 eliminations and 7 eliminations.

Additional points (in 1 point increments) are awarded if you:

  • Get in the Top 10
  • Get in the Top 3
  • Get Top 1 Victory Royale  

Points reset at the beginning of each day during the Tournament, so you only have a limited number of hours to hit 20 points and earn the pin.

Best Landing Spots & Kill Areas in Alpha Tournament

Because of this point set up, aggressive play is rewarded. Don't hide. Don't be a bush. Don't play it safe. Land in hot zones such as:

  • Tilted Towers 
  • Pleasant Park 
  • Lazy Links
  • Paradise Palms

Essentially, jump where everyone else is. Once you land (and you probably already know this), immediately go for any location with a chest or floor weapon so you can come out swinging.

Finding loot faster than the opponents is key here. Hit high loot areas for critical early-game gains. Go to the basketball court in Greasy Grove, basically all the buildings in Tilted Towers, or the grocery store in Retail Row. 

Best Situational Weapons for Alpha Tournament

No matter where you land, stick to the high ground for headshots whenever possible. Also, try lurking indoors with a shotgun or other close-range weapons for quick kills in tight spaces. 

Individual play style can have a big impact on how you rack up your kills, but in general, these are the best weapons to try to pick up in the Alpha Tournament:

  • Any SMG 
    • For spray and pray outdoor fighting
  • High rarity Assault Rifle (AR)
    • For outdoor fighting at medium range
  • Pump or Tactical Shotgun 
    • For indoor or close-quarters fighting
  • Bolt action or heavy sniper rifle
    • Long-range headshots if your playstyle keeps you at the edges of each area
Best Choke Points in Alpha Tournament

A male Fortnite player with spiked hair shoots a handgun at a running player near a broken down house

While aggressive attacking with SMGs and shotguns is key to getting kills quickly, some players will still prefer to lie in wait and snipe. In that case, these are some excellent choke points to rack up kills:

  • The RVs north of Tilted Towers 
  • The hill above Dusty Divot with a clear line of sight down below
  • Any rooftop at Greasy Grove (if you land on the gazebo at the south end of the area you will likely arrive directly at a chest spawn)
Best Defensive Strategies for Alpha Tournament (If You Must)

If you want to rack up the most points in the least amount of time, it can actually be more efficient to get 5-7 kills, and then die on purpose and join a new match.

Trying to get all the way to the #1 spot may take more time than it's worth, especially if you end up dying just shy of the top 10 or top 3 spots.

Defense is less important in an Alpha Tournament match as you're fighting against the clock to get quick kills before the daily points reset. If you are want to try to get to the Top 10, 3, and 1 spots, however, there are two key defense options to utilize in the Tournament.

  1. Jump frequently
  2. Avoid headshots
  3. Build 1x1 tower bases
    • Learn to quickly build ramps if the bottom gets taken out for quick escapes

There is literally no reason to hide in this mode. In essence, Alpha Tournament wants you to play differently and get out of your comfort zone. Acting like a bush will get you nowhere. 

Fortnite Alpha Tournament Schedule

Here's the full breakdown on when each Tournament will be running; don't forget individual session times will vary by region each day:

  • Alpha Tournament (Solo): October 16-21
  • Beta Tournament (Duo): October 23-25
  • Friday Night Fortnite (Squad): October 19-November 30
  • Salty Springs Cup (Solo): October 27-31
  • Tomato Temple Cup (Duo): October 28-November 1

A Word on Alpha Tournament Bugs

The choose your game mode screen showing various fortnite events and modes

As you might have expected, the rollout of a major new Fortnite mode means unexpected bugs and hiccups.

Most notably, Alpha Tournament is currently suffering from incorrect scoring (preventing you from getting the pin) and matchmaking problems

A patch is, of course, expected to fix these problems in the next day or so, but for now, you need to know these issues persist and you may not get the score you earned.

Check out a full rundown from Epic regarding known issues at Reddit here.


Got any other tips for surviving in the Alpha Tournament? Let us know your favorite strategy below, and check out our other Fortnite guides here.

Halloween Cosmetics & Skins Teased for PUBG Wed, 17 Oct 2018 16:43:52 -0400 Zack Palm

To help get you into the spirit of Halloween, the developers behind PUBG have released a nine-second Halloween-themed video on their official Twitter page, which you can watch here.

While extremely brief, the video teases several pieces of cosmetic items likely on the way in a holiday-themed loot crate. 

Though the PUBG development team has not released any specific details since the tweet went out last night, it's possible that Halloween-themed skins are on the way to the popular battle royale in the form of a torn-up nurse outfit, a bloody butcher's apron, and a killer clown outfit. 

As we get closer to Halloween, there's sure to be a more formal announcement, perhaps even something introducing a themed event. We know that PUBG Mobile is set to get a Halloween event and night mode in the latest patch notes leak -- so something for the base game probably isn't that far off. 

How do you feel about PUBG releasing holiday-themed content? Stay tuned to Gameskinny as we learn more details about PUBG's plans for Halloween!

Fortnite Season 6, Week 4 Challenge Guide: Complete 3 Timed Trials Wed, 17 Oct 2018 07:11:41 -0400 Sergey_3847

Completing Timed Trials is definitely one of the hardest challenges that Fortnite players have ever encountered. This week you need to hit at least three of the five possible Timed Trials around the map. But the reward is worth it, as you will get 10 Battle Stars after the successful completion of this challenge.

You can build up a strategy of your own on how to finish all three required trials, or you could simply follow our quick guide below for all the possible locations of the Timed Trails and how to complete them in the fastest way possible.

How to Complete 3 Timed Trials in Fortnite

The three best and easiest Timed Trials in Fortnite can be found in Snobby Shores, Shifty Shafts, and Tomato Temple. All three trials are super easy to complete, but here are a few tips to make it completely clear.

Trial 1: Snobby Shores

When you arrive at Snobby Shores, go right on top of the hill indicated on the map above. There you will find a softwatch that can be activated. As soon as you do it, the rest of the watches will appear downhill. Just make your way down and grab each and every softwatch you see. In the end you will finish this trial and you can move onto the next one.

Trial 2: Shifty Shafts

To the south of Shifty Shafts you will find a bridge across the river. As soon as you activate the first softwatch, the rest will appear across and above the bridge.

In order to complete this trial you need to build a ramp and gather all the watches from the top of the bridge. The last watch will be waiting for you on the other side of the bridge. Activate it and finish your second trial.

Trial 3: Tomato Temple

The final trial at the Tomato Temple is the hardest one. It will require you to run through the wooden ramp near the temple, which you may not be able to finish the first time. But after some practicing you should be able to get every single softwatch in time. As soon as you're done with this trial the challnge will be complete.


That is all on how to complete three Timed Trials in Season 6, Week 4 challenge, and for other Fortnite guides at GameSkinny, please see the list below:

Gen 4 Pokemon, Balance Changes Come to Pokemon GO Tue, 16 Oct 2018 22:48:42 -0400 William R. Parks

It has been confirmed by the Pokemon Company that Chimchar, Piplup, Turtwig, and a number of other Pokemon of Sinnoh, are now available for Trainers to catch in Pokemon GO.

As Ninatic has done previously, the remaining Pokemon of Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum will be released in the mobile game in waves in the upcoming weeks.

Additionally, fans can look forward to gameplay changes that are "designed to promote an improved overall experience."

The first set of inbound tweaks addresses the behavior of Pokemon, reducing the effect weather has on their appearance and increasing their variety in certain areas, especially in places like parks and nature reserves.

A second group of changes looks to rebalance combat -- Pokemon's CP and HP values are being adjusted.

Additionally, the company has said that it wants defensive Pokemon to be more viable, and they are adjusting Defense and Stamina values to address this. Defense values for almost all Pokemon are also being "slightly reduced."

An exact date for these gameplay changes has not been provided. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information as it breaks. 

In-Game Tournaments Are Coming to Fortnite on October 16 Tue, 16 Oct 2018 10:10:41 -0400 William R. Parks

The Fortnite Esports Team has confirmed that in-game tournaments are coming to Fortnite beginning October 16.

"In-Game Tournaments are open to everyone and provide an opportunity for every player to compete directly alongside the pros for prizes and glory," the blog post states.

In-game tournaments will be accessed from the game's "Events" section, and the initial schedule is as follows (exact times for your region can be confirmed in the client):

  • Alpha Tournament (Solo): October 16 - 21
  • Beta Tournament (Duo): October 23 - 25
  • Friday Night Fortnite (Squad): October 19 - November 30
  • Salty Springs Cup (Solo): October 27 - 31
  • Tomato Temple Cup (Duo): October 28 - November 1

With these initial tournaments, "all players will begin with the same score and compete over several hours of intense competition to earn as many points as possible," Epic explains.

Points are earned by eliminating opponents and placing highly in matches, and players that reach a "target score" will receive shiny pins. In future tournaments, shiny pins will advance players to subsequent tournament rounds or award them prizes.

Epic also notes that matchmaking will pair players that have similar point standings, and players across all platforms (PC, console, or mobile) will "compete against one another as equals."

Epic cites the Summer Skirmish, PAX West, and Fall Skirmish tournaments as proof that players using controllers "can be successful while competing against some of the best PC players in the world."

Looking forward, fans can expect multi-round tournaments and those with new scoring formats and alternates modes.

The post closes noting that qualifiers for the 2019 Fortnite World Cup will be accessed through the in-game tournament system "later this year."

More Changes Come to Eternal Card Game Ranked Play Fri, 12 Oct 2018 11:47:29 -0400 William R. Parks

Only a week following the release of Into Shadow, Eternal's latest campaign, new balance changes have been implemented that promise to further alter ranked play.

"The ranked metagame is currently in a pretty good place," the release notes state, "but we are making a few changes to improve balance and to diversify some of the play patterns and card choices among top decks."

This time around, "changes" means nerfs, and they are as follows:

Auralian Merchant: Now 0/4 (previously 1/4)

Channel the Tempest: Now 9PPPP (previously 8PPPP)

Icaria, the Liberator: Now 8FFFJJJ (previously 7FFFJJJJ)

Predatory Carnosaur: Now 7TTT, 7/7 (previously 6TTT, 6/6)

Additionally, 24 other cards have been adjusted. While these changes almost exclusively affect Eternal's draft format, there is an additional nerf here that impacts current ranked play:

Vital Arcana: Now gains 2 health (previously gained 4)

The single deck most impacted by yesterday's nerfs is Temporal Control, a true control deck that plans to draw cards and stall the game until the opponent's soul has been sufficiently crushed and they concede.

This type of play-style can be extremely frustrating to play against, as it often leads to very long, grindy games, and I would not be surprised if Dire Wolf Digital is specifically targeting Temporal Control following complaints from the community.

Full playsets of Auralian Merchant, Channel the Tempest, and Vital Arcana are staples in Temporal Control, and these nerfs will definitely have an impact on the deck. However, I certainly believe that it will remain a viable, if not strong, choice for the foreseeable future.

The changes have splash damage outside of Temporal Control as well.

Since its release, Auralian Merchant has been considered the best of the Merchant-cycle, and the full four copies are featured in almost all Time decks. Channel the Tempest has also been ubiquitous, acting as the finisher-of-choice for many Primal-based control and midrange decks.

Both cards still seem playable, but a reduction in their power level will definitely open up some space for other cards as players begin assembling new decks.

The nerf to Icaria, the Liberator has a broad impact as well. Since her printing, Icaria has been one of the most powerful finishers in the game, and an Icaria on seven-power (or five with a Bulletshaper in play) is often unbeatable.

This has lead to a slew of midrange decks with casting Icaria as their game-plan, and it will be interesting to see just how much the one additional power will matter to these decks.

With this change and Into Shadows' printing of Azindel, Revealed, it looks like Dire Wolf feels that eight-power is the right spot for game-ending creatures to sit.

With so many new cards and changes in flux, aggressively-slanted Combrei decks seem like the clear choice for ranked play. Perhaps the strongest deck immediately preceding the release of Into Shadow, none of yesterday's nerfs directly affect it, and it is perfect for punishing new decks that have not been finely tuned.

Full patch notes, including all draft changes, are included in this post.

Information on the new promo card and avatar included with this patch are available on Dire Wolf's website.

Rise of Civilizations Beginner’s Guide: How to Win Like a Pro Wed, 10 Oct 2018 18:30:35 -0400 RobertPIngram

Building your own empire in Rise of Civilization is fun, but it is not without its frustrations.

From dealing with overpowered players to struggling to progress at the pace you’d like, it’s easy to get irritated with how your game is progressing.

Although the game’s opening tutorial phase does teach you how to play and show you some of the core mechanics involved, it doesn’t position you for the most possible success.

That's where this guide comes in. 

Choosing Your Starting Nation

One of the ways Rise of Civilizations lets you customize your settlement is to choose what nation you hail from, and each option provides its own unique perks to get you going forward faster.

However, it is not always easy to know how effectively these perks will translate in the actual game, particularly when first starting out. Consider the way you want to play first, as this will change the ideal starting nation for you. We look at those options below. 

 The civilization selection screen shows Germany, with a warrior clad in gold holding a large shield and sword over shoulder

Aggressive Nations

If you enjoy PvP (player vs player) combat, you want to take on an aggressive posture with your play. This means a lot of sending your armies out to take on other players. For this kind of a play style, you want a build which offers perks for attacking, such as:


The Germans receive a boost to the attack strength of their cavalry units, and also have boosts to their AP recovery and troop training, so you can push out more and more troops to keep attacking.


Like Germany, the Japanese troops get a boost to their attacking. Instead of a larger 5% boost to one unit type, however, Japan grants a 2% boost across the board, creating a uniformly strong army. They also can train 5% more troops at a time to speed up your army building.

Defensive Nations

Not everyone enjoys going out and facing off with other players regularly. If you prefer taking a hands-off approach and tend to your own business instead, you want to choose different starting nations. Instead of focusing on your ability to venture forward on offense, look for defensive perks.


The Spaniards specialize in looking out for themselves, not disturbing others. In addition to a 5% boost to their cavalry’s defensive abilities, they also gather gold at an increased speed, allowing you to stockpile the money you need to keep upgrading your buildings.


As with the Japan-Germany similarities, China takes Spain’s specific defensive boost and makes it more generalized with 2% across the board. They also gather resources and build more quickly so you can get more done with less downtime.

 The civilization selection screen highlights china, with old Chinese man with long white beard

Don’t Pass on Freebies

Like nearly every mobile game, Rise of Civilizations makes use of the most dreaded phrase in video games: microtransactions.

The gems you can purchase are very useful for you and your civilization’s development, and fortunately, you aren’t forced to rely on opening your wallet to earn them if you don’t want to. The game offers you plenty of opportunities to earn them for free.

Taking on Barbarian hoards has the potential to earn gems with minimal effort from your army.

Once you have researched Jewelry you can even find and collect gem caches on the world map.

You'll also earn gems without even trying when you complete daily goals and quests, so don't forget to spend those gems on improving your civilization.

Fundamentals of Managing Your Army

Whether you’re sending your troops out into the world aggressively or turtling up and playing defense, it helps to have an army that knows how to handle itself when push comes to shove.

There are two components to your army’s make-up, and it’s important to manage both effectively to get the most out of your military. 

 a New Troops card shows Joan of Arc holding a sword above her head and a flag in her left hand

As you open free chests, you are going to begin earning new generals to go with your starter general, and this opens the door to creating multiple talented warriors. This is a strong strategy to implement, but not right away.

In the early game, there is not much need for multiple forces, so you only need one MVP general to lead your troops. Focus on a complimentary general, one that fits your playstyle. Then develop subordinates after you have maxed out their abilities.

Once you begin training additional generals, make your second general a compliment to your first. If you have a strong defender to watch over your city, choose one with boosts to offense. If you have a marauder, start training somebody to protect your walls

No general can win a war single-handedly, so you also need to worry about the troops under their command. There are two very simple principals to follow which, once understood, will turn your armies into lean, mean killing machines.

First, always train new troops. If you’ve got capacity for more troops and military buildings, but are doing nothing, you’ve got a waste of military resources on your hand. More troops equal more strength, so keep producing more warriors to power your civilization’s growth.

As your civilization develops, you’ll also begin researching your military tech tree. Rather than focusing on powering up your troops, progress along the tree as quickly as possible to unlock the stronger units as soon as you can -- then worry about the upgrades.

There’s more to be gained in hiring better units than in improving overall strength while sticking with low-end warriors.

 Upgrading the town hall, showing the hall's level, troop capacity, and power, as well as upgrades

Protect Yourself Before They Wreck Yourself

Acquiring the resources you need to grow and expand your civilization is a game of accumulation, and you don't want outsiders coming in and spoiling your progress.

While you can't fully prevent your civilization from ever being attacked, you should always do your best to protect your hard-earned resources from other players' greedy hands.

There are a few key steps that are easy to overlook when getting started that will help to minimize your losses to other players.

First, create a strong defense, which means looking after both your soldiers and your structures.

Always keep a commander stationed on defensive duties. Leaving this spot open is just passing up a free boost to your defensive capabilities.

You should also look to upgrade your walls and watchtower as quickly as possible to increase your resistance.

Unfortunately, even the best-defended civilizations will occasionally lose. This is where it is important to upgrade your storage facility. The higher level you've progressed it to, the greater percentage of your resources it will protect, meaning when you do get overrun, you lose less.

By following these core principals, you can significantly lessen the threat to your progression from other players.

Scheduling Upgrades is Key

Once you have the keys to managing your units and gathering valuable resources, your civilization will likely be progressing quite well. This is where you have the opportunity to give yourself your biggest boost yet.

Many new players completely mismanage the upgrades to their civilizations, so if you take these simple steps, you will be starting out with a huge advantage.

The first key to upgrade management is to always leave your City Hall for last. You’ll notice as you look to upgrade other buildings that eventually, you get capped by your current City Hall level.

So move on to a new building and upgrade everything else first, until there are no other options before moving on to the City Hall. This keeps your civilization balanced across the board.

 The blue and yellow Kingdom info list in Rise of Civilizations

As you begin to upgrade your City Hall, don’t progress past Level 7 on your initial server, as there are regularly new servers being added for players to populate. The game lets you relocate your civilization as long as it has not reached Level 8 yet.

This means, once at Level 7, you can pack up and move to a server just a day or two old, where other players will not yet be at your level. This grants you an early edge over other players, making offense easier and your defenses more secure.


That's it for our Rise of Civilizations beginners guide to winning like a pro. Have you been playing Rise of Civilizations? What tricks do you use to get the most out of your digital civilians? Let us know in the comments.

Professors Oak And Willow Learn More About Meltan In This New Pokemon Video Wed, 10 Oct 2018 15:58:27 -0400 QuintLyn

A few weeks ago, Pokemon GO players spotted a new type of Pokemon, which was later revealed to be Ditto taking on the form of a mythical steel pokemon named Meltan.

During the reveal, we learned two things from Professor Oak: that Meltan was thought to no longer exist, and if it did, it would be up to Pokemon GO players to discover them so it would appear in the upcoming Switch games Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! 

Since that time, Oak has been hard at work and has discovered a bit more about the mysterious Pokemon. Oddly, the new information involves an old box containing a lump of rusty metal -- that under the right circumstances will become Meltan. 

It seems this box is the only way to capture Meltan, and the only way to get the box is for Pokemon GO players to send Pokemon to either of the Let's Go! games. Normally, when GO players send Pokemon to the Switch games, they'll receive special items such as candies in return. But the first time they send one, they'll get a special Mystery Box instead.

Upon opening the box, Meltan will begin to appear in  Pokemon GO and can be caught in the same manner as every other Pokemon. Once a Meltan is caught, GO players can send it to Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let's GO, Eevee!


It should be noted that the Mystery Box will close up again on its own and can only be opened again after a set time. But it won't just open by itself. Players wanting to open the box again will need to send another Pokemon to their (or their friend's) Let's Go! game -- each time they want to open the box.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news on upcoming Pokemon games as it develops. Have you captured a Meltan yet? Let us know in the comments below. 

Take Your Farm on the Road with Stardew Valley Mobile Wed, 10 Oct 2018 11:16:15 -0400 William R. Parks

Stardew Valley is going mobile and will be playable on iOS devices as of October 24.

On the Stardew Valley Developer Blog, Eric Barone (the game’s designer) confirmed that a mobile port will first launch on iOS, and an Android version is in the works. A release date for the Android version will be available “soon.”

Further, Barone’s post indicates that the port “plays almost identically to all other versions,” but the UI and controls have “been rebuilt for touch-screen gameplay.”

At launch, all current single player content will be available, but not multiplayer, and people that play on PC can transfer save data to the mobile version.

Barone also takes a moment to reassure fans that the mobile port is not impacting the addition of multiplayer to console versions of the game. He states that Switch multiplayer is now in quality assurance testing, and Xbox One and PS4 updates are forthcoming.

Stardew Valley Mobile is now available for pre-order on the iOS App Store at $7.99.

Inazuma Eleven Ares Delayed Once Again Wed, 10 Oct 2018 11:13:29 -0400 Erroll Maas

In addition to the Yo-Kai Watch 4 delay, the latest issue of CoroCoro Comic has also revealed that Inazuma Eleven Ares, the newest title in the Inazuma Eleven soccer strategy RPG series, has been delayed to this winter in Japan.

Inazuma Eleven Ares was originally slated to launch this summer for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android, but was later delayed until fall, making this the second delay the title has received. Reasons for the delay are currently unknown.

Inazuma Eleven Ares will (allegedly) launch this winter in Japan for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android, with a 2019 release window for North America and Europe. It will be the first game in the Inazuma Eleven series to receive a North American release since the digital Nintendo 3DS re-release of the first Inazuma Eleven in 2014.

It is currently unknown if all versions will be released outside of Japan.

Marvel Battle Lines Preview Tue, 09 Oct 2018 15:49:23 -0400 Joey Marrazzo

Marvel is getting into the card battling business with its newest game Marvel Battle Lines.

If you are thinking that it is going to be hard to learn and difficult to master, you are wrong! To learn how to play Battle Lines, you need to know how to play tic-tac-toe. That's right. It's as easy as that!

You have a deck with your favorite Marvel heroes and villains, over 100 to choose from to start and you have to battle against your opponent to make straight or diagonal lines. If you have two or more lines match up, your cards super ability activates and damages your enemies lineup. 

There are two types of cards in this game. There are action cards which act as a power-up for heroes. Character cards feature your favorite Marvel characters, each with their own stats and unique character art.

Marvel Battle Lines features a campaign mode created by Alex Irvine. The first chapter of the campaign will introduce you to the story and how it involves the cosmic cube. A highlight of the campaign being that before and after each chapter, you get a brief scene made to look like a comic book. 

Another mode feature in Battle Lines is a Special Ops mode. Here is where you battle to solve puzzles and fulfill certain win conditions. There are three win conditions and if you achieve all three, you earn better rewards. If getting those three conditions was too easy, there will be a hard mode for you to complete which will give you even better rewards upon completion. 

If you aren't that interested in the Campaign or Special Ops modes, don't you worry! There is a lot of PvP and PvE content which will allow you to win the same amount of rewards. 

Over time, there will be expansion packs released which will feature new Marvel characters along with new locations. Also featured in those packs are new special ops missions as well. Those packs may feature movie tie-ins in the future but they will certainly have comic book tie-ins.  

One reason the team went with the tic-tac-toe gameplay method is that they wanted it to appeal to a broader audience. They want this game to be easy to learn but hard to master, rather than hard on both fronts. With the number of different strategies you can use to defeat the enemy, it will take a while to master this game. 

Marvel Battle Lines comes to iOS and Android devices on October 24. If you would like to receive an exclusive Dr. Strange card and 5,000 in-game gold, you can pre-register for the game at the official website.

I would like to thank the  Game Designer Pine and Product Manager Kiho for talking with me.

Will you be checking MARVEL: Battle Lines out when it arrives on iOS and Android at the end of the month? 

Exciting Plans Ahead for Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links Tue, 09 Oct 2018 15:32:58 -0400 Joey Marrazzo

Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links was back at New York Comic Con this year showing off the newest 5D's World which just released at the end of September. 

I was lucky enough to chat with the Senior Producer Kenichi Kataoka to discuss future plans for the game. 

Yu-Gi-Oh fans have been looking for the game to add a draft mode. Kataoka responded to that by saying that it has been brought up before and the team is currently brainstorming ideas on how they can bring it to Duel Links. 

Yu-Gi-Oh is known for having an incredible story arch whether it is in the manga or the anime, but Duel Links does not have a narrative arc in the game. According to Kataoka, that might be changing soon. In 2019, they will be releasing a new story narrative based in the 5D's world that was released in September.

You have been able to find Duel Links on iOS and Android devices but recently it was added to your computers through Steam. The community has grown by 50% since its launch on the platform, but don't get excited about being able to use mods or hack the game to get a better deck. Cheating means a quick ban, as it should.

You can play Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links and its newest 5D's update on iOS, Android and Steam. I would like to thank Kenichi Kataoka for taking the time to speak with me.

If you were at NYCC, did you stop by the Yu-Gi-Oh booth and play the trading card game or play Duel Links on those giant monitors? If you did, let us know in the comments and how you did!

Eternal's Metagame Shaken Up by 'Into Shadow' Update Tue, 09 Oct 2018 12:39:52 -0400 William R. Parks

Prior to last week’s release of Eternal’s newest campaign, ‘Into Shadow,’ Aegis was a common topic of conversation amongst the community.

Aegis is a battle skill that reads as follows:

"Aegis protects a unit or player from one enemy spell or effect. It doesn’t block friendly effects, nor does it stop battle damage from Killer attacks, Relic Weapons, or normal attacking and blocking."

Put very simply, if you want to use spells or abilities to destroy a unit with Aegis, you will need to use two of them.

As with Magic: The Gathering, one of Eternal’s core principals is card advantage, meaning you want to force your opponent to dedicate two (or, even better, more) cards to dealing with one of yours. Obviously, if an opponent is using two cards to answer every one of your cards, they will run out of resources first, and, very often, lose.

If you are playing against a control deck that plans to target each of your units with kill spells and then take over the late-game, units with Aegis really throw a wrench in that plan. The Shadow faction’s strategy is built around exactly this type of 1-for-1 trading of a removal spell for a creature.

As units with Aegis (and spells that give units Aegis) have become more ubiquitous, Shadow-based control decks have continued to be pushed out of the competitive metagame. Enter ‘Into Shadow’ and five powerful new Shadow spells that that are already shaking-up Eternal’s ranked ladder.

As spoilers for the new campaign began, Vara, Vengeance-Seeker seemed like the frontrunner for the most powerful new card.

Her ability to prevent Aegis had the potential to address this major issue for Shadow, and her low cost and Lifesteal (gaining the player life whenever she deals combat damage) had implications for approaching the most aggressive match-ups as well.

So far, Vara seems to be doing her job, and she is finding a home in several different shadow-based archetypes.

Less flashy Last Chance and Shakedown are also seeing play - the former in more combo-centric shells and the latter in control - and Eremot,the Gathering Dark seems like a fun option against the various unit-light control decks.


The Shadow card that has me the most excited, however, is Azindel, Revealed.

This massive unit absolutely takes over games, and, if you have units ready to attack on the turn he comes down, you can take advantage of his ability immediately without needing him to survive until your next turn.

Shadow was in desperate need of a finisher as strong as Icaria, the Liberator to close games, and they have found it in Azindel.

Will these cards dethrone the onslaught of Aegis units that have been plaguing battlefields? I am skeptical, but they have certainly put several new decks in contention and jostled a metagame that was beginning to look quite stale.

Dire Wolf Digital has once again shown what makes Eternal one of the best digital CCG’s available, and I am very much looking forward to seeing how things shakeout.

‘Into Shadow’ is available for 25,000 in-game gold (acquired from winning matches) or 2,000 gems ($20 USD). Full patch notes are available here.

Project xCloud Makes Xbox Games Mobile Tue, 09 Oct 2018 11:08:40 -0400 William R. Parks

At E3 2018, Microsoft announced their work on a game streaming network that would "unlock console-quality gaming on any device."

In a blog post made yesterday, Microsoft told us more about Project xCloud: an ambitious undertaking that is purported to make Xbox One’s extensive library of games playable across console, PC, and mobile devices.

In-house testing of Project xCloud is currently ongoing, and Microsoft states this testing is occurring on phones and tablets paired with Xbox Wireless Controllers as well as using touch inputs. The company mentions that they are “developing a new, game-specific touch input overlay” to enhance the experience for gamers that prefer to play on mobile devices without controllers.

Microsoft’s stated goal is to provide “a quality experience for all gamers on all devices that’s consistent with the speed and high-fidelity gamers experience and expect on their PCs and consoles.”

The company addresses the myriad of challenges that come with offering this “high-quality experience” globally, and they indicate that their worldwide network of datacenters is just what is needed to conquer issues like “low-latency video streaming remotely.”

Microsoft has indicated that completion of Project xCloud is a “multi-year journey,” and they plan to begin public trials in 2019.

Comics App Izneo Coming to Nintendo Switch Mon, 08 Oct 2018 10:35:50 -0400 Joey Marrazzo

Switch and Comic fans rejoice! Pretty soon you'll be able to carry your favorite digital comics, graphic novels and more on your Nintendo Switch!

Izneo is a comics app that is currently available on iOS and Android devices and will be arriving on Nintendo Switch in November.

Izneo has been around for 8 years and they are the largest digital comics service in the United Kingdom. Featuring comics from Dark Horse, WebToons and so much more! They have over 25,000 comics with more coming every single week. You can purchase them separately starting at $1.99 or you can do a monthly subscription which is $7.99 per month.

Izneo also features sales frequently so you can load up on comics without hurting your wallet. If you need a break from all the comics you will be reading, you can cancel your membership at any time. 

While speaking with Izneo at New York Comic Con, I asked them about surviving in the same space as Marvel Unlimited and DC Universe. They aren't worried about competing against them since Izneo features a wider variety of comics from different publishers.

You can read the comics over a Wi-Fi connection or you can download them so you can read them offline. There is no limit to the number of comics you can download so make sure you have a large memory card since you're going to be downloading your favorite series like Dr. Who, Star Trek and Back to the Future

Viewing comics on the Nintendo Switch is super easy too! Whether you prefer to use the Switch in handheld, tabletop or docked mode, the comics always look amazing. They are available to read as full pages or you can read them panel by panel. The best part is, you can read all the comics with just a single Joy-Con. When asked about touchscreen support, they hinted that it may come in the future. 

Izneo launches on Nintendo Switch in November, but you can sign up for Izneo now at Whether you buy the comics on your computer, iOS or Android devices, you can view them on any device where you can download Izneo. 

Celebrate Halloween Wizard Style In Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mon, 08 Oct 2018 10:14:33 -0400 QuintLyn

Fall is here, the leaves are changing, and everyone's preparing to celebrate the spookiest of holidays. Just today, Jam City, developer of the mobile adventure game, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery announced the start of the game's Hallowe'en feast event.

The Great Hall has been decorated and all of Hogwarts ghosts are coming out to play. It's the perfect time to take a break from classes, and trying to solve the mystery of how your brother went missing -- or so you'd think. But that holiday cheer isn't going to last.

Later on this month, a time-limited seasonal side quest will throw a bit of a shadow over the fun and players will need to use all the defensive spells they've learned to defend Hogwarts from the dark forces arriving on the full moon. At the same time, players will be able to test their skills in a special Duelling Club event where they can even turn their opponents' heads in to a pumpkin.

The event is live as of today, and will continue throughout the month of October. So, be sure to update your game to get in on the Hallowe'en fun.

Dark Bomber Skin, Lightning and Thunderstorms Gear Strikes Fortnite Thu, 04 Oct 2018 21:52:56 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Fortnite Season 6 started just last week, bringing with it a dark and spooky theme just in time for Halloween. Now, already at the beginning of Week 2, we're getting a brand-new skin in Dark Bomber. 

Teased on the official Fortnite Twitter account earlier today, Dark Bomber is the yin to Brite Bomber's yang. You can see what this new skin looks like in the gif below. 

We also know from data miners that more Halloween event skins and accessories are making their respective ways to Fortnite soon (duh). Although we don't know exactly when they'll swoop in, it's safe to safe we'll get a steady trickle as the month goes on. 

However, that's not all that was released tonight. A cauldron full of new goodies also appeared in the shop. Aside from the typical rotation, two especially electric accessories dropped that pair perfect with the Dark Bomber skin:

  • The Thundercrash Harvesting Tool (1,200 vbucks)
  • Dark Glyph Glider (500 vbucks)

As with all Fortnite cosmetics, neither items in the Lightning and Thunderstorms gear set will give you any in-game advantage -- except for maybe turning a few heads you can promptly snipe.

Coupled with the Dark Bomber skin, both the Thundercrash tool and Dark Glider will keep you fashionable while completing this week's challenges.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Fortnite news and guides as Season 6 rolls on. Be sure to check out our huge list of Fortnite tips and tricks while you're here. 

How to Skip Those Pesky Downloads in Dragalia Lost Fri, 28 Sep 2018 13:48:07 -0400 Ashley Gill

Dragalia Lost is exactly what I wanted out of a Nintendo-published mobile title from Granblue Fantasy developer Cygames. It's got actual gameplay, some really nice character art, and plenty of content to play through.

No mobile RPG is perfect, though.

Dragalia Lost is no exception, and it does have a handful of problems both large and small -- the energy system is about as restrictive as the one in Fire Emblem Heroes, summon rates on 5-stars are low as heck, and summons yield a lot more than just characters. Nonetheless, the game is very fun. Mobage (mobile RPG) players know what they are getting into.

What may be considered the game's smallest issue is its habit of constantly prompting the player to download data. Even if your phone or tablet somehow downloads at incredibly high speeds, you're still going to be looking at that download screen.

I don't know about you, but I didn't sign up for a Cygames download simulator.

What you may not know is that you can actually make the constant download prompts a thing of the past; the game does have an option to download all of the its quest scenes and data. You don't have to download data every 10 minutes!

How to Start the Batch Download

  • Tap on the More button at the bottom right
  • Tap Options
  • Tap System
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Tap Download Settings under the Batch Download

From here, you can choose to either download all of the game's data or to exclude the voices. The differences between these are:

  • All Data downloads all of the game's data to your mobile device, where it will stay until you uninstall Dragalia Lost. This option makes the game take up a fair amount of space on your device but the only download prompts you'll ever get are for patches.

  • Exclude Voices downloads everything but the voices, which you are prompted to download before story quests like usual. The downloads will be smaller and once you close the app, voice files for quests you've completed will be deleted to not take up space. This is the better option if you have limited space on your device.

Once you choose one option and tap the 'Download' button, the game will begin downloading.

If You Want to Use Japanese VAs...

If you're like me and prefer Japanese VAs, I recommend swapping your voice over language first so you don't have to do an extra download. You can do this in the System menu as well.

It's also worth mentioning that the Japanese voices take up more space than the English ones.

On launch day, the batch download size with English voices was over 500mb, while downloading with the Japanese voices took over 600mb. This gap is sure to widen as Dragalia Lost gets updates, so this is something to keep in mind!


The game is just in its infancy but the future looks bright for Dragalia Lost as it's already rushing up the top free games charts on both Google Play and iTunes.

If the record of Cygames is any indication, we're in for some great content updates over the coming years. I can't wait -- but I can wait to sit through more mandatory downloads.

Monster Hunter Stories Now Available for Smartphones in the West Tue, 25 Sep 2018 12:30:33 -0400 Erroll Maas

Monster Hunter Stories, Capcom's Nintendo 3DS RPG based on the Monster Hunter series, is now available for iOS and Android in North America and Europe for $19.99.

Additionally, a free demo titled Monster Hunter Stories The Adventure Begins is also available on iOS and Android for players who want to try the game before purchasing it.

New features for the smartphone version include high resolution visuals, an improved user interface, and an auto-save feature.

The smartphone version does not include crossover content from the Nintendo 3DS version, such as the Legend of Zelda armor and weapons or the Epona mount.

Monster Hunter Stories originally released for Nintendo 3DS in Japan on October 8, 2016, and released in North America and Europe on September 8, 2017. An updated version, Monster Hunter Stories 1.2 Renewal Edition, released in Japan digitally on July 26, 2017, and received a physical release a day later.

This updated version added new monsters, outfits, and allowed the player character to switch genders. A 1.3 update was released later as well, but did not receive a physical re-release.

The smartphone version of Monster Hunter Stories launched in Japan on December 4, 2017.

Monster Hunter Stories is available on iOS through the App Store and on Android via Google Play, and is also available both physically and digitally for the Nintendo 3DS

It is currently unknown if the game will see a sequel or enhanced Nintendo Switch port in the future.

Mythical Pokemon Meltan Appears In Pokemon GO Tue, 25 Sep 2018 10:51:05 -0400 QuintLyn

Recently, Pokemon GO players have spotted a previously unknown Pokemon that looks like a Hex Nut. As it turns out, what they've likely been seeing is Ditto that have transformed into this weird Pokemon.

Thanks to Professor Willow and Professor Oak, we now know that the mysterious Pokemon Ditto have been appearing as the Meltan, a mythical Steel Pokemon known to the professors only through descriptions in books. 

The little guy isn't restricted to Pokemon GO, it seems, as he will be appearing in Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee!.

That said, the alternate reality mobile game is key to meeting Meltan in either of the Nintendo Switch games when they release. Professor Willow will need help from Pokemon GO players to better understand the habits and distribution of the Hex Nut Pokemon.

It's this research that will aid Pokemon: Let's Go! players in their quest to meet Meltan once the games launch on the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo's press release isn't exactly clear on just how Meltan will make its way into the Pokemon: Let's Go! games. However, it seems likely that the recent announcement of the Pokemon transfer system that will exist between the two games is what will be used to facilitate this.

In this case, Pokemon GO players would upload a captured Meltan into the GO park system in Pokemon: Let's Go! Of course, at the moment, this is speculation on my part. So take it as you will.