Android Platform RSS Feed | Android RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Captain Tsubasa Comes to Mobile Devices Internationally This December Tue, 21 Nov 2017 17:18:22 -0500 It's Gavin!

If you love classic sports manga, then get ready to bring it to your phone with Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team! The title, a head-to-head soccer sim, will be released globally on December in markets outside of Japan.

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team was originally released in Japan on June 13 and was downloaded over 4 million times. Players who join the game now will receive a free Tsubasa card and 25 Dreamballs (Dream Team's in-game currency).

To celebrate the game's new release, game developers Klab Inc. began a Pre-Kickoff Campaign to entice potential players. This contest gives players a chance to win Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team t-shirts and original artwork from Captain Tsubasa creator Yoichi Takahashi.

The rules are simple. According to the game's official press release:

To pre-register for Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team, players are simply asked to follow the official Twitter or Facebook account. The pre-registration event is currently being held in all 135+ countries and regions the global version of the game is planned for release in.

More information about the event series can be found on the game’s  official website and social media accounts.

The campaign began with an official message from Takahashi and will end on November 30th.

Will you be itching to try Dream Team, or would you prefer something based on newer sports anime? Let me know in the comments -- I'd love to hear what you think.

Minecraft 1.2.5 Update -- Mixer Interactivity and Windows Mixed Reality Support! Tue, 21 Nov 2017 14:32:06 -0500 Kengaskhan

The latest Minecraft update brings the game to Windows Mixed Reality headsets, and users will finally be able to explore their favorite sandbox world from a much more intimate perspective.

In addition, the 1.2.5 update introduces Mixer to Minecraft. Mixer is a brand-new, fully integrated streaming platform for mobile devices that will allow Minecraft streamers and viewers to experience the game in a whole new way.

Mixer adds a great deal of interactivity to the streaming medium, allowing a streamer’s audience to play along with them by giving them access to special buttons that will have an in-game effect when pressed. For example, in Minecraft, viewers could have the power to spawn a horde of zombies for the streamer to fend off!

Here are some of the specifics from the press release:

Native mobile broadcasting and Mixer Interactivity:
Players on Android and iOS platforms will gain access to instant, native broadcasting from directly within the game. By pressing the new “Broadcast” button in the Settings menu, you can begin broadcasting to streaming services such as Mixer, YouTube, Twitch, Mobcrush, and Periscope. If you’re streaming on Mixer, you’ll utilize the power of Faster Than Light technology, enabling you to broadcast with sub-second latency and also co-stream your gameplay with up to three friends.

We’re also introducing native Mixer Interactivity for Bedrock Engine-based platforms! Any Minecraft command can be turned into an interactive button on Mixer, enabling communities to play along with their favorite streamers in real time. Create mazes or puzzles for the streamer to solve, or summon Mobs, pets and zombie spawns – the possibilities are endless.

Windows Mixed Reality: Building, exploring and coming face-to-face with monstrous mobs in Minecraft takes on new meaning when experienced with a Windows Mixed Reality immersive headset. Now you can share the adventure with friends playing on mobile, Windows 10 or console, set up your own world with Realms, or join one of the massive player-run servers. Creeping into dark caves inspires even greater trepidation thanks to 3D audio, and Creative mode will take on a fresh perspective. Minecraft will work across all Windows Mixed Reality-immersive headsets and badged PCs.

Minecraft is a game that's all about exploration, so it'd make sense for it to try to push the boundaries of interactivity -- and it does just that with the 1.2.5 update, introducing some brand-new ways to play the game.

Check out our other Minecraft-related news, and stay tuned for more updates as they roll in!

Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Mobile Gamers Tue, 21 Nov 2017 13:51:15 -0500 Lauren Harris

Logitech Powershell Controller for iOS



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Mobile gamers can turn their phones into a portable console with this nifty gift. The Logitech PowerShell controller for iOS lets you game for hours on its 1500mAH battery. Its supports iOS7 and iOS8 compatible games and it's small enough to easily fit in your pocket. Enjoy the controller style feel of mobile gaming with this PowerShell Joystick Gaming Case.




There you have it seven of the best gifts for mobile gamers. Any gaming gift is nice but searching for the right gift can make things easier. So, let’s buy the right gift for those mobile gamers on your holiday list. They'll be glad you did.

SNES Classic Edition Wireless Controller



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For all the retro gamers out there, here’s the perfect gift. This 8Bitdo SN30 2.4G SNES Classic Edition Wireless Controller is rechargeable with a lithium ion battery built in. It comes with a USB Cable for connections with Windows, MacOS, Raspberry Pi, Android, and much more. Mobile gamers can enjoy the classics wirelessly and it even comes with upgradeable firmware.






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Sphero is another very interesting gift for mobile gamers. This tiny ball lets you play games, learn code, and drive. You can use JavaScript to when you download the Sphero Mini now. You can use the Mini as a controller to play different games or they can program the robot ball with the Sphere Edu app.





Samsung Gear VR Headset

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Help your mobile gamer take their gaming to the next level with the gift of virtual reality. This lightweight and inexpensive VR headset makes playing comfortable and pairs with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6+, S6, and S6Edge+.  



Samsung- Evo 64GB MicroSDXC Memory Card

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Another great gift for mobile gamers is the Samsung- Evo 64GB microSDXC Memory Card so, they can add more memory to their phone. This expands the storage on  your gamer's phone so they can download as many games as they like! As an added bonus, this card is magnetic and water resistant. 



Apple iTunes Gift Card

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The easiest gift for mobile gamers is an iTunes gift card. They can buy whatever their heart desires and purchase some great games in the App store. Even $25 is more than enough to rack up quite a few paid, mobile games. 




Everyone enjoys a good mobile adventure or puzzle game whether it's Candy Crush or Subway Surfers. If you know a hardcore mobile gamer, there are many gifts that will give them what they need to expand their library or add more space for games on their mobile device. Without further ado, here are some of the best gifts to get your favorite mobile gamers.

The 7 Best Classes in Lineage 2: Revolution Tue, 21 Nov 2017 11:26:39 -0500 Sergey_3847


Sage Hero Class

  • Race: Dwarf
  • \n
  • Job: Mystic
  • \n
  • Weapons: Staff
  • \n

Now it's time to look at the best support class in the game. Sage is a universal healer that can also deal some damage in the process. If you play a lot of PvP, then you simply ought to have one in your team.


Sage can't do much on its own, so it's not the best choice for leveling up, but it sure is the best when it comes to healing and defending your teammates.




Which class do you consider to be the best in Lineage 2: Revolution? Leave your feedback in the comments section below. If you're looking for more tips, tricks, and strategies, make sure to check out our other Lineage 2 guides!


Slayer Hero Class

  • Race: Dwarf
  • \n
  • Job: Warrior
  • \n
  • Weapons: Dual Swords and Spear
  • \n

Not too often do you see a class that has a fast speed of movement but a slow speed of attack. Well, that's not a problem when it comes to the Slayer hero class, because even if its attacks are slow, they are potentially devastating.


Slayer is all about the attack power, especially when it comes to such skills like Angry Dwarf, Weapon Mastery, Attack Aura, and others. 


Bladedancer Hero Class

  • Race: Dark Elf
  • \n
  • Job: Warrior
  • \n
  • Weapons: Dual Swords and Spear
  • \n

Here is another class with high damage, but this time with heavy armor. The best thing about this class is that it retains the high speed of movement despite wearing all that armor.


Bladedancer requires a lot of attention when it comes to leveling up and is not a fitting choice for beginners. But it is highly recommended for advanced players who are looking for challenging and ultimately very powerful class.


Plains Walker Hero Class

  • Race: Elf
  • \n
  • Job: Rogue
  • \n
  • Weapons: Dagger
  • \n

Although Plainswalkers have low defense stats, they are super fast and can deal incredible amounts of damage in the blink of an eye. This alone makes them highly efficient in PvP combat.


Even if you get heavily damaged during a fight, you can use the Plainswalk skill that not only allows your character to increase the speed of attack, but also activates the HP drain effect.


Spellsinger Hero Class

  • Race: Elf
  • \n
  • Job: Mystic
  • \n
  • Weapons: Staff
  • \n

Two words come to mind when describing the Spellsinger Elf: crowd control. This gentle-looking Elf is capable of dealing with many enemies at the same time using AOE weather effects, such as Ice Shards and Blizzard.


The high speed of movement allows Spellsinger to dodge any attacks easy and quick. And with the help of the Robe Mastery skill, this Elf can increase the dealt damage up to four times.


Warlord Hero Class

  • Race: Human
  • \n
  • Job: Warrior
  • \n
  • Weapons: Dual Swords and Spear
  • \n

The Warlord hero class is very similar to the Paladin in many regards, except for its defensive qualities, which are on the weaker side here. However, it is fully compensated for by providing massive amounts of damage.


This trait makes the Warlord perfect for PvP combat, as it can charge and swing at wide arcs destroying everything on its path. If you want to have a lot of fun with your character, and don't care about defensive abilities, then definitely pick Warlord.


Paladin Hero Class

  • Race: Human
  • \n
  • Job: Warrior
  • \n
  • Weapons: Sword and Shield
  • \n

The Paladin hero class is arguably the most well-balanced class in Lineage 2: Revolution. It suits both new and experienced players due to its universal appeal in such disciplines as dungeoning and PvP combat.


This class has skills that can effectively increase its damage, such as Slam and Vengeance, and also protect it during multiple attacks, such as Majesty. 


If you're looking for a class that can defend itself and its teammates, then Paladin should be your number one choice.


The latest mobile MMORPG in the Lineage series, Lineage 2: Revolution, offers 24 hero classes to choose from within the four races that inhabit the world of Lineage 2: Revolution: Human, Elf, Dark Elf, and Dwarf.


But not all of them are equally exciting, and while some may appeal more to the new players due to the easiness of leveling them, this particular list will showcase the seven best classes that are universally considered the most effective and balanced.


If you're looking to up your game in Lineage 2: Revolution, or you simply want to change your class but not sure which one to choose next, then let's get started.

All the MINECON Earth News You Need to Know Mon, 20 Nov 2017 18:26:40 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

MINECON Earth has come and gone. But if you missed it, we've got you covered with all the Minecraft news and reveals from it! Among the announcements Mojang revealed are a brand-new set of water-themed features, new skins, and the results of the Mob voting contest.

The Update Aquatic

Chief among the reveals is the next major Minecraft update, The Update Aquatic. The update will give you a multitude of new items and features to craft the watery paradise of your dreams, including kelp and coral, dolphins, shipwrecks to explore, new water physics, and more. You'll also be getting a new weapon to aid you in your exploits: the Trident. It can be thrown or used in melee combat, but you'll be able to enchant it as well. Some of the enchantments featured are Loyalty, which brings the Trident back after you've thrown it as well as Slipstream Dash and Impaler, which Mojang are leaving unspoiled for now. No release date for the update has been given yet.


If you missed the MINECON Earth skins during the convention, they're still available for you on the Marketplace. Here is what's on offer:

  • Alex Globe
  • Alex Party
  • Cardboard Cosplayer
  • Creeper Cosplay
  • Creeper Pinata Cosplay
  • Sheep Cosplayer
  • Steve Cake
  • Steve Party

New Server Partners

At E3 this past summer, Mojang first presented The Hive, a new Minecraft server partner. The Hive is bringing a new mini-game called Death Run for players to enjoy soon. Death Run sees you race through obstacles and traps in an effort to reach the finish line first, likening it to a giant, deadly military training exercise. Mojang is also working with existing Java partner CubeCraft to implement support for Bedrock as well, including a new adventure map, Island Games. Other than "soon," these new partner features have no set rollout date yet either.

New Mob

In recent weeks, Mojang presented four potential new mobs to players, asking them to vote on which they wanted to see. The result was shown off at the convention, and Mob B: Monster of the Night Skies is the winner. You can check it out in the overview video below.


Free Goods

In honor of MINECON Earth, Mojang is giving away a heap of Marketplace items. MINECON Earth skins (see above); maps, including the Purple Parrot Palace, Truffletop Town, and Enderman's Forest; and Halloween skins for Mineplex Friends are all up for grabs.


There were a couple of smaller announcements made as well.

  • Mixer broadcasting allows native broadcasting from directly in the game on iOS and Android, starting November 21, 2017.
  • For Bedrock players, any Minecraft command can be changed to an interactive button on Mixer.
  • The Better Together update for the Nintendo Switch has been pushed back to 2018.
  • The Super Duper Graphics pack was also pushed to 2018.
  • Following the Adventure Time Mashup Pack, Mojang will be releasing a complete Adventure Time episode next summer.


Excited about the new updates and changes? Let us know in the comments!

ArcheAge Begins: Assassin and Mage Heroes Guide Mon, 20 Nov 2017 15:29:55 -0500 Ashley Gill

At the time of this writing, there are 32 heroes for players to choose from in ArcheAge Begins. Among those 32 heroes are five classes, giving players a great amount of freedom in teambuilding for both PvE and PvP situations.

This guide aims to inform you of each hero's skills, strengths, and weaknesses without having to consult the (slow-loading) Guide section of the game. Each hero within a class is different, and knowing what each of them does will help you know what you want before popping open one of those hero scrolls.

Here we're going to be going over the two spotlight classes: Assassin and Mage -- or primarily physical and magical damage dealers, respectively. Every team needs at least one, but which one fits your needs? We're going to find out here soon enough!

One note here, though, is that the number of times a hero attacks using a skill is not listed. How skills change with levels (marked with "with talents") is mentioned, just not the number of attacks. This was to keep the guide easier to use for new players.

This information is best paired with the Knight, Warrior, and Musician hero guide I've also worked up if you want to try to match up synergizing heroes. Its layout is identical, and it packs the same type of informational punch as this side of things.


This is the bread and butter physical damage class of ArcheAge Begins, but don't take that to mean all these heroes do is deal damage.

Most Assassins pack in some sort of utility, whether it be crowd control (CC), debuffs, or buffs. These factors are what you have to take into consideration more than their direct attacks.


Tahyang specializes in AoE physical damage. Three of his five abilities hit multiple enemies when talented, with Rain of Arrows having a very large range at max level.

All of his skills culminate to make Tahyang a ranged AoE Assassin with one form of CC.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals physical damage; deals harsh physical damage and deals damage to two enemies with talents
  • Serial Shot -- Deals physical damage; deals harsh physical damage to up to 3 enemies with talents
  • Shock Arrow -- Deals physical damage and stuns enemies for 5~7 seconds with talents
  • Rain of Arrows -- Deals AoE physical damage; range gets wider with talents
  • Aim for the Wrist -- Reduces enemy accuracy by 15%~25% for 8~16 seconds with talents

Melisara deals a fair amount of AoE damage, has two skills that inflict bleeding, and can restore her own HP. That all sounds pretty good, right? Heck yeah, it does.

The unique part of her kit is her self-heal in Healing Kiss, but she squarely fits the role of melee self-sustain AoE physical + DoT Assassin.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals physical damage with a guaranteed crit on the fourth hit; each attack will be a critical and deal harsh damage with talents
  • Shadow Strike -- Deals physical damage; becomes AoE and causes bleeding with talents
  • Strike Down -- Deals AoE physical damage and inflicts bleeding for 9~17 seconds
  • Swiftness -- Grants 15%~33% movement speed to allies in an area for 20~30 seconds
  • Healing Kiss -- Gradually recovers her own HP over 6~18 seconds

Another AoE-focused ranged Assassin? Yep, that's exactly what Ixion is -- and he's got some utility to boot.

Ixion is a ranged AoE utility Assassin with an enemy defense debuff, a movement speed debuff, and a self-buff that increases the damage on his two non-Normal Attack primary damage skills.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals physical damage; the last hit becomes AoE with talents
  • Dead Shot -- Deals physical damage to enemies in an area; reduces hit enemy defense by -15% for 6 seconds with talents
  • Rampage -- Deals AoE physical damage
  • Focused Fire -- Buffs himself to increase the damage of Dead Shot and Rampage for 20~40 seconds
  • Set Trap -- Reduces the movement speed of enemies in an area by 25%~30% for 20~33 seconds

Catherine is one of the most popular Assassins in ArcheAge Begins, in part due to her kit but also because she is very clearly a succubus. Her portable stripper pole is a powerful tool.

With her charm and stun, Catherine is a melee self-sustain AoE Assassin with two forms of CC. Be aware she will charge the backline in a fight and make herself vulnerable.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals physical damage; becomes harsh physical damage and AoE with talents
  • Onslaught -- Deals physical damage; stuns the target enemy for 6 seconds and deals damage to enemies in an area with talents
  • Spirit Drain -- Deals continuous damage for 3 seconds and restores 75%~125% of the damage as HP; with talents, this attack hits 2 targets and also reduces movement speed by 35%
  • Adept Shadows -- Grants herself 10% critical damage for 9~21 seconds
  • Song of Enchantment -- Charms enemies for 10~15 seconds

The quintessential elven ranger, Kaelyn is yet another Assassin that packs a heavy AoE punch -- but her skills are not purely offensive.

Kaelyn is a ranged AoE Assassin-support, able to put out damage while cleansing her allies of damage over time effects and reducing incoming physical damage. This makes her great against DoT teams or heavy physical attack teams, but means she's not so useful against other compositions.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals physical damage; deals harsh physical damage to 2 enemies with talents
  • Storm of Arrows -- Deals physical damage to enemies in an area; with talents deals additional physical damage to enemies over 3~6 seconds in a smaller area
  • Survival Instinct -- Makes allies immune to bleed, poison, burn, and disease for 6~10 seconds
  • Explosive Arrow -- Deals AoE damage
  • Evade Lethal Strike -- Reduces incoming physical damage by 5%~10% for 12 seconds

This big guy is one of the strangest Assassins in ArcheAge. His direct damage in itself isn't all that fantastic, but he does pack a bunch of damage over time skills along with two defensive skills.

Jergant is one of the tankier Assassins thanks to his Spectral Revenge skill, which makes him a prime frontline fighter. He's a ranged AoE DoT Assassin with a defensive streak. That's a mouthful.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals physical damage; deals harsh physical damage and becomes AoE with talents
  • Bleeding Arrow -- Deals physical damage and applies bleeding for 6~12 seconds; becomes a harsh physical AoE with talents and deals poison damage instead with talents
  • Cannon Blast -- Deals AoE and poisons enemies for 6~15 seconds
  • Focus -- Makes allies immune to immobility, slow, sleep, blind, fear, hit list, launch, physical skill bind, stun, fall, charm, and silence for 6~10 seconds
  • Spectral Revenge -- Deflects 25%~75% of incoming physical damage from himself for 9 seconds and restores as much HP as damage deflected

The closest to a traditional rogue you're going to get in ArcheAge Begins, Lupinlulu is one of the few single target Assassins and he's worth it with the right team composition.

Lupinlulu boosts his own critical rate and critical damage while also being able to penetrate enemy defense and spawn a clone to take the heat off. He is a melee single-target burst damage (crit) Assassin with one stun, and all his damage skills deal damage multiple times for more chances to crit.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals physical damage; deals harsh physical damage, and increases his critical strike chance by 5%~10% and critical damage by 20%~50% with talents
  • Shadow Step -- Teleports behind enemies to deal physical damage; stuns for 3~6 seconds with talents
  • Thrash -- Deals physical damage; causes bleeding with talents
  • Daru Double -- Resets his threat value and summons a taunting Daru Double for 5~10 seconds
  • Detect Weakness -- Buffs himself to ignore 5%~10% of enemy defense and attacks for 9 seconds

The only rare Assassin at the time of this writing, Aello is unique among her peers due to her heavy emphasis on applying and maintaining poison on any and all enemies she can reach.

Three of Aello's abilities are AoE and three apply poison, making her purely a melee AoE poison Assassin.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals physical damage; deals AoE damage with talents
  • Poison Spray -- Deals AoE physical damage
  • Deadly Poison -- Inflicts poison on an enemy; inflicts poison on one enemy and deals physical damage to surrounding enemies with talents
  • Apply Poison -- Applies poison to her normal attacks for 20~30 seconds which has a 20%~33% chance to poison targets
  • Weaken Poison Resist -- Poisons an enemy for 6~10 seconds


While many Assassins have a fair amount of utility under their belts, there are a few Mages that are almost entirely suited to supporting instead of damage dealing. They are, after all, magic users.

Unless you're going for an almost solely magic damage team, you'll want to pay attention to each Mage's utility skills to see whether they fit on your ideal team.


This guy is definitely not the most impressive-looking Mage and he is the first one you get, but Aranzeb is no slouch with his signature Rain of Fire, sleep, and ally buffs.

Aranzeb is a ranged AoE utility Mage with a sleep that's appropriate for both physical and magical teams but fits best on magic damage-heavy teams.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals magic damage; deals harsh magical damage and becomes AoE with talents
  • Rain of Fire -- Deals AoE magic damage; the radius becomes one of the longest in the game with talents
  • Disorient -- Puts enemies to sleep for 8~16 seconds
  • Aranzeb's Lineage -- Increases ally magic power by 15%~25~ for 12 seconds
  • Improved Cohesion -- Increases ally accuracy by 15%~25%

She may be a Mage, but Eanna is anything but purely offensive.

Eanna has two offensive skills and three support skills, and while her standard attacks do automatically critically hit, she is not fated to do tons of magic damage. She is a ranged support Mage through and through.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals magic damage; deals harsh damage and automatically crits with talents
  • Hell Spear -- Deals AoE damage; deals harsh magic damage and reduces enemies' magic resist for 9 seconds with talents
  • Order of the Dead -- Decreases damage taken by allies by 5%~10% for 12 seconds
  • Depths of Death -- Increases damage taken by enemies by 5%~10% for 12 seconds
  • Barrier -- Shields an ally for 20%~30% of their HP for 24 seconds

Aranzeb's damage may almost all be piled onto one skill, but Aranzebia is a little different. She has the typical Mage utility but can put out more damage than her male counterpart.

Aranzebia is a ranged AoE Mage with heavy movement-impairing effects. If you're about to go against teams that are mostly melee, she's almost a shoe-in.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals magic damage; deals harsh magic damage and one hit will automatically crit with talents
  • Dahuta's Breath -- Deals AoE magic damage
  • Earth's Grasp -- Reduces enemy movement speed by 50%~75%
  • Icebound Earth -- Deals AoE magic damage and makes them immobile for 3~7 seconds
  • Blessing of Illusions -- Increases her defense by 15%~25% for 12 seconds

Orchidna is a unique case among the other Mages in that she is the one and only summoner.

While she herself does deal AoE damage, her real draw lies in the Summon Monster skill, which in effect adds an extra member to your team until it dies or another is summoned. The catch? The summon doesn't have any skills until it hits level 3.

Orchidna is a summoner with ranged AoE magical damage.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals magic damage; deals harsh AoE magic damage with talents
  • Summon Monster -- Summons a Monster Warrior, Mage, or Musician to attack enemies for 10~20 seconds; summons get up to 2 skills with talents
  • Summon Crow -- Summons a crow to deal AoE magic damage
  • Queen's Wrath -- Reduces enemy attack by 15%~25% for 9 seconds
  • Armor of Vengeance -- Deflects 50%~90% of damage incoming to her back to attacking enemies for 9 seconds

This guy's damage is almost entirely focused around his poison effects, but Raven has a trick up his sleeve that makes him pretty worth it: his cooldown reduction skill.

Raven's damage is nice but the fact he can eventually reduce ally cooldowns by 50% is more than nice -- it's great. Paired with the enemy ranged accuracy reduction, he can be a real pain for the enemy in a lot of matchups. He's a DoT-focused Mage, but his real value lies in the ally cooldown and enemy accuracy reductions.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals magic damage; deals harsh magic damage and one attach will be an automatic critical with talents
  • Contagion -- Deals magic damage and inflicts poison for 6 seconds; deals harsh magic damage and the poison spreads to other enemies with talents
  • Disease -- Poisons an enemy for 6~10 seconds
  • Blinding Flash -- Reduces enemy ranged hit accuracy by 90% for 6~10 seconds
  • Time Warp -- Reduces the cooldown of all skills by 15%~50%

Darcell is one mean lamia. With two very potent crowd control skills and some potent single-target magic damage, she is an easy addition for a number of teams. Though she is most useful versus enemies specializing in physical damage.

Darcell's two damage skills both eventually splash to other targets, albeit no more than 2 additional targets. This doesn't sound great until you factor in the "harsh" and "very harsh" magical damage these skills present, Deadly Melody's innate crit, and Chilling Tune's crit damage buff.

That all said, Darcell is a ranged single-target burst Mage with two forms of heavy CC.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals magic damage; deals harsh magic damage and each of its 4 hits deal damage to 1 extra enemy with talents
  • Deadly Melody -- Deals critical magic damage; deals very harsh magic damage to the target and up to 2 nearby enemies with talents
  • Drip Drop -- Launches an enemy into the air for 6~14 seconds
  • Bind Wrists -- Binds enemy physical skills (excluding normal attacks) for 8~16 seconds
  • Chilling Tune -- Increases her critical damage by 50%~100%

Ahimoth is a strange case. He's got a fair amount of damage and utility, but his biggest damage source is Hit List, which takes a few seconds to trigger and can be dispelled in the meantime.

Despite the above issue with Hit List, Ahimoth is still a potent utility CC Mage. He boosts his own critical hit and puts out harsh damage, but his real draws lie in his immobilize, fear, and enemy magic resist reduction.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals magic damage; increases his own critical hit chance by 5%~10% and his critical damage by 20%~50% for 3.4 seconds with talents
  • Bonds of Death -- Deals damage to an enemy and reduces its movement speed; deals harsh damage to up to 4 enemies and immobilizes them with talents
  • Whisperers of Terror -- Fears an enemy for 8~16 seconds and reduces their magic power by 15%~25%
  • Hit List -- Deals harsh damage to an enemy after a 10~6 second delay
  • Grim Reaper's Touch -- Reduces enemy magic resist by 15%~25% for 9 seconds

I'm not going to pretend I know what Anthalon's Curse actually does because I don't have him and any information I'm finding on this skill is conflicting.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals magic damage; Deals harsh AoE magic damage with talents
  • Mind Drain -- Stuns an enemy and deals continuous magic damage to them, recovering 50%~75% of the damage as HP
  • Flames of Command -- Deals continuous AoE damage
  • Vitality Blade -- Deals magic damage; deals harsh magic damage and bleeds to up to 3 enemies for 9 seconds with talents
  • Bone Armor - Deflects 25%~75% of incoming magic damage for 9 seconds
  • Anthalon's Curse -- Applies Anthalon's Curse (random debuff) on 25%~50% of enemies within 20 meters of the target

That's all there is to Mages and Assassins in ArchAge Begins as it stands, but that's still a great deal of variety to pick and choose from when paired with the Warrior, Knight, and Musician classes.

ArcheAge Begins: Knight, Warrior, and Musician Heroes Guide Mon, 20 Nov 2017 14:54:22 -0500 Ashley Gill

ArcheAge Begins packs in five separate hero classes, which is a reasonable spread. On top of that, the class set is much more varied than it might at first seem. Each hero, no matter the class, is distinctly unique and works better and against some heroes more than others.

The variety in hero abilities and building teams is one of the bigger draws of the game because of the sheer amount of options between your own team composition and whatever enemies you'll face in stages, raids, or PvP.

This guide is split into two parts due to length, with this one highlighting Knights, Warriors, and Musicians and the other focusing on Assassins and Mages. Each hero's section lists its skills and mentions its strength or type.

For ease of use, skill listings will not mention how many times a skill hits. Instead, they mention the type of damage (physical or magical, harsh, etc.) and any other effects the skills may have once leveled up (referred to as "with talents" here).

Knight Heroes

Knights are the magic resist-oriented class in ArcheAge Begins -- but don't think their abilities are copies of their physical-oriented Warrior brethren.

Each Knight is unique and can find its way into most party lineups, but some are certainly better suited to some tasks than others and vice versa.


This should be your go-to if you need someone with high magic resist, two taunts, and reliable AoE physical damage.

Gigas deals a lot of AoE physical damage, which is just the thing you're going to need for certain stages. This all sounds good, and the Silence skill is just the icing on the cake.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals physical damage to enemies; deals harsh AoE physical damage with talents
  • Mighty Sunder -- Deals AoE physical damage; adds a 6-second taunt with talents
  • Boastful Roar -- Taunts enemies for 8 seconds and increases his defense by 10%~16% and magic resist by 20%~30%
  • Whirlpool -- Deals AoE physical damage
  • Silence -- Silences enemies for 6-12 seconds

Shashuk is in a weird spot. His damage is solid but his taunt is shorter than the other normal Knights and his taunt buff is less than the others. However, he gets a very good reflect via Thorns.

Shashuk's biggest draw lies in his Thorns skill, and even that has to be almost fully talented to make him worth it. The magic attack reduction on his standard attacks makes him good against high magic attack teams.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals physical damage to enemies; reduces enemy magic attack by 10~15% talents
  • Finishing Strike -- Deals physical damage and crits automatically if hitting an enemy from behind; deals harsh physical damage and crits automatically from any angle and inflicts bleeding with talents
  • Victor's Cry -- Taunts enemies for 5 seconds and increases his defense and magic resist (up to +8% DEF and +15% MRES)
  • Uppercut -- Deals physical damage; deals very harsh physical damage with talents
  • Thorns -- Deflects 25%~50% of incoming magic damage from himself for 9 seconds and restores as much HP as damage deflected

Siranus is one Knight that can fit on most teams, but excels on teams more focused on magic attacks as he has two skills that reduce magic resist and increases casting speed.

This should be your go-to magic tank for any team with piles of magic damage. The increased magic damage granted by his debuffs on enemies is no joke, and the team-wide invincibility is more than sufficient as a protective skill.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals physical damage to enemies; reduces enemy magic resist by 10%~15% with talents
  • Swinging Strike -- Deals physical damage to enemies; deals AoE physical damage and taunts for 8 seconds with talents
  • Invincibility -- Makes allies invincible for up to 14 seconds with talents
  • Mocking Howl -- Taunts enemies for 8 seconds and reduces their defense by 10%~16% and their magic resist by 20%~30%
  • Yaksa's Grace -- Increases ally casting speed by 5%~20% for 9 seconds

The Knight class's rare hero, Inoch is an incredibly durable tank. He works well in almost any team but excels versus enemies with high magic attack.

This guy only has one short taunt but has two stuns in his kit. Those facets, combined with his self buffs, make Inoch basically a pure tank, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals physical damage; deals harsh physical damage and increases his defense by 10%~15% and magic resist by 20%~30% with talents
  • Charge -- Charges to deal physical damage and stun enemies for 5 seconds; makes him invincible for 8 seconds with talents
  • Storm Cleave -- Deals physical damage to two enemies; attacks three enemies and stuns for 5 seconds with talents
  • Menacing Roar -- Taunts enemies for 5 seconds and reduces their attack by 5%~8% and their magic attack by 10%~15%
  • Tight Defense -- Increases his defense by 10%~25% and his magic resist by 20%~50%

Warrior Heroes

Warriors are the physical defense counterparts to Knights and should be used when up against teams or stages with a large chunk of physical damage. And of course, there's no harm in having both a Warrior and a Knight on a team if the situation calls for it.


A lot of newer players mistakenly think Gene is bad because he's the first Warrior you're granted, but that is not the case. He is a competent physical tank, and he packs some good damage and crowd control effects.

Gene is well-rounded enough to fit in most teams but is not the most durable of the Warrior lot. He's a good choice if you need some extra damage along with durability, rather than a ironclad tank.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals physical damage to enemies; deals harsh AoE physical damage with talents
  • Whirlwind Slash -- Deals AoE magic damage; taunts enemies for 6 seconds with talents
  • Mocking Shout -- Taunts enemies for 8 seconds and increases his defense by 20%~30% and magic resist by 10%~16%
  • Sunder Earth -- Deals AoE physical damage
  • Earth Shatter -- Reduces the movement speed of enemies in an area by 25%~30%
  • Kyrios's Courage -- Deals AoE physical damage with a 25%~50% chance to freeze enemies

This big guy might be the game's mascot. It's really hard to tell. In any case, he's technically a Warrior, but is not entirely defense-oriented despite his two taunts and a stun.

Balrog is best on teams with high physical damage as he reduces their defense, attack, and magic attack. Reducing their defense makes them more vulnerable to attacks, and reducing their offensive stats keeps your teammates alive.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals physical damage to enemies; deals harsh physical damage and reduces enemy defense by 10%~15% with talents
  • Assault -- Charges and deals AoE physical damage; taunts enemies for 6 seconds with talents
  • Enemy Territory -- Deals AoE physical damage; stuns for 5 seconds with talents
  • Threatening Shout -- Taunts enemies for 8 seconds, and reduces their attack by 20%~30% and magic attack by 10%~16%
  • Haste -- Increases movement speed of allies in an area by 25%~33% for 20~30 seconds

And here we finally have a purely defensive Warrior. Ollo is a hard dwarf to take down, and he is fantastic versus enemy teams with high attack.

Ollo has everything a tank could want: a stun, enemy attack reduction, ally buffs, and even team healing. You could not do much better except for Toro, the game's only current rare Warrior.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals physical damage to enemies; reduces enemy attack by up to 10~15% with talents
  • Ollo's Hammer- - Deals AoE physical damage; deals harsh physical damage and stuns enemies for 5 seconds with talents
  • Mocking Cry -- Taunts enemies for 5 seconds and increases his defense by 10%~15% and magic resist by 5%~8%
  • Shatigon's Revenge -- Deflects 25%~50% physical damage from allies for 9 seconds and heals them for the damage deflected
  • Shatigon's Blessing -- Increases defense of allies in an area by 10%~25%

This is another purely defensive Warrior. Much like Ollo, Toro's exceptional versus physical attack teams.

Toro's kit is a bundle of enemy debuffs, from stats reduction to a physical skill bind. It all looks great, but he's not meant to go against teams with high magic attack. Keep that in mind and use him accordingly.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals physical damage; increases his own defense by 20%~30% and magic resist by 10%~15% with talents
  • Shield Bash -- Deals AoE physical damage to enemies; deals AoE harsh physical damage and binds enemy physical skills for 9 seconds with talents
  • Hobgoblin Fire -- Reduces the accuracy of enemies in an area by 15%~25% for 9 seconds
  • Shout of Provocation -- Taunts enemies for 5 seconds and reduces their attack by 10%~25% and magic attack by 5%~8%
  • Hobgoblin Game -- Reduces enemy attack by up 15%~25% for 9 seconds


Keeping in line with ArcheAge's style and lore, Musicians in ArcheAge Begins are the game's support and/or healer heroes.

It's almost always a requirement to have at least one Musician in a party, but you can't just toss any one of them in a team and hope it does well. Each excel in different ways, and we're about to find out just how.


Kyprosa is a pure healer, perhaps too good for this world. Everything about her kit is protective and she certainly stands as a powerful healer. She fits on most teams with ease.

A special thing to note with her is the status effects she dispels, as the cleansing is absolutely necessary in many match ups.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals magic damage to enemies; creates a barrier on allies that protects them for up to 20% of their HP for 5 seconds with talents
  • Continuous Heal -- Restores an ally's HP 5 times; increases heal amount and AoE heals with talents
  • Clear Mind -- Dispels Immobility, Slow, Sleep, Blind, Fear, Hit List, Launch, Physical Skill Bind, Stun, Fall, Charm, and Silence from allies and makes them immune to these effects for up to 14 seconds with talents
  • Devotion -- Restores the HP of the lowest HP allies for 5~10 times
  • Blessing and Curse: Blessing -- Increases all allies' incoming heals by 25%~50% for 24 seconds
  • Kyprosa's Love -- Creates a barrier on allies in an area that protects them for 25%~50% of their maximum HP for 12 seconds

Lucius is one Musician that is perfectly suited to high magic damage teams. His one heal is adequate, but his real benefits lie in buffing and debuffing to allow your team to pump out an insane amount of magic damage.

The only real downside to Lucius is he is basically useless on high attack teams. He's also best paired with allies that have their own sustain.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals magic damage to an enemy; increases an ally's magic attack by 20%~25% with priority given to Mages
  • Healing Music -- Restores the HP of the lowest HP ally 10~15 times; with talents, restores the HP of the 3 lowest allies 15 times and then the HP of the lowest HP 10 more times
  • Sonic Blade -- Deals magic damage
  • Song of Focus -- Increases allies' magic power by 10%~20% for 12 seconds
  • Veil of Illusion -- Reduces enemies' magic resist by 15%~25% for 9 seconds

Specializing in general offense and defensive buffs, Naima can fit on most teams but like Lucius, she is not a reliable sustained healer as she only has one actual heal.

This is another Musician better suited to tanks or Assassins with their own sustain.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals magic damage; damage becomes AoE with talents
  • Healing Dance -- Restores the HP of the lowest HP ally 10~15 times; with talents, restores the HP of the 3 lowest allies 15 times and then the HP of the lowest HP 10 more times
  • Vibrant Rhapsody -- Increases all allies' attack and magic power by 10%~25%
  • Mirror Image -- Resets Naima's threat value and summons a mirror image for 5~10 seconds
  • Earth Anthem -- Increases allies' defense and magic resist by 15%~25%

The other side to the Kyprosa coin, Nadiya is also a pure healer with cleansing effects. Kyprosa focuses on cleanses status effects while Nadiya focuses on dispelling damage over time effects.

Nadiya fits on most teams with ease. Her cast animations are some of the longest, though; keep that in mind in raids.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals magic damage; with talents, allies receive 3%~5% less damage
  • Surge of Life -- Gradually restores an ally's HP; heal becomes AoE with talents
  • Pain Relief -- Dispels Bleed, Poison, Burn, and Disease from allies; makes allies immune to damage over time skills for 6~14 seconds
  • Heal All -- Restores the HP of the lowest HP ally 5~15 times
  • Blessing and Curse: Curse -- Reduces enemies' incoming heals by 25%~50% for 24 seconds

Choa is easily the best Musician for a physical attack team, particularly those heavy on melee Assassins. She is an offensive support.

Another Musician with only one heal, Choa's whole draw is the immense physical damage increase she can bring the right team. Her one heal is pretty weak in comparison to some other options, meaning it's best to pair her with other heroes with sustain.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals magic damage; with talents, deals harsh magic damage and increases an ally's attack by 20%~25% with priority on Assassins
  • Echo of Light -- Restores HP to one ally over 2.5 seconds; heal becomes AoE with talents
  • Echo of Darkness -- Deals magic damage; becomes AoE and reduces enemies' incoming healing by 25%~31% with talents
  • Deify -- Increases a melee ally's critical hit chance by 2.5%~5% and melee critical damage by 25%~50% for 12 seconds
  • Incapacitate -- Reduces enemy defense by 15%~25% for 12 seconds

A mostly-defensive Musician, Melia specializes in going up against teams with high magic damage. Her buffs and debuffs target magic attack and magic resist.

Melia has one purely offensive skill, Spear of Judgment, which seems out of place among her other support-focused skills but allows her to dish out some damage while mitigating it. Pair her and two magic damage dealers with Lucius for a good laugh.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals magic damage; with talents, deals harsh magic damage and increases an ally's magic resist by 20%~25% with priority on Knights
  • Fountain of Healing -- Restores the HP of the lowest HP ally 5~15 times
  • Detect Magic -- Increases ally's magic resist by 15%~15% for 12 seconds
  • Spear of Judgment -- Deals AoE magic damage
  • Focused Control -- Reduces enemy magic power by 15%~25% for 12 seconds

Every Musician has its specialty and Narin's is to bolster her own team against physical damage.

Narin is essentially the physical counterpart to Melia, and like Melia she is not too useful against teams of the opposite damage type.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals magic damage; with talents, deals harsh magic damage and increases an ally's defense by 20%~25% with priority on Warriors
  • Seed of Healing -- Restores an ally's HP; with talents, restores an ally's HP and then gradually heals more after the effect
  • Drums of War -- Increases ally defense by 9%~17% for 30 seconds
  • The Divine Whip -- Deals AoE magic damage
  • Demoralize -- Reduces enemy attack by 15%~25% for 9 seconds

The one rare Musician, Oscar is a pure defensive healer capable of keeping allies clear of any and all status effects while being a more efficient healer than the rest.

Oscar fits on pretty much any team but is especially useful on teams with absolutely no sustain because he can heal so much, so often. If you're up in the air over which Musician to take into PvP and actually have Oscar, just use him.

  • Normal Attack -- Deals magic damage; with talents, instantly restores the HP of the lowest ally and restores their HP gradually over 4 seconds
  • Song of Healing -- Restores 3 allies' HP; with talents, also restores allies' HP over time after the initial effect
  • Purify All -- Cleanses allies in an area of all status and damage over time effects, and makes them immune for 8~14 seconds; also recovers HP with talents
  • Combust Magic -- Cleanses allies in an area of Immobility, Slow, Sleep, Blind, Fear, Hit List, Launch, physical skill binds, Stun, Fall, Charm, and Silence for 6~14 seconds

That's it for the current Warriors, Knights, and Musicians in ArcheAge Begins. If you enjoyed this guide, check out our other ArcheAge Begins guides.

Best Mobile Games of 2017 Mon, 20 Nov 2017 10:11:18 -0500 Lauren Harris

Sifting through the vast number of mobile games can be a chore these days. There are so many great titles on the platform, represented across the action, adventure, mystery, and puzzle genres. There really is something for everybody.

There have been a lot of new, creative, and challenging mobile games released in this year alone, and with so many to choose from, it's difficult to narrow down the best of the bunch. But we've given it a shot, so here are Game Skinny’s 10 best mobile games of 2017.

Layton's Mystery Journey

Platforms - iOS, Android

This exciting puzzle-adventure game takes place in Chancer Lane in London. You play as Katrielle Layton, daughter of the infamous Professor Hershel Layton, who has been the protagonist in previous entries of the series.

Layton's Mystery Journey sees Katrielle establishing her own detective agency where she finds herself solving many cases throughout London. But the one case Katrielle has yet to solve is the one that means the most to her -- the whereabouts of her missing father. This game generously offers players new puzzles every day for a whole year from its release date. 


Monument Valley 2

Platforms - iOS, Android

Three years after the original Monument Valley took over our phones, the sequel is here to do so once again. Throughout the game you'll explore vibrant environments and architecture, along with constantly-changing landscapes.

Monument Valley 2 brings you a whole new adventure to enjoy, with Ro being joined by another playable character this time around -- her child. Together they embark on a journey of discovery as Ro teaches her child about the mysteries of the valley, which forms a lasting bond between the two. 

To the Moon

Platforms - iOS, Android

To the Moon is an interesting RPG adventure that focuses on two doctors -- Dr. Rosalene and Dr. Watts. They have found a way to give artificial memories to patients on their deathbeds, which they use to help dying people do all the things they didn't do in their lifetime.

The patient in this game is an elderly man named Johnny. The doctors want to fulfil Johnny's dying wish before he takes his last breath, which is of course, to go to the Moon. Together they journey back through Johnny's memories in order to discover why his dying wish is what is, and with each puzzle they solve, another piece of the past is revealed.

Old Man's Journey

Platforms - iOS, Android

This indie-puzzle adventure game is a story about hope, life, and loss. The core mechanic of Old Man's Journey lets you change the landscape in order to create a path forward for the titular old man. 

Old Man's Journey is visually stunning and gives players a glimpse of the world through the eyes of an old man who has lost almost everything yet remains brave and determined. The atmosphere and story unfolds in a way that gives players a true sense of heartache, regret, and hope.

Card Thief 

Platforms - iOS, Android

Card Thief incorporates stealth elements and applies them to a dark Solitaire style game that’s played with a deck of cards. The player has to sneak through the deck (which represents a dungeon) as a thief and try to steal valuable items from guards without being seen.

You can then use what you've stolen to unlock more powerful cards, which can help you become a master thief when used in Heists. It's a game of risk versus reward, which can be very satisfying when you pull of a daring Heist. It's certainly no risk buying Card Thief, that's for sure.

Mushroom 11

Platforms - iOS, Android

Mushroom 11 is an award-winning anti-platformer where the only way to grow is through your own destruction. This mind-twisting adventure lets players transform into any shape by destroying your own cells to perform various actions.

Players navigate treacherous landscapes full of mutations and intense puzzles over seven stages, each more challenging than the last. Mushroom 11 is one of the best examples of how innovative mobile gaming can be.

Silly Walks

Platforms - iOS

The hilarious Silly Walks allows players to play as everyday household-items and foods such as a pineapple, a cupcake, a hot-dog, and loads more.

Confront the Evil Blender, who has kidnapped your friends, by navigating obstacles and avoiding getting smashed by meat hammers. Save your friends from certain doom in this quirky adventure-platformer. 

Arkanoid v Space Invaders

Platforms - iOS, Android

Square Enix and Taito have combined two of the most popular arcade games ever made into a surprisingly fun arcade-puzzle game. Using the Arkanoid paddle you must bounce balls around an arena to destroy both blocks and the Space Invaders who are trying to shoot you. There are a ton of puzzles to solve, with up to 150 stages, 20 different powers to acquire, and 40 unlockable characters.

The cherry on top is that after paying the initial purchase price, Arkanoid v Space Invaders has no micro-transactions. What more could you ask for?

Ninja Pizza Girl

Platforms - iOS

Ninja Pizza Girl strikes the perfect balance between silly humour and telling an emotionally charged story that focuses on bullying, emotional struggles, and ninjas with pizzas. Set in a dystopian future where high-quality pizza is a delicacy, Gemma is a teenager who works as a pizza delivery ninja for her father's pizza company.

In order to keep the 20-minutes-or-less guarantee alive, you’ll have to free-run across the rooftop slums in this neo-noir inspired 2D platformer. Follow Gemma as she struggles to keep her family business afloat while dealing with self-acceptance and other teenagers being teenagers.

Rainbow Unicorn Attack Forever

Platforms - iOSAndroid

The latest entry in the series, Robot Unicorn Attack Forever does away with the multiplayer that plagued RUA2 in favour of a more in depth single-player experience. The core gameplay of this hyper-stylized endless-runner largely remains the same -- run as far as you can, avoiding obstacles, and accumulating points.

Now you can use those points as currency to buy new unicorns and upgrade them, as well as upgrading your citadel which is your ultimate goal. There are also loads of challenges to complete which net you even more points to upgrade your growing stable of mythical robot horses. As always, the same rule applies -- try not to crash your unicorn!


There you have it -- our best mobile games of 2017. With mobile games being as convenient and easy to play as they are, it's no wonder they're so popular. So give one of these games a try, I'm sure you'll enjoy every minute of it. And if you do -- let us know in the comments below!

Syllablade Beginner's Tips and Tricks Guide Sun, 19 Nov 2017 14:37:21 -0500 bazookajo94

When you don't wanna play Boggle anymore, and you can't look at Alphabear without reminiscing about the early days of few ads and simple puzzles, maybe it's time to move on to a more forgiving game or a game that combines word-puzzles with ... role-playing? 

Yes, that game exists, and it's called Syllablade, an RPG with a word-game twist. Create words in a Boggle fashion (meaning the letters have to be near each other, you can't skip over tiles, and you can't reuse letter tiles you've already selected) to serve as the strength behind your attacks. Defeat all the monsters in a stage and move on to the next stage, utilizing items you buy from the shop or special attacks and defenses earned in battle. 


I could spend paragraphs giving you tips on word game strategy, but they're all the same, and you already know them: 

  • the higher the letter count, the higher the attack, and the higher amount of coins you'll receive
  • the game tells you what's a word and what isn't by highlighting the tiles green when the letters you've strung together are an actual word (great news: you can string together swear words, though I haven't had the opportunity to try them all out yet)
  • the "special" tiles that appear--such as an attack bonus or a healing potion--can be used at any point in a word; they serve as a blank tile that you only have to include in your word to get the benefits
  • be mindful of the value of the letters, as you'll want to use higher-valued letters more often than lower-value letters
  • be on the lookout for pluralities or different suffixes because they're longer words with higher points

Remember all the training you've amassed playing previous word games, and that aspect of the game should be fine. Now, here are a few more tips specific to Syllablade to help aid in the RPG side of the game. 

Don't waste time saving money

The coins you gain during battle go toward the upgrade items you buy for your character. The more expensive ones give you better stats. The appeal of the bigger, better item lurks, but don't save your money. Spend it as soon as you can buy the next available item, because guess what? 

The effects stack. You don't even have to continue wearing the item to gain its stats. Just buy it and equip whatever you want, and you still have the increased vitality, strength, or luck. 

So don't waste your time waiting for the better item, because you'll get it eventually. 

Keep your stats even

It's always a good idea to keep your stats even, as you learn in any RPG game. Though the appeal of being super strong at the start of the game works for the first few levels, as the game progresses and strategy starts to matter more, you'll be glad to have a more equal repertoire of skills in your pocket (ha ha, get it? Because it's a mobile game). 

Of course, if you know your strengths and weaknesses as a player, certainly play to your own set of skills. If you are good at finding long words and aren't afraid to take a hit every now and then, upgrade the stats that cater to your play style. This is just general advice for those who, like me, suddenly forget how to spell all words as soon as you have been tasked to spell, as your life literally depends on it.

Pay attention to the top of the screen

It's easy to get distracted when you focus most of your talents on finding words to destroy the enemy. It's how you win. 

But don't forget that Syllablade is more than a sum of its letters. There's a battle going on at the top of your screen, and you need to pay attention to it as much as the tiles down below. 

So when your strike is over and it's the opponent's turn to attack, stare at the top screen. See what falls during the course of battle. Collect whatever falls with your fingers.

True, when the items fall, you don't have to swipe them with your finger  in order to collect them, because after a while they'll automatically add themselves to your inventory; however, it's good to know what's going on up top and what's in your bag of tricks.

Another thing to pay attention to at the top of the screen is the your opponent's remaining health. I know I've told you that the bigger the word, the better, but you get certain bonuses if you give an exact hit, so if the enemy has 2 HP left, try to get a word worth two points to earn the extra bonuses. 

These are but some humble tips from a humble gamer who enjoys word games mixed with RPG mechanics. There are different strategies for different gaming styles, but for the humble beginner, hopefully this guide aids in your quest to finally leave Boggle behind. 

6 Android Games That Will Get You Through Thanksgiving Sat, 18 Nov 2017 17:00:10 -0500 Dpaige1991


Will these games keep you satisfied? Post your comments below and Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

6. Dan The Man 

Dan the Man is a funny beat-em-up game with an interesting story. Kinda the same story of Super Mario, but different. Customize your character, increase your fighter skills, and take on the biggest bosses. Become your inner ninja and be the man. Be Dan The Man.


Download Dan The Man now!

5. UNO & Friends

There is nothing like playing a classic game of UNO. If you've played this game, then you should know the rules. However, if you never played UNO before, it's pretty simple. Play cards that match the color or number, skip a player, reverse the turn order, change colors, or make a player draw cards. Fun game I promise you.


Download UNO & Friends now!

4. Minion Rush: Despicable Me

Ah, there is nothing like spending a thanksgiving with our favorite little yellow minions. In Minion Rush, you get to explore new cities, wear funny looking costumes, complete challenges, earn power ups, and yes....BANANAS!!!.  


Download Minion Rush: Despicable Me now!

3. Crossy Road

One of the most popular endless runner games on the market, there is no doubt that this game can get you through a thanksgiving. Run through the endless field and avoid getting hit by cars, jump on logs, and earn coins to unlock new characters in the game.


Download Crossy Road now!

2. Kung Fury: Street Rage

One of the funniest short films on YouTube and successful Kickstarter campaigns becomes a video game. Kung Fury: Street Rage. Play as Kung Fury as he takes down his enemies with the help of his friends in an old school style of gaming. With simple controls this game is a whole lot of fun.


Download Kung Fury: Street Rage now!



1. Sonic The Hedgehog (Free)

There is nothing like playing a classic Sega game on your android device. Sonic The Hedgehog is a little blue character that can run fast, spin dash, and is out to save the world against Dr. Robotnik and his evil machines. Grab the rings and enter the special level and grab the gems to unleash Super Sonic.


Download Sonic The Hedgehog now!




Are you having a tough time getting through a holiday feast and need some games time to occupy your time? No need to fear, we got the best games to do that for you. Let's list 6 Android Games To Get You Through Thanksgiving.

Dune! - How to Reach Outer Space & Unlock the Star Ball Sat, 18 Nov 2017 15:10:35 -0500 Tobbpitt

You play Dune! for two reasons: to collect balls and to speed across and above the dunes at a fevered pace. One ball, the star, requires that you reach outer space to obtain it.

So what exactly does the game count as outer space? And how are you expected to get all the way up there? By practicing, my friend.

Dune! counts "outer space" as being above the moon in the sky, which may sound impossible, but any player can reach past the skies with practice and a little elbow grease. Good luck helps, too.

How high is outer space?

To get the star ball to unlock, you not only must get well past the moon, but also have to be up there for at least a couple seconds to get the star to unlock.

Below is an image showing how high up you must get for the game to count it as outer space, so you can use it for reference.

If you can stay up in outer space where the circle is for about two seconds, you'll unlock the star ball.

That's pretty high up! No one said getting the star ball was easy.

That's part one of the mystery. What's part two? Actually getting up there.

How to get to outer space

I can't tell you exactly how to get it, but I can certainly give you some advice on improving your air!

Tip 1 - Don't tap and hold while in the air.

This sounds pretty self-explanatory if you've been playing a while, but if you haven't figured it out yet: You get much more air (and don't come crashing back down) if you don't touch the screen while in the air unless you're primed and ready to hit a good slope.

Tip 2 - Don't let the game determine where you fall for you.

You don't have so much control over your ball. You control how fast it goes on land, how much air it gets based off when you release at the top of a slope, and where you land.

If you're in the air and see a prime dune coming up below you, get ready to tap to fall onto it and continue your momentum. But what's a prime dune? Let's take a look at some.

Tip 3 - Identify prime dunes.

Some dunes are just so hard to land on without crashing that I wouldn't recommend using them unless you have no other choice or you've mastered them.

On the flip side, there are a number of dunes that are easier to land on for players of all skill levels. These will be your keys to success when trying to get to outer space since you need to pay attention to upcoming dunes and their slopes to dive accordingly.

Here we're going to take a look at some dunes you should aim for and those you should usually try to avoid. Both will have arrows to show the area you want to aim for.

Prime dunes

This one is easy to land on and a good angle for a high launch.

Not as easy as the one above to land on, but it's still an overall good dive target.

Harder than both of the above but worth it in momentum and air. Still easier than the less-than-ideals I show below.

Less-than-ideal dunes

This one looks like it might be okay until you actually try to land on it. This one's risky, as its middle is so flat compared to most others.

This one often shows up either like this or with a few of these in a row. In any case, these are often a death trap because of how small they are.

These are so small that you probably skip them anyway, which you should. These dunes are risky.

There are a couple more dunes, but you get the gist: Aim for the downward slopes on dunes with adequate safe space to land.

With all this in mind and a lot of patience, you can eventually reach outer space in Dune!, unlock the star ball, and feel like a boss. Don't get discouraged if it takes you a while. Remember that practice makes perfect!

Clicker Heroes: Transcendence Guide Thu, 16 Nov 2017 16:00:32 -0500 Brandon Janeway

As part of the new 1.0 update, Clicker Heroes has added the Transcendence feature. This is a guide to the new feature and how you can make the most of it.

What is it?

Transcendence is also called "super-ascension," and it is essentially a prestige system for Clicker Heroes. It does not replace the current ascension system. You have to give up your gold, hero level, zone progress, Ancients, Hero Souls, Relics, and Gilds; however, you receive Ancient Souls and transcendent power. Mercenaries are not lost but are locked. This feature is available at level 300 after beating Woodchip, the Rodent.

What does it do for you?

The biggest payoff of Transcendence is the new currency of Ancient Souls, which can be used to buy Outsiders. But do not expect to get them easily. You do not get a bang for your buck when you trade your Hero Souls for Ancient Souls. You receive five Ancient Souls for 10x the Hero Souls, meaning that for 100 Hero Souls, you will receive five Ancient Souls. 

That does not mean you should ignore Transcendence, though. The big payoff of Transcendence is Transcendent Power, which boosts the amount of Hero Souls you get from Primal Bosses starting at zone 105. With Transcendent Power, the amount of Hero Souls you get will double, triple, or more as your level increases. 

With Ancient Souls you can buy one of the 5 Ancients: Xyliqil, Chor'gorloth, Phandoryss, Ponyboy, or Borb. Each of them has their own benefit to the game, and it depends on your playstyle which one you should buy first.

When should you Transcend? 

The decision is up to you, but at the end of the day, it is best to Transcend as soon as you reach 300. The general rule is to ascend before transcend because any of the Hero Souls you obtain will not count unless you keep ascending. Many recommend to wait until you will get 6-12 Ancient Souls from Transcendence. The only benefit for going above that is to grind for a level for an Ancient.

We hope this guide helps you understand Transcendence. Let us know in the comments how you are using Transcendence. 



2017's Best Anime Franchise Games Thu, 16 Nov 2017 13:02:44 -0500 Joshua Broadwell


.hack//GU Last Recode

PlayStation 4

Like the Naruto legacy compilation, .hack//GU Last Recode puts together the second set of three volumes of the .hack// series from way back in the PlayStation 2 days. Unlike Naruto, this game offers an extra fourth volume to complement the original three. .hack// takes the meta concepts of Sword Art Online and runs as far as possible with them. You play as Haseo, one among many players of the in-game MMO, "The World," alternating between that and the "real world." When one of Haseo's friends ends up in a real-world coma as a result of in-game circumstances, he sets out on a journey to help her recover.


In the process, he transforms a fair bit as well and is one of the more dynamic RPG characters, not to mention anime characters. Not many changes have been made overall to the original battle system, and while fights are not quite as involved as in Naruto, you'll still be pulling off special attacks and working with your party to overcome some challenging opponents. The fourth volume, Redemption, is not a full game -- running at around five hours -- but it's a nice way to round off an immensely satisfying journey.




There might be a wealth of new anime franchise games on the horizon, but 2017 still has a lot to offer. Whether you're looking for collections of your old favorites or want to dive into something brand new, there's something from some of your favorite franchises just waiting to be your next game.


Let us know in the comments if you're planning on picking any of these up!


Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links

Android, iOS

Yu-Gi-Oh is one of the longest-running popular anime franchises, with new games -- and card sets -- released on a regular basis, and Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links­ is the latest of Konami's offerings. With all of the history and commercial success, you'd think a mobile Yu-Gi-Oh game could be just a cheap way to cash in on the series -- but you'd be wrong. Rather than bombarding you with complicated mechanics and more summons than anyone could know what to do with, Duel Links takes a more simplistic approach, teaching you the basics and pitting you against opponents that help you get used to the way the game works.


But that doesn't mean it lacks challenge for series veterans. The game gives you a limited number of cards to work with at first, so you must make the best out of what you've been given. Of course, you can pay to unlock cards. But it's possible to play the entire game -- and be successful at it -- without spending any real money at all since the game gives you everything you need over a reasonable length of time. The challenge and joy of winning with the hand you've been dealt makes this a gem worth trying for both series fans and newcomers alike.


Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization

PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Steam

The Sword Art Online series is an interesting one -- a show about people taking part in a virtual game ... which means you're playing a game about people playing a game that isn't real. Anyway, the concept is a lot less complicated than it sounds and has produced some memorable characters and locations for several years now. The latest game, Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization, is rather different from its predecessors in a few ways. It takes place after the main story arc from the anime -- and previous games -- and places you in a much more relaxed setting. The result is one that suits fans of the series perfectly, allowing you to spend time getting to know your characters in greater depth and enjoy the game world without the pressure of an overly intrusive storyline.


Along with side missions such as running your own store, you'll explore the world in MMORPG fashion, with three party members at a time, gigantic monsters at every turn, and some surprisingly deep -- and, at times, slightly obtuse -- character management that puts you in control of shaping your characters' stats and even personality traits, all of which aid you in battle.


Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 isn't new to everyone (though it was just released on the Switch not too long ago), opening it to an even wider audience. DBX2 isn't just a fighting game, even though you'll spend a lot of time doing that. It includes an interesting story with plenty of side quests and character management to keep you coming back for more, so it's as much an RPG-lite game as it is a fighting game. Fans will especially appreciate the inclusion of favorite characters, but it does a good job of remaining accessible to newcomers too, owing to the story itself.


Your goal, as Goku, is to travel back through Dragon Ball's history to preserve the stasis of history against a mysterious threat bent on warping it. The combat is smooth, for the most part, and manages to provide a fair challenge even with the inclusion of some world-shattering special attacks. Plus, the Switch version includes motion controls and plenty of multiplayer support. It's a perfect balance between engaging gameplay and fan service, providing just enough story to serve as an excuse for journeying back through the series' major events without making it all seem ridiculous.


Gundam Versus

PlayStation 4

Gundam Versus is another fighting game -- but it's a fighting game where you control massive robots with spectacular abilities, which naturally earns it a recommendation. Unlike Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Gundam Versus doesn't try to provide a narrative to help engage the player. Like most games intended primarily for multiplayer, the single-player mode is a bit lacking, and battles are not quite as dynamic as they could be. But that's where multiplayer comes in. As you'd expect from the name, the game's strength shines through in its frantic and tense multiplayer battles.


You're put in charge of a gigantic robot -- that still manages to move smoothly and turn on a dime -- as you go up against your opponents, utilizing a variety of abilities pulled straight from a sci-fi fantasy. The real enjoyment, however, comes from the natural grace with which the Gundam themselves move, odd as that may seem given their appearance. Expertly guiding your robo-suit in battle and around maps becomes a sort of art, providing a sense of satisfaction when pulled off appropriately and making it oh-so-easy to go in for just one more match.


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy

PlayStation 4

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy is exactly what it sounds like -- a compilation of the four Ninja Storm games all together on one disc. The games are set in the world of Naruto Shippuden and feature all of your favorite characters from over the course of the series. There are adventure elements, including a vibrant world to explore and NPCs to become acquainted with. The real enjoyment comes from the fighting, though. Each game by itself is worthwhile, but playing them in sequence helps the unique traits of each stand out in relief.


Progressing through in sequence charts the fighting system's changes from fairly simple (not exactly button mashing, but not much different) to one that requires you to carefully utilize your ninja abilities and genuinely be aware of what you are doing. It ends up being all about space, utilizing movement and knowing your opponent's patterns to end up victorious, while properly employing the vast array of ninja abilities at your disposal. It's all a nice balance for what could otherwise just be fan service and a collection of elaborate, pleasant-to-look-at, but ultimately empty, set piece attacks.


Despite often being seen as niche, anime shows offer dynamic characters, sweeping stories, and in many cases are just plain fun. So it only makes sense that some of the biggest franchises have their own video games as an extra way for fans to immerse themselves even further into their favorite worlds. 2017 is in an awkward place for anime game releases. It's sandwiched between a number of quality titles from 2016 and even more highly anticipated games coming in 2018. But that doesn't mean there's nothing on offer here from some of anime's best-known franchises.


We've put together a list of the 6 best anime franchise games from this year to help you find your way through this year's titles. Whether you're a fan of Naruto's fast-paced ninja combat or you're looking for a deeper experience from something like the .hack// franchise, there's something here for you, and we've even got some remakes and a mobile title for your consideration.


Header image via MyAnimeList

5 Cutest Cat Care Games for Android Wed, 15 Nov 2017 11:18:23 -0500 Allison M Reilly

Because taking care of a real pet cat isn't enough for some of us, we play mobile games about taking care of digital fuzzballs without the hassles of a real-life litter box. We also play mobile games about cats because they're cute and fun! For your fair share of cuteness, here are five of the cutest cat care games for Android.

Cat Cafe ~Raise Your Cats~

As the name suggests, Cat Cafe ~Raise Your Cats~ is a game where players raise kittens with hopes of having those cats find their forever home. Once those cats are adopted, you use the funds to purchase and raise more kittens, and the cycle continues. Cat Cafe doesn't have much to offer for the cafe part of things, but raising a bunch of felines can be hard enough!

What makes Cat Cafe more interesting is that players can unlock multiple cats of each breed, creating an incentive for achievement hunters. There are also stats players can raise, like discipline and cat ratings, to increase the price of the cats and make more money. Overall, Cat Cafe is cute, but has way more to it than it appears.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

  • Free to Play for Android
  • In-App Purchases Available
  • Get it on: the Google Play Store

When it comes to taking care of cats, some of us like to adopt a cat or two as a pet, and some like to run a shelter or a cat cafe, like the previous game. Others, like my great aunt, like to feed all the neighborhood feral cats out of their garage. If you're like my great aunt, then you'll find Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector a lot of fun.

In Neko Atsume, players provide food and toys in their backyard for the stray cats to enjoy. Certain types of food and specific toys will attract specific feral cats. The goal is not only to have all of them spend time in your yard, but to make them love you enough to give you a memento (and you can check out our memento guide for help getting them all too). The mementos are the normal things cats like to leave behind for their caretakers, like a glasses lens or a bent bottle cap.

In the end, Neko Atsume is a great game if you want something to play a little bit at a time.

Cat Room

Cat Room is kind of like Neko Atsume, except players collect the cats in a room instead of a yard. You can customize the room and earn coins to buy new toys as well. However, where Neko Atsume ends, Cat Room is just beginning.

In Cat Room, there's a special room just for kittens, you can have a customized cat, and, on top of that, you can collect recipes to make food for your cats. Cat Room also has mini-games similar to Bejeweled and those types of puzzlers. There's a social aspect to this game that isn't found in some of the other games on this list too, as players can visit their "neighbor's" room and see their cats.

Cat Room is a little bit of everything, so it's a good choice if you like everything else these games have to offer or if you think of the cats as a perk versus a primary focus.

Bubbu - My Virtual Pet

  • Free to Play on Android
  • In-App Purchases Available
  • Get it on: the Google Play Store

If you have fond memories of playing Tamagotchi and raising a virtual pet, then Bubbu - My Virtual Pet is the game for you! Bubbu is like a Tamagotchi, but with a few more mechanics than what came with the popular '90s toy.

Besides having to feed Bubbu and give him love and attention, players have more than 30 mini-games to choose from when playing with Bubbu. These mini-games allow players to earn coins so they can purchase more food and other items. However, don't overdo it the mini-games, as that could tire out or injure Bubbu. If Bubbu is injured, then players have to play doctor, treat Bubbu, and help him recover.

If you ever wished you could care for and raise your cat more like a tiny human than a four-legged critter, then you'll want to download Bubbu.


  • Free to Play on Android
  • In-App Purchases Available
  • Get it on: the Google Play Store

CatHotel is the game for cat lovers who really do like cats...but just other people's cats. In CatHotel, players run a...well, a cat hotel, and have to cater to the needs of the individual felines. Like some of the other games on this list, the hotel is customizable. Besides expanding the hotel to fit more guests, players can choose different types of furniture, rugs, toys, and the like to make the "cattery" more comfortable.

Unlike some of the other titles, there isn't much of a collection aspect to  CatHotel. Instead of trying to get every single type of cat to stay at your hotel, it's a matter of knowing who needs what and providing those needs. But, the cats are still cute, even though they aren't kawaii.


The best thing about the games on this list is that they're all free-to-play, so you can download all five games, and everything will still be cheaper than taking care of a real cat. Of course, the last sentence is only true if you don't make any in-app purchases. Nonetheless, there's a cat for every cat lover and a cat game for every gamer. Everyone's got to start somewhere!

The Best Cards in South Park: Phone Destroyer Tue, 14 Nov 2017 15:26:58 -0500 Autumn Fish

Getting creamed in South Park: Phone Destroyer? Struggling to come out on top in PvP? Getting countered by every other play? If you're having trouble holding your own, then maybe it's time to take a look at the cards in your deck.

Like any other card game, there are some cards in Phone Destroyer that are far better than others. Whether you aim to collect these cards and utilize them in your decks or find a way to counter them so you have a defense against people who use them, it's important to know what the best cards are.

To that end, we've compiled a list of the absolute best cards found in each theme. Let's jump in!

Best Neutral Cards in South Park: Phone Destroyer

Phone Destroyer's neutral card set doesn't have as many cards as other themes since its cards are meant to act as filler to go with whatever other two themes you pick. As such, there aren't as many good cards to choose from, but a couple of them are downright amazing.

  • Rat Swarm (Assassin) [3 Energy] -- This card summons four rats onto the battlefield. They're extremely fast and deal pretty decent damage, making this arguably the best swarm card available. It's available at PvP Rank 1.
  • Terrance Mephesto (Ranged) [4 Energy] -- This card summons a flying unit that deals AoE (Area of Effect) ranged damage. Since this unit flies, it more or less negates the class's weakness because melee characters are unable to reach him. He's available at PvP Rank 1.

There are other fairly decent Neutral cards, too, even if they're not as great as the above two. ManBearPig, for example, is a really great tank, but since it's a Legendary, it's so hard to upgrade that it's pretty impractical in high ranks. DogPoo is also a really hard-hitting fighter if you choose to use him.

Rat Swarm Best Cards Neutral South Park Phone Destroyer Guide Terrance Mephesto Best Cards Neutral South Park Phone Destroyer Guide

Best Adventure Cards in South Park: Phone Destroyer

Phone Destroyer's Adventure cards are some of the best of the bunch since a lot of its best cards are really low cost compared to others.

  • Calamity Heidi (Fighter) [2 Energy] -- She has nice attack and health stats, making her a decent off tank when the need arises. With her cheap energy cost, she's perfect for tricky situations. She's available at PvP Rank 1.

  • Smuggler Ike (Assassin) [2 Energy] -- He has good attack speed and an insanely quick Charged ability that buffs his attack, making him one of the best Assassins. He's available at PvP Rank 1.

  • Bandita Sally (Assassin) [2 Energy] -- A balanced Assassin with amazing attack speed. She's available at PvP Rank 1.

  • Hookhand Clyde (Fighter) [3 Energy] -- He has decent stats and a rather strong Warcry ability that does ridiculous damage to a random enemy when he's placed on the battlefield. He unlocks after reaching PvP Rank 10.

  • Pirate Ship Timmy (Ranged) [3 Energy] -- He has good stats for a Ranged unit and comes with a Charged cannonball ability that blasts the nearest enemy with an AoE attack. He unlocks after reaching PvP Rank 10.

Using all of the best Adventure cards fills out a good portion of your deck, but if you wish to use others, there are definitely good ones here. Sheriff Cartman, for example, is a pretty good tank with a lovely Charged AoE ability that shoots all surrounding enemies. Shamen Token is also a good choice for their Charged ability that removes ally debuffs.

Alternatively, the Adventure spells are all really decent, too, if not the most amazing. Fireball is great for clearing a gaggle of enemies, while Arrow Storm performs a bit better in lower ranks. Lightning Bolt is great for clearing out enemies with high health, but won't be that good until it's about Level 4.

Calamity Heidi Best Cards Adventure South Park Phone Destroyer Guide Smuggler Ike Best Cards Adventure South Park Phone Destroyer Guide Bandita Sally Best Cards Adventure South Park Phone Destroyer Guide Hookhand Clyde Best Cards Adventure South Park Phone Destroyer Guide Pirate Ship Timmy Best Cards Adventure South Park Phone Destroyer Guide

(Note: The game has been rebalanced since these screenshots were taken.)

Best Sci-Fi Cards in South Park: Phone Destroyer

Sci-Fi's best cards specialize in poisons and debuffs to slowly whittle away at their opponent's life force and strategically win the battle.

  • Astronaut Butters (Assassin) [2 Energy] -- A decent Assassin with a Deathwish ability that grants a speed buff to the closest ally or leader when they perish. He is available at PvP Rank 1.

  • Enforcer Jimmy (Fighter) [2 Energy] -- He has a fairly good health stat for a fighter, making him a fairly good off tank. An Aura surrounds him that keeps Charged abilities from charging, making this one of the best cards in the game. He unlocks after reaching PvP Rank 5.

  • Alien Clyde (Fighter) [3 Energy] -- He has great stats for a fighter and has a Warcry ability that shoots a strong poison attack at an enemy when summoned. He unlocks after reaching PvP Rank 5.

  • Marine Craig (Ranged) [4 Energy] -- He has good stats and a great Warcry ability that poisons the enemy leader and surrounding enemies when summoned. He unlocks after reaching PvP Rank 5.

While the above choices are definitely the best Sci-Fi cards around, there are definitely a couple of other good ones. Program Stan has a Charged ability that freezes the entire board, and the Poison spell is a great way to hassle the enemy team.

Astronaut Butters Best Cards Sci-Fi South Park Phone Destroyer Guide Enforcer Jimmy Best Cards Sci-Fi South Park Phone Destroyer Guide Alien Clyde Best Cards Sci-Fi South Park Phone Destroyer Guide Marine Craig Best Cards Sci-Fi South Park Phone Destroyer Guide

Best Mystical Cards in South Park: Phone Destroyer

Mystical's best cards utilize all sorts of healing and support abilities to bolster your team's endurance and outlast the opponent.

  • Zen Cartman (Tank) [3 Energy] -- One of the best tanks in the game with an extreme health stat and a Charged ability that draws enemy aggro, although he doesn't have an attack stat whatsoever. He unlocks after reaching PvP Rank 10.

  • Angel Wendy (Ranged) [3 Energy] -- A strong ranged character with a great Charged ability that heals the three allies closest to her. She unlocks after reaching PvP Rank 10.

  • Purify (Spell) [1 Energy] -- A powerful spell that not only removes debuffs from allies but also removes buffs from enemies. This card is particularly effective against the Sci-Fi theme. It unlocks after reaching PvP Rank 10.

  • Regeneration (Spell) [3 Energy] -- A spell that regenerates health over time to all allies for 15 seconds. Great for keeping units with low health alive. It unlocks after reaching PvP Rank 25.

While the above listed may be Mythical's best cards, there are still some pretty decent alternatives out there. Friar Jimmy is a good Fighter with a heal-over-time Aura that even affects the leader if they're in range. Hermes Kenny has a great Deathwish ability that grants a boost to energy regeneration. Witch Doctor Token is even pretty scary for a Legendary with his crazy Charged health draining ability.

Zen Cartman Best Cards Mythical South Park Phone Destroyer Guide Angel Wendy Best Cards Mythical South Park Phone Destroyer Guide Purify Best Cards Mythical South Park Phone Destroyer Guide Regeneration Best Cards Mythical South Park Phone Destroyer Guide

Best Fantasy Cards in South Park: Phone Destroyer

Fantasy's best cards utilize control abilities and hampering debuffs to restrict their enemies and orchestrate the tide of battle.

  • Paladin Butters (Assassin) [2 Energy] -- One of the best Assassins with a decent attack speed and a Deathwish ability that makes the closest ally invisible for 3 seconds after this card perishes. He unlocks after reaching PvP Rank 15.

  • Stan the Great (Fighter) [3 Energy] -- A Fighter with good stats and a Charged ability that reduces the attack of all enemies on the field for 5 seconds. He unlocks after reaching PvP Rank 20.

  • Catapult Timmy (Ranged) [3 Energy] -- A strong Ranged attacker with a Charged ability that summons rats and flings them at an enemy. He unlocks after reaching PvP Rank 20.

  • Princess Kenny (Assassin) [2 Energy] -- An amazing Assassin with a great attack speed and a Deathwish ability that renders his killer unable to attack for 10 seconds. He unlocks after reaching PvP Rank 40.

The above picks are easily Mythical's best cards, but others are still really useful. Le Bard Jimmy is great to toss on the field for a Warcry ability that decreases the maximum health of all enemies, even killing those with low maximum health. Shieldmaiden Wendy is another good pick that boasts a Charged ability that grants her invincibility for three seconds, though being a Legendary, she is kind of hard to upgrade.

Paladin Butters Best Cards Fantasy South Park Phone Destroyer Guide Stan the Great Best Cards Fantasy South Park Phone Destroyer Guide Catapult Timmy Best Cards Fantasy South Park Phone Destroyer Guide Princess Kenny Best Cards Fantasy South Park Phone Destroyer Guide

What do you think of our card picks? Do you have any cards that you think are better? Sound off in the comments below!

To learn more about cards in general, be sure to check out our Cards Guide. And for more general tips, be sure to check out our other South Park: Phone Destroyer guides.

New Details for Inazuma Eleven Ares Emerge Tue, 14 Nov 2017 12:21:15 -0500 Erroll Maas

An interview with the Level-5 president and CEO, Akihiro Hino, has been released in the newest issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine. During the interview, Hino revealed a handful of new information about the upcoming Inazuma Eleven Ares, the newest game in the Inazuma Eleven soccer RPG series. The game is set to release after the start of the Inazuma Eleven Ares anime series.

Although the Inazuma Eleven series was originally intended for children, the developers are including more enjoyable features for older fans. Hino feels that Inazuma Eleven Ares has the potential to become as popular as Yo-Kai Watch (another series developed by Level-5) and hopes that everyone will play the new game. With the way development is progressing, players will be able to feel that they are truly playing a soccer game. The series' longtime feature of scouting players for your team will return and you will be able to scout players from the teams you have defeated.

It was decided that the game's scale was becoming too much for the Nintendo 3DS to handle, so the new game will be on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. In addition, Level-5 decided to support as wide a range of platforms as possible so that more people will get the chance to play the game. The game will also be supporting smartphones due to the needs of the current generation, though there will  likely be some differences in game design between the console and smartphone releases of the game.

Hino would like the game to have many different new features, including the ability to take screenshots. All assets the game is using are brand new, and there is a new player-related system that has not appeared in previous entries.

Inazuma Eleven Ares is slated for a Summer 2018 release in Japan for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. At this time, it is currently unknown if the game will have an official release outside of Japan.

Stay tuned in to GameSkinny for more Inazuma Eleven Ares updates.

Black Desert Online Gets Combat Gameplay Trailer Tue, 14 Nov 2017 11:13:28 -0500 Luke Luby

After gathering much attention with their character customization video, the developers behind Black Desert Mobile have released a video showing the mobile MMORPG's combat gameplay. The video includes actual combat gameplay scenes for the Warrior, Ranger, Giant, Witch, and Valkyrie, which are five basic classes released when Black Desert Mobile launches.

This makes it possible to guess the special characteristics of each class. Young-chul Ham, Pearl Abyss’ Strategic Planning Director, spoke about the trailer - which you can see above - saying:

“We are excited by the reactions we got from everyone when we released the customization video last week. We will try our best to quell your curiosity at the ‘Media Showcase’ next week when we reveal more content and future service plans to everyone.”

In addition, the unique exciting action and surreal battles from the “Black Desert” can now be experienced in the palm of your hand. The combat effects from using powerful skills really help users engage with the game.

Black Desert Mobile will hold a media showcase on the 23rd and start pre-registrations in Korea. As of yet, there's no exact timeline for when the mobile MMORPG will be released. 

South Park: Phone Destroyer Guide -- Tips and Tricks for Overwhelming Your Foes Sun, 12 Nov 2017 09:13:18 -0500 Autumn Fish

South Park: Phone Destroyer is a strategy game where you cleverly play cards on a battlefield in order to overwhelm your opponents. The goal is to destroy the enemy summoner or stage boss while simultaneously defending your own summoner.

The problem is that staying alive gets pretty challenging on the game's harder difficulties, and you really have to be worth your salt to stand a chance in PvP. That's why we've compiled a few solid tips to give you the edge you need to overwhelm your opponent.

Let's get started!

South Park: Phone Destroyer Tips and Tricks

Your deck of cards doesn't necessarily need to outclass the opponent's in order to work -- although upgraded cards do help. Rather, you just need to outplay your opponent. Victory is possible if you remember to utilize all types of cards, conserve your energy, and play smartly.

Utilize All Types of Cards

Every type of card in the game is valuable to your deck. Tanks are needed to absorb the bulk of the damage enemies will be dealing, and you should always have one, if not two, in your deck. Fighters are pretty balanced, letting them both deal a bit of damage and take a few hits before dying.

Ranged class cards are great at dealing damage from afar, but they die quickly from melee attacks. Finally, Assassins are perfect for striking at the enemy's weak point and dealing massive damage, but they'll die more or less instantly when targeted.

Spell cards, on the other hand, work a little differently than summoning cards, but they shouldn't be discounted for it. Sometimes a spell is just what you need to get out of a pickle, and knowing when to use them can mean the difference between a crushing defeat and a spectacular victory.

Ir you're looking for more tips and tricks in this department, check out our full guide on collecting, upgrading, and building card decks.

Conserving Energy and Utilizing All Types of Cards South Park Phone Destroyer Tips and Tricks Beginners Guide

Conserve Your Energy

Energy is needed to play cards on the battlefield. Some cards require a lot of energy while others ask for very little. Over time, your energy will slowly refill, allowing you to play cards at a steady pace throughout the match. However, if you're too overzealous with your energy, you might find yourself with none in a rather sticky situation.

You can have a maximum of 10 energy, and most cards don't require more than 5. If you keep a watchful eye on your Energy Bar while placing cards, you can be sure to always have 3-5 Energy on hand in case things go south and you need to make a quick play to save the game. Just don't let it sit on maximum energy -- least you waste potential plays.

Play Smartly (Duh)

Think about the cards you have on hand, the ones you have in play, and the ones your opponent has in play before making a move. Play a tank if you don't have one out or if the active one is about to die. Play an assassin if they have ample cover to move around the battlefield untargeted.

Ranged cards are good to play if you need backup support, but are a rather poor decision if they're just going to get targeted by a melee character right off the bat. Fighters are a solid choice if you need to cover extra ground on the battlefield.

Sometimes, however, you either don't have the cards you need to play or just don't have anything particularly worthwhile on-hand. When this happens, just use a card you can afford to expend to draw a new one from the deck, in the hopes you get what you need.

The worst thing you could do is make a stupid play. Not only is the card you used wasted, but it's also a waste of energy. Just don't do things like drop an assassin or ranged character on an empty battlefield, pit single fighters against large groups of enemies, or waste powerful spells and you'll do just fine.

Playing Smart South Park Phone Destroyer Tips and Tricks Beginners Guide

With these tips behind your belt, you'll be turning the tide of battle in no time. While you're here, be sure to check out our other South Park: Phone Destroyer guides, as well.

South Park: Phone Destroyer Cards Guide -- Collecting, Upgrading, and Building Card Decks Sun, 12 Nov 2017 09:03:36 -0500 Autumn Fish

Your strength in South Park: Phone Destroyer is in your cards. Without cards, you are nothing; therefore, it is well worth your while to collect and upgrade cards in order to build the best decks you can.

If you're really dedicated to your cards, it's important to know the most efficient ways to go about improving your decks. That's why we've compiled a guide to show you the best ways to collect cards, how to improve them, and how to build better decks.

Let's dive in!

How to Collect Cards in South Park: Phone Destroyer

Hunting down cards is important for filling out your deck with the variety you need to succeed. There are a number of ways to go about collecting new cards.

  • Loot Lockers -- After a Victory on a stage or PvP match, you get the chance to open three Loot Lockers. If you get lucky, you may find a card or two hidden among them.

  • Free Packs -- Cartman's Shop offers up a free pack of cards every few hours, so be sure to take advantage of that when it's available.

  • PvP Packs -- You get a pack of cards for winning three PvP battles. This pack of cards re-spawns every few hours.

  • Coins -- Cartman's Shop sells specific cards in exchange for coins, so be sure to check in whenever stock changes.

  • PvP Tickets -- Similar to Cartman's Shop, Butter's Shop sells specific cards in exchange for PvP Tickets. Stock changes regularly, so check back often.

  • Dollars -- The Premium shop sells special card packs for Dollars, which can be bought for real-world money or tediously earned by opening Loot Lockers and completing Achievements.

You won't get every card just by collecting packs, however. Some cards are also locked behind PvP rank, so make sure you duke it out against other players on a regular basis. It's only healthy, after all.

How to Find Collect and Improve Cards in South Park Phone Destroyer

How to Improve Cards in South Park: Phone Destroyer

There are two main ways to improve your cards in South Park: Phone Destroyer. First, you upgrade a card until it's capped out, then you level it up.

  • Upgrading -- In order to upgrade a card, you need upgrade materials and coins. These materials are found in Loot Lockers, Card Packs, the Coin Shop, and the PvP Ticket Shop. Once you have the materials you need, you can upgrade cards by tapping on them in the deck builder.

  • Leveling Up -- Once a card is fully upgraded, you have the chance to level it up. To do so, you need a certain number of duplicate cards and a sum of coins. Once a card is leveled up, it's maximum upgrade level is increased.

After leveling a card, it may be upgraded again. Once it reaches the upgrade cap, it must be leveled up again in order to upgrade it further. Rinse and repeat this process until your card is maxed.

How to Build Better Decks in South Park: Phone Destroyer

Building the right deck is essential to your success. Before you make one, however, it's important to keep in mind the rules of deck building.

For starters, a deck may only have 12 cards in total. Of those 12 cards, you may only have cards from two of five different themes: Neutral, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Mystical, and Fantasy. Trying to add a card from a third theme just triggers a prompt that asks you to remove one of the other themes to make room.

Note also that you cannot play two of the same character at the same time. Some characters have different cards across other themes, and trying to double up on that character will just render one of the cards unusable when the other is in play. Try to build a deck with completely unique cards and characters.

How to Build Better Decks of Cards in South Park Phone Destroyer

Use Every Card Type Available

You want some of every card type and class in your deck so that you can deal with any situation. There are five different card classes that you can stuff in your deck.

  • Tank -- Summons a Tank class character. They have a lot of health but don't deal much damage.

  • Fighter -- Summons a Fighter class character. They have a moderate amount of health and deal a moderate amount of damage.

  • Assassin -- Summons an Assassin class character. They deal massive amounts of damage but die rapidly when targeted.

  • Ranged -- Summons a Ranged class character. They deal damage from a distance but die rapidly when attacked by melee characters.

  • Spells -- Casts a spell in the targeted area. These have a variety of effects and can quickly get you out of a pickle.

Without any one of these card types, you will be vulnerable to others overwhelming you with strategies you can't counter. Be sure to have at least two of each card type in your deck so that you have plenty of variety in your playing hand at all times.

Pay Attention to Special Powers

Some cards earn special powers when they're upgraded, and remembering to utilize them can really give you an extra edge in battle. There are four different types of special powers.

  • Charged -- These special powers are slowly charged over time. Once charged, these powers are manually activated by tapping the portrait that appears above the character's head.

  • Aura -- These special powers provide a passive effect whenever the character is in play.

  • Warcry -- These special powers are activated as soon as you summon the character.

  • Deathwish -- These special powers are activated upon the summoned character's death.

Pay attention to the specials that each card has and how they're activated, as they'll be integral to how you build your decks and play your cards in the long run.

With that, you know everything there is to know about building decks and collecting and improving cards. Be sure to check out our other South Park: Phone Destroyer guides while you're around.

South Park: Phone Destroyer Guide -- How to Fix the Google Play Error Fri, 10 Nov 2017 11:29:26 -0500 Autumn Fish

South Park: Phone Destroyer is finally out on iOS and Android devices. With zeal and a sense of giddy, you land in your device's app store and download the game, anticipating the moment when you'll ultimately be able to hit the Play button and get started. You launch the game, wait as it downloads more assets, and get excited as it logs you in -- before suddenly being met with an error.

The Google Play error to be precise.

What's frustrating is that if you follow the directions given to you by the game, it won't even fix anything. You'll just launch the game to the same error. Every. Single. Time.

So what gives? This guide will show you what to do. 

How to Fix the Google Play Error in South Park: Phone Destroyer

Well, as it turns out, the directions that the game gives you for fixing the error are extremely misleading. The glitch doesn't actually have anything to do with Google Play itself, and following the instructions to sign out and log back in is probably just going to cause a bigger headache since that account is likely connected to pretty much everything currently installed on your phone.

So if Google Play isn't actually the issue behind the glitch, then what is? And why does the game claim that Google Play is the issue?

How to Fix the Google Play Error in South Park Phone DestroyerWell, your Google Play account is actually connected to the error, just not via the Google Play app. You're most likely encountering this error because Google Play Games is not installed on your phone. Without this app, you can't log into the game servers, which leaves you unable to play at all.

Of course, to fix it, all you need to do is find Google Play Games in the Google Play store and install it. Once that installs, try launching the game and it should run -- sans the glitch.

If this doesn't work, then there may actually be something wrong with your Google Play account. Try following the game's directions to log out and log back in. If that doesn't work, considering using or making another Google Play account and that should get you in.

Now that you can actually play it, are you enjoying the game? Be sure to check back with GameSkinny for more South Park: Phone Destroyer guides.