Android Platform RSS Feed | Android RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network How to Build the Ultimate Kingdom in Caravan War Fri, 23 Feb 2018 11:06:31 -0500 Stephanie Tang

When it comes to strategy games, I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the tower defense subgenre -- ever since I was introduced to Bloons on Newgrounds as a young, impressionable soul. 

The format is fairly easy to pick up, although every game has its own particular twist. Build towers. Slow the enemy down. Kill them all.

Caravan War adds simulation game elements to the game format, encouraging you to build up your town and its buildings. Set in a cartoon-y medieval fantasy world, Hiker Games's newest title also throws PVP play into the mix, encouraging player clans and the ambushing of each other's caravans in the bid for riches and power. 

So how to make it to the very top? These are some of the things you're going to need to know.

Get to know your units

The tutorial blitzes you through the basics of setting up an ambush with both towers and your set of minions, but it doesn't really give you the time to look and learn the strengths and weaknesses of each. After you get a head start building your town, take a minute to look over each of the bandits to check out their attributes. This will play into strategizing where and how you're going to use them.  

An example of the cartoonish look of Caravan War

To continue progressing in this game, you're going to need to keep your fighting force fit and up to the task. Make sure that they stay healed, and make sure that you upgrade them whenever you can

Know how you want to set them up. Towers are handy, but you also want to make sure you've got the right minions set up where you want them. Heavily armored bandits are your best front line, while you should keep your squishier (but higher-ranged) archers further back. 

Play through campaign mode

Not only will this acclimate you to the game and how ambushes should be played, but you will also receive general loot from completing each level. You won't be able to just blitz through the chapters very easily right away, so make sure you keep your units upgraded so that you're not underpowered for the task.

The most important thing is that after completing certain chapters, you unlock new towers to add to your arsenal in ambushes. Once you do that, learn your towers so you know when and where to deploy them since they, much like your minions, have different strengths and weaknesses that correspond to different caravan units. 

Take a look at what the caravan is packing before you set up your stuff. If they're coming in heavy, for example, bring out the Mage Tower, which allows for armor penetration. You always have a little time to study your enemy before you need to engage. 

Keep upgrading and using your buildings 

In order to keep up with the increasing difficulty of ambushes, you're going to need to keep upgrading your units ... and in order to upgrade your units and your towers, you're going to need to keep your buildings upgraded as well. As the tutorial already shows you, you've got quite a few buildings taking up your town right from the start that are going to need your attention. 

Make sure that you're always keeping yourself well funded by sending out your caravan on trade missions -- this is what keeps you in gold, which you're going to need lots of to make your upgrades.

Building will need regular attention in Caravan War

Since this game is fairly PVP-oriented, there is a good chance that your caravan is going to be attacked by other players when you send it out on trade missions. That's fine. Pack them with as many units as you want so that you're not quite easy pickings, but even if they're successful, they're not going to rob you blind. You'll still come away with something, and you're going to want to keep that cash flowing as much as possible. 

Make sure that you keep your trade missions active even when you're not actively playing the game because they'll still count down the time necessary to complete the mission regardless of whether or not you have the game open. When you sign in again, they'll still be there waiting for you. 

Set out and do some ambushing yourself!

Keep up with the ambushes in Caravan War to score great rewards

Since it's a mobile game, it's not like you're going to have to sit through anyone cursing you through the Internet for your larceny. The rewards for successful missions are easy to see and show up at the top-left corner of the screen before you choose to engage. 

Even better, after 10 ambush attempts, you are awarded an Ambush Chest that holds even better rewards compared to your regular loot chests (seven cards versus the usual four), a guaranteed rare, and a chance for epics. 

Don't worry about losing

Learning your units is the most important thing, and knowing what they can (and can't) do against an enemy is what is going to make you better at it. 


Know any other strategies to get better at Caravan War? Let us know in the comments below!



Reroll or Keep? The Grand Summoners Tiers List Thu, 22 Feb 2018 10:55:52 -0500 Littoface

Say goodbye to your free time: Japanese mobile battle game Grand Summoners has made its debut in the USA in English. The spiritual successor to Brave Frontier brings with it an immersive story, tons of quests, and, of course, massively powerful units to battle with.

As in many other battle mobile games, Grand Summoners allows players to summon powerful warriors and  magical beasts to fight alongside your main character. Each of your four-unit party can be equipped with various trinkets and spells, enhanced and upgraded to unlock its maximum potential, and combined with other units of the same type to enhance its stats.

Of course, the characters in your party contribute greatly to the game's difficulty, as well as to how you fare against other players. This leads to a number of questions: Who should you hope to draw in your summon? What are the Grand Summoner rarity tiers? Is there any way to reroll in Grand Summoners?

Read on to uncover the answers to all of the above, and more!

How to Reroll in Grand Summoners

Grand Summoners, as the name suggests, places a large emphasis on summoning fighter units. Summons cost in-game money in the form of gems, which you receive for completing certain quests and challenges, logging in on consecutive days, or simply buying them. To give all players a leg up when they are first starting out, players receive 175 gems following the tutorial and introduction -- enough to summon 11 heroes 3 times and still have gems for equip draws. While there are other ways to get units (through questing or Invasion quests, for instance), this initial lump of gems can make acquiring good units much easier.

Not all summons will be worth keeping, and you will undoubtedly get some doubles. Didn't get the top summons on your first try? The units you start with will determine your strength (or lack thereof) as you progress through the game. Having the best starter units is essential -- and to do that, you may need to reroll.

There is no official way to reroll, but if you want to reset the game and get another shot at a highly ranked summon, here are three unofficial ways to reroll in Grand Summoners:

  • Android devices: Clear the game's data.
  • iOS devices: Reinstall the game.

(Owners of rooted devices can directly delete certain files to reset the gem count, but we won't go into that here).

Once you do this, all you have to do is play through until you receive 175 gems again, and give the summoning another try.

Who should you reroll for? We have a few suggestions below.

Grand Summoners Tiers List

The Grand Summoners tiers and rarity levels are based on the numbers of stars a unit can potentially have. The following is a breakdown of the tier list:

  • No rarity rating: 2 stars
  • Rare: 3 stars
  • Super Rare: 4 stars
  • Hyper Rare: 5 stars
  • Evolved Blade Master: The Blade Master you choose in the beginning of the game can be evolved into a higher tier later in the game.

The higher the potential power, the better ranked the unit is. Many units can also be evolved into higher rarity versions of themselves by raising their level to the maximum and using special items. (However, this is a lengthy process.) These are all things to keep in mind when you roll (or reroll) for summons in Grand Summoners.

Grand Summoner Unit Types

To have a truly balanced team, it isn't enough to have just high-tier characters. When putting together your dream team of fighters, you'll need to consider their types as well. Different types of units can equip different types of equipment, and it's a good idea to have a balanced team with a variety of units for the best effect.

While most good summons can equip three items, which equipment they can wield varies by type. The unit types and the equipment slots they come with are:

  • Attacker: The offensive unit which provides high damage. Can usually equip two attack items.
  • Supporter: The buff unit which provides temporary stat boosts for the whole team. Can usually equip one attack item and one support item.
  • Breaker: The boss-hunting unit which specializes in breaking the boss gauge. Can usually equip 2 attack items.
  • Healer: The, well, healer unit. This is generally the only unit capable of equipping healing items. Can usually equip one defense item and one healing item.
  • Defender: The tank unit which protects your team from enemy damage. Can usually equip one defense item.

Grand Summoners allows you to have more than one loadout, so try different party configurations until you find what works for you.

Best Grand Summoners Characters to Use

Of course, not all top-tier summons in Grand Summoners are equal. The trick to creating the best team is to mix and match unit types into a cohesive 4-summon army.

Here are a few current fan favorites to aim for, as well as their unit type and element, and their strengths as a unit:

  • Valhalla: Healer; Wood. Although this unit is not very powerful, its healing and buffing skills are top-notch.
  • Ragna: Breaker; Fire. A solid unit with great resists and buffs for the team.
  • Eden: Defender; Light. A defender unit with a 5-star healing slot and potential for damage negation.
  • Toto: Supporter; Wood. A reliable party buffer with support equip slots and regenerating health.
  • Yomi: Attacker; Water. A powerful attacker with physical and support equip slots and high water damage.
  • Arosdea: Attacker; Fire. A strong unit with three physical attack slots and useful skills.

Whichever of the three starter units you choose will also serve you well later in the game, as the Blade Masters -- Clyde, Corsair, and Arth -- have the potential to become even stronger than the summoned units. It is also recommended that you check in for future limited-time-events, which provide higher chances of landing a prized or limited unit.


Now that Grand Summoners has gone global (or at least has a U.S. release), English speakers can join in on the fun of this expansive battle mobile game. And with our Grand Summoners tier list and unit recommendations, you can start your journey into the game with a powerful team!

9 Mobile Games With Surprisingly Deep Storylines Tue, 20 Feb 2018 20:21:42 -0500 Blackcreed11

Mobile games are far from the usual gamer's choice of gaming. In fact, it is difficult to find a mobile game that keeps the player interested as well as has a story that's worthwhile. Here are nine mobile games with unexpected storylines that will have you hooked.

1. Homescape

This game involves you helping a character named Austin the Butler, who moves back home with his parents. His old childhood home is a bit of a fixer upper, but you help him improve the house. The game is a mix between The Sims and Candy Crush SagaAs you play the match-3 games, players earn money and help him make improvements on the home. This game is available in Google Play Store.

2. Infinity Blade

This game is an RPG combat adventure where, as the player, you face off against the main antagonist. The game plays in cycles, allowing you to fight the antagonist every time it is reborn. As the main character, Siris, you are on a mission to find what killed your father. The game consists of swipes to attack and dodge the enemy. This game you can find in iTunes App Store.

3. Device 6

This is a text-based game that uses images and sounds to guide the player through a set of puzzles, which the in-game protagonist, Anna, needs to solve to escape from an unknown island. She wakes up in a castle as she meets strange people and creatures appearing to be unresponsive or electronically controlled. The game consists of swiping the screen to move through or to review the story, using buttons to interact with in-game elements, shown in black-and-white pictures to get hints or to solve a puzzle.  Device 6 is available in the iTunes App Store.

4. The Room

This mystery puzzle game has four levels, each of which gives clues for the player to solve puzzles that reveal the plot of the story and lead to the next level. These clues are left behind by a benefactor and each clue brings you closer to the truth and a revelation about the story. This game can be found in the Google App Store as well as the iTunes App Store.


This indie title is a first-person sniper game with moral conflicts and a main character seeking revenge for the death of his family. It has a neo-noir style, which adds more suspense to the drama. The beginning missions start out easy and let you get accustomed with the system. The controls are simple and the aim is in the middle of the screen. Look for this game in the Google App Store.

6. Sinister Edge

This Android game allows for exploring locations, complex puzzle mechanics, and detailed surroundings full of unexpected occurrences. As the player, you are looking for your missing family members and uncovering a dark truth. This 3D game is available in the Google Play Store and iTunes App store.

7. Dark Meadow: The Pact

The game starts with you waking up in an abandoned, decrepit hospital with no memory. There is a strange man in a wheelchair warning you of the creatures dwelling within the halls and mentions a "witch" before quickly rolling away, never to be seen again. The game is in first person view; you can explore your strange new world. Touching certain items will open them and give you items. Small green nodes on the ground show you where you can go, and the controls are a simple tap and go; no on-screen D-Pad. Make sure to check this game out at the Google Play store and the iTunes App Store.

8. SIM- Sara is Missing

The game takes place on a lost cell phone which the player has found. The phone belongs to a girl named Sara. The phone seems to have been corrupted and the phone’s AI system, I.R.I.S. greets you with a friendly “Hello Sara." After typing responses to I.R.I.S, it soon becomes apparent Sara is in grave danger. You as the player must help I.R.I.S find Sara by searching through the most recent text messages, notes, emails, pictures and music to try and find relevant information on Sara. The iTunes App Store and Google Play App Store both have this game

9. Ninja Arashi

The game starts with the escape of the main villain from his prison. The villain proceeds to kill Arashi's wife and kidnaps his son. The game consists of using all the main character’s weapons in defeating the villains in the hopes of finding his son. The graphics are reminiscent of the Edo time period and the colors used for special attacks and traps are beautiful. The controls on the left side of the screen are two arrows used for moving either left and right. On the right side are four other buttons used to perform a variety of commands. This game is available in the iTunes App Store as well as the Google Play Store.

Check some of these games out and see which one you like!

Tekken Mobile Beginner's Tips Guide -- Tapping and Juggling Your Way to Victory Tue, 20 Feb 2018 11:06:38 -0500 Joseph Rowe

Tekken Mobile is finally out in most places around the world and is set to release in the U.S., Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Hong Kong by the beginning of March. But now that it's here, it's important to master the basics of the game in order to dominate your opponents. 

Let's take a look at some of the basic tips and strategies in this guide to help you do just that. 

Control Your Fighter, Control the Fight

Before you walk, you must crawl -- and before you fight, you must swipe. The control scheme in Tekken Mobile is pretty simple to use: you use the left side of the screen for movement and the right side of the screen for combat. If you swipe on the left side of the screen, you will walk in the direction of your swipe. If you hold down the left side of the screen, you will block. If you tap the right side of the screen, you will do basic attacks that can turn into a combo if you tap enough times. If you hold the right side of the screen, you charge up for a heavy attack that can break your opponent's guard.

It's important that you master the controls early on so you're ready to play against real opponents or harder AI. Make sure to practice your blocking and your heavy attacks -- you want to have a strong defense of your own while still being able to take down your opponent's defenses as well.

Tekken Mobile fighters pose next to their character cards

Fighters and Teams

At the start of the game, you're given Kazuya and, shortly after, Nina. You'll also be given a third Tekken Mobile character at random. You unlock more fighters by playing the game and unlocking fighter shard fragments. If you collect ten of fragments, you can craft that character.

Unlocking Characters and Shard Fragments

You receive fighters and their fragments from packs in-game. You can unlock these by winning in specific game modes or by buying premium packs. Like any other mobile game, you'll have to decide whether you want to grind out the good characters or pay some cash to get to your end goal faster. 

Fighter Rarities, Levels, and Skills

Fighters each have their own rarities, levels, and elements. Higher rarity characters are going to have access to better skills, which leads to more damage and survivability. In addition to that, 3-star and 4-star fighters have access to rage art moves. These are special moves that initiate a pre-set combo when you're at a certain amount of health. Unleashing one at the right time can help win you a match.

Fighter Teams

You will use a team of three fighters when playing Tekken Mobile. You should aim to have a mix of element types and skill sets to make sure you have the right fighter for each chapter of the story mode or to counter your opponents in versus. Keep in mind that certain actions, like playing a chapter of story mode, will lock your team in, so it might not be the best idea to put all of your strongest fighters on the same team if you switch modes a lot. You'll also want to make sure your fighters aren't locked in if you want their health to recover without using items.

Kazuya Mishima character card in Tekken Mobile

Leveling Up Your Fighters

As mentioned before, fighters in Tekken Mobile have levels. You obviously want to level your characters in order to unlock more skills, stats, etc. 

In order to level up your fighter, you will need to have the right kind and right amount of shards, either water, fire, earth, or lightning. For example, if you have a lightning type fighter, you will need to use lightning shards to level them up. The number of shards required to level fighters changes based on the fighter's level and rarity. 

There are also certain things to keep in mind when leveling up your fighter. The first of which is whether or not to level up said character. If they're not a 2-star or above, I would recommend against leveling them up. Unless you have a buttload of cash to spend on the game, you will want to be cautious with the way you spend your shards; 1- and 2-star characters are pretty common, so you might as well skip leveling up the 1-stars in favor for the much better 2-stars.

Another thing to consider when leveling your characters is whether or not the fighter you're leveling is a good match for your Tekken Mobile team. If your main team already has an earth element character in it, do you really need another one? Probably not. 

Lastly, try your best to have a well-balanced team. If you end up leveling up one character too much but ignore everyone else on your team, you'll be in trouble when you have to switch fighters.

Ling Xiaoyu Fights Paul Phoenix in Tekken Mobile

What are Waza Cards?

One of the more interesting aspects of the fighting system in Tekken Mobile is Waza Cards. These cards are basically like special moves that you can incorporate into your combat to make more meaningful, hard-hitting combos or to destroy your opponent's defenses.

There are several types of Waza Cards:

  • Guard Break
  • Strike
  • Launcher
  • Stun
Guard Break

Guard Break cards will, obviously, break your opponent's guard. It's useful to have a couple of these on hand at all times, but the consensus from most players right now is that, unless you're going against a defensive AI, you're better off only take one or two of these in your deck at most.


The next Tekken Mobile Waza Card type is the Strike. Strike cards are powerful moves that will deal a lot of damage to your opponents. They make the perfect combo finisher. They'll take priority over stuns, too, so sometimes they're worth popping off before the end of a combo. Keep in mind, though, that they can be blocked.


Launcher cards will launch the enemy fighter into the air. Tekken has always been a pretty juggle-heavy fighter, so these cards allow you to juggle your foe as you unleash a bone-breaking combo.


Stun cards are another great way to control your opponent in the fight. Stunning an opponent at the right moment can give you a window of time to set up a sick combo and end the match before it even begins.

Like any other fighting game, you will want to take some time to train yourself in how to use your Waza cards. Keep in mind that in Tekken Mobile, the Waza cards are played at random, so it doesn't matter the order you put them into your deck, but you will still want to try and aim for a set of cards that can work together. The better in sync your cards are, the better combos you will pull off.

You can unlock more Waza cards by opening packs. If you get fighter shards for a fighter you've already unlocked, those will turn into Waza cards. If you get Waza cards that you've already unlocked, those will turn into essence, which you can use to craft other Waza cards.


That does it for our Tekken Mobile beginner's guide. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below and I will try my best to help you. Stay tuned for more Tekken Mobile content!

Crazy Dreamz: MagiCats Edition Review -- Don't Even Waste Your Time Sun, 18 Feb 2018 13:01:24 -0500 buymymixtape123

In a world where even indie studios are making games that are rivaling or are even better than Triple-A games, you should be able to make something at least playable or fun. Dreamz Studio failed to do either with the buggy and poorly made game that is Crazy Dreamz: MagiCats Edition.

Crazy Dreamz: MagiCats Edition is a free to play platformer with a few good aspects to note, but sadly the bad vastly outweigh the good.

The Good

The game has a creator feature in it, which allows you to create and share your own custom-made levels with people around the world. What really stands out about the creator mode is the game's best feature: the ability to create custom code for parts of your level. You are able to code different NPCs to do what you want them to do, and it is very similar to real coding. Let's say you are trapped in a room at the start of the level, and you want the rat with the giant sword to help the player out of the room and to talk to the player -- well, you can just program the rat to do exactly that. This is a pretty unique feature and more game should try to do something similar.

Good ol' coding!

Another great aspect of Crazy Dreams: MagiCats Edition are the levels that people create. Some of them can be very challenging and creative, and it's fun to see what people come up with.

The Bad

This game is very unoptimized on iOS and has game breaking bugs that make some levels unplayable. I couldn't even play the tutorial because every time I would start up the first tutorial, it would not let me move and none of the controls would pop up on the screen. I tried to wait it out for a few minutes to see if anything would happen, but nothing ever did, which led me to not knowing how to play for the first 40 minutes of the game.

Still waiting for the tutorial to load...

Another problem was dying to things that shouldn't kill you. My character jumped at a wall trying to climb it, but instead died for no reason. When doing that same jump, he survived and was able to climb it. This random dying is extremely problematic in hard levels where you would have to redo a difficult segment again.

Also, the controls are very wonky and unresponsive at times, but this is a problem I have with a lot of mobile games and this may not be a problem in the PC port. 

One of the most annoying things about the game is the Unity ad that plays every four times you die. I understand that ad revenue is a great source of income for a free to play game, but this takes you out of the game and makes you just want to just exit the app. They should find a better way to place ads in the game, and at least have some variety to it, because you will see that same Unity ad a lot on difficult levels where you die a lot.

Just imagine seeing this 40 times in a hour.

One of the biggest flaws of Crazy Dreamz: MagiCats Edition is that it does nothing special for the platforming genre to make it stand out, even with the coding aspect. Instead, you could be playing something like Super Mario Maker -- even though it may lake the intricate coding system, it still does everything else this game does, but better and in a more polished manner.

Overall, Crazy Dreamz: MagiCats Edition is mess that needed more work put into it. I wouldn't even recommend downloading the game for free in its current state. It has a lot of potential but it just falls flat.

Note: A review copy of this game was provided.

Last Day on Earth Guide: How to Recover Lost Account Sat, 17 Feb 2018 15:42:01 -0500 Sjaak den Heijer

A lot of players of the popular mobile game Last Day on earth have lost their account and progress in Last Day on Earth. Luckily for you, we’ve got a guide to fix that for you.

First of all, start your game and go to your settings. You'll want to make sure you are disconnected. If the button with the controller says “Disconnect” this means you're still connected. If it says “Connect” you are disconnected. When you’re disconnected, simply press the button to reconnect and your account should come back.

If connecting your Google account doesn’t work, tap your game server at the bottom left of the screen. This will show display your gameID and you’ll need to take a screenshot of this.

After taking the screenshot, press the “Support” button. You’ll see a lot of options. Scroll down and press “How to Contact Us” then choose one of the three option to contact the game’s tech support, either via Facebook, Reddit or VK. Just state your problem and add the screenshot with your gameID. after that wait for a response, the tech support team will look at your problem and get back to you as soon as possible.

I hope this guide was helpful to you so you can get back to saving the world from a zombie invasion. And as always, for more game fixes and other gaming related content stay tuned to Gameskinny.

5 Underrated Android Idle Games Worth a (Not) Play Fri, 16 Feb 2018 11:50:13 -0500 Spongehoe

Not going to lie, idle games are a pretty huge waste of time in terms of modern productivity. Many of them are cheaply made and shortlived, some of them are sophisticated and interesting, but all of them are just that -- idle.

These mini-games were originally created to be mocked, but they then progressed to become a smartphone addict's greatest pleasure. I mean, Flappy Bird anyone?

That said, Android has a variety of genuinely great games that don't receive much attention from casual and core gamers alike. Here are five clickers worth a play while you're at it.

5. Idle Universe - 4.1/5 Google Play Store

Recommended for Big Bang Theorists, this idle game allows you to create your very own universe from a series of clicks that bring it to life. Collect, collide and reproduce in space to your heart's content. With Divine Powers to unleash and Dark Forces to be reckoned with, Idle Universe allows one to put together a unique universe and reap its timeless benefits. 

4. SPACEPLAN - 4.3/5 Google Play Store

Another popular clicker for our astrophysicists bored at space camp -- except this time, you're literally launching potato-based probes into orbit around a peculiar unknown planet. SPACEPLAN was meant to be a rather humorous plot twist of Stephen Hawking's work, with a pleasant soundtrack and dimensions to span across and explore.

3. Endless Frontier - 4.5/5 Google Play Store

Endless Frontier is considered an epic RPG by gamers -- except it's in clicker form. You must try to end the dark reign of the -- not surprisingly -- Dark Prince and overthrow his power. It might look like a five-minute put-together, but the upside of this beauty is the online PvP option and the limitless upgrades your protagonist can reap to the end of the story. 

2. Kittens Game - 4.7/5 Google Play Store

Lately, this particular ad-free idle game has been receiving momentum on Reddit and the likes, but many are still unaware of the fascinating aspects of the game. Regulate and run a village of nothing but kittens, and keep them busy with sustainable development and resource management. While the game is in traditional menu form, it has become quite an addiction. 

1. Egg Inc. - 4.7/5 Google Play Store

The best of best would have to be Egg Inc. It's obviously rare to see free clickers on the market today with crisp 3D visuals and vibrant colors as beautiful as this one. With swarms of chickens galore, you must build a strong, stable chicken farm and produce as many eggs as you can in every manner possible, whether that means investing in research or putting together some chicken coops in the corner.


With the ongoing popularity of these incremental games at our fingertips, almost everybody, regardless of their schedule, can enjoy these on a daily basis.

What are some of your favorite idle games? Comment below and stay tuned for more great content!

5 Blockchain and Bitcoin-Based Games to Keep an Eye On in 2018 Thu, 15 Feb 2018 15:38:58 -0500 Rudyardk

There is no denying that blockchain is an ingenious invention capable of revolutionizing the systems we nowadays use. By allowing free and non-copied digital information, blockchain technology became the backbone of a new type of internet, a better and more exciting version.

Since that happened, blockchain has continually evolved, finding new potential uses for the technology. One such example is the creation of blockchain-based gaming platforms.

Devised not only for entertainment purposes but also for generating a deeper understanding of cryptocurrencies and their power, games based on the technology should be of interest to you in 2018.

By following this growing trend of games, creators are hoping that they will eventually boost cryptocurrency adoption, giving people a reason to use such gaming platforms. If success follows, we can expect that enough monetary support will go into continuing its development and creating better and more innovative content. That’s quite exciting!

1. CryptoPets

Despite the name being reminiscent of a 10-year-old's dream game, CryptoPets is an interesting project which uses white paper and smart contracts. Scheduled to be released in due time, there is much talk among community members, showing the great interest some people are taking in the project. Even before its release, you can subscribe to the different channels, getting early access to some enticing features and becoming one of the first to try out the content.

To give a better perspective of the game, CryptoPets will offer you adorable digital creatures that are 100% owned by you. In other words, nobody will be able to replicate them, destroy them, or take them away. These one-of-a-kind critters will be powered by blockchain, and you’ll be able to raise them, play with them, and show your collection off to your friends and family. CryptoPets starts by giving you the option to buy pets using Ether. Afterwards, you will receive random egg species that you will eventually hatch, and you’ll end up with your own set of cuddly digital pets! You’ll be able to breed as much as you want, even exchanging one pet for another in the marketplace.

2. CryptoKitties

A game with a highly similar concept is CryptoKitties. Centered on collectible and aww-looking kitties, the game follows the same structure as CryptoPets. Each breedable creature will be 100% owned by you, and nobody can replicate it, destroy it, or even take it away from you. CryptoKitties is renowned within the blockchain community as being one of the world’s first games to be built using the technology. This might explain why it has the most significant auditory and market turnover to this day. Despite there being some levels of interaction with the pets, CryptoKitties works similarly to a traditional collectible game and hasn’t yet had any new functionality added by the developers. As a result, prices are seamlessly dropping each day, but there is still hope when it comes to it. Another potential problem is the fact that the game is challenging to enter for newbies, making the incentive to join that much lower.

Nonetheless, the breeding process is reasonably attractive, maybe even slightly scientific. If that is enough for the game to survive, only time will tell. Until then, there are other more alluring games to try out as well.


3. Etheremon

Now here is a game that you should keep your eyes peeled on. Etheremon is considered, at least for the moment, to have the highest potential of all blockchain games. Using battle mechanics and designs similar to Pokemon, this game is bound to remind you of lost youth and childhood memories.

Although the game started out like a Ponzi-like scheme, the developers of Etheremon had grand plans in store for this creation. In fact, for those who haven’t yet seen any return on their investments (ROIs), the makers of the game will offer eggs which will turn into new gen0 mons. In contrast with other games, it seems that players are more valued, and there are individual incentives to pique their interest.

Another interesting fact is that the project leader, Nakasatoshi, seems deeply involved with the community, having even opened a thread about potential game developments and ways in which the game can improve. These steps have made many even more excited about Etheremon, and the project spend of $0 on marketing has attracted even more fans of decentralized systems.

4. Decentraland

Renowned for being the first virtual platform to be owned by its users, Decentraland has a one-of-a-kind concept which will immerse you in an interactive 3D world. The chances are that you’ll create your individual piece of the universe, purchasing land using the Ethereum blockchain, and then build an ageless record of ownership.

In fact, the world will appear limitless. Due to you being in control of your land, Decentraland gives you the chance to create your unique set of experiences. Whether you want to attend a workshop, start a business, go on a holiday, visit a casino, or watch live music, the game will give you 360-degree options -- all within a virtual world.

If you’re enthused by betting, but this game doesn’t quite do it for you, try a Blockchain or Bitcoin casino, and this section should serve as inspiration. Alternatively, Edgeless and FunFair are two excellent choices users rave about.

Pray 4 Prey

5. Pray 4 Prey

At the moment, little is known about Pray 4 Prey. Featuring an exciting name but no set of FAQs or rules, for the time being, users are left to dream about the potential concept. What we do know is that you buy fish and hope they survive the shark attacks. If they do, you’ll gain one Ether per round.


What are your thoughts on blockchain and Bitcoin-based games? Let us know in the comments below.

Crowns Rebranded as Monster Crown with New Trailer Thu, 15 Feb 2018 13:56:48 -0500 Erroll Maas

The developers of upcoming monster-raising RPG, Monster Crown, originally known as Crowns, have released a new trailer alongside a press release with a few new details on the game.

Monster Crown is a Game Boy-inspired indie monster-raising game which will feature a distinctive breeding system and an abundance of content.     

Meant for monster-catching completionists and battle masters, the game will include over 200 monsters to collect; countless combinations to breed; a sprawling, wild world; a deep, dark story; and online battling and trading.

Monster Crown does not yet have a release date, but a Kickstarter campaign for the game will launch on April 10. An older demo, Crowns Frostbite, is available for download on PC. Players can also get updates on the game through the Twitter page, Facebook, subreddit, and website. You can also check out our interview with Lead Developer Jason Walsh to learn more details about the game.

An Interview with Jason Walsh, Lead Developer of Monster Crown Thu, 15 Feb 2018 13:53:38 -0500 Erroll Maas

Jason Walsh is the lead developer of the recently rebranded upcoming indie monster-raising RPG, Monster Crown. He took some time out of his busy development schedule to sit down and chat with me about what inspired the game and how some of its mechanics differ from similar games in the subgenre.

Erroll Maas: How did you come up with the name Crowns/ Monster Crown, and what were some other names you were considering?

Jason Walsh: When the Crowns project first began, the scope and ideas were much smaller than they are today, but one thing was always important -- this was going to be a game about monsters that all wanted to be top dog, and it was going to have a story about characters that wanted "The Crown," either literally, in a kingdom, or figuratively, in a power struggle. Crowns felt right, but as time went by, people kept saying, 'This doesn't tell me much about the game,' or 'What does Crowns mean?' Obviously you can't reply to those questions with a full knowledge drop on the motivations of the monster or characters -- or well, you shouldn't (I certainly more than once dropped a long-winded explanation). We even had some people say that they expected some Civilization-esque medieval game after hearing the title. It also wasn't very searchable. People may hear of Crowns, go to look it up, and basically only find information about a British TV show! The concept of Crowns really stuck, though, and people had come to know us. From there, Monster Crown evolved quite naturally.

EM: What influenced the decision for Monster Crown to contain a darker narrative and lore than other games in the subgenre?

JW: Well, growing up with monster-catching games, I really took to them. Thoughts of them would invade my every waking hour -- they lit up my imagination. Whether it was Pokemon, Dragon Warrior Monsters, Digimon, Telefang, or Monster Rancher, I was hooked on the concept of having these awesome monster companions and traveling with them. But there was some dark recess of my mind that also got sort of wrapped into it. I remember a very distinct dream where I was exploring and came across these very dark, vicious, nightmarish monsters. I found some secret in the game, and a world of horrors was unleashed. It scared me quite a bit, but as I grew older, it turned to a fascination. What dark secrets lie beyond those pixel walls? if you were to escape the cities, the routes, reach the deep parts of the world no one else had ever reached -- what would you uncover? That can be an interesting question, and it's one I've had in mind while building every corner of Monster Crown. Those willing to explore, to try unusual things, to let their imagination run amok -- they'll have plenty to discover in Monster Crown. Dark games like Shin Megami Tensei also greatly inspired me to develop the tone we're looking for in Monster Crown.

EM:  How many monsters will be in Monster Crown, and do you have a favorite?

JW: There will be 200 base monsters in Monster Crown. Each one has various genetic variations, and as you can see in the trailer, many will have totally unique transformations when a specific item is used on them -- the Atomic Clock on Dracoyle ages him. The Antifungal on Laz turns him back into his original form. For those completionists out there, I know where you're coming from. I have an urge to collect all the monsters too -- you'll have your hands quite full with Monster Crown, and I'm not talking about things like palette swaps. Personally, my favorite isn't revealed yet -- it's Tanukrook. My teammate Shad seems to have channeled something straight out of that nightmare I mentioned earlier.

EM: Palette swaps do seem to be a common problem in monster-raising RPGs outside of Pokemon. Was it difficult to avoid palette swaps when creating monsters, or was it a goal since the game's inception?

JW: Great question. Because our base idea was that the breeding system creates true crossbreeds, we knew right away that palettes were going to be a vital part of that system. Before we added genetic variations, we still knew the form would be based on the father, and the palette the mother. In that sort of system, a wild palette swap isn't too appealing -- you could just breed your monster to be whatever color you wished. 

So inherently they wouldn't be valuable to Tamers. Things like near-palette swaps, like the battle hammer-wielding variant of the Battle Rex (pictured above) in Dragon Warrior Monsters Joker can be SO cool! And originally we thought genetic variations could be slight changes, but ultimately we wanted to go all the way on our breeding mechanic, put all our chips down. For that reason, every monster sprite is handcrafted from scratch, including all variations.

EM: So you mentioned breeding, but Monster Crown also has a separate fusion mechanic. How do these mechanics differ, and why were both included?

JW: So we knew right off the bat that all sorts of people play monster-catching games. Some love very in-depth, thorough mechanics with a lot of control. They hate things like RNG -- these are the Monster Scientists! I love what they manage to pull off and accomplish. But there is another group that enjoys more casual play. They like when things flow along smoothly and quickly. So with both of these people in mind, we knew we had to include a way to control the pace of the game to suit your individual tastes.

Personally I'm a bit of a Scientist -- I love the breeding system. You get so much control, you get to keep both parents, but your offspring monster starts as a baby -- you have to raise it up!

But Fusion exists for people that don't want to wait around to hatch eggs, they don't want to level up a baby to meet their mid-game team's level, and they don't mind losing the parents. For that reason, we added the fusion mechanic, letting people choose how rushed they are, how methodical they want to be. Whenever we can, we give options so people can play the game the way they enjoy most.

EM: In addition to breeding and fusion, to obtain wild monsters the player can offer them contracts. Why was this the chosen method rather than favorite food or another alternative?

JW: Monsters in our world share the temperament of a wild beast, but they are a little wiser. Offering a legal contract to a ,onster is pretty funny, but when you think about it,  why does a wild beast want to join you? What do you have to offer? Monsters don't care to be your friends, and they don't like you very much. Offering a contract is a symbolic gesture; it means "Come with me, help me pursue my goals, and I will train you, and one day return you to your environment infinitely stronger than you stand today." These monsters are playing the long game. They may struggle in their environment, but a promise to one day be the alpha, well, that's exactly what they're after. For this reason, there's an entire city on Crown Island, Appenton, where young hopefuls study and perfect the art of writing contracts that are viable to both human and monster, and easily understood.

 EM: It can be assumed that monsters will be of different types and have strengths and weaknesses to others. What are some of these monster types, and how do they differ from the types we've seen in other games?

JW: Our types are closer to personalities than physical types. This is quite a departure from other games in the genre. The types are Vicious, the blood thirsty sadists; the Brutes, which wield huge physical strength and act fairly arrogantly; the Will types, which are like calm, sturdy tanks; the Relentless, ones that refuse to quit with high endurance; and finally, the Unstable, the ones about to fall apart at the seams that act erratically. When you breed a Brute with Laz, you get a Laz that is bursting at the seams with strength. When you breed a Vicious type with a Teedon, you get one that looks like it might try to stab you in the back. Because of this, we're able to design each monster as if it is bursting at the seams with its personality.

EM: The stockpiling mechanic encourages players to switch monsters of the same type in order to create a chain and boost the strength of their following attacks. What helped influence this idea?

JW: Well, in other games you can switch to another monster in your party. It takes time, you often take a hit, but you weigh the cost to the benefits of getting a type advantage.We wanted to expand on that, and we really start thinking of it from an outside perspective. How does it work? How do you switch the monster? We started trying to imagine it if we were tamers in-universe. Now if you recall, our monsters are very wild and mean -- taming them to the degree that they obey direct, specific, and prompt commands to swap mid battle would take a high level of mastery over these wild beasts. They'd make a Lion Tamer look like a joke! So having this high level of team synergy builds energy, and it's unleashed when you finally do attack. Of course, if you mess up, you can lose all your built-up stockpile without getting to use its power. Depending on the level of stockpile you've built, you'll gain buffs or inflict debuffs. Depending on the foe, a building 2 stockpile before attack might be just what the doctor ordered. Against another, you might find that if you can't hit a full stockpile gauge, it's not worth it against this particular enemy. It'll always be risk-reward, and we're looking forward to the mind games people play against each other in online battling as well. Also, there is a secret additional stockpile level you can unlock as you play through the game. Anyone with the skill to reach that level may be rewarded ... in "transformative" ways....

EM: Last question, is there some time we can expect a possible release date or release window, and will it be exclusive to PC?

JW: Well, we're launching a Kickstarter on April 10th, so we'll have a clearer picture then, but as of right now, we're shooting for a February 2019 release. Of course we're going to work hard to try to get it out even sooner. We do want to leave plenty of time for very thorough testing of both the game and the online battling and trading. It will launch on PC, Android, and iOS. I'm also going to do everything in my power to get it on the Switch and Vita, but that involves other parties as well, so I'm not able to promise anything at this moment.

I thanked Jason for taking the time out of his day to chat with me. Monster Crown is currently in development. An early demo of the game, Crowns Frostbite, is available for download on PC. You can follow Jason on Twitter as well as the Monster Crown Twitter, Facebook, subreddit, and website.

Classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms Remake for Mobile Now Available for Pre-Registration Thu, 15 Feb 2018 12:15:27 -0500 Nicolas Entrabartolo

Take yourself back to a time when empires waged war and strategy was all the rage. Get excited, Romance of the Three Kingdoms fans, because the revival has begun. Thingsoft's Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of CaoCao is now available for pre-registration. Available now in over 149 countries, head on over to the app store, iPhone users, and be sure to keep an eye on Google Play, Android users.

You'll soon be able to relive the tactics and strategy of the renowned classic on your mobile device, currently one of the top five most downloaded games in Korea and Taiwan. You can enjoy memorable commanders in the Story Mode or create your own empire by conquering settlements in the Strategy Mode. You'll also engage in PvP, develop cities, and enlist units to expand your empire across the lands.

You'll see classic images like this once Romance of the Three Kingdoms is available on U.S. mobile devices

Be sure to check back for more Romance of the Three Kingdoms updates and stay tuned to GameSkinny for all the latest news, tips, and more.

Does Killing Monsters in Monster Hunter: World Feel Wrong to You? Try Monster Hunter Stories Instead Tue, 13 Feb 2018 11:52:21 -0500 Erroll Maas

Monster Hunter: World has been one of the most popular games in the past few weeks. Besides overwhelmingly positive reviews, there has been one other trend among games media regarding the newest entry in Capcom's monster hunting franchise. Writers such as Waypoint's Austin Walker and IGN's Lucy O' Brien have written about how repeatedly killing monsters can sometimes feel aimless and how that aimlessness, as well as the detail of the monsters suffering, can make some players feel guilty.  It may seem like these players should avoid the franchise altogether despite still having some interest, but there is one game taking place in the same universe which can be played as an alternative option. That game is the often overlooked Monster Hunter Stories on the Nintendo 3DS (also now on smartphones in Japan).

Monster Hunter Stories takes a softer approach to its beasts
Friends Over Foes

In this RPG spin-off, rather than taking on the role of a hunter, you become a rider, an individual who bonds with and rides monsters via stealing monster eggs from nests. The hatched monsters are called monsties, derived from "monster" and "bestie,"  while the rest are still just called monsters. These riders come from a few select, secret villages that developed separately from the rest of the world, and over time, they learned how to communicate with monsters through use of the kinship stones -- their symbol, which allows them to bond with their monsties both mentally and emotionally. Riders not only battle wild monsters besides their monsties, but they also battle other riders as practice and in tournaments. Although you are still killing monsters out in the field, it looks more similar to a fainting Pokémon and likely won't make you feel the same way as in World.

Killing is a bit less realistic as compared to Monster Hunter World
Less Graphically Impressive, but Also Less Graphic

The art style of Monster Hunter Stories is reminiscent of Level-5 games such as Ni No Kuni and Yo-Kai Watch in contrast to the more realistic-looking graphics of its high-definition counterpart. It has a more cartoonish look and kid-friendly tone as well as an "Everyone 10 and Up rating rather than a Teen rating. This is due to all the main characters being kids -- similar to the 10-year-old kids running around the Pokémon world -- and because the game contains only some crude humor and fantasy violence as opposed to the blood, mild language, and use of alcohol in World. Although the gameplay still largely consists of killing monsters, you won't see them limping, drooling, or displaying much visible damage other than their health bar, provided that you had seen the same monster previously. If you don't have a problem seeing Pokémon faint, then you shouldn't have a problem taking down monsters in Monster Hunter Stories.

The cartoonish graphics help alleviate some of the more worrisome aspects of Monster Hunter World
A Better Story

Although Monster Hunter: World isn't Monster Hunter's first attempt at having a story, it is the first in the series to have a more Western-inspired cinematic narrative; however, the story doesn't do much to enhance the experience, and at points, it can even feel unnecessary. As you may have guessed from the name, Monster Hunter Stories puts an increased significance on story, and although it's still not as thought-provoking as it could be, it still pulls off a better execution than Monster Hunter: World. The story of Monster Hunter Stories is one you would likely see in an anime series aimed at children, such as Pokemon or Digimon, as well as the game's own direct anime adaptation, Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On!, with themes of friendship and treating monsters as more than just tools. The characters in Monster Hunter Stories can also be more interesting than those of Monster Hunter: World, and they are full of personality. If you enjoy the story enough, it can even help make you care about them more. It might be clichéd and not the deepest or most complex JRPG story, but it can be more entertaining and feels more necessary than that of Monster Hunter: World

Navirou isn't as customizable as Monster Hunter World's palicoes, but he's still cool
You Still Get a Cat Companion

While he can't be customized to the same degree and has a rather odd appearance when compared to other felynes, Navirou is a helpful sidekick in Monster Hunter Stories. Navirou provides information on monsters in battle and also tells you the strength of the resulting monstie when stealing monster eggs. He also happens to have a rather peculiar backstory, being more than just your sidekick for the sake of having one. He may not be as customizable as the palicoes of Monster Hunter: World, but he does get a handful of costumes, including crossover DLC such as Majora's Mask and an Umaru-Chan outfit.

Monster Hunter Stories includes crossover items from the Legend of Zelda series
Plenty of Content to Keep You Satisfied

Monster Hunter is no stranger when it comes to having a prosperous amount of content, and Monster Hunter Stories is no different. Other than a main story campaign which clocks in at around 50 hours, Monster Hunter Stories also includes high rank quests and monsties, online battles, two post-game challenges, and as a series of tournaments in which you can gain new armor sets, weapons, and monsties. Additionally, Monster Hunter Stories continues the Monster Hunter tradition by having an abundance of free DLC content which includes (but is not limited to) new quests, monsties, and tournaments. If you enjoy what the game has to offer, you may keep playing it for quite some time.

The monsties are ready for battle
Ride On!

So if you've grown tired of feeling guilty about killing monsters but still enjoy seeing the monsters as well as the world, then give Monster Hunter Stories a try. While it may not have the graphical fidelity of Monster Hunter: World and is currently exclusive to Nintendo 3DS in the West and smartphones in Japan, it can provide a satisfying alternative to its popular counterpart. Monster Hunter Stories is available on Nintendo 3DS both physically and digitally in North America and Europe. A free demo of the game is also available to download on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Battle Flow Tips and Tricks Beginner's Guide Tue, 06 Feb 2018 11:41:38 -0500 Littoface

Do you have the finger dexterity needed to succeed in the rough world of Battle Flow? The new card game from developer 3Dude Club is gaining popularity for its quick and addictive gameplay, but it takes some practice. Want to learn how to improve more quickly or make the most lucrative deck? Follow our Battle Flow guide for all the tips and tricks we've picked up along the way.

How to Get Faster at Battle Flow

The quick tutorial gives you the basics of the game: draw cards to gain hype, and fill up your hype bar before your opponent to win. In this case, the game literally wants you to draw the cards, with your finger, a stylus, your nose, whatever. The concept may seem simple, but you'll find soon enough that the game can be pretty punishing about coloring inside the lines, a skill you never thought you'd need to use after kindergarten. So what's the secret to drawing Battle Flow cards?

The key is to find a balance between speed and accuracy. Draw too fast and you increase the chance of messing up or having to redraw from a certain point (drawing too fast sometimes leaves the shining blue guideline behind). Draw too slowly and you run out of time. We found that focusing on the space just in front of the guideline is the most effective way to stay inside the lines. If you have a stylus, whip it out for this! Using one makes it easier to see what you're doing, and it creates a thinner line than a finger.

How to Win More Battle Flow Fights

So you've mastered the basics of card drawing, and now it's time to pay more attention to points and attributes. Some things to remember while you're playing:

  • Each card you correctly draw earns you hype based on your Authority attribute.
  • You lose 5 hype points for each card you fail to draw correctly.
  • How much time you get per round depends on your Audacity attribute.
  • Attribute-increasing items can be bought at the base. Remember to equip them in the Char sheet to get the boost.
  • Card streaks of 4 or so cards earns you a large hype bonus.

In other words: To see a huge improvement immediately, raise your Authority and Audacity attributes, prioritize accuracy over speed for bonus points, and make use of items. You can also watch a video at the slot machine to earn certain boosts and rewards. All the small boosts add up to make a big difference (one second more on the round's clock can help you squeeze in one more streak in the round, for instance!).

a good deck building strategy is a must in Battle Flow

How to Build an Effective Deck in Battle Flow

You can customize your deck in Battle Flow by moving cards from your Stack (active cards) to your Deck (inactive cards). There are a few things to take into consideration when you're building your deck:

  • All bronze cards are worth the same amount.
  • Different silver cards have different effects, such as adding time to your round, removing hype from your opponent, giving you a point bonus, and more.
  • Gold cards have no actual effect on the battle's outcome, and you can only use each once per battle (they burn up after use but return to your inventory after the fight).
  • Silver and gold cards have thinner outlines and are harder to draw -- they can mess up your streak.
  • Using the same card over and over decreases its value. (In fact, if you use it enough times, you actually start losing points and giving your opponent points!).
  • You can get more cards by completing battles or by paying gold tickets at the card library (the laptop surrounded by books) 4 times every 24 hours.

To build the best deck, you'll need to play around and see which cards you find easy to draw and which ones you tend to mess up on. Since all the bronze cards have the same value, and deck size doesn't seem to make a difference, we recommend this method for building the most powerful deck:

  1. Remove cards you aren't good at from your stack.
  2. Remove all card multiples.
  3. Test each silver card you receive to see what its effect is. Keep useful cards in your stack (just remember they might break up your flow, so make sure they're actually useful!).

These three simple steps will optimize your deck's performance and ensure bonuses and quick hype buildup in battles.

Choosing the right cards for optimal deck performance in Battle Flow

How to Get More Gold Tickets and Money

Since the item shop and card library are both great resources for improving your Battle Flow game, you'll need to learn how to earn cash and tickets quickly. The best way to earn both is by fighting in battles -- especially against the first opponent, Terry Buffalo. Every time you defeat Buffalo, you earn $500 (or $1,000 if it's your first time fighting him), plus 3 more treasures at the end of the fight, which is usually more tickets and cash. By just fighting Buffalo a couple of times, you can amass a hefty pile of loot, so it's worth grinding him a bit.

Another way to earn potential cash and tix is through the slot machine, which gives you a chance to earn both ... if you're lucky.


And finally, remember: there's no penalty for fleeing from or losing a fight! So if a fight isn't going your way, you can always try again,

Now flex those fingers because thanks to our guide, you're about to become a Battle Flow master!

Hero Hunters Beginner's Tips and Tricks Guide Sun, 04 Feb 2018 17:14:53 -0500 lynneice

Hero Hunters is a cover-based, third-person shooter available for iOS and Android mobile devices. It follows a tried-and-true formula that utilizes destructible environments, upgradable rosters of playable characters, and several different gameplay modes. There are microtransactions aplenty in Hunters that allow players to ascend the ranks quickly, but for those wanting to stick to the free-to-play version, be prepared to grind and keep up with your game like it’s a high-maintenance Tamagotchi pet.

But although it sounds like it could be a lot of work, stick with us. We're going to show you how to save time and have fun doing it with this handy Hero Hunters guide. 

Gameplay in Hero Hunters is Reminiscent of AAA Titles

Players used to turn-based games wherein members of your party are leveled up by actively playing might find Hunters’ AI a little better than what they’re used to — even from PC/console titles. Unlike some of these games, Hunters will not only award XP for characters used by the player, but for the entire team you choose to run. This means leveling up is not an arduous process of constantly switching between party members to try to rack up XP, or keeping tabs on who you have and haven’t used during battle.

When you aren’t using one of your party members, the AI will take over and does a pretty good job of accurately taking out enemies just as well as the player at times. Keep in mind that the computer does not have the foresight of a human, and might deploy skills at inopportune moments, so if you’re running a team with a shield user, taunter, or healer, it may help to switch to these characters often to manage their unique skills.

Guide Tip: Always run a healer on your team and switch to them often to manage their abilities efficiently.

Hero Types, Roles, and Abilities

Hero Hunters Roster

Hero Types

There are three Hero elemental types in Hero Hunters, all weak to and strong against one of the other types.

  1. Energy (Green): Strong against Biochem
  2. Biochem (Blue): Strong against Mechanical
  3. Mechanical (Orange): Strong against Energy

Just like Rock, Paper, Scissors. When in battle, you can tell how your hero stacks up to other Hero types by the up (green) or down (red) arrow that displays when aiming at an enemy. If an enemy is gray, they have no elemental type and thus receive no boost in damage given or received.

Guide Tip: Let your AI handle characters weak against your enemies so you can focus fire with the strongest Hero. Killing the main boss/elite will often end the wave, so these tips in combination will make your missions quick and painless.

Hero Roles

Heroes also have roles they can fall into; at the time of writing, there are three types of roles in Hero Hunters:

  1. Front Line: Heroes will spawn closest to the enemy
  2. Mid-Line: Heroes spawn toward the middle of the battlefield and should be high DPS
  3. Support: Heroes spawn near the rear and usually are long-range fighters or healers.

Since there are limited numbers of positions to spawn into, don’t be surprised if your team of snipers ends up with a few on the Front Line, completely out of their element.

Guide Tip: When you are setting up your team before a mission, you can check their roles at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Hero Abilities

Heroes also all have their own abilities, which can be upgraded as they level up. During the beginning of the Hero Hunters Campaign, the game will walk you through how to upgrade your Heroes, and it will continue to provide recommendations on when to spend bucks to upgrade abilities, when to apply XP to level up, and which items are needed to promote your hero. If you don’t know where to find an item, tapping it will direct you to the mission(s) and/or crate(s) that will award the needed items.

In-Game Currency: What It’s For and How to Get It

Silver Crate Energy Pick Up

In addition to Gold, Hero Hunters employs other types of in-game currencies: Bucks, Quick Win Tickets, PvP Gems, and Gauntlet Gems.

Gold in Hero Hunters

Gold is used primarily to purchase new Heroes, which can be unlocked by opening Hero Crates. Players can also use gold to buy items from the Black Market or to refresh the Black Market instantly. If you run out of stamina, gold can be exchanged for stamina by tapping the plus sign next to the lightning bolt icon, which represents your energy.

Leveling up after missions, earning achievements, and completing Daily Quests all reward the player with gold — but slowly. If you can keep an eye on your push notifications for Daily Quests and Log-in Rewards (visible through the Daily Log-in Calendar), you will slowly build up a stash that you can use to beef up your party.

Guide Tip: Most Campaign missions cost 5 stamina, but other game modes cost none at all.

Stamina will automatically recover at a rate of 1 point every three minutes up to your max stamina. But if you can’t wait, 40 gold will buy you 100 stamina points. You can also exchange gold for bucks if you need more. The beginning of the game will drop you enough gold to keep your wallet from losing its shape, but after walking through the tutorial on how to purchase heroes you won’t be left with much.

Bucks in Hero Hunters

Bucks are used to upgrade skills, evolve your heroes, purchase items from the Black Market, or to purchase Silver Crates. Silver Crates can contain Hero Fragments, so make sure to buy those when you can.

Bucks are received as mission rewards, so try to shoot for 3-stars on each mission and you’ll rack these up quickly enough.

Guide Tip: Hero Hunters might intermittently reward you with free crates, so be on the lookout for glowing yellow buttons on the main screen. You also get a nice amount of loot in your inbox at the beginning of the game, so check it out and claim your rewards.

Quick Win Tickets

After you complete missions, you’re rewarded with loot and items needed to level up heroes; at the beginning of the level, you’ll see what you can get by beating that level, but it’s not guaranteed. Using Quick Win Tickets lets you instantly gain the loot as long as you beat the mission with a 3-star rating. Quick Win Tickets are not rare, so there’s no use in racking them up. The Black Market, completing Daily Quests, and completing Achievements all reward you with Quick Win Tickets, and if you reach higher VIP levels, you’ll receive daily Quick Wins.

PvP Gems

Just like Bucks, PvP Gems are used to buy Hero Fragments, but instead of coming in a Silver Crate, you can buy them directly from the PvP Store. These are awarded for kills in PvP mode, so if you’re able to get balanced matchmaking you can start racking up as soon as you unlock PvP mode.

Gauntlet Gems

Lastly, Gauntlet Gems are earned from Caches in Gauntlet mode, and they are used to purchase Hero Fragments, Gear, XP, and Gear Fragments in the Gauntlet Store. You can use gold to refresh the Gauntlet store, but it will automatically refresh over time, so don’t feel like it’s necessary to fork over your hard-earned gold for this.

Why Is Hero Hunters So Buggy on My Device?       

Lastly, there's one more thing worth covering in this quick guide. Hunters uses a simple cover mechanic that works well enough most of the time, but I did experience some bugs a few times where my swipes to get out of dodge were not recognized by the game for the entirety of a mission, which lead to defeat. I even entered a PvP match and found I was unable to control any of the characters, and the action itself seemed to be a mile away instead of a few feet. Hothead Games recommends players experiencing technical issues like these report them through the app, as they are constantly upgrading and improving the quality of the game for all compatible devices.

Guide Tip: Keep your background apps to a minimum to get the best rendering on Hero Hunters.


There’s a lot more to this mobile game than I can cover in just one guide, but with these tips, even a total beginner can enter the realm of third-person shooters with confidence. As you gear up, level up, and buck up, you might realize you’ve sank hours into this fast-paced action game without blinking, and you’ll find yourself only wanting more.

Got any other questions about Hero Hunters that you think we should answer in another guide? Let us know in the comments below.

10 Best Video Game Commercials in the Super Bowl Fri, 02 Feb 2018 13:05:24 -0500 Steven Oz


1. Pokemon20


The Pokémon Super Bowl commercial was just awe inspiring. What else can I say about this one? It left you with a sense of wonderment. People the next day were whispering "I can do that," This ad was about more than just selling the next game but remembering the past and all the fun you had. Gathering with friends and trading or becoming the very best. The commercial aimed to motive fans to "Train On," and it did what it was supposed to do. 




What do you think about this list? Were there any memorable Super Bowl video game commercials that didn't make this list? Let us know in the comments below.


2. God of War: Ascension


If you did not know what God of War was all about, this ad perfectly describes the saga of the main character, Kratos, as well as this game. As the press release stated, "Kratos swore an oath in blood to the gods, and ended up losing everything he ever loved." While some argue that God of War: Ascension might not be the best game, all can agree this was a wonderful ad. It showed the human side of Kratos and what he was fighting for.


3. Nintendo Switch 


It's hard to believe that the Nintendo Switch is almost one year old. At this point last year, the hype was through the roof. People were clamoring, and Nintendo delivered. This ad sums up what the Switch is and the functionally of this new game console. It was the marketing push that Nintendo fans always wanted. 




4. The Battle of Evony 


Actors Aaron Eckhart, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Fan Bingbing star in “The Battle of Evony,” a short movie promoting the mobile game Evony: The King’s Return. With a final ranking of 64 out of 66, it was not highly ranked on USA Today's Ad Meter. But this does show the power of mobile gaming and how much money they do have. 


5. Dante's Inferno 


It was not the best game, nor was it the most fun, but you can't doubt the creativity of this ad for EA's Dante's Inferno. The only word you hear is "Beatrice!", and after that, "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers plays. You can identify with the protagonist with following your love to the depth of hell. There was a controversy with this ad. The ending originally said "Go to Hell," but CBS refused to air this. EA had to change the final line of the clip to "Hell Awaits" instead. You can watch the original here.


6. Clash of Clans


Super Bowl XLIX was interesting to begin with, but now it had to compete with Liam Neeson and his smooth voice. This wasn't the first mobile game ad to feature a celebrity, but it could be one of the best. This 2015 ad for Clash of Clans made it to #17 on USA Today's Ad Meter Results.


7. The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind 


I was quite frankly surprised that a commercial for an Elder Scrolls game was airing during the Super Bowl. There was an air of mystery surrounding this ad. Was it going to be an announcement for a new Elder Scrolls game? Not really: it was an expansion of their online game. Anyway, who can say no to a giant bear fighting with you? 


8. The Order: 1886 


While The Order: 1886 was not the best-rated game, receiving a Metacritic score of a 63, this Super Bowl advertisement does lend the game an added layer of mystery. We now know that it was mostly all cut-scenes and QTE. Still, it is a visually stunning game because of the power of the PS4.


9. “Real Awful Moms”


World of Tanks strikes while the iron is hot and puts out their second ad. I would argue that this one was the better of the two. Both ads were created for the game's "Tanks Rule" campaign, and they ran back to back between the first and second quarters of the 2017 Super Bowl. 




10. “Teensy House Buyers”


Using a subversion tactic, this World of Tanks advertisement strikes the balance between reality TV and humor. It simply shows consumers what the product is about in a 15-second format, which is a rarity in the advertising world.  


With Super Bowl LII just days away, some of the world’s largest companies are set to launch their best ads for this year’s slate of commercials during the big game. Last year's Super Bowl LI was one of the most-watched Super Bowls in history, with an average viewership of 111.3 million, and a large number watched for the best part, the commercials. The video up top is a fun car commercial for Koei's Tecmo Bowl.


So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Video Game Commercials in the Super Bowl. 



Mario Kart Tour Coming to Mobile in 2019 Fri, 02 Feb 2018 12:27:35 -0500 Spongehoe

A longtime favorite party game, Mario Kart is coming soon to a device near you -- yes, that's right, your phone. Mario Kart Tour will be available on both iOS and Android devices at some unspecified point between April 2018 and May 2019. 

The Mario Kart series has stood out as a signature of Nintendo since the first game on the SNES in 1992, and various iterations have been made and available on every single Nintendo console since.

Nintendo announced the coming release on Twitter on the 1st of February:

Nintendo's first mobile game was Super Mario Run in December 2016, which received 200 million downloads, and then Nintendo followed suit with Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Of course, Nintendo fans were elated with the releases, and many are eagerly anticipating this one.

With a new Mario movie coming up and the development of Mario Kart Tour, our friendly Italian plumber is getting more of a spotlight than ever.




7 Awesome Indie Games that Don't Have a Happy Ending Fri, 02 Feb 2018 05:19:22 -0500 Highties


Stories have a way of teaching us about life. They teach us that not everything ends on a happy note. Sometimes the tragic and morally questionable aspects of a stories ending serve as a caution about how we live our lives and how to improve our own story. 


Despite all that these games told great stories and I, for one, can't wait to see what else Indie developers will show us in the future. 


Did you feel this list did a good job of showing some of the unhappy endings of Indies? Were you disappointed that certain games didn't make the list?Comment below what sad tales you would have put and what you felt about these endings.

To the Moon 

Price: $4.99-$9.99


Buy it on: Steam, Android & Apple


To the Moon is a 16-bit story-driven game about two doctors who travel through a dying man's memories to accomplish his last dream to go to the moon. You will experience some of life's saddest moments; love, hate and the joy that this dying man went through in his life. 


When it comes to sad endings To the Moon holds that title proudly. In To the Moon you play as two doctors who were hired to send an old man to the moon, but to do so you need to figure out why he wants to go. You end up exploring the old mans entire life through his memories and ultimately find out why he wants to go into space. 


Not only do you start thinking about the beauty of To the Moon, but also about the futility of life and the fickle nature of memories. The ending is joyful in its way, however it is a bittersweet feeling. The idea that it was so close to being satisfactory and so close to being a happy occasion.



Silence: The Whispered World 2

Price: $29.99


Buy it on: PC & Xbox One


Silence: The Whispered World 2 is a story-driven game that allows you to experience what life is about for two kids named Noah and his younger sister Renie. The danger of war and the choices you must make for your family are an integral part of this fantasy world called 'The Silence.'


What would you do if your brother was in danger? What choices would you make in the name of family? In Silence: The Whispered World 2 you will experience a fantasy world unlike any that have come before it, however there's a catch. Toward the end of Silence: The Whispered World 2 you will have to make a difficult decision that will have massive consequences for your character and their family.   


Price: From $9.99


Buy it on: Steam, PS4 & PS Vita


In Undertale you will play as a human who falls into an underground world full of monsters. But, are all these creatures monsters? Are they as wicked as they may seem? Either way you have to find your way out, or chance being forever trapped in darkness.  Will you choose to play as a pacifist, or maybe you will choose a darker path and take the monster out of the picture?   


Undertale is considered one of the best Indie titles of recent years, mainly because its story and pacifist playthrough options. Most of the interactions in Undertale deal with a variety of emotions and make you question the choices you have made throughout the game. As a pacifist the ending can be pretty satisfying, but will leave an emotional imprint on your mind. However, if you decide to choose the genocidal path the ending can be gruesome and unforgiving to the main character. As for the rest of the underground world it is left in a state of disarray from what you have done.

Papers, Please

Price: $8.99


Buy it on: Steam


In Papers, Please you decide who crosses the border between Grestin and Arstotzka while implementing government laws and policies that will bring glory to the Arstotzkan government and keep your homeland safe. However, Arstotzka is not all it appears; behind simply controlling immigration at the borders there is government corruption and revolution at hand.


Behind Papers, Please lies a truly depressing story about a man who has been chosen to work for the Arstotzkan government through a lottery and must work in order to keep his family alive. In Papers, Please you will work as an immigration inspector on the borders of the Arstotzkan side of Grestin. The game takes a twist when the government you are working for becomes more hostile towards immigrants. Slowly, more and more policies are implemented to prevent suspicious people gaining entry into Arstotzka.


One example of the depth of the story in Papers, Please is when a revolutionary group tries to convert you to their cause. You will have to make a choice between the safety of government or the radical freedoms of a revolutionary movement. However, you're not alone. Your family depend on you and every action you take can affect them and the outcome of your story. 


There are multiple endings in Papers, Please and over 20 involve sad outcomes for you and your family. The naunce and thought gone into Papers, Please cannot be understated and it is well worth checking out.


Price: $19.99


Buy it on: Steam


Oxenfree is a supernatural thriller that follows a group of friends who go out to have a good time, however it doesn't all go to plan. You accidentally stumble on a rift between worlds that traps you and your friends on the island. Alex (the protagonist) must find a way for him and his friends to escape the dreaded island before it is too late. 


Oxenfree contains supernatural elements that will chill you to the bone and by the end of the game you must face an almost impossible choice. Oxenfree has several endings depending on who you help and who you end up leaving behind, but every choice you make has a consequence. 



Gone Home

Price: $14.99


Buy it on: Steam


Gone Home is a mystery game reliant on puzzles which help the protagonist figure out what happened to their family. The disappearance of the protagonists family leaves him in disarray and he must figure out what has caused them to leave.


Going home can form mixed emotions depending on an individuals situation, whether you feel jubilation or dread at the thought of returning home depends on your home life. In the case of Gone Home its a sorrowful affair for the protagonist. You come home to find everyone has left unexpectedly and with no explanation, therefore forcing you to explore your home to solve the mystery. Towards the end of Gone Home it is clear that everyone left for their own reasons and in time you understand that when you left your family moved on.


The ending feels resolved, however you are left to wonder about the fate of some family members. It appears as though they may have left for good reasons, but there is a prevailing sense of dread throughout the entirety of the game.

Night in the Woods

Price: $19.99


Buy it on: Steam


Night in the Woods is an adventure game that allows you to explore a colorful world that is filled with interesting characters and conflicts that will require you to make friends with people throughout the town. 


Night in the Woods centers around Mae Borowski: a college drop out who returns home and has to sort through issues that arise in her hometown. Throughout Night in the Woods the protagonist begins to form bonds and starts building close relations with many of the characters in the story, despite this towards the end of the game you end up feeling unsatisfied with the resolution. Especially since some of the issues are left unresolved, therefore creating a sense of indignance from the player. However, Mae does learn to face her problems and learns to move on from past events instead of focusing on them; which brings a somewhat neutral ending to a fantastic story and gaming experience. 




Endings can be hard to handle. We spend so much time in these other worlds getting to know various characters and experiencing all the game has to offer only to be sent down a cycle of indignation. It's all over, your journey complete and you're left with a hole in your heart. 


What's even harder to handle is when the worlds you have spent so much time in end on a sour or sad note. Several triple-A titles have included morose or melancholic endings that tug on our heartstrings. However, Indies are no stranger to these narrative archs, so we present our top 7 Indie titles that broke our hearts.  

4 Reasons Hearthstone Leaves (Most) Other CCGs in the Dust Thu, 01 Feb 2018 18:10:07 -0500 Nicolas Entrabartolo

For many, playing Hearthstone is something to pass the time while you wait for a flight, are bored at work, or are just sitting AFK in World of Warcraft. But for Blizzard Entertainment, it was a cash cow waiting to be milked. Unlike other collectible card games, Hearthstone has several things going for it that Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! don't.


Hearthstone brings the easy access of just jumping right into the experience without really knowing what you're doing or needing to buy tons of cards. Even as you go through the tutorial, you receive cards and full decks to help you play the game without many crutches. When it comes to MTG or other physical CCGs, the time and money spend in hunting down cards that are real and authentic makes it tougher to assemble a full deck than it is in Hearthstone. The only real hurdle'll you run into is when you want to be competitive, which takes more time and in-game currency (or micro-transactions).


Though it shares this feature with MTG and YGO, Hearthstone has a renown that a lot of other digital CCGs don't. Hearthstone has the name of a company behind it that's known for putting quality before quantity, and you can be sure that they'll prioritize an excellent experience over making a quick buck. The Blizzard name allowed Hearthstone to flourish, and fanboys/fangirls flocked to play a card game based around Warcraft itself.

Free to Play

The obvious and probably most important edge Hearthstone has is the fact it is free-to-play. You can just pick it up and go, no money required. No need to run to the store or to order specific cards online for your deck. All you need to do is play, do the daily challenges, and you earn your gold. From there, you can save up for packs and buy more cards. You can even disenchant old cards for dust and make new cards. You can play Hearthstone completely off of the items you get without even dumping a single penny into the game. Hearthstone is also connected to the client, which allows you to pay for Hearthstone with your World of Warcraft gold if you want! You just convert gold into a WoW token and you have $15 to spend on packs.

Fresh Content

Like any other CCG, there are new builds coming out constantly along with new cards being released, tweaked, and remodeled. But one unique thing that Hearthstone offers are the single-player story modes and Tavern Brawls that you can participate in, where you play for a chance at better cards. But this is totally free, and can be done from the comfort of your home, and all you have to do is win once, and you earn a pack of cards! The Hearthstone team has also said that they get to explore alternate realities separate from the Warcraft universe, so you never know what to expect from a Hearthstone expansion's story and cards!


Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more articles on Hearthstone. Until next time, stay classy, gamers!

Dissidia Opera Omnia - Useful Tips for New Players Wed, 31 Jan 2018 19:16:25 -0500 Ashley Gill

Most of Dissidia Opera Omnia is pretty self-explanatory. The game throws tutorials your way at every corner at the start, and it does cover most of what you need to know.

There are a few things the tutorials don't cover, though. Some are more minor than others, but it's good to know everything you can if you know you're going to be playing for a while.

These are beginner-oriented tips focusing on some aspects of the game that the tutorial does not go over. There's nothing complicated about them, but having this knowledge on-hand will make your time with the game less confusing.

How do you activate Chain Links?

This is actually a mystery even to the Japanese market, which has had the game for a full year before the global release.

There is no surefire way to trigger Chain Links outside of some skills. For example, Cloud's Finishing Touch will trigger a Chain Link without fail.

What to do with dupe weapons

Did you get two Chocoblades or another 5-star weapon and don't know what to do with it? Don't worry, those dupes have a use: Limit Breaking.

You can fuse 5-star duplicate weapons together to Limit Break the primary one. Limit Breaking a weapon unlocks additional passives, making it well-worth the effort.

What do character icon colors mean?

This confused me for a bit, but it appears that icon colors show how many pieces of equipment a character has equipped that have an affinity for that character.

A character with a purple frame is wearing one piece of equipment with affinity towards it.

A character with a gold frame is wearing two pieces of equipment with affinity towards it.

What does "high turn rate" mean?

It means the character gets to act quickly after using that skill.

If you're sick of the download screens, do a batch download

To do this, head to the home screen and then tap on the gear icon to bring up settings. From there, scroll down to "Batch Download" to begin a large download that will spare you the 1~2 second download times between certain screens.

Upgrade characters with crystals to unlock additional stats, passives, and skills

Your best source of color crystals are from daily event dungeons, which you can in turn use to improve your characters' stats and work towards new skills. It's well-worth it and can be done in the enhancements window.

How to change the character you share with others

Surely you want to be able to choose the support character other players get to use from your pool of heroes. Warrior of Light is nice, but there's a lot more than our heavily-armored friend to share.

In order to change your personal support character, tap on the gear icon on the home screen and then choose "User Data".

Tap "Change Support" to change your support character. And don't forget to change your message!

Dissidia Opera Omnia is one of a few Final Fantasy fanservice mobile games, but it's the first 3D fanservice one.

If you've gotten tired of Brave Exvius or Record Keeper, it may be worth a shot. If your playing depends on which characters are available, check out my list of available characters in Opera Omnia.

Travel Frog Picture Requirements Guide Wed, 31 Jan 2018 17:25:46 -0500 Ashley Gill

There are a few different picture sets in Travel Frog, and your amphibian friend is going to bring back a number of pictures within them. Getting the odd rare picture is a nice surprise, but more often than not, you're going to get one of the 100+ standard pictures -- which is fine, too. They're pretty darn cute!

There are some sets of pictures I do know some of the requirements for, which we are going to go over here in this guide. There are some others that are a bit of a mystery, and getting them seems to be completely random. Though I definitely can't say that for certain.

I will not be showing every picture from each set here, because part of the fun is getting each one and seeing it brand new with your own eyes. The images shown here are the "default" versions of these image sets, generally with only the frog.

If you're wary of having your fun spoiled, I recommend skipping over the final "Unknown requirements" section as the images in those sets do not vary much.

If you're playing Travel Frog blind, I highly recommend taking a look at one of these translation guides so you have some idea of what you're doing:

If you've gotten your fill here and want to get to the good stuff, I've also compiled the 12 rarest pictures you can get in Travel Frog.

Region: Tohoku

You can increase the chances of getting pictures from these sets by giving the frog a Northern Province Ticket.

Frog on a log in Tohoku

There are three versions of this picture in total. You can increase your chances of getting one of these pictures by giving the frog the following foods:

  • Onion Quiche
  • Pumpkin Bouro
  • Strawberry Candy

Frog in grass looking at lighthouse

There are two versions of this picture in total. You can increase your chances of getting one of these pictures by giving the frog the following foods:

  • Onion Quiche
  • Stellaria Sandwich
  • Chive Pierogi
  • Milk Bouro

Region: Kanto

You can increase your chances of getting pictures from this set by giving your frog the Eastern Province Ticket.

Frog looking at box by river in Kanto

There are two versions of this picture in total. You can increase your chances of getting one of these pictures by giving the frog the following foods:

  • Chive Pierogi
  • Onion Quiche

You may also be able to give it Onsen Buns, but that is not confirmed.

Region: Chuubu

Frog looking at monument in Cuubu

There are three versions of this picture in total. You can increase your chances of getting one of these pictures by giving the frog the following foods:

  • Grape Scone
  • Onion Quiche

Frog in monument square in Chuubu

There are three versions of this picture in total. You can increase your chances of getting one of these pictures by giving the frog the following foods:

  • Pumpkin Bagel
  • Edamame Bouro

Region: Kansai

You can increase the chances of getting pictures from these sets by giving the frog a Western Province Ticket.

Frog looking at ocean and lake in Kansai

There are two versions of this picture in total. You can increase your chances of getting one of these pictures by giving the frog the following food:

  • Wormwood Focaccia

Frog looking at thing with hat

There are three versions of this picture in total. You can increase your chances of getting one of these pictures by giving the frog the following foods:

  • Pumpkin Bagel
  • Wormwood Focaccia

Monument with frog

There are two versions of this picture in total. You can increase your chances of getting one of these pictures by giving the frog the following foods:

  • Grape Scone
  • Pumpkin Bagel
  • Pumpkin Bouro

Region: Kyuushuu

You can increase the chances of getting pictures from these sets by giving the frog a Southern Province Ticket.

Frog sitting next to basket coming out of water

There are four versions (The most yet!) of this picture in total. You can increase your chances of getting one of these pictures by giving the frog the following foods:

  • Grape Scone
  • Wormwood Focaccia

Frog sitting under huge tree

There are two versions of this picture in total. You can increase your chances of getting one of these pictures by giving the frog the following foods:

  • Pumpkin Bagel
  • Wormwood Focaccia

Bentou pictures

Frog eating sandwich next to mouse

This is a set of three pictures that vary based on the food you sent the frog out with. I'm not sure of the exact requirements for these pictures, but they appear to require the frog have two different lunches on-hand for his friends.

Below are possibly the three food combinations needed to get these. It's hard to tell what the foods are from the pictures, so the best I can do is give an educated guess:

  • Two of the three pictures require a Stellaria Sandwich, this is certain
  • The last one requires a Chive Pierogi, which I am also certain of

Tent Pictures

Yes, your frog will bring back special pictures based on the tools you send it out with! The first is tents.

Frog holding stick, pitching tent

There are seven separate pictures in this set, though there is only one like the above with no tent in particular. You do not seem to need to include a tent to get the above picture.

In order to get the other pictures, you must send the frog out with either the Natural, Stylish, or High-Tech Tent items.

Hand Towel Pictures

The requirements for these are just as they are with the tents: If you give the frog the required item, it may come back with one of the pictures in this set. And also like the tent pictures, there are two "default" images with no special requirements.

Frog with hand towel

There are seven pictures in this set in total. Three require no actual Hand Towels to be equipped. Two require the Hand Towel (Earth) and two require Hand Towel (Camo).

Frog holding leaf over head

There are seven pictures in this set as well. Two require no actual Hand Towels to be equipped. Two require Hand Towel (Camo), two require Hand Towel (Earth), and one requires Hand Towel (Wood).

Bowl Pictures

Frog riding down stream on piece of carboard

A frog's gotta drift downstream somehow, right?

Most of the pictures in this set require that you have given the frog a bowl to take with him. I believe there are six pictures in this set, with two not requiring an actual bowl.

Unknown Requirements

There are a large number of pictures I'm not sure of the requirements for just yet. Many of them seem to be generic, with slight variances based on where the frog has traveled. I'd label these as "filler" pictures, though I assure you the variations are all cuter than these basic examples shown.

Frog sitting on limb

There are 15 pictures in this set.

leaves rustling

This is the only picture in this set.

Frog walking on sidewalk by river

There are 12 pictures in this set.

Frog behind plant in desert

There are 12 pictures in this set.

Frog looking at base of tree, which has a flower on the root

There are four pictures in this set.

Frog climbing fence

There are three pictures in this set.

Frog looking at high heels

There are two pictures in this set.

Frog walking down beach

There are three pictures in this set.

That's all the picture sets I know of in Travel Frog for the time being. Getting every single picture takes a very long time, but with patience (and a lot of frog journeys), you're sure to get them all eventually!

If this guide helped you, check out my other Travel Frog guides here on GameSkinny. How else are you going to figure out how to play? Testing things yourself? Psh, naw. I haven't put so much effort into it with two accounts for nothing.