Android Platform RSS Feed | Android RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Fortnite X-4 Stormwing Plane is Getting Nerfed Mon, 17 Dec 2018 22:40:23 -0500 William R. Parks

With Fortnite's seventh season in full swing, players are acquainting themselves with changes to the battle royale's map, as well as the game's first aerial vehicle, the X-4 Stormwing Plane. However, following some community-driven concerns about the power level of this new vehicle, Epic has announced that changes are imminent for the X-4 Storming.

Specifically, Sean Hamilton, Epic Games' community coordinator, has taken to Twitter to announce that Fortnite players that are piloting the plane will take increased damage when it is demolished. Destroying a plane, or crashing one, currently deals 25 damage to the pilot, and this is being doubled to 50.

This tweak is to be implemented with Fortnite's v7.10 update, and while this new patch was scheduled for release on December 18, Epic has recently indicated that it is delayed until further notice, "due to last minute issues discovered within the build."

For better or worse, this means that players will have a little more time with the current X-4 Stormwing.

Beyond this nerf, not much is currently known about v7.10. However, Epic has confirmed one thing that will not be included: another new vehicle called the Driftboard. This snowboard-inspired conveyance was revealed today through Fortnite's in-game news feed, and it is a single-player vehicle with apparent "boost" mechanics.

It is safe to say that players will have access to the Driftboard before the end of Season 7, considering its connection with the game's new wintery biome and its apparent depiction in some of the season's promotional material. That said, fans will need to wait a bit longer than they may have hoped for the release of this new vehicle.

With Season 7, Epic has certainly been testing the boundaries of what power level is appropriate for battle royale. Just last week, a vocal portion of the player base called for a newly introduced Mythic sword, the Infinity Blade, to be vaulted, and Epic complied.

It does not seem that the same fate awaits the X-4 Stormwing, though it remains to be seen if this specific nerf will be sufficient in bringing it in line. Some players may find these phases of competing against overpowered gear frustrating, but it is refreshing to see that Epic is willing to continue innovating, and that it is committed to acting promptly on player feedback.

Sean Hamilton's confirmation of the nerf of the X-4 Stormwing Plane can be found on Twitter.

Marvel Battle Lines Beginner's Guide: Everything You Need to Assemble a Winner Mon, 17 Dec 2018 11:14:12 -0500 RobertPIngram

What do you get when you take Tic-Tac-Toe and toss it in the blender with a universe containing not just decades of successful comics but also the most successful movie franchise of all time? You get the latest head-to-head online battle game, Marvel Battle Lines.

While a game which can be credibly compared to a game little children play may seem like a poor choice for anyone looking for strategic gameplay, Battle Lines manages to pack a great deal of plotting into a very simple structure. Then end result is a game which is engaging right out of the gate, unlike many of its competitors, and also allows for strong play without breaking the bank on microtransactions.

Unfortunately, for all the appeal the game has once you figure out how to make the engine purr, it doesn't do the best job of teaching new players how to play effectively. If you've been struggling in your online Arena matches and failing to progress in the campaign mode, try these tips the next time you assemble your squad.


The key to success in any game like Marvel Battle Lines starts with the deck you bring to the digital table. If you field a flawed team, you're doomed to failure before the first turn. There are many different styles of decks you can build and succeed with, but there are some core concepts to consider to ensure you build a deck with some punch.

Zeroes Can Still Be Heroes

While most online dueling games see players automatically generating energy every turn, that's not the case in Battle Lines. Because you have to play cards onto cosmic fragments in order to earn more power for playing cards, most of your cards which have a cost to play will be a push at best, unless you progress into later stages where squares begin to earn multiple fragments at once.

No-cost characters let you get valuable soldiers in the field while stockpiling resources, and offer flexibility as they can be played onto resource-free squares to set up lines without it sacrificing your ability to act next turn. You will start the game with multiple basic no-cost characters, but as you unlock more you will find characters with special powers to replace them.

Actions Make a World of Difference

You can only make one character action in a turn, be it playing a new character from your hand or moving and attacking with one already in play. You can make as many actions as you wish prior to that play, however, meaning action cards are the key to setting up chain reaction plays. An action that lets you eliminate a blocking enemy means you can fill their spot before your opponent has the chance to block again.

Choose a Deck Leader

The biggest and boldest names of the Marvel Universe hold a special place in your deck, offering boosts to the player in addition to serving as powerful characters on the battlefield. As you play through the game you'll build a nice stable of options for deck leader, so choose the one you like most, then build a deck of cards which work in conjunction with your leader's strengths.

Stocking Up on the Cheap

If you're opposed to spending to build your deck in a hurry, don't despair. There are plenty of ways to quickly build out your array of cards in order to give yourself more selections on the battlefield.

Finish the Campaign

The easiest way to fill your arsenal with useful heroes is to play through the single-player campaign. While it may be tempting to jump online straight away after playing through the tutorial, you're missing out. Unlike many games which offer a smattering of randomized rewards throughout their tutorials, Battle Lines comes with some solid guaranteed additions as heroes help you out in the storyline and are then earned as a reward. Playing through the whole campaign will give you plenty to work with when deck building.

Get in the Holiday Spirit

If you're a seasoned player of freemium mobile games, you already know to be on the lookout for free loot in the form of daily, weekly and monthly challenges. Marvel Battle Lines is no different, and you shouldn't pass up the opportunity to gather them in, but also be on the lookout for seasonal specials. These not only bring in some unique challenges to play through, but also have their own set of unlockables for checking in and playing multiple days or completing holiday challenges.

Kick, Whack, Throw

Picking on heroes and villains in the field is all well and good, but to win the game you need to take out your opponent and that means triggering battle lines. Conceptually, it's a very simple goal -- fill out an entire row or column to trigger everyone in it, or connect three characters on a diagonal. In practice, it's not as easy as it sounds. Your opponent isn't going to just let you walk to those lines unopposed, so you need to plan so that they can not stop you.

Stack Your Attack

Anyone who played Tic-Tac-Toe growing up likely learned pretty quickly to block any time their opponent got two marks lined up. To win, therefore, you had to create a situation where you had two winning moves, so your opponent couldn't block them both. Battle Lines is no different.

Take advantage of the chance to give yourself two or more attacking lanes at once. In the example below, Shang-Chi's ability was used to eliminate an enemy between Hawkeye and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent while he himself took the lower left square. This created two lanes which each had a pair of characters in them, leaving the opponent in the position of only being able to shut off one of them.

On the next turn, playing a character into the middle square in the second row triggered a battle line for the win.

Think Like Dr. Strange

So, now that you know the key to getting lines triggered is setting up multiple attack lanes at once, how do you get those options? You have to be thinking ahead on every turn. Don't just look at what is most immediately beneficial, instead think what is most likely to lead to an unstoppable line. Occasionally the direct route will be the best route, but often in the early game, a move which builds for a few rounds is much harder to stop.

Attacking Actions Open Lanes

Another effective way of forcing a battle line is to utilize attacking actions which damage opposing characters. Since the action doesn't end your turn, if an opponent has a square filled which would complete your line, use an attacking action to wipe them out, then drop a character in to trigger your battle line. This is the most effective way to hit at an effective defensive player who keeps shutting down your attacks.

Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to implement these tricks, and to learn how to plan moves several turns ahead, is to get out there and start playing.

Consider what you've learned about building a deck with synergy, then hit the arena or single player modes with these new tricks in mind. If you execute them correctly, you should see your win rates going up and up and be a better Marvel Battle Lines player for it.

Fortnite's New Infinity Blade is Getting Nerfed [UPDATE: Now Vaulted] Fri, 14 Dec 2018 13:51:27 -0500 William R. Parks

[UPDATE 12/14/15: Epic has taken to Twitter to announce that the Infinity Blade is now Vaulted, and the company is currently "re-evaluating" its approach to Mythic items.]

Original story: 

Earlier this week, Fortnite's newest melee weapon, the Infinity Blade, was added to the popular battle royale game mode. Unfortunately, the release of this powerful sword has not been received well, with a vocal portion of the player base calling for an immediate nerf.

Epic has responded by outlining changes that will be coming to the weapon in an upcoming patch.

These changes are focused on increasing the risk of wielding the Infinity Blade, and, after patch V7.10, Fortnite players will no longer be able to build or harvest with the weapon in their inventory. "By taking away the ability to harvest/build we hope to tune the Infinity Blade to where it feels risky to have, but still satisfying to wield," Epic's announcement on Reddit states.

The Infinity Blade is currently the only Mythic item available in battle royale. Mythic items are a step above the game's Legendary items, and this power increase can certainly be felt with the new melee weapon.

Not only will players find that they are dealing devastating damage with the Mythic sword, it also boosts mobility and comes with some extremely powerful effects. Specifically, players that are wielding the weapon receive an increase to their health and shield pools, regenerate health over time, and get health and speed boosts whenever they kill an opponent.

This is a deadly combination, and while only one player is able to obtain the Infinity Blade per match, the weapon is having a great deal of effect on Fortnite. While Epic's proposed changes may reduce this impact, some players are wondering why the weapon is not simply relegated to a Limited Time Mode (LTM).

In a previous LTM, players attempted to locate yet another Mythic item, the Infinity Gauntlet, which would give them powerful abilities and transform them into the supervillain Thanos. The goal of this game mode was to be the last Thanos standing, and some players are citing this as a perfect structure for an Infinity Blade-based LTM.

That said, Epic has indicated that it is committed to including Mythic items in Fortnite's battle royale mode going forward. Following the initial implementation of the Infinity Blade, this may come as troubling news to some fans. However, it is clear that the company has its eye on balancing Mythic items, and perhaps a solution can be found that does not require removing the Infinity Blade in full.

Epic's full announcement can be found on Reddit.

How to Beat the Final Stage in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance Fri, 14 Dec 2018 12:54:11 -0500 Oscar Gonzalez

Ironhide Game Studio lets players take control of the bad guys for the first time in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. As Lord Vez'nan, the goal is to take down King Denas whose kingdom was defended in the previous games in the series.

As one would expect from a Kingdom Rush game, the final level of Kingdom Rush: Vengeance tests a player's endurance while throwing in something unconventional. This guide will break down the last stage wave-by-wave with advice on how to take down King Denas and to claim the kingdom for evil. 

Good To Be Bad

The final level of Kingdom Rush: Vengeance has 18 waves, which is three more than previous levels. It's also split into two stages with the stage one being the first eight waves and stage two comprised of the following 10 waves.

For stage one, players will receive 1,5000 gold to build towers along three paths and will have to defend only two of them. The ideal towers to use will be a mix of ranged, melee, magic and artillery towers. Damage takes priority over crowd control in this final level as enemies will need to be hit hard and quickly.

This final level will also be the first time when players will have to deal with a constant stream of damage from enemy archers on the wall on the left. To help with that, Lord Vez'nan is on the right and available to unleash a magic spell that will take down one-hit kill most enemies. This is a strong attack that has an average cooldown time so make use of it as much as possible.

Tower Placement

Ranged towers should be placed at the spots next to the entryways for the enemies as well as the goal in order to land some hits right when they enter the path and leave it. Shadow Archers are ideal considering their damage and range, but Goblirangs can also work although they fire a little slower than the archers.

For melee towers, get them next to the ranged towers at the goal so they can hold off enemies about to cross the line leading to reduced hearts. It's also helpful to place one or two melees at the corners where they can be moved to guard multiple paths. Go with Elite Harassers as their ranged attacks are helpful in taking down flying enemies that sneak through the previous towers. 

Magic towers should be used as much as possible since there are a few enemies that can only take damage from magic, and the towers can take down flying troops. Orc Shamans deal heavy magic damage, but Infernal Mages can also work. As for artillery towers, place them near melees since ground troops can delay enemies causing them to pool up leading to a great damage zone. Stick with Rocket Riders to blast those groups of enemeis. 

Wave 1 

Recruits, Footmen and Troop Captains will make up the first wave. Since the original 1,500 gold will be just enough to pay for all the towers, use the gold gained in this wave to upgrade melee towers first so they will be able to hold their own against the enemies.

Wave 2 

Along with the previously mentioned enemies, stronger troops such as the Arcana Magnus, Shieldbearers and Musketeers will start showing up. Make use of Demon Goonies and Ultimate Skills to take down Musketeers who will keep their distance from melee fighters.

Wave 3

Watchdogs will start showing up in this wave via the third path. By now, most towers would be at least at level 2. As long as you're not overwhelmed, the doggies should fall quickly. 

Wave 4

The last new enemy troop will show up in this wave. War Wagons are heavy-duty troops carriers. Troops will come out of the wagon as it makes its way down the path, and it takes a lot of damage to take one down. Gryphon Bombardiers and Elven Rangers will also show up so level up the magic and ranged attack towers to take both down as they will absolutely punish melee towers.

Wave 5

This is the heavy-duty wave. Shieldbearers, Paladins and Cavaliers will be the focus. Magic and artillery towers will do the most damage while melee towers will help slow the troops down.

Wave 6 

War Wagons, Footmen, Gryphons and Shieldbearer will come through during this wave with nothing particularly special. By now, all the towers should be fully upgraded.

Wave 7 

High Sorcerers will debut at this point. Not only are they riding monsters that require a ton of damage to take down. They will also randomly transform your melee troops into sheep, which will head towards the goal.

Wave 8 

During this final wave of the first stage, all previous enemies will make an appearance with more coming via the third path so be prepared.

Once all enemies are defeated, a cutscene will occur in which Lord Vez'nan will destroy the wall. This screen will then transition to the left to start stage two.

Beat Down the King 

The second stage will have four paths and the same amount of spots for towers. Players will have 2,000 gold to start which is more than enough build all the towers needed as well as start upgrading them. 

Like in the previous stage, there is a constant attack coming from the enemy. This time around, artillery cannons will target your towers. When attacked, towers will start to burn and will be unavailable. They can be repaired right away for a price of 125 gold. Because of this, it's important to have a couple hundred gold available to repair towers. Lord Vez'nan will be off to the right again with a spell available to take down enemy troops.

Tower Placement

The tower strategy for stage two of the final level is similar to the first especially since you will not be able to switch up towers between stages. Keep ranged towers near the entryways and the goal with melees nearby. The only real difference in this section is the four plots near the enemy gate. Most enemies, especially heavily armored enemies, will come through the gate, which makes this spot prime real estate for magic towers. 

Wave 9 

Recruits, Footman and Musketeers will make up the troops in this wave. Spend this wave getting gold to upgrade towers and get used to the timing of the canons that will destroy your towers.

Wave 10

Hunting Eagles will start appearing in this wave along with High Sorcerers. As long as ranged and magic towers have been upgraded, the birds should not be much trouble.

Wave 11 

Devoted Priests begin showings up in this wave so use the Demon Goonies to get at them or else deal with extra shielded troops.

Wave 12 

War Wagons return in this wave so make sure towers are upgraded for some big damage. Elven rangers also start showing up in this wave.

Wave 13-18

All the enemy troops will appear throughout these waves. As long as you upgrade towers quickly and repair them, it should be easy to make your way through the next five waves without much issue.


Once the last enemy is killed, another cutscene will take place. Lord Vez'nan will summon a giant monster to destroy King Denas' castle door. At the same time, a knight of the king will show up and drink a potion that will cause it to grow in size.

It's at this point that the final wave will take place, but with a different goal. A meter will appear at the top of the screen indicating how close the monster is to the gate. The new super-sized knight will block the monster's way while enemy troops will still travel down the four paths. Players will have to fend off enemies while at the same time doing as much damage as possible to the knight. To win, the monster will have to reach the gate or two of these giant knights will have to be defeated.


Once done, Lord Vez'nan will take his place as king and the credits will roll. Congratulations, you finished Kingdom Rush: Vengeance and will be treated to a cliffhanger for the next game in the series.

Fortnite's Cross-Platform Services Offered Freely to Developers Fri, 14 Dec 2018 10:17:43 -0500 William R. Parks

As multiplayer gaming continues to exponentially grow in popularity, the ability for players to play their favorite titles with friends, regardless of their preferred platform, is becoming increasingly important. Fortunately for players that are dreaming of more pervasive cross-play support, a recent announcement from Epic, the developers behind Fortnite, suggests that their dreams may be one step closer to reality.

Specifically, Epic is making portions of its cross-platform game services free to all developers. These services, which are the foundation of Fortnite's cross-play support, will begin their rollout in 2019, and they will be "open to all engines, all platforms, and all stores."

Furthermore, the company emphasizes that developers are free to take the portions of the online services that fit their needs and that all services are operated under GDPR compliance.

Epic's announcement offers further insight into the release of these services:

The service launch will begin with a C SDK encapsulating our online services, together with Unreal Engine and Unity integrations. We’ll start with a core set of features and expand over time.

Developers will begin seeing these core features made available during the second quarter of 2019. This includes the ability for supported games to recognize friends and acquired items (such as cosmetics) across PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. 

Then, in the third quarter, Epic will be making cross-platform voice communication available as well as trophies and the beginnings of the requisite support for matchmaking across the seven major platforms.

"The services described above are just our first steps," Epic's announcement reads. "As you can see from our game and engine efforts, we’re also working on further support for user-generated content, enhanced social features, anti-cheat, and more."

Between this announcement and the launch of the Epic Games Store, a digital distribution platform with a focus on increasing developers' revenue, it is clear that Epic is committed to turning the success of Fortnite into an opportunity for other developers. This sentiment is specifically reflected in this new announcement, as it states that the company's goal is to "help game developers succeed."

While clearly these new offerings are not completely selfless acts, and some have already leveled criticisms at the Epic Games Store for locking developers into exclusive distribution deals, many small game makers are certain to benefit greatly from them. These freely available cross-platform game services may not guarantee that all multiplayer gaming has full cross-play support moving forward, however, they will make it an option for studios that could never have considered it previously.

Epic's full announcement is available on the company's blog.

Pokemon GO's PvP Is Live, But It's Not Perfect Thu, 13 Dec 2018 14:59:58 -0500 QuintLyn

Niantic has officially begun the process of rolling out Pokemon GO's PvP, known as Trainer Battles. As part of their plan, the company began rolling the system out to level 40 players first, giving them time to assure the new mode works well.

As it turns out, it seems this was probably a good move. As Eurogamer reports, the current iteration of Trainer Battles has some problems -- particularly for player who are trying to challenge other players via their friend lists or using QR codes.

Players are discovering a variety of issues such as not having attack buttons in combat, or combat simply not taking place at all. In some cases players throw out their Pokeballs only to stand in place for the rest of the battle, waiting for it to time out. Other issues include trainers starting battle out of sync, attacks not registering, and battle freezes.

The good news here is that -- as mentioned above -- Niantic is more-or-less running a testing phase on the content with the roll-out system, so hopefully by the time Trainer Battles roll out for everyone these issues will be fixed.

As for what's contained in the PvP battles, the update adds a second Charge Attack slot all Pokemon in the game. It must be purchased for Stardust after which players can use it in Trainer Battle, gyms and Raids. The addition of this new attack slot  also means a change in the game's hud, with the buttons being replaced with meters.

Players can battle AI characters, training against three team leaders and earning sweet rewards. They'll also want to do this in order to earn the Ace Trainer badge.

Eventually, these features will be available to everyone. However, Niantic hasn't stated when lower level players can expect it. In the meantime, if you'd like to keep up with the changes Niantic will be making to the new system, you can follow the Pokemon GO action here on GameSkinny.

Fortnite: How to Complete All the Season 7, Week 2 Challenges Thu, 13 Dec 2018 14:47:07 -0500 William R. Parks

Fortnite's seventh season has been live for a week, and players have been familiarizing themselves with its new wintery biome, the game's first ariel vehicle, and the newly introduced Infinity Blade. Additionally, weekly challenges are keeping fans occupied, as they work to acquire the newest cosmetics, and the Week 2 challenges are now available.

For players that do not own a Fortnite Battle Pass, there are three free challenges:

  1. Search a Chest in different Named Locations [7]
  2. Damage opponents with different types of weapons [5]
  3. Eliminate opponents in Snobby Shores or Fatal Fields (HARD) [3]

All of these challenges are straightforward, and they should be easily completed by slightly modifying play patterns in order to focus on these objectives.

For those that do own a Battle Pass, there are four additional challenges, including one multi-part challenge, and some will require a little more work than the free challenges:

  1. Stage 1: Visit Snobby Shores and Pleasant Park in a single match
    Stage 2: Visit Lonely Lodge and Dusty Divot in a single match
    Stage 3: Visit Frosty Flights and Tomato Temple in a single match
  2. Play the Sheet Music on pianos near Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge [2]
  3. Compete in a Dance Off at an abandoned mansion [1]
  4. Eliminate an opponent from at least 50m away [1]

As with the free challenges, the first Battle Pass challenge should be easily completed by simply modifying gameplay to make sure that the criteria is met over a few matches. For those that would like to expedite the process, starting a match by landing in the first location and then going directly to the second location is the fastest option.

In the second challenge, players will need to locate two pianos and play the notes indicated on the accompanying sheet music. This can be done by jumping on the corresponding piano keys.

The Lonely Lodge piano is located along the east edge of the island in J5, and the Pleasant Park piano is located on the hill in B3:

The third challenges asks players to dance in an abandoned mansion, which is located in J5 (very near to the Lonely Lodge piano):

After arriving at the mansion, players should make their way to the building's basement, where they will find a dance floor and scoreboard. Those that dance in this location will complete the challenge.

Again, the fourth challenge is straightforward so long as players hone their sniping skills and are intent on executing it.

With a few exception, the Season 7, Week 2 challenges will be easy for most players to complete. As a result, fans should have plenty of time to work on their buildings in Fortnite's new creative mode and also pickup a melee kill or two.

How to Get the Infinity Blade in Fortnite Thu, 13 Dec 2018 10:32:21 -0500 Oscar Gonzalez

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 7 is underway, and to celebrate the new season, Epic Games added a new weapon to the game this past Tuesday. This weapon, however, is actually from Infinity Blade, another franchise owned and developed by Epic, and it is by far the most powerful object in the game.

The Infinity Blade is now available for any player who is quick and brave enough to pull it from where it rests. Those who survive the mad rush for the sword will have in their hands a power that can't be matched by any other weapons in Fortnite.


The Blade Is Mightier Than the Gun

Since the Infinity Blade is a Mythic melee weapon, it is incredibly overpowered. When a player pulls the weapon from the ground in Polar Peak, they will immediately receive 200 shields and 200 health.

Each swipe of the blade will deal 75 damage to other players, and there's a jumping dash attack that will cause 25 damage. The blade can also destroy buildings and structures like a hot knife cutting through melted butter. 

It doesn't end there, though. Each elimination made with the Infinity Blade will increase the wielder's health or shields by 50. There's also regeneration that comes with the blade that will increase health or shield by one point every three seconds

The Sword in the Stone

To get the Infinity Blade, players will have to head to the new snowy areas on the island that were added in Season 7. More specifically, Polar Peak.

Where the letters for Polar Peak are on the map, there is a mountaintop with a castle half-buried under snow. Players will see a square with several pillars, and in the middle sticking out of the ground is the Infinity Blade.

The exact location is marked on the map below. 

Survive the Bum Rush 

Finding the Infinity Blade is easy, but actually getting it is the hard part.

The first obstacle is the rush of players going for the sword. Numerous players will head to Polar Peak at the start of the game, especially if the Battle Bus passes over it.

The next problem is the lack of weapons and materials in the area. There are a few buildings around the sword, making the decision on whether to battle with pickaxes or run to a building in hopes of finding a weapon before another player gets the Infinity Blade somewhat tough.

Several trees are also in the immediate area, but like the conundrum of finding weapons, getting wood or brick will take time and you may be too late to the blade. 

What could be the biggest problem is the five seconds it takes to claim the Infinity Blade. You can stop while trying to pull the sword from the ground, but that will reset the five-second timer.

But we've got some tips that might make things easier.  

Gimme That Sword!

Since it's currently OP, the Infinity Blade isn't easy to get. While the strategies below aren't foolproof by any means, they should give you a fighter's chance in pulling the sword from the stone. 

Getting the Blade Tip 1

If the Battle Bus travels over Polar Peak, forget about going for the blade. Everyone will take a stab at it since it's right there. 

However, if the route for the Battle Bus is more down the center of the island, jump out and glide your way to the mountaintop.

Going straight for the sword in this configuration is a good tactic because you will most likely only deal with other players with pickaxes. You'll be able to take a few hits from a pickaxe as you try to pull it out.

The key thing is to make a run for it when other players are preoccupied, which is likely to happen since most people will be afraid to go after the blade when there are others around.

If there's one player in the vicinity of the Infinity Blade, then take a shot at claiming it. You will be able to survive multiple pickaxe attacks as long as it's only from one player. 

Getting the Blade Tip 2

Those that want to go the weapon route first should head for the castle buried under snow. There are two chests in the building: one on the ground floor and another on the fourth floor.

Use the weapons in either chest to take other players in the building. If you obtain a sniper, head to the rooftop and take shots at the player who acquired the sword. If not, go to the ground entrance and leave through the door in the direction of the square where the blade is.

Make sure to get some materials in the building as you make your way up and down the floors. If someone has the Infinity Blade, keep your distance and attack from afar. Do not get close or you'll be dead in just two hits.

You can try building a structure for protection, but a player with the sword will quickly demolish it. Stay far away and try to maneuver back to the castle in the snow or any high ground. Build some ramps to get the higher ground and try to do a quick edit to remove parts of the ramp so the sword wielder won't follow you.

Ideally, you being above them will be enough to get some free hits as its unlikely the player with the Infinity Blade has enough materials to build a ramp to chase you.

Getting the Blade Tip 3

If you do get the sword, use the jumping dash attack to close the distance on any player. It'll be easy to take them down up close, but as mentioned, from a long distance, you are a sitting duck, especially if someone has a sniper rifle.

After you've killed all nearby players, start gaining those materials so you can defend yourself from snipers and assault rifles as you try and get close. Since the Infinity Blade can heal you, don't be ashamed to disengage in order to heal up.


Like the Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mode from earlier in the year, the Infinity Blade will likely last for a short period of time before Epic removes it from Fortnite. At the very least, it will get nerfed since it's currently OP.

This means you'll need to jump on right away in order to get a taste of its power.

Looking for more Fortnite tips? Head over to our Fortnite guides page for more.

Pokemon GO Adds Three New Boxes Just For The Holidays Wed, 12 Dec 2018 13:27:40 -0500 QuintLyn

Pokemon GO is kicking off its 2018 holiday event later this month, and players will see the return of the Delibird, as well as the introduction of three new holiday boxes.

While the event itself hasn't yet started, the boxes are already available for purchase in the game's shop.

The boxes provide players with a selection of useful consumable items at varying prices, starting at 480 PokeCons for the Winter Box. The most expensive box will cost players 1480 PokeCoins.

Each box contains the following items:

  • Winter Box: 480 PokeCoins
    • 1 incense
    • 2 Egg Incubators
    • 3 Premium Raid Passes
    • 2 Star Pieces
  • Great Box: 780 PokeCoins
    • 2 Incense
    • 4 Super Incubators
    • 5 Premium Raid Passes
    • 2 Lure Modules
  • Ultra Box: 1480 PokeCoins
    • 12 Super Incubators
    • 10 Lucky Eggs
    • 14 Premium Raid Passes
    • 10 Star Pieces

If you're curious as to the actual value of these boxes, dedicated Pokemon GO players have compiled a handy spreadsheet that estimates the percentage of box cost for each item if they were bought separately.

Based on the numbers provided there, these boxes are worth the purchase.

Rumor: Fortnite to Be Banned in China Wed, 12 Dec 2018 13:25:41 -0500 William R. Parks

Last week, it was announced that a Chinese "ethics assessment committee" had reviewed the contents of 20 online games, requiring that 11 of these titles be amended before release in China and banning nine of them outright.

Now, a recent report suggests that the battle royale sensation Fortnite is one of these banned titles.

According to China's state-run press agency Xinhua, the assessment committee is "comprised of online gaming experts and researchers from the government departments, industry institutions and media outlets," and its goal is to be certain that online games, like Fortnite, "meet a certain code of ethics" prior to their release in China.

While Xinhua does confirm that 20 games have been reviewed by the committee, the suggestion that Fortnite is amongst the banned titles comes via a post on NGA, a Chinese gaming forum, which has since been translated on Reddit.

The reason for the ban is cited as "blood and gore, vulgar content," and the post indicates that other battle royale titles, including PlayerUnknown's BattlegroundH1Z1, and Ring of Elysium, are being denied for similar infractions.

In March, China's regulators put a full stop on issuing commercial licenses for online games, effectively preventing the public release of new titles and creating a significant shake-up in the massive market. While the results of this first round of reviews suggest that the newly established committee has strict guidelines for approval, it is, at least, indication that this total freezing of new licenses is coming to an end.

This increased focus on online gaming follows what Xinhua describes as "social concerns" about video game addiction and the negative impact they can have on their players. For instance, in August, China's Ministry of Education suggested a correlation between video game playing and damaged eyesight, and they called for a decrease in the number of online games released in the country as a result. 

At this point, there has not been an official statement confirming the ban of Fortnite in China, however, it is clear that the assessment committee has recommended that a number of titles not be granted official release. While it is difficult to be certain the exact impact this new approval structure will have, China is the world's largest video game market, and these types of bans will, no doubt, be felt the world over.

The post outlining the rumored banned titles can be found on Reddit.

Best Budget Hearthstone Decks for Rastakhan's Rumble Meta Tue, 11 Dec 2018 12:04:17 -0500 Sergey_3847


Dragon Warrior


One rarely sees the legit Dragon archetype in Warrior, but Rastakhan's Rumble changes everything. Now Warrior has Emberscale Drake, a 5-mana dragon that grants your hero 5 armor. This is the card on par with Shieldmaiden, and it's cheaper.


Warrior has also got Dragon Roar, a 2-mana spell that puts two random dragons in your hand, which could also be legendary. That is an amazing value for such a cheap card.


But that's not it, as there is one more card that is simply great -- Dragonmaw Scorcher, a 5-mana dragon that deals one damage to all other minions. It not only deals with small enemy minions, but also activates your Acolyte of Pain.


This is a truly great Dragon Warrior list, and it costs only 1,580 dust to make.


Deck string:






That is all for the best budget decks for Rastakhan's Rumble meta, and for other Hearthstone guides at GameSkinny, follow the links below:


Zoo Warlock


There have been a decent number of various types of Zoolock decks in the past. Most of them were focused on buffing demons. But this new iteration lets you buff any types of minions.


Consider such new cards like Scarab Egg and Grim Rally. You can play the egg and immediately destroy it on turn three. As a result, you will have three 2/2 Scarabs on board for just three mana. But this is not the only combo you can achieve in this Zoolock variant.


Try to play the Spirit of the Bat early in the game, and don't be afraid to trade and tap at the same time. This will activate the buffing engine of the spirit, which turns out to be really effective.


Deck string:




Elemental Shaman


Here is another Elemental deck, and this time in Shaman class. Rastakhan's Rumble introduced a new elemental card for Shaman -- Bog Slosher, a 3-mana minion that returns to your hand and buffs other friendly minions.


It's not only a great way to both heal and buff a damaged minion, but also re-use its battlecry. That is also the reason why this list includes Murmuring Elemental that triggers battlecries twice.


So you could say that this is a value deck with some very good synergies. For example, you could play Elementary Reaction and Earthern Might and get a ton of new cards in just one turn. This combo alone will supply you with a big hand very early in the match-up.


Deck string:




Pirate Rogue


Is Pirate Rogue as efficient as Pirate Warrior? Probably not! But it's still one heck of a list that should get you pretty far on the ranked ladder. It has all sorts of tools for various situations, and all this is spiced up by a healthy number of pirates.


Try to equip Assassin's Blade as early as possible and buff it up using Cutthroat Buccaneer and Deadly Posion. Then, play Bloodsail Raider, Dread Corsair, and Phantom Freebooter. All of them will synergize perfectly with your 6/4 weapon, which alone can deal 24 points of damage.


Ticket Scalper and Cursed Castaway will provide you with card draw, so you will never be out of threats.


Deck string:




Dragon Priest


This Dragon Priest deck is not your typical midrange deck, but a combo list with such cards like Topsy Turvy, inner Fire and Divine Spirit. All the dragon synergies are here, but you really want to put Nightscale Matriarch and Wyrmguard online as soon as possible.


Then, you can double their health, preferably twice, and use either Topsy Turvy or Inner Fire for a lethal damage. This combo is really easy to execute, as it requires minimal set up. Also, Radiant Elemental should help you get to combo even earlier by making your spells cheaper.


The rest of the deck is also quite capable in supporting the combo with a fair number of removal spells and other strong dragons.


Deck string:




Heal Paladin


It turns out that Paladin can become a Priest, if he wants to with all the healing spells it gets these days. But it's not going to be a Control Paladin, as is the case with Priest most of the time. This Heal Paladin is one aggressive monster.


First, it has a new Bloodclaw weapon that costs only one mana, which can destroy two early minions on the opponent's side. Second, it has Spirit of the Tiger that basically summons minions for free, because there are no extra mana costs involved.


Lastly, it can deploy a 4-mana 8/8 taunt in the form of Zandalari Templar, which is just too OP. That's without mentioning all the healing it gets in the course, which will keep you alive for many turns to come.


Deck string:




Elemental Mage


Blizzard likes to give Mage free stuff like they did with secrets and Kirin Tor Mage. Now you can also cast elementals for free using the new Rastakhan spell -- Elemental Evocation. Cast it, play an elemental, and then cast Scorch that costs only one mana. This is currently the cheapest and the most powerful combo you can do in Elemental Mage.


Another great new card is Arcanosaur, a 6-mana elemental that deals three AoE damage. It has a condition to play elemental last turn, but in this type of deck that is practically guaranteed.


Lastly, Cauldron Elemental can make your other smaller elementals bigger and more dangerous for that final lethal attack.


Deck string:




Beast Hunter


One of the best cards to appear in Rastakhan's Rumble is Revenge of the Wild, a 2-mana spell that resurrects all the beasts that died this turn. This card can create some serious problems for your opponents, especially in the latter parts of the match-up, when you have your entire board filled with beasts.


Hunter also got a fantastic new weapon -- Headhunter's Hatchet. It costs two mana and potentially has 2/3 stats, if you control a beast. This can be easily compared to the pre-nerf Fiery War Axe, which was universally acclaimed to be the best weapon in Hearthstone.


The rest of the deck includes a hefty number of tried'n'tested beasts and a few removal spells in case you get blocked by a taunt.


Deck string:




Egg Druid


Egg Druid has quickly become an equivalent of the Zoolock deck. It's fast, it's aggressive, and in this particular case, it's also extremely hard to get rid off due to the multiple eggs with deathrattles that leave even more minions on board than before.


The new Scarab Egg from Rastakhan's Rumble is a dangerous little egg that summons three 1/1 Scarabs, which can be buffed with Power of the Wild, Evolving Spores, and Fungalmancer.


A few other new cards, such as Pounce and Spirit of the Raptor will allow you to draw more cards, which is a necessity for any aggro deck. In this way you can keep pushing one threat after another until you win.


Deck string:




If you just started playing Hearthstone, and don't have much dust for all the top-tier decks, then you can opt for cheap but good cards that synergize well enough to create some spectacular deck lists.


These budget decks are so good that you can even use them to climb up the ladder and grind for some decent amount of gold. Eventually, you will have enough to craft something more expensive and powerful, but for now you can be sure that these nine decks will be your best friends for no cost.


Most of the decks in our selection for Rastakhan's Rumble meta are of either Aggro or Midrange archetypes. This means that you will be able to win fast and even withstand some of the more expensive control lists on the ladder.

Pokemon GO Trainer Battles To Be Rolled Out In Stages Mon, 10 Dec 2018 11:24:25 -0500 QuintLyn

Pokemon GO players have been anxiously waiting for the release of a PvP system -- which Niantic recently promised in the form of Trainer Battles.

Based on what we've been told about the new system so far, it will definitely provide an extra bit of depth to the popular mobile game. But some players are going to have to wait longer than others to experience it.

Today, the Pokemon GO team announced plans to roll the feature out "in stages". The announcement went out over the game's official Twitter account and noted that it's to assure Trainer Battles run correctly before offering the mode to everyone.

The feature will first release to Trainers that have hit level 40. Once the devs are certain it's working correctly, they'll roll it out to more players. Essentially, this is a beta for high-level players. 

Although we don't know exactly when this mode will release into beta, hopefully, its release isn't too far off. 

]]> Cheats And Tricks For The Beginner Player Fri, 07 Dec 2018 16:18:16 -0500 Ty Arthur

You know you love those .io time wasters, and there's another one to add to your repertoire when the grocery line just won't budge:

This game is exactly what it sounds like, so to master the mechanics of this iteration of the .io phenomena you need to think of the game as bumper cars, but with fidget spinners.

Rather than avoiding other players like in a normal .io, you can smash into them to knock them out of the game. Once you learn the flow of the movement and master the physics of the edge of the arena, it isn't tough to hit first place in every match.

How To Win Matches Easily In

First and foremost, you win matches of by being the last spinner standing, not by becoming the spinner with the most kills. You don't actually have to knock anyone else out of the arena at all.

Like with that one camper who wins a battle royale match with 0 kills, you can just avoid the other players and make it to the last position. In many matches, this is actually a better strategy than racking up kills, because your spinner's speed is reduced as you grow larger with each kill (although you have more momentum as a larger spinner).

The main advantage to getting kills is in unlock skins, with a full list of unlockables available below.

Knocking Out the Competition

In terms of offense, its better to go in a large circular pattern around the outer edge and try to hit spinners at an angle as they are moving away from you towards the edge so they quickly get knocked out of the arena.

Going into the center at the start of the match isn't worth it, as most spinners will immediately hit each other and get knocked out in a quick frenzy like the cue ball kicking off a game of pool.

In terms of defense, don't crash directly into a spinner going the opposite direction, as you are likely to get thrown out. It's better to follow after other spinners and then dodge out of the way before a collision so they hit another AI player and knock each other out

Whether staying defensive or trying to rack up kills, remember that the area is a bowl, which means the edges curve up so your spinner slow down slightly as you are about to go over. This gives you time to swipe back towards the center of the arena and avoid getting knocked out.

While some skins like the space invader and dragon are limited only to premium members who pay, most of the spinner skins can be unlocked over time either by winning matches, spending gold coins, or getting kills.

Getting skins

These skin unlocks are currently available for the f2p players:

  • Razor Swirl - 25 kills
  • Fire - 75 kills
  • Skull and Bones - 150 kills
  • Nuclear - 250 kills
  • Dollar - 5 wins
  • Euro - 15 wins
  • Fidget - 25 wins
  • Bitcoin - 35 wins
  • Diamond - 50 wins
  • Balloon - 75 wins
  • RGB Circle - reach level 5
  • Shield - reach level 7
  • Atom - reach level 10
  • Medal - reach level 15
  • Moon - reach level 23
  • Blue Circle - play 10 matches
  • Water - play 20 matches
  • Moon - play 25 matches
  • Target - play 30 matches
  • British Pound - play 50 matches
  • Yen - play 70 matches
  • Eye - play 150 matches
  • Heart - 500 gold
  • Black swirl - 750 gold
  • Club - 750 gold
  • Yin and Yang - 1000 gold
  • Pumpkin - 1,500 gold
  • Flags - 2,000 gold
  • Pizza - 2,500 gold
  • Animals - 3,000 gold
  • Web - 3,500 gold
  • Batman - 4,000 gold
  • Cat with eye patch - 10,000 gold

Keep in mind that many of the above skins can be unlocked earlier by voluntarily watching ads.

On that note, while it doesn't have any effect on your strategy or winning the game, there's one final tip we have to mention, as there are some concerning elements to what permissions wants and how the game displays ads.

Deceitful Ads

The game absolutely doesn't need permission to access your camera to function, and some of the ads are deviously setup to look like official terms of service that you have to accept to play. You don't have to agree to them! Just hit "Refuse" instead to skip the ad.

Have any other tips for always winning or racking up kills to unlock new skins? Let us know your best strategy!

Looking for more .io games for standing in line or dealing with unpleasant family dinners? Check out our top 5 .io games here, or see our tips for consistently getting the top score in here.

Fortnite's X-4 Stormwing Plane Locations and Stunts Guide Thu, 06 Dec 2018 21:49:50 -0500 William R. Parks

Today marks the beginning of Fortnite's seventh season, and it has brought a bevy of changes and content, including a wintery biome, new challenges, and the game's first ariel vehicle, the X-4 Stormwing Plane.

While this new vehicle may have a lot of fans excited, some may be wondering where to find one and what they can do with it once located.

The X-4 Stormwing Plane can seat up to five players, a pilot and four passengers, and it spawns in specific locations throughout the battle royale's map. While an X-4 will not always appear at every one of these locations, and there are likely to be more possible spawn points, this map (compiled from confirmed locations provided by Heavy and Eurogamer) can act as a guide for those that are looking to make their first Fortnite flight.

  • D3: On the mountain northeast of Pleasant Park
  • F3: By the river south of Lazy Links
  • B5: In the mountains north of Viking Village
  • F5: On the mountain west of Dusty Divot
  • I5: On the mountain by Loney Lodge
  • A8: In the hangers at Frosty Flights
  • B8: In a camp east of Frosty Flights
  • E8: On the mountain north of Happy Hamlet
  • H8: On a hill between Fatal Fields and Paradise Palms

As some players might expect, the new iceberg biome (at the bottom-left of the map) appears to have a high density of new planes, though there are opportunities to nab one throughout the map.

Once an X-4 has been acquired, and the basic controls have been understood, players can move on to performing stunts in their new plane. This includes flying the vessel upside down, by pressing the roll right and roll left inputs simultaneously, as well as the ability to perform an evasive maneuver by quickly pressing a roll button twice.

With the ability to locate an X-4, and some tips on trick flying, players should now be ready to hop in a plane and conquer their next Battle Royale match. Just remember, for those that are manning the plane's machine gun, this mounted weapon can overheat, and prolonged firing should be avoided when possible.

Multiplayer Battles Arrive In Teen Titans GO Figure! Thu, 06 Dec 2018 13:45:13 -0500 QuintLyn

Cartoon Network has released the latest update for its popular mobile game Teen Titans GO Figure! today. The update, titled "Legion of Doom" introduces multiplayer battles to the game, allowing players to compete against each other using "Teeny Titans figures", including DC fan favorites like Lex Luthor and The Riddler.

The new mode features competitive ranking, and those who climb the highest will be rewarded -- with exclusive Teeny Titans figures.

As the title indicates, this particular Teen Titans GO Figure! update also includes content tied directly to the villainous organization known as the Legion of Doom. Players can now visit the famous Hall of Doom.

Other features included in this update are new tournaments, figure repaints, and missions for players to enjoy.

If you're unfamiliar with Teen Titans GO Figure!, the mobile game is a take on the original Teeny Titans game that features the Justice League. It's described as a Pokemon-esque RPG offering a completely digital version of the Amiibo or Skylanders experience.

Teen Titans GO Figure! is avaialble on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets via the App Store, Google Play, or the Amazon Appstore.

Fortnite: How to Complete All the Season 7, Week 1 Challenges Thu, 06 Dec 2018 10:44:21 -0500 William R. Parks

Fortnite's seventh season is now live, and with it comes a slew of new content for fans to sink their teeth into, including snowy peaks, an ariel vehicle, and a brand new creative mode. As always, a new season also means new challenges, and the Season 7, Week 1 challenges are now available.

For players that do not own a Battle Pass, there are three free challenges:

  1. Pickup an item of each rarity [5]
  2. Dance in different forbidden locations [7]
  3. Play matches with at least one elimination (HARD) [5]

The first and third challenges should be easily completed after playing a few matches, however, dancing in the seven forbidden locations will take a bit more work. This type of challenge was first introduced in Fortnite's third season, and it requires that players bust-a-move in front of signs depicting a crossed out dancer. Forbes has shared this handy map to help players find these locations:

While this is the full extent of this week's free challenges, Battle Pass owners will have access to four additional challenges (two of which consist of multiple parts):

  1. Stage 1: Dance on top of a crown of RV's; Stage 2: Dance on top of a Metal Turtle; Stage 3: Dance on top of a Submarine
  2. Deal Headshot Damage to opponents [500]
  3. Stage 1: Search Ammo Boxes in a single match (HARD) [5]; Stage 2: Search Chests in a single match [3]; Stage 3: Search Supply Drops in a single match [1]
  4. Eliminate opponents in different Named Locations (HARD) [5]

Challenges two, three, and four are easy enough, and should be completed through standard play, but the remaining multi-part challenge will require some additoinal effort.

In this challenge, players will need to find the three specified locations (in the order listed) and dance in them. An easy task, but players may be lost attempting to find these locations. Once again, Forbes has shared maps with them indicated:

There is a lot to explore and experience with today's Fortnite update, and plenty of players are certain to be excited about the newly introduced cosmetics. Completing these first week challenges is a great opportunity to get a jump-start on acquiring them.

Celebrate Christmas Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Style Thu, 06 Dec 2018 09:30:59 -0500 QuintLyn

Today, mobile game developer Jam City and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced the launch of the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery holiday event. Now player can celebrate Christmas the way only those in the Wizarding World can, by making sure Hogwarts is appropriately festive.

Starting today, players logging into the game will find a themed tree in each of their respective houses: red for Gryffindor, green for Slytherin, blue for Ravenclaw, and Yellow for Hufflepuff. Players can then help add to the decorations by voting on their favorite tree ornament via the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts before December 12.

On December 13, the winning ornament will be announced and appear on each of the House Christmas trees. But that's not all. A video demonstrating how to make a real world version of the ornament will also be posted for wizards and Muggles alike. The video will also highlight Hogwarts' holiday decor, and tease a time-limited sidequest featuring the Weasleys.

Fortnite's New Creative Mode Launches Tomorrow Wed, 05 Dec 2018 15:12:57 -0500 William R. Parks

While fans have had their eyes on a snowstorm that is making its way to Fortnite, Epic has been hard at work preparing another big addition to launch with Season 7. Beginning tomorrow, Battle Pass owners will have access to Fortnite's newest game mode: Fortnite Creative.

Announced this morning, Fortnite Creative is a sandbox-style experience, a la Minecraft, where players can design and build their own private islands. How exactly players will utilize their constructions is up to them, as Fortnite Creative can function as a map creator, allowing friends to do battle across their custom-built islands, as well as an opportunity to design custom game modes, races, and obstacle courses.

For players that want full building control, Fortnite Creative provides a material gallery that will allow them to build whatever they desire from scratch. However, players that are more interested in quickly building large-scale battlefields and game mode scenarios can simply access Fortnite Creative's prefabricated options to promptly erect full buildings and more.

Everything built in Fortnite Creative will be saved and accessible from session to session, and while the initial features available seem quite robust, Epic has indicated that this is just the beginning:

Fortnite Creative is new and exciting, but not final. We'll be adding many new features and improvements over the next few updates. Like Battle Royale and Save the World, we're committed to making this bigger and better over time.

As mentioned, this new game mode will be available to Battle Pass owners beginning tomorrow, though Epic's announcement indicates that its launch will "be rough." All players will get access to their own private islands on Thursday, December 13.

Only a day after the announcement of Epic's new digital distribution platform, the Epic Games Store, the reveal of Fortnite Creative continues to establish the company as one of the most prolific developers in the industry. With this constant slew of updates and new content, it is understandable that the battle royale juggernaut now has over 200 million registered players, and Epic is showing no signs of slowing down.

For players that are interested to see more of Fortnite Creative prior to launch, Epic has given a number of content creators early access. Videos from these content creators can be found on the company's website.

Fortnite Gets Its First Snowflakes Tue, 04 Dec 2018 14:54:17 -0500 William R. Parks

Over the last month, Fortnite players have been noticing some strange environmental occurrences, and it has lead to much speculation about what the future may hold for the battle royale's map. Specifically, the rumor mill has been turning with the idea that a snowstorm is on its way its way to Fortnite, and today, that speculation has been given legs.

Players that begin a match and load into spawn island, Fortnite's pre-match holding ground, will notice a light snowfall has begun. While it is just a few flakes now, this has the potential to grow into a storm that will overtake the game's map in full — Season 7 is set to begin this Thursday, and more snow is likely to come with it.

This snow-centric speculation began when players discovered what appeared to be a cloud looming south of Flush Factory. Since, it has become apparent that this phenomenon is not, in fact, a cloud, but rather an iceberg floating toward Fortnite's map. On top of the iceberg sits a castle.

What exactly will occur when this mysterious iceberg and castle arrive at the game's main landmass is unknown, however, it appears that it will coincide with the arrival of this brewing snowstorm. It seems that players indeed have a lot to look forward to in Fortnite's next season.

Those that have been playing Epic's shooter sensation for some time will not be strangers to its evolving map. In Season 4, a meteor crashed into the island, leaving craters throughout, and the recent "Fortnitemares" event brought some Halloween-inspired spookiness.

However, the suggestion that a new play area may be added when the iceberg arrives, coupled with the potential for a map-encompassing snowstorm, indicates that Season 7 may bring some of the biggest changes yet.

While players wait for these changes, there is still time to play the recently added Wild West Limited Time Mode. This may not be as exciting as a snow-covered Pleasant Park or Tilted Towers, however, there is still plenty to keep fans engaged until Fortnite is painted white.

Niantic Offers More Details On Pokemon GO's Trainer Battle System Tue, 04 Dec 2018 12:56:54 -0500 QuintLyn

Recently, the Pokemon GO team announced via Twitter that players could look forward to a new PvP system "soon". At the time, it was only revealed that the system was on the way, leaving details on what players could expect from it for later.

As it turns out, today is later.

According to a post on, the PvP system features three different leagues: Great League, Ultra League, and Master League. Each has its own limits on the CP of the Pokemon playing in it. It will include changes to the game's existing battle system. While it will keep the "tap" system, players will now be able to use Stardust and Candy to unlock a second Charged Attack. 

In addition, the system is replacing the ability to dodge with a "Protect Shield" that players can use on their Pokemon. These shields are limited, however, so players will need to be well-versed of when to use them.

The system will provide players with a few options for initiating battle, ranging from challenging nearby players to challenging Ultra and Best Friends long distance. Players participating in battles will earn rewards and even eventually earn an Ace Trainer medal.