Call Of Duty Heroes base layout guide - tips, tricks, and cheats

These defensive base layout strategies will protect you from raiding players out to steal your resources.

Translating the first person shooter COD franchise into a mobile experience for fans of Clash Of Clans or Game Of War: Fire Age, the free-to-play Call Of Duty Heroes offers more tactical combat options than the typical freemium base builder. Now including heroes from the recently released Black Ops 3, there are plenty of Call Of Duty Heroes cheats and strategies to exploit for the best base layout when defending against aggressive players.

Pre-Planning Your COD Heroes Base Layout

While there's really no perfect base construction that will always defend against every kind of assault, there are definitely certain base layouts that are better than others. The specific layout strategy you choose will determine whether you get to keep your resources or somebody else makes off with them and rises up in the rankings.

Before focusing on what buildings to construct and where to place them, be sure to spend time cutting down the trees and debris around your base area, so you have room to keep expanding. An area covered in trees is a sure tip-off that a base has been abandoned by an inactive player and is an open invitation to take all those undefended resources. You also randomly get celerium drops while clearing away trees, meaning you can speed up construction and upgrades on critical defenses.

Cut these down - you don't need 'em!

While it might be tempting to spend all your starting celerium on training units or upgrading buildings, it's actually a better strategy to buy a second builder instead. Having multiple builders means you won't be left twiddling your thumbs waiting for one building to get constructed with a long wait timer.

Be sure to also set down and upgrade your resource depots so you have space to store all your loot when you attack another player's base. Finally before going off any raids, it's well worth your time to join up with alliance. You want to always be able to call on support from other players and not be left attacking or defending all by yourself.

COD Heroes Building Types And Locations

Some buildings are simply more important than others, and where you place them has a huge impact on whether you will be able to repel an attack before losing most of your resources. Although it's not available until you reach command center level 4, the heroes' post is critical and should be built as soon as possible. Deploying heroes in defense of your base offers a huge advantage that can't be overstated.

It might seem like the best idea is to clump everything up and make the enemy go through layers of buildings, but this doesn't work out as well as you'd think, especially if you get hit by a predator missile or the ghost gunship. You'll end up losing all your buildings and defenses at once and get taken over quickly.

To protect against players who know how to effectively utilize their heroes and various troop types, always try to keep things spread out so the enemy has to cover a larger amount of ground. This has the added benefit of not letting multiple buildings get hit all at once in a strafing run or by larger explosive attacks. To avoid this same problem with your defenses getting shut down quickly, don't place your turrets directly next to a building, but instead put them a space or two away.

Spread your least important structures that you are willing to lose across the base on the outer edges, so the enemy has to waste time taking them out before getting to your core buildings, like deployment yards and the command center.

Barriers are an effective way of slowing down enemy troops and forcing them into specific corridors of defense. You probably won't be able to put up all the barriers you want, so place them strategically around the buildings you most want to defend or the places you want the enemy to move through slowest to get cut up by your turrets.

Turrets placed behind barriers are harder to reach

The command center is what you want to protect most, so you'd think you'd want layers of walls and other buildings surrounding it, and -in many cases- that's effective. A useful strategy some of the best players utilize however is to go the opposite direction, placing the command center at the bottom of the base rather than the center, and place your barriers around everything else instead. By putting a tempting target in your enemy's path that appears undefended, you can draw in overconfident players and cut their troops to shreds with hidden defenses like mines.

Placing Defenses In Call Of Duty Heroes

The best base layouts keep in mind the versatility present in your attacker's troops. You might not always get hit by the same types of enemies, so its important to have a well-rounded defense. Since there are heroes like Price who can take out turrets with their special abilities, you need mines and other defenses set up strategically around critical buildings.

Laying mines in the perfect locations is actually pretty tough: you need to place mines essentially where you would send in your troops if you were on the attacking side. Here you need to think about funneling the enemies into specific lanes with your barriers and buildings but keep in mind your defenses will get destroyed so troops may end up going through different paths than you originally expected. If you find your mines are frequently getting avoided, tap the “replay” option after a battle to see exactly where the troops went and base your mine laying strategy around past experience.

The replay feature is your best weapon in Call Of Duty Heroes

If you are focusing on sentries to mow down both soldiers and stave off air assaults, be sure to spend as many resources as you are able upgrading those defenses. A huge squadron of Dragonfires can go from lethal threat to mere annoyance if your turrets are fully upgraded and placed in locations where its hard for land troops to easily access.

Putting turrets behind barriers is an excellent way to slow down the enemy troops further, but also keep in mind the firing arcs of your turrets. You can see these arcs just by tapping on them. It's better to have overlapping fire arcs where you can deal the most damage in the smallest amount of time when enemy troops are moving towards a critical building.

Be careful when defending either turrets or buildings behind barriers and don't make the mistake of lining them up directly side by side. You want to leave a gap of at least one space between your barrier and whatever it is protecting. Otherwise, RPGs will fly straight by the wall and damage the building or turret anyway.

Check your firing arcs for full coverage

After The Battle

If you follow these Call Of Duty Heroes base layout strategies, you are more likely to keep your hard-earned resources. Of course, from time to time, a player with a bigger force or better strategy is going to overrun you anyway.

After losing a battle, make sure to take full advantage of the automatic shield time you receive. Don't immediately counter attack to try to get revenge against the other player. Instead, take the time offered by the shield to rebuild your defenses and troops and get more resources built up again. Once you have a sizable force and your base is back up to peak efficiency, and then it's time to return the favor and take that smug player down a notch or two.

Published Dec. 21st 2015

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