Dragon Ball Prints Money, but These DBZ Games Are Crap

#5: Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22

A ground zero of sorts for bad Dragon Ball Z games, Ultimate Battle 22's 1995 release date tells you everything you need to know. Featuring sprites lifted directly from one of Bandai's old Super Nintendo DBZ fighters, UB22 throws itself into a cold, uncaring world of clunky movement, defenseless AI and generic Sega Genesis music.

The stages deserve particular attention, featuring vague interpretations of possibly classic Dragon Ball Z environments. The textures are pulled like digital saran wrap over a ceaselessly dull world, attaining an impressively low level of resolution.

Ultimate Battle 22 lives and dies all in a single breath, simultaneously causing feelings of repulsion and confusion. As if made by accident, it could only function as a bad PSX Dragon Ball Z fighting game back in 1995. Now, in the light of modern sensibilities, it instead feels more like a Dragon Ball Z fighting game you'd find in a 100-in-1 bootleg SNES cartridge in a Hong Kong back alley.

Published Jan. 30th 2018

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