Russian Artist Creates Real Life Armour That's Feminine, Sexy, And Practical?

A Russian artist might have finally found a compromise between sexy and practical when it comes to a lady's armoury.

Russian artist, Andrew Kanounov, has created several armoured corsets, which have recently appeared on io9's website. As we are in the midst of our own debate and examination of the fetishisation of women in skimpy battle-garments in video games, it seems Kanounov might have created a solution that could actually be useful in a fight, whilst still maintaining a level of sexuality and splendour.

Still A Bit Exposed?

Whilst they look absolutely fantastic, with an undeniable amount of skill and craftsmanship, they still err a little on the side on titillation. Some of the corsets still leave breasts uncovered, meaning you could easily take an arrow to the boob, and some of the detailing draws the eye towards the genital area. Yet Kanounov's creations are still most certainly more elegant than some of the near pornographic garments that game developers seem thrust upon players.

Still A Bit Useless?

"'It pains me to bow, my lord,' says one commenter, pointing out the rather spiky crotch detailing."

Some commentors on the page have pointed out that, whilst beautiful, the practicality of such gear might be somewhat limited.

"It pains me to bow, my lord," says one commenter, pointing out the rather spiky crotch detailing.

"Sitting down's going to be painful," says another regarding the sharp ornamentations adorning the rear of another piece.

But needless to say, these pieces are absolutely striking and make a change from metal bikinis. Designs and concepts like Kanounov's, whilst by no means perfect, are something that would be great to see more of in fantasy video games such as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (FF14), World of Warcraft (WoW), and other MMOs.

All images are the work of Andrew Kanounov. For more pictures, visit

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Published Feb. 20th 2014
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    As lovely as those items look, a couple of solid shots from a mace or warhammer would dent the intricate metalware and perhaps even send sharp ends into the wearer's body.

    Of course that's just an Amazon who prefers to use warhammers and maces opinion.
  • Fara Miw
    Some may cause issues on and off the battlefield... As for the 'gaps', with the cloth, then chainmail under the armor, that shouldn't be much of a concern. Most heavy armors will have 'some' gaps that is then protected by chainmail.
  • Fara Miw
    Since it won't let me edit.... I am of course speaking to if they were metal rather than leather armor as the look is intended to illustrate.

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