RUNNING WITH RIFLES Review: Early Access Done Right?

RUNNING WITH RIFLES is a testimony that the Steam Early Access does indeed work sometimes.

RUNNING WITH RIFLES is an indie game developed by the guys over at Modulaatio Games. It has been in development for two and a half years and it hit the Steam store last week as a part of the Early Access program. Prior to the release on Steam it was available on Desura.

The Gameplay

The premise of the game is that you're a soldier. That's it, you're not some fancy Special Operations soldier out to save the world from the pesky Russians. You're a soldier out of a hundred fighting a battle which is larger than you.

You play the game as one of three factions. You have the Greenbelts which represents the English, Brownpants which represents Russians and the Graycollars which represents the Germans. Every faction has their own unique set of weaponry ranging from M16 for the Greenbelts while the Brownpants are rocking the classic AK-47 and the Graycollars have the iconic FAMAS.

Every time you kill a soldier from the opposing faction, you gain XP, also known as Experience Points. Which are points that accumulate as you play and determines what rank you are. Ranks decide which equipment you can use, number of squad members you can have and the ability to use the radio. But you can also lose XP by dying, suiciding and teamkilling. 

There's a type of currency in the game called RP or Resource Points which you get by completing different tasks such as capturing bases, destroying enemy vehicles and achieving a higher rank. RP can be spent on radio calls which allows you to call in artillery and mortar strikes, paratroopers and vehicles such as the Humvee and even a tank. You're also able to use your RP to buy weapons from the armory.

Did I mention there's multiplayer? Yes, the game features a fully fleshed out multiplayer experience where you battle online with and against other players in a large map. Work together to flank the enemy and bottleneck their reinforcements. Work as a squad to take down an enemy tank or jump in to a patrol boat with your buddies and drive it straight in to the heart of the enemies territory. 

The Graphics

I really like the direction Modulaatio Games decided to take RUNNING WITH RIFLES when it comes to the graphics. I love the cell shaded art style and it reminds me of games such as Borderlands and Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The level design in RUNNING WITH RIFLES is very well done. The maps pace incredibly well and there is a sense of exploration when you first start playing. Every map has it's own unique feel. I found myself numerous times disobeying my commander to go and try to find a good defensive position incase I would need it in the near future.

The Sound

The sound design in this game is what you expect from a game like this. It has unique sound effects for every weapon and vehicle and also has ambient sound. If you expect Battlefield style of realistic sound design you're in the wrong place. But it delivers on what it's supposed to and does a good job at it.

The Verdict

RUNNING WITH RIFLES is a great, casual shooter. And it's one of the best titles available on Steam's Early Access program. If you're looking for something fun to play for a while and tired of games such as Titanfall and Call of Duty, I would definitely give RUNNING WITH RIFLES a shot.

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RUNNING WITH RIFLES is a testimony that the Steam Early Access does indeed work sometimes.

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Published Mar. 21st 2014
  • fnitty_7133
    Do you play Running with Rifles like a Masochist?
    I just recently found "Running with Rifles" on steam and been having a blast. Reminds me of the dial-up days when flash videos where the dominant videos on the internet. like if any of you remember that, those videos were awesome back then.

    Anyway, I customized the "Hard Mode" so that the enemy outnumbers my army 250:300 (ally/enemy) instead of the standard so called "Hard Mode" 120:100 (ally/enemy). All soldiers have their Accuracy Rating set to 94% and EXP gain at 28% as the standard Hard setting...
    I also turned the Blood and Corpses to MAX for the real deal experience. Total chaos, check it out...
    Running with Rifles: Masochist Gameplay -
    I don't know if it is possible to win like this, considering I have yet to beat the first mission... ever... but I think once I level up high enough it will definitely be possible.

    **I've tried this scenario many times before with 100:300 which didn't last too long for little green Rambo... I then tried 125:300 and 150:300. It wasn't until I played on 200:300 that I got a glimpse of hope. I was able to hold back the enemy on a roof top for at least 5 minutes of non-stop mowing down enemy units. I gained reached my 1000xp ranking up there. Only problem was that my allies couldn't push through. So I said screw it and bumped up to 250:300. It helps but only feels slightly better. Let me know if any of you had ever tried or had success like this, or if I am crazy.
  • Andrei Manolache
    This game reminds me of Commandos :D
  • Pollo_45
    Awesome game indeed. I wouldn't call it casual though. A casual player can have fun sure, but also an advanced player as to know all the mechanics it needs quite some time.

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