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Neko Atsume

Neko Atsume is a mobile game where you collect different types of cats. This is achieved by putting out various toys and treats to coax the felines into your yard. Taking the mobile gaming world by storm with its cute kitties, Neko Atsume inspired creative individuals to break out their best fan art.  

Take this simple yet tasteful representation of the game by Kiruru2592. Not only is this piece the perfect way to start off the slideshow, but it showcases some of the cats cute poses. 

Take a gander at the following four pieces and see which one is your favorite. 

Tubbs Want Ice Cream

Yereren has created this sweet piece. Titled Tubbs Wants Ice Cream, it highlights the hungry cat's never ending appetite. One of the larger cats in the game, Tubbs takes up the space of two cats when lounging on the giant pillow. He is the only cat that can appear at the space meant for the food bowl, causing all the food to disappear once he arrives. Looking for something different than kitty food, Tubbs begs Guy Furry for his ice cream.

Neko Atsume Peaceful Nights

Gryphon-Shifter noticed that nighttime was not depicted in the game. Choosing to showcase the serene qualities of the zen style remodel at night, the final result is stunning. Offering prints of this piece, Gryphon-Shifter has nailed this fan art.


Neko Atsume

ZachSmithson wanted there to be a space where all the cats of Neko Atsume could gather together. With only a limited number of cats being able to hang out in the yard at one time, this piece has all the cats assembled. Cute, detailed and well executed, ZachSmithson really brings out all of the kitties personalities.

Shitty Bitz

Though not included in the game, Hobo and Glunkus have become a major part of the Neko Atsume fandom. Imagined by tumblr user suprememeep, these two cats are attracted using Shitty Bitz, a play on what the food names are in Neko AtsumeSkelefrog brings to life suprememeep's dream of the dirty cat and cat from hell in this detailed piece.

While there are hundreds of piles within piles of fan art inspired by Neko Atsume, these pieces reflect some of the game, its various aspects and major parts of the fandom. What are your favorite things about Neko Atsume?

Published Oct. 4th 2016


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