Minecraft Dungeons: How to See a Level's Secrets and Chests

Want to find those pesky chests and secrets you're missing in Minecraft Dungeons? Here's a handy way to help you.

If you've been playing Minecraft Dungeons this past week, you'll probably have finished multiple levels without discovering all of the chests. But did you know there's a way to see how many chests and secrets are within each level?

Though Minecraft Dungeons has set levels, each are randomized in their design, ensuring that each trip through feels like a new experience. Some runs will grant fewer chests, while others will have more chests with more secrets to discover.

These secrets could range from special runes or entry to secret dungeons, which, once completed, will unlock hidden additional missions to partake in for bigger loot drops.

Minecraft Dungeons: How to See a Level's Secrets and Chests

Throughout your Minecraft Dungeons journeys, you have access to the map at all times. If you press down on the d-pad on consoles or tab on PC, you'll be greeted with an overlay transparent map, which shows in bold which areas you've visited in a nearby radius.

But there's a more in-depth map you can open that the game doesn't tell you.

If you hold down on the d-pad on consoles or press M on PC, you will gain access to a bigger map which provides further information.

The new map will have two counters in the bottom left corner. One for chests and one for secrets. Both will tell you how many are in the level and how many you've collected.

What Can the Minecraft Dungeons Map Tell Me?

Utilizing this ability is crucial for those on a quest to discover runes and paths to secret levels, as the secret indicator provides information on whether this particular randomized map has spawned them into existence.

It's helpful to know this to avoid redundant runs of particular levels, which may leave you with nothing. Seeing the counters at the beginning will alert you on whether the trip is worth it.

Not only that, but areas you've previously discovered and missed chests in will be highlighted on the map with a chest icon, so long as you've already discovered that area. It will highlight any loot dropped that you've missed with a handy light beam on the map.

Seeing the counters can be useful for once you've found the mission end as well, to see if any necessary backtracking is needed for anything you've potentially missed.

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Published Jun. 8th 2020

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