Minecraft Dungeons Stuck on Loading Screen Switch Fix Guide

Is Minecraft Dungeons stuck on a loading screen on your Nintendo Switch? We've got a potential fix for you.

Minecraft Dungeons launched just a few weeks ago, so naturally, there are some bugs yet to be worked out. One of them involves having Minecraft Dungeons stuck on loading screen in the Nintendo Switch version. There's been some chatter floating around about how to fix the issue, with one prevailing idea being that you have to delete your save data and start again.

Don't do that. We have a better solution with our Minecraft Dungeons stuck on loading screen Switch fix guide.

Minecraft Dungeons Stuck on Loading Screen Switch Fix

Again, don't delete your save data. Instead, here's what to do.

  • Launch Minecraft Dungeons in Airplane Mode (i.e., with wireless turned off).
  • Navigate to the game's "Settings" menu.
  • While still in Airplane Mode, select "Sign Out of All Online Play."
  • Turn Airplane Mode off again.
  • Go back to "Settings."
  • Reconnect to your Microsoft Account.

This should fix the issue, according to a number of Reddit users who've experimented with the issue since it started cropping up over a week ago.

Some have reported fixing the problem by just launching the game in Airplane Mode, then shutting it off again once the screen asking whether you want to play in online or offline mode showed up. But it doesn't seem to be a consistent fix.

Why this issue keeps happening isn't quite as clear, though it seems possible it might stem from creating a Microsoft Account linked to a non-Microsoft system for a game that doesn't technically have cross-platform play yet. Hopefully, Microsoft will patch the problem soon, though.

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Published Jun. 8th 2020

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