Minecraft Dungeons: How to Invite Friends for Online Coop

Here's how to invite friends in Minecraft Dungeons and start online coop multiplayer.

Playing with friends in Minecraft Dungeons is often more fun than playing alone. It's one of the game's primary draws: you and three friends frantically slicing through mobs to get glorious loot and treasure. Consequently, you might be wondering how to invite friends for Minecraft Dungeons online coop. 

However, the process of setting up an online coop session is a bit tricky. You can only invite friends and join sessions being hosted by your friends. You can't join or invite strangers, which is absolutely understandable. Minecraft Dungeons is best experienced with a common goal in mind, and players you're familiar with.

Below, we go over the steps for setting up an online co-op session in MC Dungeons

How to Invite Friends for Minecraft Dungeons Online Coop

The option for inviting friends becomes available after you finish the Minecraft Dungeons tutorial. Luckily, the tutorial is only about 10 minutes long. 

Once you're done with the tutorial, you'll find yourself at your first camp. From there: 

  1. Select the "Online Game" menu
  2. Select the "Start Online Game" option
  3. Click the "Add Friend" button

You will see a list of users that are both online and offline. If you want to invite a friend who is online, simply click the "Invite" option.

If you want to join another player's multiplayer session, then do the following:

  1. Select the "Online Game" menu
  2. Select the "Start Online Game" option
  3. Go to the "Game Sessions" tab
  4. Press the "Refresh" button
  5. Join any available session

If everything goes right, you will immediately see your friends in your world, or you will find yourself in their game if you joined their session.

In either case, mission accomplished! You can now freely explore the world of Minecraft Dungeons together.

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Published Jun. 8th 2020

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