Top 10 Must Have Home Decor For The Gamer's Crib

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As gamers, we live very extraordinary lives which means our homes should reflect our true essence. Whether you moved out of your parent's home into your own crib or you're thinking about redecorating theirs, we got you covered with some amazing home decor just for you, gamer.


Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Ceramic Pots

Hold it! Don't rush and break these pots! Franken Fashion's handmade ceramic pots are a fan's dream item to have in their home. Made to order in mid-range and pocket sizes, the pots are made with dry clay, painted with acrylic and finished with a non-toxic glaze. The pots are available In sizes as big as 1-3 inches tall.

Inside each pot are small items that you might need on your adventure. That still doesn't mean you should break them as you can get the item without smashing it. Perfect for cosplaying, propping in your office, or bedroom shelf, bring Kokiri Forest indoors to zen out on a stressful day. Just please don't break the pots.

Kirby Warp Star Light

Masahiro Sakurai would be so proud of Kirby to know he would actually help humans go into dream land. With this adorable 20 x 12 cm bed lamp, you can feel safe this hero will protect your dreams or at least aid you to a nice dream. 

The lamp uses 3 AA batteries which are not included. The lamp isn't quite bright but does cast an illuminating glow for those needing a light source that won't disrupt sleep.This lamp is available for a limited only.


Pokemon Poke Ball Pillow Cases

Hot Topic has these pillow cases on sale right now, and I know what you're thinking: Why do I need Pokemon Poke Ball Pillow cases? Well, to catch some Zs that's why! 

These pillow cases are 20" by 30" and made out of 100% polyester. They are currently 15% off, so don't waste a moment, trainer! Grab one of these and start your adventure!

Super Mario Bros Power-Up Mug

Mornings. We hate them. Period. Wishing for a simple pick me up to help you become invincible like Mario? Look no further! Think Geek sells these Question Mark Block coffee mugs to ensure your cup of joe has the perfect caliber of power to get you through your side-scrolling day. Plus, it looks totally bad-ass having one stored on your shelf when friends come visit.

Could it be coffee? Tea? Scotch? You decide what power up you would like for the day as it holds any beverage! What makes it even more awesome is you don't even have to punch it to get your power-up. Did we mention it was dishwasher and microwave safe? Mind blown.


Nintendo Game Cartridge Cutting Board

Throw your boring cutting board out the window. Literally. Throw it out. Just not with the knives! Cutting Boredom's handmade, customizable cutting board is the perfect addition to a gamer's kitchen because, hopefully, you'll actually want to cut something on this for cooking. 

The boards come in Maple, Walnut, Cherry, or Mahogany wood. You can choose the standard 9" x 10" board size or go for a larger option. Adding additional designs is feasible with an additional charge. Make some chop suey with style, gamer!

Giant Pikachu Futon Bed

Ladies, gentlemen, and children, please breathe. The sight of a giant Pikachu bed is enough to put someone in shock, but I assure you it is real. Fancy Trader's giant sofa mattress is great for kids, girlfriends, heck even guy friends and parents! It can be used as a sleeping bag, day bed, or your actual bed if you choose.

Hypoallergenic with a memory PP cotton stuffing and padding that can be taken out, this monster kawaii bed can make anyone feel a little tingly with excitement. When we say say monster, we mean it as the sofa mattress comes in 220cm x 150cm x 35 cm! That's almost 7 ft by 4 ft! Just don't let the size fool you, anybody will definitely feel charged and loved with a good nap on this Pikachu.


Mario Cat Complex

For the gamers with cats as family members, treat them to these insanely cute to watch sets. CatastrophiCreations' Mario Cat Complex 2.0 is handmade to order and has expansion options to provide a sewer sanctuary for your cute, furry friend. Watch as your cat climbs down a pipe to spit out on a pipe below, or they can just chill in the Question Mark box 'til dinner time.

The listing for the wooden Mario Cat complex mount is without vinyls and bullet/cannon sets. You can add them for an additional charge. All pieces come pre-drilled with holes and 16" studs and are 35.5" in total width, 34" in height, and 11.75" in depth. So, let your kitties embark on a journey to save the princess with the hope she's not in another castle.

GameBoy Hamper

Think Geek's LaundryBoy Hamper is currently 50% off! Ensure your dirty laundry is properly taken care of or at least not lying all over your floor collecting dust. 

With the classic handheld gaming unit look, everyone will be snapping their necks to check out what laundry you have! Easy to assemble, made out of 100% nylon, and easy to clean, this hamper is a gamer's best laundry buddy. It comes in 26" x 18" x 12" which means lots of room for dirty clothes. We promise your laundry won't come out green and black!


Super Smash Bros Citrus Scented Soap Bar

Digital Soaps' Soaper Smash Bros bar could be the weapon for all lamenting con goers who are simply tired of having to remind someone to bathe. 100% organic and handmade, it has been featured in countless gamer, gadget, tech magazines across the globe. With more than 4,000 positive orders, you know you're getting your money's worth--especially when they are made to size of the actual video game cartridges! 

The ingredients can be found on the website, so make sure you're not allergic to any of them. With more than 150 different types of soap creations, you'll start to wonder if you have to buy them all.

Navi LED Lights

Have your very own "life-sized," annoying life coach that changes color with a push of a button thanks to AFK For Cosplay! This handmade bundle of joy won't yell at you to listen, thankfully, and weighs about 6 ounces. Using LED 3" diameter battery, included in the purchase, your illuminating friend can easily be strung on a line to decorate your lovely home. 

Published Mar. 15th 2016


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