Sea of Thieves Skeletons Not Spawning? Here's a Quick Fix

This Sea of Thieves skeleton glitch can be an irritating wrinkle in your swashbuckling adventures. But whether you're exploring Devil's Ridge, Shark Tooth Key, or Shark Bait Cove, this quick guide will show you a quick and easy fix!

Just days after launch, some Sea of Thieves players are running into what many consider an irritating bug: bounty quest skeletons aren't spawning. If these skeletons cannot be found in areas such as Devil's Ridge or Shark Tooth Key, it means that certain quests -- like the Order of Souls missions -- can't be completed. 

If you look at any forum around the interwebs, you'll find a mob of angry scalawags readying the plank. However, there's currently an easy workaround for the glitch

As of March 23, Rare knows the issue is causing problems for a subset of players and is working on a permanent fix. Until then, however, they provided some tips on how to make those pesky skeletons respawn.

According to the Sea of Thieves release notes, a potential remedy for skeletons not spawning on any particular island is to leave the island, sail away, and then return to the island. This should activate the area's Banner trigger and make the skeletons show up again. 

Some players have also said that quitting Sea of Thieves and re-loading the game resets the skeleton spawning algorithm. However, that means that your current quest will get canceled -- and you'll most likely lose any progress from your last save point.  


Have you found a different fix for the skeletons not spawning glitch in Sea of Thieves? If so, drop us a comment below and we'll add your method to this guide! And if you're looking for other tips and tricks for this swashbuckling adventure, make sure to check out our other guides here.  

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Published Mar. 23rd 2018

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