5 Must Play Games on Playstation 4

Must play games for new and old owners of the PS4.

With just under two years under the new generation, there is a litany of games that are released. There are games that you may have looked at, but aren't quite sure if you may like them. Here is a small list of games that you may enjoy on the PS4. Although most of these are exclusives there will be some multi-platform games that are throughly enjoyable on any console.

The Order 1886

Although criticized for being short The Order 1886 is a beautiful piece of digital art. The Order pushes the limit of the PS4 graphics and seems to have some good gameplay while it lasts. 


Destiny has been developed on the PS4 giving the edge to players on this console. They have been getting DLC first as Bungie has been showing a focus on this console. Destiny is a marvelous game there is nothing like running the Vault of Glass for the first time with friends or a random group of people. 


InFamous Second Son

Infamous has become a recognized Playstation title. This installment is no different. The open world stylized gameplay is nothing to turn away from. Infamous is a great Playstation title that should be given a try by any new owner of the console.


Driveclub is a PS4 exclusive and thus far is still only available as a purchase. There was a rumored Playstation Plus Edition that was going to be free. Players have yet to see this free launch and still anticipate the release. Driveclub is a fast paced beautiful racer that will keep you coming back for more.


Transistor is a download title that all PS4 owners must look at. This title is developed by the same studio that stood strong behind Bastion. Transistor stands well with its strong soundtrack and solid gameplay. This narrative is beautifully done and should not be overlooked even though it is only a PSN game.

These games have been praised since their launch and still stand out as a great playthrough. This small list is enough to keep new owners busy for a while, while they get familiar with their new console. Another bonus is that some of these titles are not new releases and can be found at a great price.

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Published Feb. 26th 2015
  • Elijah Beahm
    Featured Columnist
    I hate to be that guy BUT...

    Destiny also gets all its exclusive DLC on PS3, so there's not a huge advantage other than 60 FPS frame rate to get the PS4 version.

    The Order: 1886 & Drive Club were both pretty divisively received?

    Transistor is a multiplatform game?

    The only one on this list I can really agree with is inFamous: Second Son.
  • Eric Nicolai
    Featured Contributor
    :) I hate to be that guy that argues with that guy BUT,

    Destiny was developed on the PS4 meaning that no matter how you look at the DLC spread there will be slight benefits and minor/ near impossible graphical enhancements.

    The Order 1886 is only being criticized for the lack of gameplay time. The game is without a doubt beautiful. There are plenty of great games that are short. Bioshock, The Order, South Park Stick of Truth, honestly the list could go on.

    Driveclub is one that I will not argue for or against as it is a racing game. I have slight input on that genre as I play it and put them down so quickly. However, involving opinion this game may be taking negative heat from the lack of the free version that was promised.

    Transistor point..... I stated in the first paragraph that some games were multiplatform so not really a big deal. As it stands Transistor is one of the more magnificent games done on the PS4 making it an, in my opinion, must play.

    That is all :)

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