Clean video games the new craze?

Are environmentally friendly video games the new craze?

With the rising popularity of Ubisoft's Grow Home and its recent release to the PS4, it seems that the door has been opened to a new crop of video games.  

These games are unlike any of the other games that feature world destruction and a complete disregard for the environment. These games are eco-friendly.

Grow Home focuses on a Botanical Utility Droid in search of an alien plant that can oxygenate his home planet. Lush backgrounds and exotic floating islands are what you'll find in this game. 

Source: Touch Tap Play

The Path to Luma is a new mobile game that follows SAM (Sustainability Augmentation Model) as he tries to save the galaxy and the Chroma civilization. This mind game uses puzzles to help SAM unlock the sources of clean energy hidden in the planets he explores.

If this trend continues, it could raise more awareness about the dangers of climate change and importance of a healthy, clean environment.

What do you think of these environmentally friendly games? Will they catch on making gamers more environmentally aware or will their fascination quickly fade?










Sources: New Mobile Life and Game Freaks 


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Published Jun. 18th 2020
  • Durinn McFurren
    Why not mix environmental awareness with destruction? I would love to play, say, a tactical sneaker game spying on and sabotaging corporate pollution.

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