5 Final Fantasy Airships We Wish Were Real

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When you think of Final Fantasy, hopefully, the first thing you think about is the upcoming release of Final Fantasy XV for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. That's right, the 15th installment of the beloved RPG franchise is quickly approaching, and that means there are at least 15 games besides the upcoming release that have super awesome airships we'd love to pilot. 

For us, we can't help but think about how we'd love to get in the pilot's seat of all the great aircraft that have graced the Final Fantasy skies over the years. And seeing as November is also national aviation month, we thought it would be a great time to show our appreciation for a few of them.

So while the series may be known as Final Fantasy, there is no end to our desire for some fantasies to become reality, and as technology advances, there is still hope that one day we may get our wish. That being said, here are five amazing airships that we wish were real.

The M.S. Prima Vista

Appears in:  Final Fantasy IX

While all, if not most, of Final Fantasy's airships look like a luxury aircraft, the M.S. Prima Vista is the numero uno luxury airship as far as we're concerned. How many other airships do you know have a built in theater? None.

Sure, it isn't the average theater with a large flat screen, comfortable bucket seats with headset speakers and a cup holder, but who is going to complain about flying in the air while watching a live action play?

We'll just forget the little tidbit that the Prima Vista is the home base of the thieving Tantalus Theater Troupe.


The Fahrenheit

Appears in: Final Fantasy X

The fact that you couldn't actually fly The Fahrenheit around Spira is more than enough reason to want this airship to be real. Not to mention the awesome pink rainbow paint job making it the only pink airship in Final Fantasy history. 

It really is a pity though that the ship didn't have a more playable role in the game outside of acting as quick transportation device between cities. 


The Lindblum

Appears in: Final Fantaxy XIII

If you can look at the Lindblum and think it isn't one of the coolest things you have ever seen when it comes to airships, you're in denial. Or you don't have appreciation for detail and the Lindblum has tons of it.

This airship acted as the docking base for the Guardian Corps Calvary, but if it were real, it definitely would look cool launched into space to replace the International Space Station. 

The Celsius

Appears in: Final Fantasy X-2

Water boils at 100 degrees celsius, which means that this airship must be over 100 -- its design is pure fire. 

This ship acted as the Final Fantasy X-2 crews' airship, and if it were real, it would be like a flying mall. The Celsius holds a shop, information center on all your Spira needs, a bestiary to catch up on all the beasts in the area and an inn. Not to mention the ship even has an area to capture and store chocobos -- and everyone wants a chocobo.



Appears in: Final Fantasy VIII

Based on looks alone, the Ragnarok is definitely an airship that we would love to see in real life. 

While the previous airships on this list would act more like luxury liners and docking stations, this airship is heavily armed and can even travel in space, which would make it ideal as a military aircraft. 

Here's to wishing the next 30-40 years brings us more aircraft like the Ragnarok. 

With all this talk of airships, it's hard not to be excited about the ones that await us in the upcoming Final Fantasy XV release.

As the years have gone by, the series' airships have changed tremendously, and we expect the same in the next title release -- all one of a kind and surely ones we wish were real.

So, tell us: What are some airships that you wish existed in real life and what are you looking forward to in Final Fantasy XV?

Published Nov. 12th 2016


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