The Top 5 Things I'd Want to Do in Virtual Reality

Video games are largely appealing because they allow us as gamers to do things in a virtual world that we wouldn't normally do in real life. If you were in your favorite video game worlds, what would you do?

Obviously, Grand Theft Auto contains things I'd be interested in doing in virtual reality. I think that's why most of us play video games - we'd like to be the character in their world. No real consequences, no worries, easy access to money, power...

Doesn't that sound like fun?!

Here are the top 5 things I want to do when VR becomes more... well... real.

#1 - Four-Wheelin' Fancy Free

Well I'd love to ride an ATV across town, first off (Grand Theft Auto activities are extremely appealing as long as it's in virtual reality!). I think it'd be exhilarating, fun and dangerous all at the same time. I'd probably run over a couple of people and crash into a gas station just for the heck of it so I could re-spawn elsewhere!

#2 Breakin' the Law

I'd love to get in deep doo-doo with the cops! What can I say? I've spent many hours in many Grand Theft Auto games just having a blast being chased by the fuzz! I'd love to punch the gas pedal, crash into people and their cars, drive off a cliff (and into a rather large body of water), get out and start swimming to shore only to be surrounded by cops. I'd probably get shot trying to flee or shoot back at the cops and re-spawn elsewhere once again!

#3 Welcome To Earth, Have a Knuckle Sandwhich!

I would love to beat up aliens! Yes, Saints Row IV has really done it this time... I think it'd make me feel pretty darn good and patriotic, like that Uncle Sam character above! It'd be scary dealing with an alien invasion, but it'd be a great challenge to try to stop them from destroying Earth!

#4 - Kill Pyramid Head 'Til He Dies From It

I'd like to kill Pyramid Head from Silent Hill at least once! He's a creepy guy who I'd never, ever want to be caught with in real life and he's a super villain! Or at least in my world he is... I know he's supposed to symbolize a person's self-restraint to accept something, like being in-denial or something... but he's just too darn creepy.

#5 Always Be Batman, Unless you Can Be A Magical Dragon

I'd love to be a mystical creature for a day. Spyro The Dragon, Spyro: Ripto's Rage!, and Spyro: Year of the Dragon were such amazing games for me growing up because I wanted to live in places like Avalar and the levels I visited playing as Spyro. Being a dragon or a faun sounds extremely appealing to me! Or at least it did when I was a kid... Now I want to be one of those cool toys kids use for the portals on Skylanders and Disney Infinity now!

What would you do if you were in virtual reality?

The possibilities are endless!


I'm a wife, a mother, a video game enthusiast, a lover of video game journalism and music journalism, and overall just a big kid on the inside! Writing is my life!

Published Aug. 27th 2013

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