9 Strangest Simulator Games You Need to Know About

Here are 9 of the strangest simulation games ever made

If you've ever found yourself asking "how much weirder can games get?" Obviously you have never played a simulation game. Simulator games are games meant to simulate aspects of either real or fictional reality. They walk the line of pure insanity and the absurd but somehow we can't get enough of flying goats, harvesting farms, cleaning streets and poor attempts at baking cakes.

However, not all simulator games are weird.. but when they are weird, they're weird. Keep reading to get the skinny on 9 of the strangest simulators people are actually playing. 

1. Goat Simulator

Developer: Coffee Stain Studios and Double Eleven

Platform: Xbox 360, Xbox One, iOS, Linux, Microsoft Windows, OS X and Android

Where to get it: Steam

It wouldn't be a strangest simulator list without including the highly popular Goat Simulator. If you ever wondered what it was like to be a rampant goat who can pull off some mad aerial moves, cause havoc and get points for it, well this game answers that question. Really, it is as silly as it sounds but somehow it is ridiculously fun.

2. I Am Bread

Developer: Bossa Studios

Platform: Microsoft Windows, OS X

Where to get it: Steam 

The title explains it all. You're bread or at least play as a piece bread that is trying to become toast, literally. Your mission: get to the toaster. Unfortunately, it isn't as easy as it sounds and it is as strange as it is hard. Many a gamer has rage quit because of this game but, I guess that's the price to pay in order to toast yourself. I am Bread comes from the same minds that brought us the infamous Surgeon Simulator.

3. Surgeon Simulator

Developer: Bossa Studios

Platform: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, Playstation 4, Android

Where to get it: Steam

Before there was I Am Bread there was Surgeon Simulator; a virtual game of Operation but with more blood and not so easy maneuvering. If you have ever dreamed of becoming a world-class surgeon, this certainly isn't the game to give you the training for it. Still, this game manages to make a serious situation into something weirdly laughable as you fumble around with complicated controls and end up doing more harm than good. 

4. Drowning Simulator

Developer: CLM BBDO

Platforms: Browser

Where to get it: Sortie En Mer

The correct title is Sortie En Mer but gamers' know it as the Drowning Simulator. Out of all the simulators out there, this is by far the most real and terrifying simulators out there. While other simulators have 3D graphics, this game is completely in real time, making the drowning that more terrifying. While it is a strange game, it's purpose is even stranger: Drowning Simulator is nothing more than an interactive ad promoting Guy Cotten yachtwear. That's marketing, I guess.

5. Robot Vacuum Simulator

Developer: Stolidus Simulations

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Mac

Where to get it: Stolidus Simulations

The life of the Roomba isn't as luxurious as it seems, a lot of hard work goes into it and you get to experience that in this simulator. The game gives an incredible insight of the world of a robot vacuum while relaxing jazz music plays for your pleasure. 

6. Hatoful Boyfriend

Developer: Mediatonic

Platform: Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, Playstation 4, Playstation Vista

Where to get it: Steam 

Hatoful Boyfriend can simply be summed up as a human girl trying to court birds in high school. It really doesn't get any weirder than that. In fact it is probably the strangest game on the list but, it wouldn't be a cult-classic Japanese game if it wasn't weird. If you're interested in the strange and hilarious world of inter-species dating simulators, you should check this game out. 

7. Soda Drinker Pro

Developer: Will Brierly, Snowrunner Games

Platform: Microsoft Windows, Mac

Where to get it: Soda Drinker Pro

We've seen simulators revolving around beverages before but that usually entails making them i.e. Ampu-Tea and Coffee Simulator. However, Soda Drinker Pro is all about drinking, you guessed it, soda. While drinking is a very normal thing, it is weird that a game about a "first person soda" was ever made let alone became popular.

8. Toilet Tycoon

Developer: Anvil

Platform: Microsoft Windows

Where to get it: Toilet Tycoon

While this game is certainly weird and a little gross, it is simulating actual aspects of product management. The game is all about strategy and management with a mission to have the best toilets in the town! If you have a tough enough stomach and a competitive streak, I'd recommend picking this one up. 

 9. Rock Simulator

Developer: Strange Panther Games

Platform: PC

Where to get it: Game Jolt

If you never managed to reach your dream of becoming an archeologist, Rock Simulator is the next best thing.. well, kind of. If you think playing as a Roomba is exciting, then playing as a rock is going to be the highlight of your life. The world is your oyster as you sit on the edge of a golf course or mountain. #RockLife

So, are you still wondering how much weirder games can get? We are. Share some of your strange simulator favorites that didn't make the list!


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Published Apr. 22nd 2015

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