The Destructoid TV Panel: We tricked people into liking us, and you can too!

Destructoid TV gives you some tips to become famous!

The Destructoid TV Panel was created to teach people the best way to stream. During the panel they gave a list of what they did to be successful.

The List

Chat with the viewers

In order to maintain a good audience you should include them in your stream. Make sure you respond to questions, heed their warnings, and do what they want, to some extent.

Make sure your Co-Host isn't shit

If you are like some streamers and add a buddy to the mix make sure you know them well enough to either help, hurt, or love them. Be sure to pick someone who is easy to converse with and someone who has an interesting personality. 

Stay Regular (scheduling and content)

Keep a schedule of consistent content. Have a set date where you post content and be consistent with the theme of the content. You can't just do a fighting game one day and a horror game the next.

Invite Surprises, live situations make you more vulnerable so take advantage of it.

When discussing how they interview game developers, one member of the panel discussed the surprise of being live. Anything can happen when in a live interview or stream. So when something random happens, embrace it. Surprises that happen when on the air open up your personality to your viewers and allow you to touch on some better, more interesting subjects.

Sell your personality

You make your personality, sell it. Sell yourself to your audience by being you. Have fun, let loose, don't be afraid to be yourself because it only leads to a boring stream where you no longer feel comfortable. When you're not comfortable, your audience isn't.

Providing Interest Content

Your content doesn't always have to be the newest game, it could be retro games. Just like before, you gotta sell your personality to achieve your goal. The goal is to make your content unique, to do that you need to do something unique. Pets are a good way to attract viewers because you can interact with them on camera during loading screens, cutscenes, and they make great Co-Host cause you obviously love them.

The panel concluded with a long Q&A session, which was irrelevant to the panel.

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Published Sep. 3rd 2013

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