Top 10 Gifts for Fortnite Fans for the 2018 Holidays

Gift Cards

Price: $10 - $100

(PlayStation) Buy it on: Amazon
(Xbox) Buy it on : Amazon

Good ol’ fashioned money is sometimes your best bet, so why not go with a gift card? In order to obtain in-game cosmetics in Fortnite or battle passes for access to skins, weapons, emotes, and more, players can use money available on their account. If you want to add funds to a player's account and let them spend how they please, you should snag them a gift card.

Know what system your loved one is playing on before you by them a card though. This will only work for those who are on consoles. PlayStation and Xbox gift cards can range from $10 to $100 and are a great choice for console Fortnite players.

Published Dec. 10th 2018

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