Hitman GO review: Now on iOS and Android

Hitman GO is now Available for iOS and Android!

Originally released for iOS in April, Hitman GO took little time to arrive on the  Android scene. So if you are looking for an exciting game to play and don't have an iPhone, this is certainly a game you shouldn't glance over.

It will get difficult, just you wait.

The gameplay is a turn based strategy game, where you move alone specific tracks to avoid being seen, take out enemies, and complete objectives. On paper it seems simple, but as more enemies become abundant, it takes excellent planning and execution to succeed on a given stage.

You can almost feel for these faceless figurines

It is however, the presentation of the game that makes it truly shine. At moments it has almost a cinematic experience. All the models and backdrops are smooth, and the music is everything you would expect from the Hitman series. The first time I came to an assassination mission, my jaw just dropped from the music and small cinematic that set up the stage.

Did I mention there are no IAPs?

The game comes at a cost of $4.99, with room left in the game to expand later on. As to whether or not these expansions will be free or paid is anyones guess. Hitman Go is still an amazing treat if you are looking for a new game to play on the go. Be sure to check it out in the links below.

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Hitman GO is now Available for iOS and Android!

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Published Jun. 5th 2014

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