Recappers: Nintendo Direct

If you missed the Nintendo Direct this week, don't worry, I'm here to Recap it!

As the weekend looms, it is that time of the week to look back and "recap" most of the events that occurred over the course of the week. This week, and probably every week, Nintendo will be in the spotlight, mentioning both good things as well as bad things. Strap in, its gonna be a fun ride.

This week, Nintendo decided to have another Nintendo Direct centered around new information regarding 3DS games and Wii U games. Nothing really groundbreaking came out of this presentation but I will give out some free advice: don't watch the Nintendo Direct presentation at work on a cell phone where the wi-fi filter blocks everything fun. That was a major kick in my ass, seeing as I tried to watch the presentation live and then had to catch the replay on the Nintendo YouTube channel a little later.

Details for upcoming games like Splatoon and Project Treasure (the temp name for Bandai Namco's new project) as well as the release date for Majora's Mask 3D (February 13). That wasn't the main news from the presentation and that award went to the "New" 3DS that will have better processors and power. The new 3DS won't come with an AC adaptor to charge the system but pretty much most of the old hardware will charge the system. One comment I saw online was that the Game Boy didn't have a charger either but had 4 AA batteries. It was a simpler time back then when 4 batteries could last a long time but I understand the point.

The "New" 3DS just shows me that Nintendo didn't learn anything from the marketing fiasco of the Wii vs Wii U debate that people couldn't tell that the systems were different. There will be special edition "New" 3DS systems based on the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D and Monster Hunter 4 but good luck getting the MM one, it looks to be sold out in most places and that's just for preorders. It looks like Nintendo didn't foresee the consumer amount but Nintendo has been doing that quite a bit lately.

Alright I feel like I ranted enough for today and recapped the Nintendo Direct for you. Stay tuned for another Recappers next week when, here's a real shock, I'll recap what happened that week.


My name is Steve and I'm from New Jersey. Been a Nintendo fan for as long as I can remember and have enjoyed writing. Also a fan of the Devils/Jets/Mets.

Published Jan. 15th 2015

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