DOOM pre-order editions and where you can buy them

All the details you need to know about the various features DOOM's pre-order has to offer before you order your copy.

DOOM is less than a month away from releasing; there is no better time to start considering pre-ordering the game. It is due to release on May 13th, worldwide and it is offering an adrenaline filled, gory single player campaign and chaotic multiplayer mayhem.

What is DOOM?

Before we take a look at what DOOM pre-orders have to offer and where you can get them, let's take a look at what the game is.

You’ve come here for a reason. The Union Aerospace Corporation’s massive research facility on Mars is overwhelmed by fierce and powerful demons, and only one person stands between their world and ours. As the lone DOOM Marine, you’ve been activated to do one thing – kill them all.

DOOM is a reboot of the original DOOM released in 1993. Id Software is indeed working hard to bring the series back to its roots by creating an experience of adrenaline-filled action and enough blood and gore to keep the biggest gore fan satisfied.

DOOM is very much about the fast paced action it has to offer, both in the single player campaign and arena-style multiplayer. The graphics look stunning, and the modern yet true to the original redesign of the monsters is fantastic. Do you need to see the action for yourself? Check out this campaign trailer. 

Standard Edition

The game's standard edition offers you the base game along with some extra pre-order exclusives which come in the Demon Multiplayer Pack. The pack includes:

  • One unique and Customisable Demon-themed armor set with three skin variations
  • Six metallic paint colors [*can be applied to weapons or armour]
  • Three Id logo patterns [*can be applied to weapons or armour]
  • Six Hack Modules [*instantly unlocked consumable perks used during MP matches]

This edition of the game is priced at $59.99, €59.99, £37.99 on PC, XBOX One and PlayStation 4 if you are shopping on Amazon. The $59.99 price tag also applies to pre-ordering on Steam. If shopping through Game, the prices vary depending on the platform you are buying the game.

The prices of purchasing DOOM from Game is £37.99 on PC and £47.99 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Note that Game's version of the game comes with the following exclusive benefits:

  • UAC Handbook
  • UAC Fabric Patches
  • UAC Poster

Collector's Edition

The Collectors Edition of the game comes with all the benefits of the standard editions along with a few extras. This pack includes:

  • 12-inch tall statue of the Revenant on an LED base with an internal slow-spinning turbine.
  • An exclusive metal case with the game.

This version of the game costs $119.96 or £99.99 on all platforms and is available to buy on both Amazon and Game. Note that the Collector's Edition does not appear to include the Game exclusives of the standard edition. It does not include the UAC Handbook, UAC Fabric Patches or the UAC Poster.

Pre-order your copy today

 If you are interested in pre-ordering Doom, you can find the links to the website of your choice along with the edition you are looking to pre-order in the table below.

  Steam Game Amazon
Standard Edition (PC)  $59.99 £37.99 $59.99
Collectors Edition (PC)   N/A £99.99 $119.96
Standard Edition (Xbox One)   N/A £47.99 $59.96
Collectors Edition (Xbox One)   N/A £99.99 $119.96
 Standard Edition (PlayStation 4)  N/A £47.99 $59.96
 Standard Edition (Playstation 4)  N/A £99.99 $119.96


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Published Apr. 23rd 2016

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