Gran Turismo 7 Fastest Cars List

Here is the list of the fastest cars in Gran Turismo 7, including prices and technical descriptions.

There are 424 cars in Gran Turismo 7, represented by 62 different brands. The game features three dealerships where players can purchase cars for in-game credits. The most expensive cars in the game are unique concept vehicles, many of which have been introduced with Gran Turismo 7 itself.

Our list includes only the fastest cars in Gran Turismo 7, giving you a clear idea of what vehicles to purchase once you decide to aim at the top prize takings on the high-speed racing tracks.

Fastest Cars in Gran Turismo 7

Dodge SRT Tomahawk X Vision Gran Turismo

  • Top Speed: 743 km/h; 462 m/h
  • Price: 1,000,000 CR

Tomahawk X is basically a jet fighter on wheels with no wings. It is incredibly light at only 749 kg, and it has 2,586 BHP (brake horsepower), which is extreme even for such a unique concept car as this one.

This Dodge vehicle is based on 144-degree 6.98-liter V10 engine, which was designed specifically for Formula One vehicles, and is highly uncommon to find in commercial cars.

Dodge SRT Tomahawk X is out of competition when it comes not only to max speed in Gran Turismo 7, but also in terms of acceleration, handling, braking and most importantly, stability.

Dodge SRT Tomahawk GTS-R Vision Gran Turismo

  • Top Speed: 483 km/h; 300 m/h
  • Price: 1,000,000 CR

Tomahawk GTS-R is even lighter than Tomahawk X model at only 663 kg. Although it uses a similar 144-degree 6.98-liter V10 engine with PAS (pneumatic air system), it produces only 1,449 HP. But that is more than enough to be considered as one of the top racing cars in Gran Turismo 7.

What makes this car really special is the dual-element active rear wing, which creates a possibility for low-drag maneuvers at extreme speed limits. So once you get the grip of its steering, the racing tracks will look like a blur.

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo

  • Top Speed: 464 km/h; 288 m/h
  • Price: 1,000,000 CR

Although Bugatti VGT isn't as fast as Dodge Tomahawk X, it is still one of the most powerful racing vehicles in the game.

This model is based on W16 quad turbo engine, which is a unique type of engine that is used exclusively in Bugatti vehicles, and is made up of two VR8 engines, producing 1,626 BHP.

If you want to get the most out of Bugatti VGT you will have to masterfully control its speed and throttle, or you'll easily become the victim of oversteering at high speeds. Since this car is also quite vulnerable on curbs, it isn't hard to imagine how the race may end if you're not careful.

Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV

  • Top Speed: 410 km/h; 255 m/h
  • Price: 1,000,000 CR

Here is a brand-new Jaguar VGT vehicle that has been first introduced in Gran Turismo 7 as a monumental racing car with 1,876 HP. What is really surprising about it is that this car is based on electric quad-motor, which makes it the fastest electric vehicle in the game.

It reaches the 100 km/h mark in just 1.65 seconds, which shows that it has some of the best acceleration results, as well. The car also boasts with an all-wheel drive, which is important for perfect handling.

Dodge SRT Tomahawk S Vision Gran Turismo

  • Top Speed: 402 km/h; 250 m/h
  • Price: 1,000,000 CR

Although Tomahawk S model carries the same V10 engine as the other two Tomahawk models on our list, this one has the lowest output of them all at only 1,006 HP.

The reason why this car was designed this way is because Dodge wanted to make something for beginner players who need to get used to the extreme power of the Tomahawk series of cars. Typically, one would start with the S model, then switch to GTS-R, and finally one could use the ultimate X model for the best results.

Additionally, this car is street legal, so you can take it on a ride and test all of its capabilities in an ordinary environment before rushing out onto the race track.

McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo

  • Top Speed: 370 km/h; 230 m/h
  • Price: 1,000,000 CR

Unlike most sports cars on this list, McLaren VGT is a middle-engine rear-wheel racing car that carries a hybrid engine. Such an unusual combination definitely makes this model stand apart.

The 4.0L V8 Turbo-Hybrid engine has been a mainstay of many McLaren Formula One vehicles, so it's not surprising that they've chosen the same model for their Gran Turismo 7 flagship.

What really helps push this car to its limits are the two high-output electric motors on the front wheels. Together they build up a lot of acceleration and allow for better handling.

It is also one of the lightest vehicles in the McLaren roster, weighing in at only 900kg.

Porsche Vision Gran Turismo

  • Top Speed: 349 km/h; 217 m/h
  • Price: 1,000,000 CR

Many players will be well familiar with this model, as it has been chosen to be the primary cover car for Gran Turismo 7.

An interesting detail about the design of this car is that it includes canopy instead of the traditional doors. This may also be a better choice for aerodynamic purposes.

When speaking of engines, Porsche VGT is based entirely on electric motors that produce 1,100 HP, which isn't bad at all, taking into account that this car is a slightly on the heavier side at 1,390kg.

Other than that, the Gran Turismo Porsche is an excellent racing car for its price.

Ferrari FXX K '14

  • Top Speed: 344 km/h; 214 m/h
  • Price: 3,600,000 CR

Is anybody surprised that the most expensive vehicle in Gran Turismo 7 is a Ferrari car? Probably not!

On top of that, players who want to drive this special new model will have to be invited into the Ferrari section of the Brand Central, which is the only place where they can purchase it.

Anyhow, Ferrari FXX is a track-only hypercar that is not legal for street driving, although it is labeled as a road car in the game. Just remember this when you try to take it out onto the road, as the game won't let you.

Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Coupé

  • Top Speed: 322 km/h; 200 m/h
  • Price: 1,000,000 CR

Here is another all-electric race vehicle, which is based on the technologies used in the Formula E, a motorsport world championship exclusively for electric cars.

What Gran Turismo 7 players may find really interesting about this car is that the information about the track is shown on a hologram display. This is just one of the many signs of the futuristic design implemented in this vehicle.

Jaguar VGT Coupé can be purchased from the Jaguar section of the Brand Central.

Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Roadster

  • Top Speed: 322 km/h; 200 m/h
  • Price: 1,000,000 CR

Roadster is a brand-new concept car that has never appeared in the Gran Turismo series prior to the seventh installment.

It has exactly the same engine and power output as the Coupe model, but the design is completely different. This time Jaguar gave it a classical D-Type look of the 1950s racing cars.

If you enjoy driving at high speed, and look your best, then this vehicle will definitely fit the bill.

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