Gran Turismo 7: Can You Sell Cars?

Selling unwanted cars would be a great way to get some spare cash in Gran Turismo 7. But if you're wondering how to sell cars, there's something you should know.

In Gran Turismo 7, you will need credits to purchase anything from new cars to tuning upgrades and cosmetics. While GT7 does give you a steady stream of credits, knowing how to sell cars would be a great way to earn some extra cash without much effort. But can you actually sell your cars in Gran Turismo 7

Can You Sell Cars in Gran Turismo 7?

Those hoping to sell cars to recoup some credits will likely be disappointed. Although selling cars was a feature available in previous entries in the Gran Turismo series, it is not possible to sell your cars in Gran Turismo 7. The only way to get rid of unwanted duplicate cars would be to discard them, which permanently deletes them from your garage.

As your car collection grows, you’ll likely end up with a fair amount of cars that you don’t intend to use. Unfortunately, they will likely just collect dust in your garage as there is no way to sell them or make good use of them by exchanging them for credits.

Even duplicate cars cannot be traded away for credits or any other form of in-game currency. Discarding duplicate cars can help reduce some of the clutter in your garage but you won’t get anything for it.

How to Discard Cars in Gran Turismo 7

To discard a car, simply go to your garage and hover your cursor over the car you’d like to remove from your collection. From there press Triangle on your controller, select Discard, then confirm your selection. It should be noted that this is permanent and there is no way of getting the car back after discarding it. So, make sure that this isn’t a car you may like to use in the future before getting rid of it.

The developers haven’t specified a reason for removing the ability to sell cars from their latest release. There seems to be a renewed focus on building a car collection this time around, which could have played a part in this. Nonetheless, this was a surprising decision considering selling cars was a prominent feature of Gran Turismo Sport. Hopefully, the ability to sell cars for credits in Gran Turismo 7 will be added in a future update. 

And that's pretty much everything about selling cars (or not selling them) in Gran Turismo 7. It would be nice if the used car dealership allowed for auctions or something similar, but perhaps that will come in a future update. For more on Gran Turismo 7, be sure to check out our dedicated game page, which is being regularly updated with new guides and content.  


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Published Mar. 9th 2022

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