Tales Of Zestiria: How To Get Alisha's Story DLC Pack For Free

A quick guide of where to go to get a free copy of Alisha's Story DLC.

The Alisha's Story DLC was created in response to fans being upset that Alisha is unplayable through most of the game. In this quick guide, I'll take you through the short steps of how to get the DLC pack for free.

Bandai Namco is offering this pack free for a limited time on their website. You'll have to create an account to acquire the code, but that's simple stuff and takes seconds. Now there are two separate places, depending on which system you own Tales of Zestiria on. Click on the appropriate link that matches with your system: PS3 and PS4, or PC. These links will take you directly to the offer.

Once on the proper page for your system, click the orange "I need it!" button. If you're already logged in it will ask you to confirm your email address, then confirm your "order" for the DLC. After that, redeem your code in either Steam or the Playstation Store, depending on which system you have.

Just a note: it is requested that all current updates be applied to your game before using this DLC pack.

That's all there is to it! Enjoy your new adventure with Alisha. 


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Published Aug. 4th 2017

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