A Man Can Dream: 5 Games Perfect for the Nintendo Switch

Rocket League

Chances of getting Switched: 50 percent

Let’s start with THE perfect game for the Switch. Rocket league has been a major hit ever since it launched in the July of 2015. It has only grown bigger and bigger over time, and developer Psyonix has really created one of the best sports games ever with one of the quirkiest of ideas. So, since Rocket League spans across Xbox One, PS4, and PC, is there a chance it comes to Nintendo’s latest console?

Since Rocket League is on 3 platforms, the hope is that it can come to a 4th. However, Nintendo needs to show it can handle online multiplayer with more stability than it has in the past. Fans of Nintendo don’t want a watered down Rocket League, they want the real thing. If it is at all possible and Nintendo creates a stable online service with the ability to play games such as Rocket League, then it will happen.

Published Jan. 18th 2017

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